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How Many People Watch Anime In The World

Streaming Services Like Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime

Who killed most in ANIME?

Streaming services provide easy access to any anime without the need to wait for a specific time or a specific day when the anime is aired.

Streaming services specifically for anime watching are popular like Crunchyroll, Viz Media, Funimation, and so on.

All of the streaming services that exclusively stream anime combined together gives us 339.13M people.

In addition to this, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime that have other categories as well easily have over a 70% anime consumption getting us a 99.82M from Amazon Prime and another 100M from Netflix.

Taking into account all the other local services combined gives us another 100M.

This means that from streaming services in total, we get a number of about 638.95M people who watch anime on streaming services.

Types And Classification Of Japanese Otaku

The Nomura Research Institute has made two major studies into otaku, the first in 2004 and a revised study with a more specific definition in 2005. The 2005 study defines twelve major fields of otaku interests. Of these groups, manga was the largest, with 350,000 individuals and ¥83 billion market scale. Idolotaku were the next largest group, with 280,000 individuals and ¥61 billion. Travel otaku with 250,000 individuals and ¥81 billion. PC otaku with 190,000 individuals and ¥36 billion. Video game otaku with 160,000 individuals and ¥21 billion. Automobile otaku with 140,000 individuals and ¥54 billion. Animation otaku with 110,000 individuals and ¥20 billion. The remaining five categories include Mobile IT equipment otaku, with 70,000 individuals and ¥8 billion Audio-visual equipment otaku, with 60,000 individuals and ¥12 billion camera otaku, with 50,000 individuals and ¥18 billion fashion otaku, with 40,000 individuals and ¥13 billion and railway otaku, with 20,000 individuals and ¥4 billion. These values were partially released with a much higher estimation in 2004, but this definition focused on the consumerism and not the “unique psychological characteristics” of otaku used in the 2005 study.

From Skeptics To Fans

Medill freshman Allison Rauchs boyfriend had always been a fan of anime, but Rauch herself didnt indulge in his interests until April of last year.

A lot of my friends were really into it, she said, but I didn’t really start watching it more regularly until this past year during quarantine because my boyfriend wanted me to watch with him.

It took them a couple tries to find something Rauch liked , but in the end the first one that hooked her was Erased, a 12-episode supernatural mystery. Theyre currently watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, a satirical comedy.

Saiki K

Saiki K follows Kusuo Saiki, a cynical high school student with psychic abilities. Most of the episodes revolve around him desperately trying to keep his abilities a secret from the rest of the oddball cast. The series pokes fun at typical anime tropes such as unnatural hair colors, lack of time continuity and the hopelessly oblivious love interest. Anime comedy is typically centered around simple, slapstick comedy paired with exaggerated reactions, so rather than rejecting those stereotypes, Saiki K builds depth and heart into them until they barely resemble their cookie-cutter origins.

Banana Fish

McNamee also watched a significantly less tragic show called Haikyuu!! Its a slice-of-life anime about a young, up-and-coming volleyball team.

Haikyuu!!Attack on TitanBanana Fish

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What Makes Attack On Titan So Popular Around The World

Attack on Titans popularity can be considered to be a product of several factors storyline and setting, characters and character building, the mainstream media, animation and longevity, the success of the manga and international appeal.

Of course, this is a personal take on why Attack on Titan has become the colossal success story that we know today. Whilst you may not agree with all the points here, or you think other factors may be at play, we believe that these elements are at the core of AOTs popularity.

Attack on Titan definitely ruined anime for me. Its the best by a considerable margin. Other stuff is like hey thats neat and then I immediately start comparing it to AOT lmao

Aggressive Cornelius | Alan Wake

Does China Make Anime

How and why are people who watch anime different from the ...

Donghua, sometimes called Chinese anime, has been steadily growing in recent years and is poised to become the next big thing in animation. Chinese anime, as the name suggests, refers to animations that have been created in China or are Chinese adaptations of Manhua , and are often called Donghua.

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Why Is Anime So Popular

One of the main reasons why anime has stood the test of time and grown in popularity across the world is due to its unique ability to grow with its viewers. … This has meant that anime producers have started to make content more suited to Western tastes, as well as producing anime overseas as it is much cheaper.

The World Is Full Of Stupid People

Yeah I said it.

Continuing from my last point, this isnt just about anime its more to do with ignorance and sheep mentality.

Heres how the world works:

  • If everybody likes it, it makes you cool.
  • If you like something different, youre automatically retarded. And youll get hate for it.

Thats generally how the world works. Bullying is proof of that. So are online trolls.

Anime and Manga happens to be one of those things not everyone likes.

And if you do like it? You deserve to be verbally abused!

