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How To Draw Anime Clouds

Drawing A Character In A Snowfall Scene

How to Draw Clouds: Classic Anime Sky

Now if you want to draw an actual character with the snowfall scene like in the above example the foreground/background snowflakes become a little more important. You will want to draw the larger snowflakes from the first two steps in front of the character while the small background snowflakes should be hidden behind them. This will give your drawing some depth.

Another thing to note is that generally you will want to draw the falling snow on a darker background and make the snowflakes white without dark outlines around them. You can outline the snowflakes when you first draw them but then simply blend the outlines into the background when you shade or color around them. If you are drawing digitally then simply draw the snowflakes over top of the scene. You can also alternatively do this on paper with white non transparent paint or a white correction pen.

For tutorials that show how to draw an anime character in 3/4 view similar to the one in the example see:

Starry Night Sky And Moonlight

Fill the canvas with simple gradation of two dark colors.

Add scattered bright dots for stars. For this, I used spray brush under airbrush tool on Clip Studio Paint.

Add some smaller dots of stars behind the bigger dots.

Add some clouds. I wanted to make this a starry sky so I didnt add many clouds here. Clouds are barely visible at night, so I chose colors that close to the skys color.

The steps can end here, but you can also use darker cloud to make the sky looks brighter.

If there is a bright moonlight, it is necessary to add some lighter color to the clouds.

Drawing Materials For Learning How To Draw Clouds

The materials I used to create the cloud drawing in this how to draw clouds tutorial were: bobs vine charcoal, a faber castell eraser and charcoal paper. I use the flat side of the charcoal so I can create wide marks and create simplified value shapes. Avoid using the end part of the charcoal this will only allow you to create lines.

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How To Draw Anime Wind Step By Step

Wind is probably a little more complex to show in comparison to rain and snow. As you cant really see it you will have to add some sort of objects into the scene being blown around to show it. These can be just about anything but leaves, petals, paper or feathers are fairly common.

Wind has many applications in anime and manga. Some scenes can be dramatic like a character struggling trying to walk against it in a heavy snowstorm. Some can be romantic like cherry blossoms in a spring breeze.

The example in this tutorial applies more to the latter.

Finish Up With Small Details

Anime Cloud Tutorial (With images)

When youre nearing the finish line, make sure to step back and review all parts of the drawing, and see if the values relate properly from one area to another.

In my case, I decided to darken the interior shadows on the left side of the cloud because they were too bright and pulled attention away from the center of interest. I also blended the sky again with a soft brush and the drawing was complete.

When drawing clouds, keep in mind that they are constantly changing as they move through the sky. Consequently, they have few sharp edges. Even the edges of a well-formed thunderhead are sometimes blurred!

Lastly, if a cloud is brightly lit, especially from behind, it sheds reflected light in a number of directions. Watch for all the different ways your cloud is casting shadows AND reflected light. There will be little highlights everywhere.

Good luck, and happy drawing!

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Draw A Simple Bush Black And White

Cloud anime drawing. Can you draw clouds. Digitales malen und zeichnen gewinnt nicht nur stetig an beliebtheit sondern ist dank der weiten verbreitung des ipads und anderer tragbarer geräte und grafiktabletts nicht mehr nur auf das eigene zimmer oder den arbeitsplatz beschränkt. How to draw clouds as a part of learning how to draw landscape and scenery 4 different types of clouds using simple pen and ink drawing techniques.

Free cliparts pictures provides you with 13 cloud drawing anime clip arts. Read cloud from the story anime drawings by sweet army with 2290 reads. As you learn the skills consider yourself like the apprentice learning from a master not only will you sharpen your eye but youll get your hand accustomed to the pen or stylus.

Category film animation. Nutzen sie alle vorteile des digitalen gestaltens beim malen und zeichnen. I started drawing by basically copying anime she says.

. Practise on painting cumulus cloud with only default photoshop round and chalk brush still not that great in shading. See more ideas about clouds cloud drawing and nature.

Watch me sketch cloud strife in my art style is all enjoy disclaimer i have only seen final fantasy advent childrenlol subscribe to the whytmangatv youtu.

Bh41 Drawing Anime Eye Art Wallpaper

Free Cartoon Cloud Png Download Free Clip Art Free Clip Art On

Tofuvi Head In The Clouds Anime Art Anime Art

Za Oblakami Behind The Cloud Anime Manga Art Poland Otaku

Drawing A Character In The Rain

If you want to draw an anime/manga character in the rain then draw them before the drops. Similar to the example of the snow the small background raindrop should be hidden behind them. You can draw the larger drops actually hitting the character and making little splashes as shown above.

