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How To Draw Anime Hairstyles

How To Draw Anime Hair For Beginners


Drawing anime hair can be quite complex. Whether youre an anime fan or youre an artist who has developed this new hobby, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, manga readers have simplified drawing the anime hair over the years. Thats why we are going to talk about how to draw anime hair for beginners.

Our tutorial will incorporate three main types of hair: short hair, straight hair, and wavy hair. These three types of hair are the most popular when it comes to drawing hair in anime. Moreover, I will also talk about how to draw anime hair step by step. So if you are in the process of making hair, you should focus on the steps, bring your art pad, and dive straight into the tutorial.

How to Draw Anime Hair Step by Step

In this method, we are going to talk about how to draw anime hair for beginners. Therefore, we are going to take each hairstyle one at a time.

All Of These Hairstyles Are Super Cute And Would Be Fun To Sketch

How to draw cute anime hairstyles. Welcome to the third installment of anime inspired hairstyles.Cute Hairstyles for Girls.Mark the hair ties on the sides.

See more ideas about how to draw hair manga hair anime hair.See more ideas about chibi hair how to draw hair anime hair.This tutorial features a variety of cute anime style hair ideas.

Here is a fantastic anime manga hair style drawing tutorial for all of those japanese illustration fanatics out there.The hairstyles drawn here are super cute.Many of you have asked so here is an updated hair tutorial.

Anime Hairstyles 34 View How To Draw Anime Girl Hair For Beginners 6 Examples Gvaat S Workshop – Work lightly in pencil so you can erase and make changes if you need to.Because the pigtails pull the hair on two sides you can mark two humps at this point already.When she was in kid form she had messy hair.

How to draw anime perfect hair.If you want to learn how to draw this cute hairstyle click the link below this photo to.Lets talk about how to draw anime hair for beginners.

Pin On Art

Tips On Drawing Anime Hair

1. Study drawings that other people have done of Anime. You can find these pictures in various locations, including through online fan art websites. Most people will never be able to draw perfect Anime hair until they have seen various ways that it can be done.

2. Remember that the hair should say something about the character. Not only should it be suitable on the Anime character’s face, but it should also be representative of his or her personal style.

3. Be sure to consider what hair type the Anime character will have. More importantly, think about the hairstyle that you want to give the character. Whether you decide on a short down-do or a long ponytail, it is important to consider these factors beforehand to draw Anime hair.

4. First try your hand at drawing hair that does not belong to any character. This will help you get a better idea of how to draw different types of hairstyles. It may teach you to think outside the box when drawing a hairstyle for any Anime character.

5. Practice makes perfect. For this reason, practice drawing Anime hair often. The more time and effort that you put into drawing it, the more likely you are to succeed at the technique.

Hair Style Articles – Lots of tips in new articles on hairstyles and haircuts!

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Draw The Top/back Of The Spiky Hair

As mentioned before the back/top parts of this hairstyle will have a combined shape that resembles a flame.

To create the flame shape draw the hair clumps smaller and shorter starting from above the ears and getting generally larger and longer as they go up to the top of the head.

The clumps should also gradually transition away from the head and point more upwards the farther up you draw them. At the same time still try and randomize the size and direction of each clump.

Finish The Line Drawing

These are very easy female anime hairstyles you can do ...

For this step first erase the hairline and the part of the head covered by the hair. Next draw in some curved lines in between the hair bumps/clumps of the back/top section and the teeth of the front section.

You can also add a tiny clump of hair that is hanging down around the upper middle of the hairline as shown in the example. Simply erase part of the hairline and add it in.

Once you finish the line drawing go over it with a darker stroke.

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Draw The Sides Of The Combed Hair

To not make the hair look too neat you can draw the sides slightly messy as in the above example. If you do want a neater look you can draw them more like the hair in the medium length example.

Generally the fewer clumps you draw and the more they point in the same direction the neater the hair or part of the hair will look. Drawing more clumps pointing in different directions will generally create a messier look.

Draw The Middle Part Of The Hairstyle

You can indicate the area of hair at the crown of the head with a single line. To do this, orientate yourself again on the shape of the constructed head to reproduce the curve of the skull reasonably accurately. At the vertex, you can draw one or two intersections of the hairs to suggest specific hair flow.

Reinforce the hairline by drawing auxiliary lines at the level of the forehead to divide the hairstyle into separate strands.

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Draw The Main Hair Shapes

When I have the mood and feeling in mind. I start to design the character. Giving this chilled yet happy look on her face I move on to the hair. There are a few ways you can approach drawing the hair. Either you just start to draw the hair detailing it out. Or you create these major shapes.

These shapes give you the overall feeling right at the start. With these big blocks, you can easily see how the hair works or not. You can also easily try different sizes and flows to the characters hair.

