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How To Color Anime Using Gimp

How To Draw And Color Anime Hair

Coloring Anime Drawings on Gimp – Part 3 – Hair and Ears

Artist Hyanna Natsu shows how to draw anime inspired, colorful hair in this text and video tutorial! Learn what “makes” an anime style haircut and how you can give them a beautiful shine!

Hair is one of my top 5 favorite things to draw and color, and this was also a very requested tutorial. I tried to add as much information as possible while keeping the video fun to watch and full of tips!

Nothing here is a hard rule, and its mostly to show how I do things, so I hope you enjoy it

Digital Painting A Carrot

If you want a more specific painting tutorial then here ya go!

Learn how to paint a carrot in GIMP with this 7-minute video.

Artist Mahesh K Bhat shows you how to use GIMP to paint a simple carrot from scratch.

Its not a super detailed tutorial so its great for beginners who just want to learn the software.

Then Doing Lineart In Greyscale Mode Not Rgb Double The Sketch Size

How to draw anime using gimp. GIF assembly in GIMP. Zeo wroteThere are not many anime tutorial involving GimP so I decide to make one. Then burn the shadows and add in white to the top.

Me myself usually separate layer between hair skin. Manga Coloring 101 for The Gimp Program. This 13-minute long tutorial goes over all the basics of drawing anime characters on GIMP and is quite beginner-friendly.

The Gimp 24 Translatable. Anime Drawing Using GIMP This one is for all the Anime enthusiasts out there that are looking to create their own unique anime character designs and comic strips. Create A Cool Drawing In GIMP Using Diegos Drawing Style F.

I edit some proportion as in paper sketch I lack space. Hopefully beginner Sample from. Lineart Lineart of course need to made on different layers.

Lets Draw Anime Using GimP. After all the stages were completed I exported the Inkscape drawing to a PNG file. The purple colour of these brushes is.

See tutorials that use these brushes how to use ps custom water brush painting lanscape stone bridge draw and paint landscape technique drawing and painting waterfall. Image 3. To Pre-tutorial notes Setting up The Gimp Before we get going lets get The Gimp set up properly.

Free brush sets available for download. Create a new transparent layer called Panel Mask. Simple Floating Logo This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques.

35 Tutorials About How To Draw Anime Anime Hair Anime Drawings Drawings

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Use The Value Propagate Filter

To get a cartoon effect, you can also try applying the Value Propagate filter. Here’s how to do this:

  • Duplicate the layer.
  • Set the layer mode to Dodge.
  • Select the duplicated layer, then invert its colors by clicking Colors > Invert.
  • Apply the Value Propagate filter. To do this, open the Filters menu, and then click Distort > Value Propagate.
  • In the Value Propagate window, extend the Mode dropdown menu, and select More black .
  • Check the preview and click OK when you are done.
  • Here’s a look at the before and after versions of the image.

    If you’d like to take this a step further, you can also use the Desaturate tool on both layers to make your photo look like a sketch drawn in black and white. To do this, follow the steps we’ve outlined above, and then continue with these steps:

  • Head to Colors, then select Desaturate > Desaturate.
  • In the Desaturate popup window, you can leave the default settings, or you can experiment with Lightness or Luminosity.
  • Next, click OK and save your work.
  • Your final result should look something like the rightmost image below.

    How To Use Gimp Plugins

    35 Helpful Gimp Tutorials

    After youve installed your GIMP plugin, you may be confused about how to actually use it.

    Different GIMP plugins are accessed and run in different ways. Some may show up under the Filters menu others can be accessed by options in the Layers menu or Image menu, and others appear under a menu called Script-Fu.

    Others, like FX Foundary listed above, add an entirely new menu item to the top of GIMP.

    Because of this variability, finding your way around each new GIMP plugin can be a little bit of a learning and exploring process.

    The good news is that, once youve found how to access them, many of the best GIMP plugins are easy and intuitive to use. For more complex processes or if you run into issues, try searching for the plugins help and support documentation online.

