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How Long Is Hunter X Hunter Anime

The Manga Is Dark The 1999 Anime Is Different And The 2011 Anime Is Streamlined

Hunter x Hunter Anime Returns

All three versions of this story are different in their ways. The manga can be read a lot quicker, but the art changes constantly and the backgrounds are never consistent. That said, the more detailed panels are absolutely beautiful and the violent moments are horrifyingly brutal.

The 1999 anime told its own story by following the manga a bit more loosely. It has that 90’s aesthetic people love and is almost as dark as the manga at times. The 2011 anime is a lot more modern, cleaned up, and streamlined. It follows the manga more strictly, has an overall brighter atmosphere, and is consistent in its style.

Differences Between The Hunter X Hunter Anime Versions

The 1999 version has a more serious tone and more filler episodes than the new version. The animation style is considered outdated nowadays and the story has a slower pace, which might be a deal-breaker for younger viewers who are accustomed to more modern animation and storytelling when watching.

The animation of the Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime series is smooth, stunning and only gets better as the series evolves. It also uses more comedic tropes than the older version. Viewers will notice a huge difference when comparing both.

Some details are different between the versions, like the way the main characters meet, for example. The 1999 version explores Gons journey giving more perspectives than the newer one. In that regard, the 2011 version follows more closely to the manga, almost word for word. So if you prefer to watch the anime most true to the manga, the newer version is the one.

Since the 1999 anime got up to date with the manga, it ended at the Greed Island story arc . There are five filler episodes compared to only two recap episodes in the 2011 version. The newer version had time to launch a reboot of the story without fillers and still release two more arcs until it ended in 2013 when it reached the manga.

Done Already A Few More Words Can Help Others Decide If It’s Worth Watching

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Hunter X Hunter: All Known Arcs Ranked

Hunter x Hunter has many, many impressively-written story arcs. Here they all are, ranked by how awesome they were.

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most well-written series out there and its popularity is proof of that. Both the anime and the manga are loved by the fans and a lot of that has to do with the consistency of the story arcs.

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Every story arc in Hunter x Hunter is phenomenally written and although one could definitely be called better than the other, they’re all extremely enjoyable. With a total of 9 story arcs so far, Hunter x Hunter continues to impress fans all over the world. Here are all the known story arcs in Hunter x Hunter ranked by how good the fans think they are.

When Is ‘hunter X Hunter’ Returning

Hunter x Hunter Headed to AnimeLab This Friday

It’s difficult to determine when exactly the manga will once again release new chapters, but what we do know is that this is far from the first time it’s happened. A fan-made chart meticulously breaks down each gap the manga has taken throughout its regular Japanese release in Weekly Shnen Jump.

The manga’s first major hiatus came in 2006, where it was absent for nearly an entire year’s worth of Jump issues. From then, new chapters would be missing for months at a time. If it did come back, it would be only for a few brief weeks before another long hiatus. HxH was absent for the entirety of 2015. Between 2016 and 2017, it would only return for a few weeks before taking breaks again.

The most recent new chapter, Chapter 390, was released in November of 2018. Since then, there have been no new chapters for more than two years, and it will soon reach its third year of hiatus.

Hunter x Hunter is no stranger to long absences, so it isn’t unreasonable to say that it could return in the future. However, the lack of official announcements or updates is discouraging, to say the least.

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So Will There Be Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Although Togashi has stopped drawing the manga, he has written the script for the future of HxH. Moreover, he has asked his wife Naoko Takeuchi to complete the manga in case he dies. Hence, HxH will surely return. However, we cant predict any certain date.

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Week Hiatus Streak Interrupted The Succession Contest Arc

After waiting another 23 weeks for more Succession Contest Arc content, fans were finally satisfied when Yoshihiro Togashi returned with new HXH chapters at the end of 2018.

The Succession Contest is meant to entertain viewers with incredible Nen battles up until the massive dark continent expedition team reaches their destination.

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Kite’s Absence In The First Episode & What It Means

One of the first characters ever seen in both the manga and the 1999 adaptation is Kite, one of Ging’s apprentices and a recurring character. He was introduced after he saves Gon from a Foxbear and is the one that tells him the Ging is still alive, inspiring his whole adventure in the first place.

