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How To Draw Anime Child


Big Ears And Small Nose


It is very common for older people have very big ears and giant noses. In cartoon these traits are slightly accented to create a distortion of reality and provide greater visual interest in the character. However, a common feature in children is that they have big ears also projected forward, but with tiny noses. The use of this techniques is almost unanimity among cartoon artists.

These are only artistic ways to take advantage of the natural growing process of a child’s body: They are still in the development phase and some members grow with different sizes in different time intervals. When they become teenagers until they reached an adult age, the majority of them look kind of awkward too. Know how to take advantage of those features in favor of your character.

Drawing A Loner Anime Male Character

The male loner character can either be shy or socially awkward or may just plain dislike people. These types of characters can be both positive and negative depending on the story.

For the loners normal look draw the eyebrows with their ends slightly raised. Draw the top eyelids slightly lowered and draw the bottom eyelids with wider curves. Make the irises fairly small. Underneath the eyes add a few curved lines to show bags under the eyes .

Draw the mouth in an upside down curve.

Thee combined features will give the loner a somewhat uncaring and unfriendly look.

How To Draw Anime Or Manga Faces

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Anime and manga are popular Japanese forms of animation and comics that have a very distinctive art style. If you want to draw your favorite character or design one on your own, start by designing their head and face so you can sketch what they look like. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle. With a bit of practice and patience, youll be able to design anime faces in no time!

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Anime Male Character Face Proportions

These are the default proportions that the characters in this tutorial will refer to. So when you read something like draw the eyebrows lower down or make the eyes narrower it will usually mean in relation to this example.

Please keep in mind that they are just a guideline for getting male anime style looking characters. As already mentioned there is a lot of variation in the anime/manga style so this drawing template may not always apply.

For a detailed guide on drawing a male anime face see:

If you just want a quick breakdown of the placement of the facial features and drawing steps you can read below:

  • Eyes make a horizontal line through the middle of the head and draw the eyes below that
  • Ears make another horizontal line between the first line and the bottom of the chin and draw the ears between these two lines
  • Nose position the nose with its bottom at the line used for the bottom of the ears
  • Mouth draw the mouth with the bottom lip between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin and the mouth itself slightly above it

Draw the eyebrows slightly above the eyes.

Drawing A Delinquent/thug Male Anime Character

Why every child i draw does look like shota? by Lyos

The delinquent character tends to be a bully or a thug. Usually these are negative characters that give other characters in the anime or manga a hard time.

Spiky and messy hair along with a goatee can be a good fit for the delinquent.

For a tutorial on drawing anime facial hair see:

For the delinquents normal look draw the eyebrows in their natural position. Draw the eyes with the bottom eyelids curving much further down then normal and draw the pupils much smaller then normal. There should be a good amount of space between the irises and the bottom eyelids. You can also give a hint of bags under the eyes with a pair of small curved lines.

Finally draw the mouth in a fairly sharp upside down curve and draw the bottom lip in a similar manner.

This combination of facial feature adjustments will give the delinquent an unfriend, slightly crazy and dumb look.

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Anime Drawing For Kids


Searching for fun things to do at home for kids these school holidays? Dive into the world of anime online with Gloworm Studios!During the beginner-friendly class, we will together design our own characters and learn how to draw them in the anime illustration style. Learn how to draw faces, figures and clothing in the anime style.These online workshops are taught via Zoom are designed to be both interactive and engaging. The teachers interact with each child individually and offer tailored assistance to each student. These sessions are upbeat, educational and most importantly fun!This activity is designed to be created with simple materials that you may have at home. All materials are listed below. You will receive the Zoom login details for this class once your booking is confirmed.- Children in year three and above wear a mask while in the studio.

Parents: Your Kid And Anime

Sailor Moon, a very popular anime characterso well-known that even I have heard of her!

Your kid and anime:

Oy! Since I first started this site the anime thing has really taken off. And Ive heard all sorts of pros and cons about kids wanting to draw anime. So here I weigh in with my opinion, and its actually very simple and uncomplicated .

My opinion is this: Let them draw what they want. Theyre kids.

I feel quite strongly about this. Thats because I was a kid once, and loved to draw. I loved to draw my favorite actors and actresses . Hey, I still like to draw an occasional actor or actress! And all the time I was doing this, my mom constantly complained, complained, complained. Why didnt I want to draw nice still lifes? Or some landscape . Whatever I did, it was somehow wrong, not serious enough, not artistic enough. I was a kid, drawing the things that kids like to draw, and got constant grief for it.