Just take a look at these Google searches to prove my point.

First lets go to Googles homepage

And now Ill type: Anime is to see what suggestions show up

Here are some suggestions:

You get the idea Its common to hate anime and jump on the bandwagon.

Why do people who enjoy manga anime get so much hate?

Because when youre ignorant and closed-minded, its normal to hate on those who are different from yourself.

Simply because youre unable to comprehend it.

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How Many People Watch Anime And Manga

Anime, or Japanese animation, is one of the most widespread subgenres of television programming, with fans in almost every country. Outside of Japan, die-hard anime fans have been importing their favorite shows for decades, first on physical media and then online, with fan clubs painstakingly translating each episode. Of course, this is done unofficially.

Fans of anime have embraced the Internet as a considerably more convenient and faster way to watch their favorite series. There are various dedicated streaming services that just broadcast anime titles because there is such a big demand for anime online. It is one of the best sites for ad-free anime material, similar to Hulu.

Because anime fans come from all over the world, it makes it logical for anime production to do the same. Western animated shows, such as Nickelodeons successful western animation Avatar: The Last Airbender, which borrows numerous stylistic inspirations from Japanese animation, are an example of this.

Because anime is such a global phenomenon, well use Parrot Analytics global TV demand data to gain an overview of the subgenre in this article.

The Detective Is Already Dead

Top 10 Transferred To Another World Anime Part 5 [HD]

This anime is about Kimihiko Kimizuka, who was born with troublesome situations such as being forced to join a flash mob while out on a leisurely walk, stumbling across an underworld drug trade, and being at crime scenes often enough to be sometimes considered a suspect.

One day he is kidnapped and forced to carry a suitcase onto an international flight, where he meets Siesta, a lady who self-proclaims to be a legendary detective. Then, Kimihiko is coerced into being her sidekick and helps her stop the plane from being hijacked, but not before discovering the existence of underworld organizations.

After that, Kimihiko and Siesta go on mind-boggling, globe-trotting adventures together while fighting a hidden organization, but it all comes to an end when Siesta dies. Kimihiko tries to return to an ordinary, boring life as a high school student, but things are never that simple.

Now, Kimihiko has met a girl who looks uncannily similar to his former boss.

The story isnt over yet

The story continues when Kimihiko meets a girl who looks uncannily similar to his former boss. Hows that story? All about it will be revealed in The Detective Is Already Dead!

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The Popularity Of Anime In Top Countries

Its obvious that the majority of the people who watch anime are from Japan as Its originated from there. Not only it was just originated from there, but there are also more than 6000 animes and half of them is made in Japan

The recent statistics show us that 33% of the total population of japan watch anime.

After Japan we have Americans. Though the percentage goes down to 18% here, still this is where anime is the second most popular. Considering that, more than 1000+ anime are dubbed in English. Also known for the biggest film industry in the world, America has created many animes of its own, though not as much as Japan.

You may not have guessed the next country right cause Its not England or Canada, Its Spain that has the third most people interested in anime. Around a 16million Spanish people watch Anime. They also have their own animes.

Anime is not that popular in the UK as the British people Dont like to watch dubbed things or shows with subtitles. You Wont even find anime tv channels there, but other animation movies of Hollywood are quite popular.

According to France Culture, France is one of the biggest consumers of these comics from Japan, in terms of sales. Often criticized, manga is a huge success in France. About 38% of French people watch anime, from a total of 19 million French people.

Anime And Cartoon Are Not The Same Things

The main difference between anime and cartoons is that anime is a Japanese style of image animation, while the cartoon is a two-dimensional illustrated visual art form.

The story of the anime began in the 20th century in which Japanese film directors began a storytelling method using their various drawing and animation techniques, WHILE The term cartoon refers to television shows and other short fiction films created by the illusion of movement of computer-generated or drawn images.

Therefore, anime is a Japanese style of image animation, while cartoons are a two-dimensional illustrated visual art form. Anime emphasizes artistic qualities while cartoons emphasize movement. Anime is created using techniques similar to those used to create movies on the other hand, a complex technique is not used in cartoon formation.

Anime often lacks humor in general , while cartoons tend to have humorous content. The anime is entertaining for both young and old on the other hand Cartoons are made for a young audience.

So in short anime is an animated image of Japanese origin and is more technical and close to reality. On the other hand, Cartoons originated in the United States, which is a form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art, less technical and remote from reality.

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Why Do People Love Anime So Much

When the question of how many people watch anime comes up then there are a number of things one is trying to investigate. One it could be that someone is trying to gauge whether this cartoon is loved much or it is not. In the case of anime though, it looks like this cartoon is loved so much out there.