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    Where Are Gimp Plugins Found

    Scripts Folder in Mac File Manager

    GIMP plugins dont have a single repository online, so Google will be your friend if you need to go searching. Software developers upload their own projects and try to keep them functional, but some become out of date and even disappear completely.

    As for where GIMP Plugins are found on your computer:

    System-wide script-fu scripts are stored in /Applications/ Executable and python plugins are located in /Applications/

    User-private plugins are stored under $HOME/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins/.


    Go to the folder GIMP is installed in . Once in the GIMP main folder navigate to lib\gimp\*version*\ where as *version* represents the version of Gimp. Then double click the plug-ins folder.


    Look for a hidden folder: $HOME/.gimp-*.* (where you should replace $HOME with path to your home catalogue and gimp-*.* with the version you use.

    How To Use Gimp To Draw Manga

    The shortcut link type is often seen before icon but this link type is non-conforming ignored and web authors must not use it anymore. This technique allows you to use line art to express what your characters are wearing.

    Anime Hair Brushes By Orexchan On Deviantart Anime Hair Anime Drawings Drawings

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    Painting With Bob Ross Using Gimp

    Heres a really fun video tutorial hosted by Chris Were.

    This follows the advice of infamous painter Bob Ross as we learn to imitate his style in GIMP.

    Granted Bob Ross worked in traditional mediums so it feels very different using a digital program. And thats exactly what makes this tutorial so much fun!

    Recoloring With The Paintbrush

    Coloring Anime Drawings on Gimp – Part 1 – Setup
  • 1Create a new, transparent layer. Follow the steps in the Part 2 above to create a new, transparent layer on top of your image with no fill.
  • Make sure that this is a separate layer than the “Color Mode” layer you may use with the Bucket Fill tool above.
  • 2Select the “Paintbrush” tool in the toolkit. This button looks like a paintbrush icon in the toolkit on the top-left of the app window.
  • This tool will allow you to manually paint new colors on the pictures.
  • Optionally, you can adjust your paintbrush stroke’s size, angle, hardness and other attributes on the bottom-left section.
  • 3 On the left-hand side, click the front layer of the two color layers, and open the color selector.
  • 4Select the color you want to use on your paintbrush. You can select any color in the color selector pop-up or enter RGB/HTML values to pick an exact color.
  • 5Click the Mode drop-down at the top of the Layers. This drop-down menu is located at the top of all your image layers on the right-hand side, and should be set to “Normal” by default.
  • Make sure the new, transparent layer you created for the paintbrush process is selected on the Layers list. Do not select the original picture here.
  • 6Select Hue in the Mode drop-down. This will allow you to change the color hue of the areas you paint with your paintbrush.
  • 7Paint on the picture to recolor anything. You can use your mouse to paint on the picture, and change the color hue of any part of the image.
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    How To Change Hair Color In Gimp

    change hair colorGIMPFinal result.Video: Tutorial How To Change Hair Color in GIMP.Trikmudah1. Open Image in GIMP.File> Open…Ctrl+OGIMP tutorialmi5Y2XuImage used in this tutorial.2. Create a New Layer.Layer> New LayerShift+Ctrl+NThe New Layer dialog box.A new, empty layer, added to the layer stack of the image, just above the active layer.3. Choose a Color for Hair.The Change Foreground Color dialog box.4. Fill Layer With Foreground Color.Edit> Fill with FG colorFill the layer with the foreground color.Change the blend mode to Overlay.5. Create a Layer Mask .Layer> Add Layer MaskThe Add Layer Mask dialog box.A thumbnail of the layer mask appears to the right of the thumbnail of the Hair Color layer.6. Change the Foreground Color to White.DXChange the foreground color to white.7. Select the Paintbrush Tool.Select The Paintbrush Tool from the toolbox.In the Tool Options dialog, choose a soft brush.8. Apply Brush Strokes to Hair.Make sure you’ve select the layer mask thumbnail by clicking on it.Using your mouse, apply brush strokes to the layer mask to reveal the red hair.9. Apply a Gaussian Blur filter.Filter> Blur> Gaussian BlurApply a Gaussian blur filter.10. Clean Using the Eraser Tool.The Eraser Tool.