Yes, Im still bitter.

At the time I remember thinking to myself, I could be doing all sorts of things that drive parents nuts, like indulging in illegal substances or dating 35-year-old men . But all I was doing was drawing Mr. Spock. Okay, fair enough, I was a geek, but at least I was home at night and was cultivating a skill that would turn into a life-long passion, and whats so bad about that?

School is hard enough for a kid, dont make it worse by discouraging them from doing something that makes them happy.

And now the caveat:

Another caveat :

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How To Draw Anime Including Anime Anatomy Anime Eyes Anime Hair And Anime Kids

A step-by-step learn how to draw anime book for kids by James Manning

  • Have you been looking for a fun and mentally engaging way to help your child develop and fine-tune their drawing skills?
  • Need an easy yet exciting way to help your child learn the basics of learning how to draw anime?
  • Want to find an anime drawing book kids will love.

This step-by-step anime drawing book for kids shows all the steps involved in drawing 20 different anime.

The Overall Body And Babies

How to Draw a Manga Kid Face in Front View

As already said in my previous tutorials, the cartoon bodies follows a convention called the pear-shaped body . The success of your characters will depend on your artistic ability in combine these features with rounded shapes.

As already mentioned before, the proportions of the human body changes drastically from birth to adulthood. Little babies – especially newborns – are pretty strange: they have no neck, their heads are huge, they have no teeth and their arms and legs are practically the same size.

Notice that fragility and innocence are the focal points of this period of life. Babies crawl, they don’t know how to stand up, they don’t eat alone and do not go to the bathroom on their own. They are – basically – dependent on adults. However, when dealing with cartoon, nothing prevents us from exaggerating expressions and create distortions of reality:

Babies are full of folds, simply because they has more skin available to cover the bones than adults. This makes them appear to be chubby and cute . When drawing babies, try to sketch with more circular lines instead of the straight ones:

While babies have very small and closed eyes in real life, in cartoon they are very expressive and giant, in order to create a better harmony with the big head. This technique works with any character which tries to pass the impression of being cute, so it’s more a matter of style and taste rather than a rule.

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Drawing The Boys Mouth

To draw the mouth draw yet another horizontal line between the line used for the nose and the chin. But instead of drawing the mouth directly on this line you will want to draw it slightly above. The reason being is that this line will actually give you the placement of the bottom lip which in anime is very often not drawn at all.

For more on drawing anime mouths see:

Drawing The Boys Ears

To place the ears draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head. Between this line and the chin draw another horizontal line. The ears will be roughly as tall as the distance between these two lines.

Please note that real ears are farther up in the head but since we are drawing an anime boy and not a real one we will use different proportions.

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Drawing A Tired Loner Anime Male Character

The tired face is another expression that can be quite common to loner characters. For example they may spend the night playing online games and be tired in the morning.

For a tired look for the loner draw the eyebrows in upside down curves with their inner ends raised. Draw the top eyelids in reverse of their normal curves lower down on the eyes.

Keep the mouth the same as the normal expression.

Drawing An Antagonist/villain Anime Male Character


The type of look shown in this example is common to the main villains of fantasy and sci-fi shows and manga. They are usually intelligent and strong and thus also usually calm and confident.

These guys often tend to have long hair.

For the villains normal look draw the inner ends of the eyebrows slightly lowered . Make the irises of the eyes slightly smaller than those of the protagonist character with the pupils even smaller in relation to them.

Draw the mouth and the hint of the bottom lip in light upside down curves.

The combined effect of the facial features drawn in such a way will give the villain a slightly confident yet unfriendly/stuck up look.

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Heads Up How To Draw An Adult Females Head

Now youve got your proportions worked out, lets take a look at how the heads of an adult and child differ from each other.

Grab some vertical Photoshop guides and begin by sketching out a head shape if you havent seen Sycra Yasins video on drawing heads already , now is a good time to check it out!

Doing this exercise will help you understand how slight differences in proportion and positioning of features can make a big difference when learning how to draw children or adults.

Drawing The Boys Nose

To place the nose draw another horizontal line between the horizontal line halfway through the face and the chin. Draw the nose above this line.

Yet again note that real noses are higher up on the face. However anime noses can be drawn even farther down if you are drawing characters with really big and tall eyes.

