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How To Draw Anime Eyes For Beginners


Drawing The Basic Head Shape

How to Draw Eyes for Beginners | Anime Manga Drawing Tutorial
  • 1Draw a circle on your paper with a vertical line running through the middle. Use a pencil so youre able to erase your lines if you make a mistake. Lightly draw the circle in the center of a piece of paper so you have room to add features to it. Find the middle of your circle and lightly sketch a straight line that extends from the top of the circle down your sheet of paper so you know where the middle of the face is.XResearch source
  • Start by drawing your circle large so you have room to draw the features. Otherwise, your lines may get messy and it could be hard to draw correctly.
  • Tip: If you have trouble drawing a circle without help, either use a compass or trace something circular.

  • 2Make a guide line for the eyes a third of the way up from the bottom of the circle. Measure about a third of the way up from the bottom of your circle and use your pencil to make a mark. Use a straightedge to draw a horizontal line that extends past the edges of the circle to use as a guide for the characters eyes. Dont apply too much pressure when you draw the line since it will be hard to erase otherwise.XResearch source
  • Your measurements do not need to be precise. If you dont have a ruler, estimate the distance with the end of your pencil instead.
  • If youre drawing a female character, place the mark at a distance equal to of the circles diameter since female anime and manga characters tend to have rounder faces.
  • Thicker Lines On The Upper Eyelid Stylizing Eyelashes

    Adoption rate: in most example in anime. This element highlights what a lot of anime drawings are like: an effective simplification of complex real life forms to their most basic visual representation.

    Since we usually have more volume in eyelashes on the upper eyelid than the lower, in anime drawings, the upper eyelid lines representing the eyelashes are drawn thicker, with more visual weight.

    Basic Anime Eyes: Recommendations And Tips

  • In anime, the eyes are the most important part of the character, the main means of expression, especially in manga, when the artist embodies the main idea with a static picture. Therefore, use our guide to learn how to draw anime eyes for beginners before you start drawing the whole character.
  • In manga, there are several basic types of anime eyes: wide, narrow or squinting eyes, and medium , sometimes their derivatives are used. Typically, a mangaka uses a specific type of eyes to create a specific type of character.
  • Professional manga artists portray with the eyes many of the key moments of the plot and the state of mind of the character in the decisive arcs of the story, since for the Japanese the eyes are literally the mirror of the soul.
  • After you learn how to draw anime eyes, you can create a completely new character simply by changing the hairstyle of your hero.
  • A key feature of anime eyes is the presence of distinctive stylistic eye flares. Make sure to use the particular flare correctly to liven up your character’s eyes.
  • The art of drawing anime requires certain skills and experience. We recommend that you start your journey into the fascinating universe of anime and manga by learning the basics of drawing anime eyes, which are a key element in creating the entire character. This will make your work expressive and allow you progress to the next step quickly.

    Who is your favorite mangaka and why?

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    How To Draw Female Eyes

    Step 1: Draw a curved line as an outline for the upper eye.

    Step 2: Draw another curved line below the upper one to form the outline of the lower eye, they should meet at the right side as shown.

    Step 3: Draw another curved line above the upper one to show the upper eyelid.

    Step 4: Draw the iris and pupil.

    Step 5: Draw eyelashes at the edges of upper and lower eyelids. The upper lashes should be longer and darker in case of females.

    Step 6: Draw the outline for eyebrows and round shapes for highlights near the eye.

    Step 7: Mark the nose by small sharp curve.

    Step 8: Now fill the eyebrows with short heavy strokes for hair and give some shadow effect.

    Drawing Anime Or Cartoon Eyes

    Pildiotsingu how to draw anime girls tulemus

    Step 1: Draw thin-thick-thin smooth curve for the eyelashes.

    Step 2: Draw stretched circle starting from the eyelashes but do not make them touch.

    Step 3: Draw partial shapes as illustrated for the iris and pupil.

    Step 4: Draw two ovals bigger at the left than at right. Also draw smaller eyelash below the larger one as shown.

    Step 5: Draw another thin-thick curve above the upper eyelid for eyebrow.

    Step 6: Darken all the lines and remove all unwanted lines.

    Step 7: Colour as your favourite anime.

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    Go For The False Eyelashes

    In case you are unsatisfied with your current created look, you need to go for the best fake eyelashes. You can use demi lashes or you can cut the full length lashes shorter and cut them for a better experience. You can apply the lashes a little back. This way, you can create a larger eye.

    In case you are uncomfortable with false lashes, you can go for the curling of your lashes. Now, curling your lashes can help you in a good way. You can still get a dramatic and full-length beautiful effect.

