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How To Be A Cute Anime Girl

Erina Nakiri Food Wars

How to draw a cute anime girl! [Tutorial]

Erina is one of the female-saviors in the series known to brandish the worlds best palate. Everything about her is so intriguing and unique. She has lengthy honey-blonde hair and purple-pinkish eyes.

When compared to other characters, Erina is the prettiest. As Erina belongs to a noble and wealthy family, she comes across as a pampered girl. With all the people running around her, trying to take care of her, she still manages to hold power over others due to her appearance and talents.

What makes her an independent hottie is how she learned to do things independently without asking for help.

Of The Cutest Anime Shows That Will Warm Your Heart

They say cuteness sells in the East, just like feminism sells in the west .

But Ive heard someone say that, and thought it was relevant to mention it. Since Japan is all about cuteness!

So while were on the topic of that lets talk about the cutest anime series and the best ones you need to know about.

Hanayamata is one of those anime we call cue girls doing cute things. similar to shows like Love Live.

What separates a show like Hanayamata is its made by Madhouse, and theres no fan service at all.

But none the less the series is about a bunch of girls who get together in high school, and perform a Japanese dance called Yasekoi.

Its a light-hearted series thats nice to watch when you dont wanna get into anything serious or deep. But instead you wanna enjoy something lightweight, free of fan service, tropes or anything else youd find inappropriate or over the top.

And of course characters are about as cute as it gets without being too exaggerated about it.

K-On is a classic in the slice of life genre of anime . In fact K-On is the pioneer of what we know as Moe culture in anime .

You can thank Kyoto Animation for that since theyre the ones responsible for these types of shows, drawings, characters and styles of animation.

Unlike your average school series, theres no real plot to K-On. Its literally an anime

Quintessential Quintuplets is turning out to be a cute anime series with more subtleties than comparable shows.

Drawing A Teenage Anime Girl

  • 1Sketch the wireframe of a teenage girl.
  • 2Sketch additional shapes to build the body.
  • 3Sketch the figure using the shapes as a guide.
  • 4Add the hair, clothes, and accessories.
  • 5Refine the artwork. Use a smaller tipped drawing tool.
  • 6Draw the outline over the sketch.
  • 7Erase and remove the sketch marks.
  • 8Add color to the artwork.Advertisement
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    Filo The Rising Of The Shield Hero

    This is a Cute, lovely, kawaii, Blonde hair anime girl named Filo, who is originally born from a monster egg which Naofumi get from the slave trader.

    Filo along with Raphtalia among the prettiest girls that appeared in the series, they are the companion of the main character Naofumi, and they both are ready to sacrifice their-selves for their beloved master.

    Add The Small Details

    Pin on Manga

    After you finish drawing the outlines of the hair and placing all of the facial features you can then draw all of the small details.

    In this case those will be:

    • Inner details of the eyes
    • Hair folds

    While the eyes in that example are slightly different all of the drawing steps can be applied to the example in this tutorial.

    You can see a basic step by step drawing of the details of the eyes above. Also please note that the irises are shaded grey just to make the highlights in the final drawing a bit easier to see. If you are going to be coloring the eyes you may wish to make them a different color.

    When done with the eyes you can add a few extra hair folds as shown in the first example.

    Finally you can also add a little beauty mark/mole just slightly below one of the eyes . This will again help emphasize that the girl is beautiful as some famous models have these.

    You can see a slightly larger version of the face above to make it a little bit easier to see.

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    Teletha Testarossa Full Metal Panic

    Like a car from Italy, Teletha is a smoking-hot babe who loves to step on the gas. She is one of the sexiest female anime characters and has been involved in several love triangles.

    Although she is not very athletic, her body is quite appealing. She is certainly not someone you would like to miss out on a gathering!

    Shade & Finish The Drawing

    For some very basic shading you can add shadows in the most common places. In this case they will be as follows:

    • Tiny shadows around the eyelids
    • Small shadows below the eyelashes
    • Very tiny shadow to one side of the nose
    • Fully shaded ears
    • Large shadow on the neck in the shape o the chin
    • Fully shaded inner part of the hair between the head/neck and the side hair

    As mentioned earlier you can also add some hair highlights as sort of white zigzag lines across the hair. As suggested earlier you can simply leave this area white and then color around it. Alternatively you can use a white correction pen to add them in over top or do it digitally.

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    Yuuki Asuna Sword Art Online

    The main female character of Sword Art Online deserves to be a part of this list as well.

    Probably the most admiring feature of Yuuki is her strong but sweet personality. She is strong enough to tackle a group of sailers and sweet enough to understand others feelings. She does her best to offer comfort to lonely and sad ones.

    She is the kind of girl every man wants, especially in the anime universe!

    By Step Draw A Cute Anime Girl

    I Want to be a Cute Anime Girl – Part 1 (Art by AzulCrescent)

    This bit by bit instructional exercise tells the best way to draw a charming anime young girl with a clarification of extents that make a female character look adorable just as outlined models.