Like snowflakes raindrops tend to look better drawn in white on a dark background. Unlike the snowflakes you can draw the large raindrops with just a white outline without needing to fill in the entire thing.

If you are drawing using pencil and paper it can be too much work shading around the outline of each drop so either draw them with dark outlines or get a white correction pen and add them in over top of your pencil drawing.

For a detailed explanation of drawing wet anime hair like in the example see:

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Space The Eyes Horizontally & Draw Their Basic Outlines

When spacing the eyes horizontally you will want to leave about enough room between them that you can fit in another eye.

When actually drawing the eyes make them fairly narrow with relatively thick sets of top eyelashes.

At this stage you can simply outline the basic shape of the eyes without drawing all of the smaller details such as the eyelashes.

The goal is to first correctly place all the facial features.

For more good drawing practices and explanations as to why you want to draw a certain way see:

How To Draw Clouds With Dark Values

How To Draw Clouds In Moho 12 / Anime Studio – Digital Art Tutorial

Pay close attention to values when learning how to draw clouds. I noticed that the upper right side area of the cloud drawing is darker and therefore made that area darker with my charcoal stick.

Notice the difference between the area in the step before this drawing where it is much lighter. This area of the drawing will eventually be developed later on to become a darker cloud in the cloud drawing.

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Edges Within The Cloud

Besides just working on the edge between the outer part of the cloud and the sky. It is also important to pay attention to the edges within the clouds!

When drawing the edges within a cloud, you are able to make your cloud appear to have more dimension. In the image above of the clouds drawing, you will notice a bright light line created with the eraser on the large cloud.

Right next to the bright light line I created a sharp edge by making a darker shadow area inside the cloud. This sharp area within the cloud helps to create a sense of volume.

How To Draw Anime Sky Scenes Hardcore Sky Scene Drawing Tutorial For Comics

How to draw anime sky scenes? How to draw the starry sky? Presumably these are the questions that beginners of painting often think about. Here are additional expansions

How to draw anime sky scenes? How to draw the starry sky? Presumably these are the questions that beginners of painting often think about. They just dont know how to learn to paint well, and then draw what they want to paint

So today the Civet Classroom collected some comics on the Internet. Dedicated hardcore sky scene drawing tutorial! The tutorial is very simple, lets take a look at it now:

First draw the gradient of the sky. Use a pen to color and then use a blur filter to make the color change just right.

Start drawing clouds, and I will draw a polyline on a new layer, deform it and add perspective, and add it to the map as an auxiliary line.

The nearer clouds will see more of the bottom, and the distant clouds are more on the side and less on the bottom

The farther the cloud is, the closer to the color of the sky

The cloud above the head is brighter at the bottom edge

Add an intermediate color between the light and dark colors of the cloud

Take the dark as the reference point, and use the smudge tool to pull the outline outward

if At this time, leaving some clear outlines everywhere can make the picture not monotonous.

If you are interested in our painting self-study plan

Private message reply: Receive 100G+ Drawing learning materials

The graphic materials come from the Internet, if invaded, delete

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Blend Your Layers Until Smooth

Next, work with the graphite youve already put down to create a field of smooth shading and value.

For this job, a tortillon was the most effective. I used it just like I used the pencil and worked across the sky stroking in one direction, then went back over the sky in the opposite direction. I used medium-heavy pressure and the side of the tortillon.

After that, I rubbed the drawing with folded paper towel to smooth it out a little further.

How To Draw Smoke With Charcoal

Clouds Draw

Sketching with the charcoal is the well renowned skill. A professional look can be given to any image with the help of just a tiny chunk of charcoal and eraser. This is much similar to making the abstract photos without using the computer or technology. A number of people wonder how the images have been made with just a piece of charcoal and eraser.

You can draw smoke with charcoal by using your creativity. As charcoal drawing is not so easy, it would be better if you start with easy drawings and make sure to take some seniors help. It requires a lot of effort, as a little mistake can make futile the whole work.

You can place down a light film of charcoal in the region you desire and then make use of a rubber eraser to lighten areas of it. This is the easiest way, you can try this.

Or also you can get your hands on a cotton ball along with add a quantity of dust from the charcoal on top of it then bring into play the cotton ball lightly to create the smoke.