For more on drawing anime noses see:

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Drawing A Teenage Anime Girl

  • 1Sketch the wireframe of a teenage girl.
  • 2Sketch additional shapes to build the body.
  • 3Sketch the figure using the shapes as a guide.
  • 4Add the hair, clothes, and accessories.
  • 5Refine the artwork. Use a smaller tipped drawing tool.
  • 6Draw the outline over the sketch.
  • 7Erase and remove the sketch marks.
  • 8Add color to the artwork.Advertisement
  • Drawing A Young Anime Girl

    How to Draw Manga Faces: Child vs. Teen
  • 1Sketch the wireframe of a young girl. Draw a larger head to represent a child’s proportion.
  • 2Sketch additional shapes, to build the body.
  • 3Sketch the figure, using the shapes as a guide.
  • 4Add details. These include hair, clothes, and accessories.
  • 5Refine the artwork. Use a smaller tipped drawing tool.
  • 6Draw the outline over the sketch.
  • 7Erase and remove the sketch marks.
  • 8
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    How To Draw Anime Face Step By Step

    Step 1: Draw a big circle, divide it into 4 equal sections. Draw another horizontal line below the horizontal diameter and also draw a line outside the circle as shown in the image below.

    Step 2: Start outlining jaws and neck from the last 2 lines drawn in step 1.

    Step 3: Raise up the jawline drawing full face and ears on both side.

    Step 4: Draw 2 eyes below the diameter line marked or in the same line with ears. Mark a small line for the nose as in the image below.

    Step 5: On the line of the big circle draw mark 3 for the mouth. Above the eyes draw eyebrows.

    Step 6: Erase all the extra lines are drawn and your face outline is clearly visible to you.

    Step 7: This is the final step of drawing, draw hair bangs for the anime. Here this anime girl has short hair, you can finish it with long hair too.

    Sketching An Anime Body

  • 1Draw a stick-figure outline of your characters body. Use straight lines for the arms, torso, and legs. Make the arms and torso similar in length, and make the legs about 1/3 longer. Then, draw triangles or ovals for the hands and feet. Make the hands about 1/5 the length of the arm, and make the feet about 1/6 the length of the legs.XResearch source
  • To get the proportions right, make your stick-figure outline about 7 times as tall as your characters head.
  • Have the arm lines start about 1/5 of the way down the line you draw for the torso.
  • Have the stick-figure outline of your character capture whatever pose you want them to be in. For example, if you want your character to be sitting, draw their legs so they’re bent. Or, if you want your character to be waving, draw one of their arms so it’s bent.
  • 2Outline the general shapes of your characters body. Drawing over the stick-figure outline you made, sketch a rough outline of your characters torso, arms, hips, and legs. Dont worry about making the outline precise yet. At this point, you just want to represent the different parts of the body with basic shapes.
  • Draw ovals for the upper and lower arms and legs, and then draw a circle at each joint for the knees and elbows. Proportionally, make your characters upper and lower arms the same length and size. Make their upper legs thicker than their lower legs.
  • To outline the hips, draw an oval over the point where the torso and upper legs meet.
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    Drawing A Bullying Delinquent/thug Male Anime Character

    The bullying face is another expression the delinquent/thug is likely to make especially when they corner their target.

    For the delinquents/thugs bullying face draw one eyebrow lowered and one raised. The eye under the lowered eyebrow should be squinted and the one under the raised eyebrow opened slightly wider than normal.

    Draw the with a grin/smile tilted to one side and draw the top portion of the mouth in an upside down curve .

    The Best Free Video Tutorials

    How To Draw a Manga Kid

    How to Draw a Manga Character‘ is a short video that explains how to draw a manga person. This free tutorial is very easy to follow and shows the process of first drawing in pencil, then going over the drawing in pen before erasing the pencil lines. A brilliant video for younger children, or those who aren’t very confident artists – they can use this video as a starting point, changing and adapting the drawing as they get better at drawing.

    This video explains how to draw a more complicated manga girl, which starts with a simple ‘T’ shape which the artist builds upon to create a beautiful finished drawing. One for more confident artists, this video is a great way to learn how to draw a female character – and the lessons can be easily adapted to create other manga characters. Sophie Chan’s video also shows how to draw a girl – the tutorial has a slow pace, as well as added tips and tricks that pop up as the drawing progresses. Children and teens are sure to be delighted with the finished result – and all you need is a pencil and paper to follow along with this brilliant tutorial.

    To learn how to draw a boy – Artimee’s video is quick and easy to follow along with. If your young artists enjoy this one, then move on to this video by Articco, which shows how to draw a girl character in the same pose.

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