Why this, it is important to find out. In the interest of the readers, this text takes a look at why many people love anime compared to ordinary cartoons. It will also help you to understand the number of people who watch these cartoons judging from these reasons.

Storyline And Setting A Tale Of Shock And Awe

How many people watch anime?

The first point regarding Attack on Titans popularity is rather obvious, the storyline and setting are phenomenal.

At its core, Attack on Titan has a simple plot that you could explain in a single sentence Humanity now resides within three gigantic walls after nearly being wiped out from existence by monstrous creatures called Titans, who surround them on all sides. Thats it. Thats the basis for the entire show.

Obviously, things are a little bit more complicated than that, but its this simplicity in the basic story that provides the crucial foundation for a deeper and politically-driven plotline to develop over the next four seasons.

Following that simple concept of humanity vs titans, the narrative grows into a masterpiece of intertwining stories from both an individual and collective perspective.

From what started with a young boy training to avenge his mother, we are now watching a full-scale war unfold between two nations with that same boy possessing world-ending powers and we understand exactly why/how this has happened.

Its incredible that we can summarise the plot of Attack on Titan in a few sentences, but could talk for hours about individual characters or events thats the sign of a phenomenal storyline.

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What Percentage Of The World Watches Anime

I think you mightve been trying to say What percentage of people world-wide watch anime, and the answer to that is 4060%. However, bare in mind that there are many, many animes that have transitioned to become mainstream in western culture/ the western world- have you heard of Pokemon or Naruto by any chance?

Top 10 Banned Anime Around The World And Why

Shanoon Cox

There is hardly a genre that anime hasnât conquered. While anime is super entertaining and fun to watch, it can get quite crazy and questionable. Yes, anime is animated but the content is mature. From violence to incest and other controversial issues, anime can be offensive sometimes. Due to this, some countries have banned anime shows for its viewers â especially for younger audiences.

Want to find out what anime shows they are and why they are banned? Well, you are in the right spot. Today, we will talk about the top 10 banned anime shows and why they are banned. So, letâs find out!

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Stories Without Western Sensibilities

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi

Animes writing freedom doesnt just extend to commercial risks. It should come as no surprise that Japanese culture is rooted in tradition. There is still a very high importance put on etiquette and respect. It is important to Japanese people that they take in their elders when they can no longer look after themselves they have pride in their clean cities unlittered by garbage and you must always slurp your soup to signal your enjoyment.

Western culture, which has immersed itself in the world of social media, has replaced etiquette with ideology. It has reverted to a tribal state, setting up camps in different corners of the internet, preparing to battle people with differing opinions. Last year, we saw a furore in the media about how anybody who didnt like Ghostbusters hated women in recent weeks, Cassie Jaye was in Australia promoting her film The Red Pill, which explores the issues of mens rights activists. People tried to ban her film, and the media verbally attacked her on national television, simply because they didnt want to hear what she was saying and just this week christian groups tried to boycott McDonalds for having rainbow pride fries to their San Francisco stores.

The Mixed Blessings Of Pokmon Dragonballz And Sailor Moon

Muslims who watch Anime

The highest concentration of anime fans are people who were kids during the anime boom of the 90s. The 90s saw an explosion of anime amongst children. Shows like Pokémon, DragonballZ and Sailor Moon were staples of morning television. These anime children of the 90s are now nearing their thirties, and as our culture and media have become obsessed with marketing childhood nostalgia, many of them are returning to anime for nostalgias sake.

This a double edged sword.

The exposure anime recieved in the 90s was a critical to its success today, but it is also what holds back the artform. When Pokémon becomes synonymous with anime, it reinforces the western notion that animation is a childrens medium. Like many childrens television programs, Pokémons key goal is marketing and merchandise . It is produced on a showstring budget and the creators and viewers are more concerned with the merchandise than the story and content itself. Only last year, people all over the world were endangering their lives and dessecrating graves to collect the digital creatures in Pokémon Go! Nobody cared about the characters, the world or the artistry. This only fuelled the notion that anime was solely about commericalism and marketing to impressionable children.

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What Makes Attack On Titan So Popular With Fans Around The World

With the final season of Attack on Titan continuing to dominate global entertainment, we breakdown why this anime series is so popular around the world!

There is no doubt about it, Attack on Titan is the biggest and most popular anime in the world right now.

Millions of people have watched the series and millions more, at the very least, know about it something very few franchises are lucky enough to experience.

The colossal anime series made its triumphant return last week with the premiere of season 4 part 2 crashing streaming platforms and breezing its way to the top of Trending pages on social media.

So, what makes Attack on Titan so popular and is it even possible to discern why this anime has become the global mega-series that it is today?

Attack on Titan | Final Season Part 2 Official Trailer 2


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