    Pokemon Scene Painting By Twarda8

    Made by the same creator as that of the Mareep tutorial. This video will come in handy once you have gotten a grasp of making Mareep or any other Pokemon all on your own.

    The method shown in this one is a lot more complex than the previous and features some classic Pokemons like Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, and Totodile.

    The total completion time of the art piece is around 5 hours, and Twarda8 has compressed the entire process into three separate timelapse videos. Techniques shown in them require a high amount of skill and knowledge of the GIMP platform.

    Learning how to design a character from scratch on a digital painting platform that youre not all that familiar with is never an easy task.Hence, Podcreature in this special tutorial goes over some easy steps that you can follow and keep in mind when creating your own characters on GIMP.

    This 8-minute long video offers the perfect introduction to the character creation art style and will suit the needs of both amateurs and adept GIMP users.

    Podcreature talk about pressure sensitivity in the video along with how to use the various GIMP tools to craft clean lines.

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    Landscape Painting On Gimp

    This tutorial is a must-watch for all those of you that are just getting started with digital painting irrespective of what style you wish to adopt. Landscape painting is a massive part of pretty much all styles of painting, and this tutorial will help you get a hold of the basics.

    This 30-minute tutorial is one of the most detailed tutorials on landscape painting I found online, covering a wide variety of techniques and styles. It will help you get an idea of how you can use different types of brushes to paint high-quality landscapes.

    How To Clean Up Scanned Pencil Sketch

    Gimp Manga Icons by SirWillPerkins on DeviantArt

    Many artists prefer to work traditionally first, then import those sketches into a digital design program.

    If you arent sure how this all works check out this video covering the process of cleaning up pencil sketches with GIMP. You can scan in your work and get it looking spiffy with 30-60 minutes of work following this tutorial.

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    How To: Edit Anime Pictures In Gimp

    Hello, viewer, and thank you for reading this! If youre a roleplayer, youll definitely have seen someone using an anime picture for their character, and theres nothing wrong with it-in fact, I do the same. But anyone who does that mustve come across a point where theyd found the picture that SEEMS perfect-if only they could change one color on it. But how? When I was just starting out as a roleplayer, my first bet was to ask my fellow awesome admin, who was offering to edit pictures. I started to make them on my own, and I have to say, its become easy, but I still see some people asking how to do it. So-long intro aside-heres how to do it in Gimp!

    1) Load up Gimp. Install it if you dont have it, its a free program, very easy to use, and helpful. Then, pick what you need to fix on a picture. For this tutorial, Ill be using the picture shown below. Make sure you have the picture you want saved on your computer somewhere and open it.

    Hmmn. This reminds me of Franken Stein…

    2) Im going to change the hair color. First, you need to pick a color from the options shown below, then click on the lasso tool.

    3) Next, outline the place you want to fix, in our case, the hair first. You dont have to hold down the mouse key to outline, you can just click and drag, click and drag, but you can do it the first way if you want.

    That wasn’t so bad, was it?


    Use The Threshold Tool

    While this method is a bit more complicated, using the Threshold tool gives you more control over the final outcome. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Duplicate the layer you want to edit. To do this, right-click the layer and select the Duplicate Layer option. Alternatively, use the Shift + Ctrl + D keyboard shortcut.
  • Open the Colors menu and click Threshold.
  • In the Threshold window, set Channel to Value and use the sliders to set the threshold level. You can use the default settings for the right indicator, and only adjust the left indicator for better results.
  • Click OK when finished.
  • Now, highlight the colors of the original image by changing the active layers mode. To select a new mode, head to Mode and open the dropdown menu. HSV Value is a great mode for achieving a cartoon effect. However, you can experiment with other modes such as Overlay, Soft Light, or Burn.