The benefit of doing it this way is the so-called undo effect or regret phase. You are not yet too far with the hair only to realize it doesnt work. I hate the feeling of drawing something quite long and then realize that it just doesnt work. I mean, you have spent so much time and energy on it and then it doesnt work. I hate it.

So even though I sometimes draw hair quite detailed in the beginning do check the major shapes at some point.

Those give you a direction and overall look of the whole hair. Its easier to design a hair when you just draw big chunks of it. Rather than drawing individual hair strands. Its also faster to draw big blocks. Getting that feel right with ease.

How To Draw Short Anime Hair Male

How to Draw Different Anime Hairstyles MALE

This hairstyle can be seen on Kei Tsukishima , Gaara , and a lot of other amazing anime characters.

Step 1:

Start by creating a guideline for the front hairline. Draw a curve to connect the hairline to approximately one-fourth of the way down the ear line.

If you would like to add a side part, mark the area with a straight line.

Step 2:

Create hair clumps all through the hairline. Keep them short and dont make them too uniform. Vary the size and direction as you go along.

When dealing with the side part, start a little above the hairline guide. Create two hair clumps that curve away from each other.

Step 3:

Just like the hairline, create clumps of hair along with the guidelines at the top of the head but this time-space them out farther from each other.

Step 4:

Join the hair clumps seamlessly together by following the guidelines and using curved lines.

Step 5:

Finish the drawing and erase the guidelines. You can stop here if youd like, or you can add a few more extra details. Add a few hair clumps around the hair randomly. Make sure youre still following the curves of the hair strands around the hairline.

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Finalize The Hair And Make It Look Awesome

The last phase of drawing hair is to make the hair support the character and make the character lively. Specifically, in anime, the hair is extremely important. That is also the reason why I always make an effort to draw an awesome hair for the character. You shouldnt deviate from that.

Put effort into the hair and it will make your character feel and look so much better. In the last phase of drawing hair, I sharpen the details. Look that the overall shape is looking good.

I check that the hair supports the character and also gives the feeling I was after. Down to earth, chilled, calm and overall just gentle. You should make sure that the details are correctly placed and make sense. Adding details everywhere does not help.

Create details wisely and efficiently. Only place them in spots that add interest to the drawing.

How To Draw Any Type Of Hair~part 1

For beginner anime artists, drawing hair can be pretty tricky. It is why this excellent anime hairstyle tutorial is perfect for beginners. Not only does it teach you how to draw different hairstyles, but it also gives you a step-by-step guide to follow so that you can ensure consistency and get it right every time.

This tutorial has it all, from teaching you how to create a general shape to dive into segments and varying thicknesses. With the guidelines provided here, you can practice making different hairstyles or even creating your own!

Anime hairstyles are one of the game-changing factors in anime drawing. It changes the whole personality of the character. While it may look straightforward, the anime hairstyle requires more details. Anime hairstyle tutorials help give you ideas, guidelines and hacks to create some unique hairstyles.

What do you think about hairstyle tutorials? Do you find them helpful? Did our guide solve your hairstyle problem? Please share your valuable opinions and suggestion in the comments section below. We value all our readers and community and read all comments.

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The Complete Guide On How To Draw Anime Hair

Like clothing, anime hair can help you bring out your characters personality.

There are several hairstyles you can choose from, and you can also color them however you want. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to draw hair for both .

Although both characters can have long or short hair, we opted to sketch short hair for the and long hair for the .

How To Draw Hair: Any Hairstyles Tutorial With 10 Art Tips

Pin by Dominiqueð? on DrÄ?wing

The tutorial is one of the complete Anime Hairstyle tutorials for beginners. It teaches you the fundamentals of drawing hair on anime characters. This artist is also one of the most famous artists in drawing anime characters.

You can easily follow these steps to master a few hairstyles. In this tutorial, you will learn the importance of direction for your hairstyle. You will also learn how to use different lines as drawing aids. Furthermore, it also illustrates how to create your hairstyle around these simple lines.

Once you follow the basic rules laid out in this tutorial, you can create various hairstyles using them. Whether you want to draw straight hair or messy hair, the basic drawing principles are the same.

This tutorial also has some pro-tips to help you draw beyond the basic anime hairstyles. In short, it is one of the complete anime hairstyle tutorials available. Therefore, both beginners, as well as advanced anime artists can benefit from this tutorial.

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Draw The Backtop Section Of The Hair

10 best for boy hair how to draw anime. How To Draw Short Hair for Anime and Manga. Drawing hair from the top of the head and using simple shapes to show the structure of the hair before going into details. As you can see theres a layer just for the hair.