One more way, you can all the time make use of water on it too. If you put some down after that drenched it similar to how you would do with water color furthermore move it around, the charcoal dust will be in motion and straighten out in new and more random areas. Of course try it on a scrap piece of paper first and if you are able to implement it properly then you can move to the real diagram.

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Create Shadow Shape When Drawing Clouds

A big part of learning how to draw a cloud is to create specific shadow shapes. The value tones and shapes in a cloud are incredibly subtle and require a lot of close observation to draw in a convincing way.

In the image above you can see how I looked for the precise shapes of the shadow of the cloud. I also paid attention to the parts of the shadow that are a little darker and which areas are slightly lighter.

In addition, I used my fingers to rub soft edge areas of the cloud to blend in with the sky a little more as seen on the right side of the cloud.

How To Draw Anime Rain Step By Step

Drawing rain is somewhat similar to the previous example of drawing snow but with some small differences.

Heavy rainfall in anime and manga is often used to create more dramatic scenes. These can be both positive and negative. For example it can be a character walking alone in the rain after something bad happens or a dramatic confession.

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How To Draw Clouds Softly

I used my fingers to rub the charcoal into the paper to soften the clouds. In addition, I wanted to make the sky a little lighter as it was becoming a little bit too dark in the previous step.

Using your fingers to rub the charcoal on the paper is not just useful for creating soft edges but also to lighten your drawing. When you rub your fingers on the drawing you are effectively taking charcoal off of your paper.

Find Shadow Shapes When Drawing Clouds

Anime Cloud Tutorial – Paint Anime Clouds the EASY Way

It is all important to find shadow shapes when drawing clouds! It is these shadow shapes that help to create the shape of the clouds.

For example, notice how I was searching for the shadow shapes in the image above. When working on this stage of the drawing I worked on creating very specific shadow shapes the more specific you are the more real and convincing your clouds will be.

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Position & Draw The Ears

Position the ears with their tops slightly below the top of the eyes and their bottoms slightly below the bottom of the nose. For this particular character the ears will be drawn slightly smaller and slightly lower down than is recommended for other character types here on AnimeOutline.

For the other placement example as well as more information on drawing ears see:

In this case most of the ears will be covered by the hair so there is not much need for drawing their inner details.

Draw The Entire Shadow With A Slightly Bluish Gray Color

Since these are white clouds floating in a blue sky, well draw the shadows in a slightly bluish gray.First, Ill create a new layer on top of the white cloud layer I just painted and clipping it.Now we can paint in the color without it sticking out of the cloud.

Choose the Airbrush brush and paint the shadows all over, focusing on the bottom.I used a slightly darker color and lowered the opacity to make it easier to blend in with the white area I just painted.

I reduced the size of the Moko Moko Watercolor 3 brush for the protruding area in front and painted the contour area in gray.I created a new layer without clipping and painted these areas where I wanted to adjust the transparency.

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Anime Drawing Tutorials For Beginners Step By Step

Drawing a simple anime The style of anime characters can be a little more complicated than drawing normal characters because there are usually more options you can make. But the basic approach is the same. We have tips on how to draw anime characters step by step for beginners. Its very difficult for beginners to find textbooks. This app includes anime drawing ideas as a reference when you draw your character.

Adjust The Shape Of The Shadow By Overlapping The White Color

How i draw clouds by ryky on DeviantArt

Once the shadows have been drawn, I add a layer of white to the areas I want to brighten.For the areas I want to brighten in particular, I made the layer luminous after painting the color and blended it in by lowering the opacity significantly.

Once youve drawn the brighter areas, adjust the other areas of concern and youre done.

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Draw The Largest Snowflakes

Start by first drawing the larger and medium sized snowflakes distributing them through the drawing area. The shapes you draw for these can be fairly random but try and keep them somewhat smooth without jagged edges.

These will be the foreground snowflakes. Meaning that they will be larger because they are closer to the viewer. The reason why this is important will be explained a little bit later on in the tutorial.

How To Draw Smoke: Step To Step Guide

Draw Smoke: The most important gut feeling of all existing living being is the gut feeling of preservation instinct. This doesnt let zebras jump into the lake jam-packed of crocodiles, elephants do not jump into waterfalls furthermore dogs bring back thrown sticks back. However human beings become the solitary person in charge along with the only contributor in the long-drawn-out on how to exterminate him.

Smoke is the consequence of the incineration of useful elements that passes throughout our internal organs also comes out as you would expect. Smoking is the most primeval way to get exonerate of depression, to dig up lung cancer, dental caries and to give high taxes. A good number of the people on earth are smokers.

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