    Anime characters are normally drawn adorable of course however a few styles are more genuine yet you can change the extents and situating of the facial highlights absolutely clarified in the means underneath to make a character look more charming even by anime guidelines.

    It ought to likewise be noticed that by making a character look cuter you will likewise generally consequently make them look more youthful. In spite of the fact that occasionally even grown-up characters are as yet drawn thusly.

    Step 1

    Adorable looking anime characters generally have greater heads and brows with more modest jaw lines.

    For the front view start by drawing an oval for the highest point of the head and to that add the base portion of the face. The base piece of the face should limits essentially as it goes down.

    For the side view indeed start with the oval of the highest point of the head an onto that draw the nose/jaw region. Leave out the subtleties, for example, the lips for later advances.

    At this stage just gauge the arrangement of the nose for the side view .

    Step 2

    For a cuter look place the eyes even further down in relation to typical. Additionally ensure that you draw the eyes large and tall.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Step 8

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    Shuka Karino Darwin’s Game

    This anime girl has an outrageous KDA so far that she was deemed as the undefeated leader.

    Besides being an undefeated queen, she is also the queen of thorns because, in battle, her two chains are almost everywhere. She is always ready to bite the head off of someone.

    She swats most of the players as if they are flies and even settles a good score with the shows big dogs. Only because of her relationship with Kaname she is not a demon.

    Erza Scarlett Fairy Tail

    Ezra Scarlet! Where do we even begin?!

    She is an S-Class Mage from the brilliant magic guild Fairy Tail. Ezras initial personality and role in the manga series are as a lone wolf loyal to her rules. As the story progresses, Ezra transforms into a tough, loving, and independent mage.

    She is the best anime girl ever! She is sexy, strong, smart, and by far the most epic swordswoman ever seen on anime. When she is fighting, it makes her look like a tall fairy dancing in the battleground.

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    March To Your Eternity

    As one of the few cute girls in her village, March is a kawaii anime girl that has only one desire: to become a mama quickly.

    While her little dream mostly stems from playing house with her dolls, she ends up becoming a mother character of sorts for the immortal being, Fuchsia and shes so adorable.

    Despite all the tragic things that happened to her, she managed to make everyone smile with her sweet and funny style.

    Seraphim Zoreha Zombie Desuka

    Pin on Girls

    If you like ponytail anime girls, then you are going to love Seraphim! She can quickly strike an arrow to your heart.

    She has long dark hair, green eyes and wraps her hair in a ponytail. She leaves a few locks of hair on the side to dangle, making her look more sexy and natural.

    Contrary to her sweet and gentle appearance, she is not your average good girl type! She knows that shes not the most excellent person on the block because she kills people .

    Being an assassin is definitely a turn-on!

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    How To Be A Kawaii Girl

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    Have you ever desired to be just like girls that look like the most innocent, adorable people on the planet? Read this article to learn how to be kawaii yourself!

    How To Be An Egirl: Aesthetic Clothing And Style Guide

    eGirl is a newborn internet aesthetic culture. The term itself is a collide of e and girl. It won so many peoples attention and gone extremely viral because Its a new form of digital subculture grown from a TikTok meme to an aesthetic movement built around your online persona or alter-ego.If well combine Pale Grunge and Pastel Goth and then change the word goth in Pastel Goth for emo and sprinkle it all with more grunge while listening to a slowed-down version of Spice Girls song Wannabe by Why Mona well get the base of eGirl style. But if Pastel Goths most important element is hairstyle and color, eGirl core is, definitely, the makeup and accessories.

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    Kyouka Izumi Bungo Stray Dogs

    Kyouka is always on the verge of killing someone, which is what makes her a dangerous adversary. She doesnt care much for others all that matters to her is removing the scenes target.

    Although she learns how to control her power, she still prefers murder as a top solution for solving any problem. Moreover, shes still in training.

    Just imagine the havoc she could bring after mastering her training!

    Shuru Kirigakure Blue Exorcist


    Although we have no time to discuss her badassery, she is a mesmerizing woman. Theres just something fascinating about a snake-controlling, blade-wielding, cocky babe that makes a man go beyond his belief.

    This woman has many guts, going head to head with the likes of the devil and taking it upon herself to train and mentor our lovable Rin.

    Moreover, she isnt afraid to beat the living hell out of her student to show them how much they have to learn.

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    Drawing An Anime School Girl

  • 1Make an outline of the anime girl using stick figures and shapes. First, sketch a circle for the head. Add an angled shape on the lower part of the circle for the chin and jaw. Use a short line for the neck. Connect a curved line from the neck down to where the pelvis would be located. Draw a four-pointed shape for the thorax and attach more lines for the limbs. Use a triangle as guide for the hands.
  • 2Use the stick figure as guide. Draw the girl’s body and add shape to the drawing. Take note of the proportions and where joints are located. Add a crossed line to the face and thorax to help you determine accurate positioning of body parts later.
  • 3Sketch the eyes. Position it, or, more conventionally them, with the help of the crossed line as an outline. Add small curved strokes for the eyebrows. Sketch an angle for the nose and a small curved line for the lips.
  • 4Design a hairstyle for your anime character. Here in this illustration, it is a simple style that can be achieved by sketching slanted and curved strokes. You can also add a bow or a pin or any accessory on the hair for design.
  • 5Choose a design for the characterâs outfit. School uniforms are a common choice. A simple blazer and pleated skirt would be nice.
  • 6Refine details and erase unnecessary lines.
  • 7Color your drawing. You might want to make it neutral colors, so they look good, not so they clash. The choice is yours though, team orange and purple if you like. It’s your drawing.
  • Umaru Doma Himoto Umaru

    Umaru Doma is the main female protagonist of the Himouto! Umaru-chan Anime series, she is a girl who always pretends to be elegant and mature, but is actually very kawaii and cute when she is her true self.