The ultimate guide to learn how to draw hair for any hairstyles especially for Anime and Manga with 10 EASY art tips. If you dont know which color to use you can take the hair color create a new layer set the blending mode to Add Glow and then add blobs triangles lines etc. Anime Boy Hair Manga Hair Anime Hairstyles Male Boy Hairstyles Kawaii Chibi Cute Chibi Character Inspiration Character Design Pelo Anime.

Step 6 Finish the Hair Drawing Anime long hair 34 view drawing. How To Draw Anime Boy Hair Step By Step For BeginnersDo you know How To Draw Anime Boy Hair Step By Step For Beginners is one of the hottest topics in this categoryThat is why we are showing this content at this time. Anime male hair over one eye back and top drawing Draw the backtop part of the hair hugging the head some distance away from it.

This is a step by step tutorial on how to draw male anime hair in 3 different ways I noticed a lot of you guys enjoy watching hair tutorials so I made mor. For more on drawing hair you can see. Try drawing simple chunks of the hairstyle you want.

Lets use the Anime glossing method to add some depth to the hair in this image. The Hair layer is where you have the base hair color. Straight hair goes smoothly down.

Tip Break The Flow Of The Hair

One key point I would like to give you is that you should break shapes. If the shape is big and bulky, break it apart. Break the shape into multiple smaller shapes. Another way is to create strands of hair to intersect the big shapes thus breaking the big shapes.

Big shapes create dull drawings. Break them. Cross them. Divide them. Dull shapes make dull drawings. And, yes. I have made plenty of dull drawings and even still create those. We are not perfect.

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B How To Draw And Color Anime Hair

Artist Hyanna Natsu shows you how to draw colorful hair inspired by anime in this text and video tutorial! Learn what makes an anime-style haircut and how to give it a beautiful shine!

  • Manga Art
  • Video tutorial
  • Illustration
  • Hair is one of my 5 favorite things to draw and dye, and this was also a very popular tutorial. I tried to add as much information as possible while the video is fun and full of tips! Nothing here is a strict rule and its mainly to show how I do things, so I hope you like it

    Easiest Way To Draw Anime Hair

    How to Draw Hair | ANY HAIRSTYLES Tutorial with 10 Art Tips

    If youve felt that many Anime Hairstyle Tutorials are too long, then this one is just for you. In just 4 minutes, the artist provides you with the ultimate hairstyle guide.

    The tutorial explains how you can draw anime hair in just a few easy steps. From short hair to curly hair and more complicated hairstyles, this anime tutorial has it all.

    Some of the hairstyles you can draw include the inner curl, bob cut, Pixie cut, straight hair, and wavy hair. If you prefer more complicated long hairstyles, then you can learn about the twin tail or ponytail.

    Both these hairstyles are pretty popular in anime drawings. You can also get a bonus tip in this fantastic tutorial, so be sure to check it out.

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    Draw The Front Of The Combed Back Hair

    Draw the front section of the combed back hair as a let of little teeth like shapes running along the hairline. You may notice that this is a little different from the buzz cut where you could simply use the hairline itself as the front of the hair. The reason for drawing the teeth is because the hair in this example is much longer and these teeth along with the rest of it will help create the look of pulled back hair strands.

    How To Draw Kawaii Hairstyles And Adapt Manga Hairstyles

    This week I focused on drawing kawaii hairstyles.

    Kawaii hairstyles are similar to manga hairstyles, but they have their own specific features, which I describe in this post.

    I also show examples of various kawaii hairstyles, including ponytails, braids and hairstyles for guys.

    This is Week 19 of my drawing challenge to learn .

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    Cleaning Up And Finishing The Drawing

  • 1Erase the guidelines to clean up your drawing. Use either the eraser on your pencil or a block eraser to lift up any guide lines that arent a part of the characters face or head. Carefully work around any of the facial features youve drawn so you dont erase their lines too much. Continue erasing the rest of the guides on your drawing until all thats left is the face.XResearch source
  • If you drew your guide lines too dark, then they may not fully erase off of the paper.
  • Use a thin eraser to get in detailed areas, like the eyes or ears.
  • 2Give your character a fun hairstyle. Anime and manga characters can have a variety of hairstyles, so choose one that you think will look best on your character. Avoid drawing every single strand of hair and instead sketch the basic shape of the style onto your character. Work lightly in pencil so you can erase and make changes if you need to. Once you have a roughed-in shape for the hairstyle, erase any parts of the head that the hair covers so its not visible.XResearch source
  • Anime or manga hair is usually broken up into clumps that end in a point. Look at hairstyles of various characters to get ideas of how to style your characters hair.
  • Tip: Practice drawing different hairstyles on a piece of tracing paper over your drawing so you dont have to erase your character if you dont like the style you drew.

  • You dont have to add any additional details to your character if you dont want to.

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