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However, the 2011 anime did not include Kite in the first episode or his background at all. Normally this would only be a small change, but because of what that first encounter means, this changes a lot for someone experiencing the series’ main story, and Gon’s development into becoming a Hunter, for the first time.

Musicals And Theatrical Play

Hunter X Hunter Anime NEW RELEASE DATE Officially REVEALED For Last Episodes on Netflix!

There have been two musicals based on Hunter × Hunter. The first, Musical Hunter × Hunter , was originally performed during December 2000. It is an original story that appears to take place between the end of the Yorknew City story arc and the beginning of the Greed Island arc. The second, Musical Hunter × Hunter: The Nightmare of Zoldyck , was originally performed during August 2002. It is a retelling of when Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon go to fetch Killua back from his family estate after the end of the Hunter Exam arc. Both musicals have received separate DVD and audio CD releases, as well as a dual DVD release from Marvelous Entertainment. There is also a live-action play titled Real Stage Hunter × Hunter: “A Longing for Phalcnothdk ~ A Spider’s Memory ~” , which was performed 16 times at the Theater Sun-mall in Shinjuku, Tokyo during August 2004. The play is a retelling of the Phantom Troupe finale in the Yorknew City arc. It received a DVD release in Japan on December 10, 2004.

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More Tidy & Concise In General

Both animes did a better job of cleaning up the overall holes in the manga including improving the artwork in the backgrounds, as that is something Togashi struggled with the most within his artwork. They also cleaned up many of the conversations and timing moments in the story, making them flow better so they felt less stilted with their pacing.

It was very easy to disregard these awkward instances in the manga since the reader went from page to page quickly, but anime is different considering their short timeframe for every episode. Both adaptations put in the extra work to make all the jokes and solemn moments land with the impact they need.

Week Hiatus Streak Gave Birth To The Nickname Hiatus X Hiatus

After the Hunter X Hunter manga returned in 2007, it took another short hiatus from the pages of Shonen Jump in January of 2008. It is at this point in the Hunter X Hunter publication history that the series began to evolve into “Hiatus X Hiatus,” a fanmade nickname.

While this new title is intended as more of a friendly term of endearment, this 9-week hiatus made it clear that the 84-week break that Hunter X Hunter took from Shonen Jump in 2006 and 2007 was not a one-time thing.

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What Can You Do To Help

While we cannot directly influence the creator and Madhouse studios, we can definitely pressure them to do something about it.

Hunter x Hunter has been on indefinite hiatus for a long time, and unfortunately, not all of us have the ability or opportunity to wait that long.

Taking Togashis health into account, it would be inhuman to ask him to continue the series.

However, we can still make sure that he has enough support from Jump and other illustrators help. We can also urge Madhouse to continue with the anime production and adapt the remaining chapters.

In order to do so, you can sign this petition made by an avid fan of the Hunter x Hunter series, that has already garnered more than 200 signs.

Other than signing petitions, the best way for us to help is to continue supporting the series and hope for Togashi to get better despite this ongoing pandemic.

Hunter X Hunter Series Watch Order

7 Anime Like Hunter X Hunter by Cheeky Kid

The Hunter x Hunter manga series has been adapted into two anime adaptations: a 1999 version and a more current and ongoing 2011 version. The 1999 version has 92 episodes , whereas the 2011 adaptation contains 148 episodes.

I would typically recommend starting with the 1999 adaption and working your way up to the 2011 remake, which is essentially a reboot of some sort. The earlier versions fillers are rather amusing, and the anime as a whole has a more serious tone than the current version nevertheless, the 2011 adaptation is superior in terms of animation, has practically no fillers, and includes two extra arcs, one of which is regarded to be the best. Here is the best watch order of Hunter x Hunter:

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Plot: What Can It Be About

Season 6 ended with Gon meeting his father, Ging. They learn about each others lives and the adventures they have experienced. Gon subsequently returns Gings Hunter license to him. Elsewhere, Kiriko takes over Gotohs identity after the Zoldyck Family employs him. Knov and Morel fondly remember Netero. Mito gets the letter that Gon has sent him. Gon rejoins Kites group and watches the Small-billed Swans with them.