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    Free Download How To Draw Anime Eyes So That Anyone Can Do It

    In this class, youll learn how to draw expressive and beautiful anime / manga styled eyes! I break everything down into simple to draw shapes and explain everything Im doing. Understanding the logic behind the thing youre drawing is half the battle, so we first focus a bit on theory, and then apply that theory into practice!

    About: How To Draw Anime Eyes So that anyone can do it

    File Name:

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    Drawing Tearing Up Anime & Manga Eyes

    When you are drawing an anime character that is staring to cry draw the eyes squinted. Draw the bottom eyelashes/eyelids curved inwards and slightly lowered towards the outer part of the eye. Draw the top eyelashes/eyelids less curved than normal and also slightly lowered towards the outer part of the eye. Draw the eyebrows in a slight upside down curve with the inner part of the eyebrows raised and the outer part lowered.

    Finally draw small tear drops at the tear ducts towards the inner parts of the eyes.

    Shapes And Colors Of Anime Eyes

    How to Draw Faces for Beginners | Anime Manga Drawing Tutorial

    It is helpful to divide the eye creation process into a few steps.

    Lets go back and break it down once more and add the coloring process. Let me show you some coloring techniques parting from the grayscale drawing that we already have from the previous part:

    Remember: On top of the basic grays with their respective gradients, add brightness and textures that match the style of your drawing .

    Steps 1 and 2, start by making the eyelids, this will help you to figure out where to place the iris and the rest of the eye.

    In step 3, add some basic grey tones and then

    In step 4, I set the color layers blending mode. In this case, I used Overlay, but you are free to try a few out and choose another mode that you like better. This way, the color that you add will be perfectly integrated with the gray tones. On the right, you can see where the blending modes for layers are located in my software. The default mode is Normal. From here you can play around and find which mode you are comfortable with.

    If youre aiming for colorful, engaging anime eyes, vibrant, saturated colors may be best.

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    How To Draw Eyes For Beginners

    A very good tutorial on how to draw those beautiful anime and manga eyes, especially as the artist is showing you the guidelines to use when drawing those eyes.

    Its not always clear to aspiring artists, how the proportions work, and how to actually start the process of drawing those eyes. So I think this video serves that purpose rather well.

    The whole drawing process is nicely narrated, so its easy to follow through and get the same results by yourself.

    How To Draw Hands Easy Simple Basic Shapes In Anime And Manga

    Hands are easy on the structure but hard to draw. Mikey shows you an excellent way to approach to drawing hands. If you are struggling with the hands, this tutorial helps you overcome some obstacles.

    As with everything related to the human body whether it be realistic or more manga and anime like, you can always create simple shapes of everything. And by putting those simple shapes together, you are able to construct a beautiful hand.

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    How To Draw Male Eyes

    Step 1: First draw the outline as shown and the three circles are the reflections.

    Step 2: Darken the pupil.

    Step 3: Lightly rub the iris with graphite to mix properly.

    Step 4: Draw random lines within the iris to show shadows and highlights.

    Step 5: Fill the areas outside the pupil to increase the depth of shadows.

    Step 6: Darken the pupil the most and the inner edge of iris and outer edge of the pupil should also be darkened randomly but not that much and the in between area should be light. The next step is to blend each portion properly to give it a smooth finish as shown using colour blender.

    Step 7: The next step is shade the eyelids and the outer part of the iris.

    Step 8: Finally draw the eyelashes in the upper and lower eyelids. Keep in mind in case of males the upper eyelashes should not be as dark as that of females.

    Add The Outer Top Eyelid Eyelashes

    How to Draw Manga Eyes for the Absolute Beginner (9/23 ...

    It should be noted that you could stop at step seven of this tutorial and have a perfectly normal anime eye but since the tutorial focuses on female eyes we will add some eyelashes.

    The first place you want to add the eyelashes to is the outer corners of the eye. Generally eyelashes sort of fan out around the eyelids so you can draw anime eyelashes in a similar way.

    Next add some smaller eyelashes at the inner corner of the eye.

    Since the eyelashes are fairly small you can also shade them as you draw them.

    There is no need to add any in the middle as these usually tend to point forward and therefore visually sort of just merge into one shape.

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    By Step Instructions For Drawinganime Girl Eyes

    1.Begin by drawing two curved lines. These will form the tops of the anime girl eyes.

    2. Draw another curved line beneath each of those drawn in the first step. It should meet the first line in a point on the inside of each eye, open on the other end. Then, extend short, curved lines outward from the end of each line. Connect the lines using a short, straight line, enclosing the upper eye.

    3. Allow some space beneath each eye, then draw a curved line. On one end of each line, to the outside of the eye, draw a pair of short lines.