    Her true self loves to hang out, play video games, and eat junk food.

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    Kanna Kamui Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

    Finally at number 1 of the best cute anime girls we have Kanna Kamui, may be she is a powerful dragon, but she is also an adorable little girl.

    At first, she wanted to return Tooru to the Dragon Realm, but eventually she became the character of Tooru and Kobayashis daughter and attended third grade in a Japanese public school.

    Rias Gremory Highschool Dxd

    Nezuko Kamado

    This woman! She is a devilish female with a pure-blooded soul.

    Shes also the leading character of the series, Highschool DXD. Her appearance is breathtaking, with blue-eyes and fair skin.

    Rias also has an attractive figure, which captures everyones attention. Her beautiful, long crimson hair makes her even more distinct. She has an optimistic, kind, and compassionate personality. Any sign of cruelty or injustice in front of her encourages the fiery side of her.

    She is proud of her familys position but hates it when her life is disturbed because of it.

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    Drawing A Cute Anime Girls Head

    Cute looking anime characters usually have bigger heads and foreheads with smaller chins.

    For the front view start by drawing an oval for the top of the head and to that add the bottom half of the face. The bottom part of the face should narrows significantly as it goes down.

    For the side view once again start with the oval of the top of the head an onto that draw the nose/jaw area. Leave out the details such as the lips for later steps.

    At this stage simply estimate the placement of the nose for the side view .

    For more on drawing different styles of anime heads see:

    Cool Anime Names For Girls

    The best anime girl names are always cool. Here is a list of some of the coolest anime girl names for your female anime characters.

    28. Aiko â this name means âlittle loved oneâ.

    29. Aimi â the meaning of this name is âbeautiful loveâ.

    30. Aina â this name means âforeverâ.

    31. Aki â this name means âautumnâ, âbrightâ or âglisteningâ depending on the written script.

    32. Ami â this name means âbelovedâ.

    33. Asami â this name can either mean âhempâ or âfutureâ.

    34. Aya – this name means âwoven silkâ.

    35. Chickako â this name has multiple meanings, âthousandâ, âsmellâ and âperfumeâ.

    36. Chiyoko â this name means âthousand generationsâ.

    37. Chouko â this name translates to âbutterflyâ.

    38. Dai â this name means âgreatâ.

    39. Eri â the meaning of this name is âdrawingâ.

    40. Faye â there are two meanings to this name, âloyaltyâ and âbeliefâ.

    41. Haruka â this name can either mean âfarawayâ or âdistantâ.

    42. Hitomi â Hitomi is the Japanese word which means âpupil of the eyeâ.

    43. Honoka â there are three meanings to this word, âspikeâ, âearâ and âheadâ.

    44. Hoshi â this name translates to âstarâ.

    45. Izumi â the two meanings for this name are âfountainâ or âspringâ.

    46. Kaeda â this name translates to âmaple leafâ.

    47. Kamiko â the meaning of this name is âlittle goddessâ.

    49. Kaoru â âfragrantâ.

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    Top 50 Cute Anime Girls

    Who doesnt like anime? After all, it gives us some time to get rid of this nonsense reality. If you watch anime, you must have fallen in love with some cute anime girl by now. Well it is not your fault, how can someone even resist? A lot of anime is born every cool, also a lot of cute anime characters are also born. So today am presenting you top 50 cute anime girls, so brace yourself.

    50. Maple

    Naro-kei VRMMO animation Bofuri: I Dont Want to Get Hurt, so Ill Max Out My Defense. The strongest player who wants the name of the Demon King as the main character. Even though the anime world is widespread, she is probably the only female hero who is treated as a demon king by the surroundings. However, she is a ridiculous character who is a natural girl with a cute appearance and personality.

    Hisako Kanemoto

    44. Takagi

    The heroine of the romantic comedy Teasing Master Takagi-san is Mr. Takagi. The work focuses on interacting with her classmate Nishikata, and as the title suggests, she is a girl who is good at making fun of him. Nishikata thinks shes being teased, so its hard to notice her favor. However, surprisingly, Mr. Takagi is bold. There is also a scene in which she expresses her feelings straight in the film, and she is struck by her love affair. The shy expression she occasionally shows is a must-see. She is also the top of the forehead heroine world.


    43. Erina Nakiri

    The main heroine of the cooking anime Shokugeki no Soma.

    42. Raphtalia



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