In season 7, the Dark Continent Expedition arc will likely be adapted. The son of Isaac Netaro might organize an expedition to Dark Continent. This might surprise the Zodiacs, who had no idea that Netaro has a son. Elsewhere, Beyond might set out on his expedition to the Dark Continent, going against the prohibitions implemented by the V5. Kurapika will likely become an overseer of the 289th Hunter Exam.

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    Th Hunter Chairman Election Arc

    HOW TO WATCH Hunter x Hunter |How to Watch Anime

    Killua’s travel time is inconsistent: according to the timeline, it took him several more days to reach his home than to do the return journey, despite Illumi’s interference. Even if the Zodiacs’ meeting was retconned to have taken place on the day of the Selection and the day right before the election, and Ging’s meeting with Beans in Chapter 320 two days before then, the travel time of Cluck‘s pigeons and of the voters or the Zodiacs going off-site would remain inconsistent . Furthermore, despite the first round of the election supposedly lasting 24 hours, the events of Chapter 329 and Chapter 330 clarify that the rounds could not have lasted more than a few hours each. A possible solution to the contradiction would be that the requirement of strict punctuality mentioned in Chapter 320 implied that the polls would close as soon as the Hunters present all voted, without waiting until 23:59.

    The alternative timeline that renders Killua’s travel time consistent would posit the Zodiac meeting as well as the Selection Day to have taken place on August 7th, 2000, and Ging to have visited the Hunter Association’s headquarters on August 5th, the Zodiacs having been sent a preview of Netero’s last will days before the other Hunters.

    Possibly August 5th, 2000

    • Ging meets with Beans at the Hunter Association’s Headquarters in Swardani City.

    Possibly August 7th, 2000

    • Two days later: the Zodiacs meet to decide the format of the upcoming election.

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    Why Did The Hunter X Hunter Anime Stop In Episode 148

    The Hunter X Hunter anime stopped in episode 148. I wonder why?

    Is it because Hunter x Hunter is already finished?

    • I would wager a guess that they didn’t want to continue producing it with the fact that the next chapter isn’t complete and Togashi is too busy going on hiatus to actually write anything new.

    Hunter X Hunter Anime is not yet done. According to Togashi, he says he’s on hiatus and that he’s eventually continuing but the demand from the manga company is too much stress for him and he doesn’t want to continue. The quota he has to fill is a chapter a week which is a lot for anyone in the manga industry.

    • 1Please keep in mind this Twitter account is not official or anything. He says his information is coming from interviews and such, but provides no sources.Dec 20 ’14 at 14:10

    As what Miramiel stated, the mangaka of Hunter X Hunter, Togashi Yoshihiro is on an indefinite hiatus but will be back eventually.

    However, it is worth nothing that the reason behind this hiatus is the mangaka’s illness. Togashi has been experiencing serious back problems which have caused him numerous short breaks over the years. This illness has been with him for a quite a while and may have started back when he was still doing Yuyu Hakusho

    Hunter X Hunter Notes Sheds Light On Creator’s Health Issues

    Earlier this year, Hunter x Hunter broke a record of its own where its hiatus is concerned. The manga is on its longest hiatus ever at the moment, and there are some fans who weren’t very pleased by the news. That is why the fandom is taking time to remember why Hunter x Hunter is even on hiatus, and that means revisiting some of its creator’s most distressing author notes to date.

    For those who do not know, Yoshihiro Togashi the creator of Hunter x Hunter. The artist, who helmed Yu Yu Hakusho back in the day, has suffered from chronic debilitating back pain for years now. This condition is what forces Togashi to take frequent breaks, and he gave fans a look into his life after posting a few author notes concerning his back.

    “The joy of being able to sit on the toilet or in a chair. The interesting thing about the body is that it won’t poop when you’re bedridden,” Togashi wrote in one note as he described the small freedoms one enjoys when they are ordered to bedrest. You can read a few of his other posts below:

    “Stuck in bed -> Crawl on all fours -> Find help -> Struggle to get up and go to the hospital.”

    “The worst part of back pain is that it’s only after it gets a little better that you can go to the hospital.”

    “When your pain is a ten on a sale of one to teen, you can’t move your body even a centimeter throughout the night.”

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