    4. Draw a thick, curved line above each eye. These lines represent the eyebrows.


    How to Draw an Anime Girl Side View

    8.Add detail to the iris of the eye. Draw a curved line connecting the pupil to the iris on each side. The resulting shape should resemble two mountains, with the pupil like a rising sun between them.

    9. Draw a small oval beside each pupil to highlight the eye, and shade the upper portion of the eye.

    10. Color your anime girl eyes. Common human eye colors include brown, amber, green, hazel, grey, blue, and even violet. Of course, your anime character can sport any eye color you may dream up. Don’t forget to be creative!

    Want to learn more anime drawing tips? Check out our manga hair guide, as well as characters such as Goku, Naruto, Charizard, and Pikachu.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Drawing Crying Anime & Manga Eyes

    Again use the same directions as in the first example but draw the eyes slightly more squinted and draw the eyebrows slightly closer together.

    Draw the tears coming out of the outer side of the eyes running down the cheek . Be sure to draw the stream of tears in a slight curve as they will be hugging the shape of the face. Draw some tears coming from the inner parts of the eye as well but dont draw these running all the way down .

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    Draw The Eye And Eyelid Shape

    Be sure to carefully consider the angles of the eyes in your reference photos and mimic them as you begin to form the curved lines of both the eyes and eyelids. Youll want to use a second curved line to draw the eyelids, being mindful of the thickness of this feature. It may not look like much just yet, but in a few more steps, the eyes will begin to appear more realistic and familiar!

    Draw Your Own Anime Eyes Step

    How to draw anime eyes – for beginners

    Lets now implement the common visual elements of drawing anime eyes by actually drawing one. Step by step.

    No, you dont have to draw a hundred of them like I did, just draw one, get a feel for it, then decide what you want to draw next!

    To me thats the great part of drawing, once a fresh canvas is in front of you, you get to decide what to do next! You feel like a ruler of your own domain or at least you should feel that way, or rather, you will feel that way once your skill level is where you are happy with it.

    Okay, without further ado, lets draw anime eyes. So far we have learned eight basic parts of the eye as discussed in detail above, these are:

    • Eyelashes

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    How To Draw Lips For Manga & Anime

    As an extra video for the drawing anime face collection. Yet again, a video from Mikey on how to anime looking lips for your character.

    Slowly building the structure of the lips, explaining the drawing process clearly and in an easy to understand manner.

    If you have a drawing tablet in your sight, you might just get it out and draw while Mikey is drawing and really try to draw what you see.

    Covering many different angles helps you see how the lips are formed in different situations.

    Look & Learn How To Draw Anime Eyes

    Ever since discovering anime, I have been fascinated by this Japanese art genre. Their characters are adorable no matter if theyre good guys or not. One of the main characteristics is the unusually large eyes they have. I spent a while perfecting my technique for drawing them and Id like to share it here. With just a few simple steps, you can capture the charm of the anime eyes and start creating your own unique characters.

    For this mini-tutorial, Ive used Arteza colored pencils and a white gel pen. Colored pencils offer handling and vibrancy to cause your eyes to really stand out. The white gel pen is the ideal tool for adding bright highlights that bring the eyes to life!

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    Drawing Anime And Manga Style Eyes On The Head

    The placement of anime eyes on the head can vary depending on style. One good way to place anime eyes on the head is to draw the overall shape of the head and draw a horizontal line directly through the middle of it. Draw the eyes directly below this line.

    The eyes should be far enough apart so that you can place a third eye in the middle.

    How To Draw Anime And Manga Eyes

    Pin by SRGFXArtgallery on Kids Friendly Step By Step ...

    If theres something special in anime, its the eyes. You could argue that cartoon and western comic style also has and uses big eyes. However, the difference lies in that anime and manga eyes present the iris usually as an oval in shape, or the iris is enormous compared to the rest of the eye.

    Anime eyes have a lot of personality in them and are the thing people search for first. First, its the head, then its the eyes. And especially the expression those eyes have.

    One thing anime eyes do give you is a lot of creative freedom. You can draw eyes in various ways and still make them look believable.

    So what defines, manga and anime eyes? They are large, shiny, the iris can be oval in shape. The eyes can be close to reality but either the eyelashes, eye-socket or other part is anime or manga like and thus creates this unreal looking eye but still so beautiful to watch. The eyes shape would break the human skull if it were real. Then again, manga and anime do not know reality in that sense.

    So there are two types of eyes, one being continuous. Where the eyelids do connect. The other style being non-continuous, meaning that the eyelids are disconnected and thus break human eye anatomy completely. The continuous-style is trying to hold on the human anatomy, though only barely.

    Size really matters with these styles and can be said that where continuous style is no longer looking aesthetically pleasing, it is time to make it non-continuous.

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