    Here’s how our image turned out.

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    How To Make Pixel Art From A Photograph

    Heres another really cool tutorial covering pixel art designed from a photograph.

    The video totals about 32 minutes and it really does walk you through the entire process step-by-step. A beautiful example of how much you can learn with the right resources.

    I know that not everyone wants to learn pixel art but I will say this tut is phenominal. Especially when combined with the setup tutorial above.

    The Big Tutorial Of Gimp Painting

    Coloring Anime Drawings on Gimp – Part 2 – Skin

    Now moving away from YouTube I wanna wrap up this list with a couple tuts from DeviantArt.

    Specifically this one to start with created by Natalie Beth.

    She published this quite a few years ago and its still the de-facto visual guide to GIMP.

    If youre looking for a way to learn GIMP outside of videos then definitely check this out.

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    Painting Nebula In Gimp By Mats Struggle With Drawing

    With the Avengers Infinity War and End Game done and dusted, Nebula, one of Thanos daughter has grown to be a favorite character for a lot of the MCU fan base.

    So, if you want to look for some interesting techniques that deal with representing her on GIMP, then the YouTube channel Mats Struggle With Drawing has got you covered.

    The creator has made a narrative video where he goes over, drawing Nebula step by step, which are incredibly easy to follow and mimic. Even if you are new to GIMP, the video will still be able to help you out.

    Gimp Distorts Saved Gifs

    Anytime I create a GIF, no matter how small or large the file size or how many frames, GIMP distorts the GIF upon saving it . The other GIFs are ones I found online. They look quite good, but if I attempted to create the same GIF using the same frames, GIMP would distort the GIF upon saving it.

    • Overlord-GIMP

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    Configure Wacom Tablet W/ Gimp

    Lets start with an obvious first step: getting GIMP working with your tablet.

    This video covers all the basics of configuring and customizing your Wacom to work with GIMP. Really this should be the very first step you take before ever trying to paint in GIMP.

    It can be tricky because this process isnt as easy as connecting to Photoshop. But I recommend this vid for getting started if youre having trouble.

    Complete Introduction To Gimp

    Do you know you can completely transform GIMP and make it ...

    Finally we come to this massive intro tutorial for all GIMP users. I highly recommend checking out this 50-minute intro to GIMP.

    It covers practically everything you would want to know about the interface, the tools, and how GIMP works. This will prove especially useful to anyone whos never done any digital painting before.

    And at 50+ minutes long you know this is one comprehensive guide.

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    How To Use Gimp

    The TechGumbo YouTube channel has some incredible tutorials like this beginner guide to GIMP for painting.

    It totals about 15 minutes with plenty of details on the interface, painting techniques, and how to pick up GIMP from scratch.

    Great for anyone regardless of their artistic skill level so I recommend giving this a quick watch.

    Gimp/add Speech Bubbles To A Comic Strip

    Eye brown, brown s, blue, color, cartoon png 5076x2962px 348.98kb Open the gif in gimp, and click filter > animation > unoptimise. For the girls eye, draw the outlining of the eyes and then the . In this video, we learn how to draw 10 different types of anime eyes in gimp. Hide the layer in the layers panel by clicking the eye icon next to it. To search and download more free . Gimp/add speech bubbles to a comic strip. Animation showing three docked and tabbed dialogs: Set foreground color to white Layers, layer masks and channelsedit. So ist beispielsweise das reduzieren der farben bei einem png und . The resolution of this file is 800x800px and . An image being edited in .

    For the girls eye, draw the outlining of the eyes and then the . To search and download more free . Find hd nani meme eyes png, transparent png. In this video, we learn how to draw 10 different types of anime eyes in gimp. Brown human eye, eye lens gimp iris, eye, lens, camera lens, people png .

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