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How To Draw Emo Anime Girl Step By Step

Drawing A Teenage Anime Girl

Cute anime drawing | how to draw beautiful anime girl step-by-step
  • 1Sketch the wireframe of a teenage girl.
  • 2Sketch additional shapes to build the body.
  • 3Sketch the figure using the shapes as a guide.
  • 4Add the hair, clothes, and accessories.
  • 5Refine the artwork. Use a smaller tipped drawing tool.
  • 6Draw the outline over the sketch.
  • 7Erase and remove the sketch marks.
  • 8Add color to the artwork.Advertisement
  • The Birth Of The Manga

    One of the most representative things in Japanese culture is Manga, which is the most popular form of graphic art in Japan and has transcended the whole world.

    Through the manga, the Japanese are in charge of telling stories, both real and fantastic, that have a striking and very attractive design.

    The Manga later transcended to another form of storytelling, going from being only simple comic to being a completely animated drawing.

    This is when Anime was born, which is the abbreviation that the Japanese use for the word animation.

    For other parts of the world this word refers, apart from animation, to the style of drawing found in a Japanese manga.

    Tuning Of Details Of The Silhouette

    Once you have the basic silhouette, you must begin to improve the details of your characters body.

    In this step, you must shape the hands, feet, torso of the character, which in this case is to create the shape of the girls breasts and their dimensions.

    In the female characters it is recommended to create delicate contours, widening the hips and placing the shoulders at a slightly reduced distance.

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    Drawing Anime Hands Start With A General Shape Work General To Specific

    In both method we will cover below to draw anime hands, the glove/mitten method and the simple form construction method, we will start with a very basic shape for the palm of the hand.

    It is a boxy and concave shape. Check the diagram above, then try to make different hand gestures and observe your own hands as well, and observe how this shape changes from one gesture to the next.

    Drawing The Boys Ears

    Tutorial Video: How to draw Anime girl beginners by ...

    To place the ears draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head. Between this line and the chin draw another horizontal line. The ears will be roughly as tall as the distance between these two lines.

    Please note that real ears are farther up in the head but since we are drawing an anime boy and not a real one we will use different proportions.

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    How To Draw Anime Girl

    Free to use! Easy-to-use for the whole family. EASY: you don’t need any special skills, just start drawing. To watch the videos, internet connections are required

    You can find how to draw:1. How to draw a Manga girlslow tutorial 2. How to Draw a Chibi Anime Girl Character Tutorial3. How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial Features4. How to Draw an Innocent-Looking Manga Girl 5. Drawing a Basic Manga Girl6. Step By Step Drawing Anime/Manga Girl Eyes7. How to draw girl Anime/Manga face8. Anime slow tutorial-how to draw Manga9. How to Draw a Manga Girl with Headphones10. How to Draw: Anime Girl 11. How to draw anime girl eyes 12. How to draw Manga Girl, body, arms and legs13. How to Draw a Manga Girl with a Scarf 14. How to draw an anime girl full body more detail15. How to draw Anime girl, sitting pose and perspective slightly16. How to draw an anime girl easy17. How to draw an anime girl :D18. How to Draw Anime 19. How to Draw Manga Eyes, Eight Different Ways20. How to draw anime – Drawing sexy girl21. How to Draw an Anime Girl!!22. How to draw a anime girl 23. How to draw Anime girl face with long pigtails24. How to draw a Manga girl – Easy tutorial25. How to Draw an Anime Girl Face, Anime Girl, Step by Step26. How to Draw a Scene/Emo Anime Girl27. How to draw anime girl 28. How to draw face Anime style girl part 2 of 529. How to draw face Anime style girl part 3 of 530. How to Draw Relaxed Hands, 5 WaysAnd More …

    Start With A Simple Shirt

    Anime clothes drawing will vary depending on how youd like your character to be dressed. For beginners, a simple shirt design is the easiest starting point.

    Around the neck of your character, draw sloping lines downwards and around the neck, leaving a small gap in the middle, to create an open-collar shirt.

    Start with the shirt collar before working on the sleeves or details.

    Along the arms, add a light line in the middle where the elbow crease would be, with two slightly curved lines around the wrists for the ends of the sleeves. From here, you can draw a line straight down from the open collar to the waist, leaving an upside down V shape at the bottom. Draw two lines from either side of the hips in to meet the bottom of the V shape to form the ends of the shirt. A few dots up the centerline will give you the buttons.

    Buttons and crease lines help to make your clothing appear more realistic.

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    Structuring The Boys Head

    Since we are drawing a boys head we will want to draw a fairly round face as longer face make a character look older.

    To draw the head in the front view first draw a vertical line to help you insure that both sides are equal. Draw the top of the head close to a half-circle and from that draw two downwards lines going towards one another. Draw another set of lines from those lines that will meet to form the chin.

    To draw the side view of the head draw the top of the head close to an oval in shape and then draw the nose/jaw area on top of that.

    When drawing the side view of the boys head avoid drawing lips for the initial sketch. You can also simply estimate where the nose should go. For correctly placing the nose you can see step four of the tutorial.

    For drawing different kinds of anime heads see:

    Drawing A Young Anime Girl

    How to draw cute anime girl easy step-by-step
  • 1Sketch the wireframe of a young girl. Draw a larger head to represent a child’s proportion.
  • 2Sketch additional shapes, to build the body.
  • 3Sketch the figure, using the shapes as a guide.
  • 4Add details. These include hair, clothes, and accessories.
  • 5Refine the artwork. Use a smaller tipped drawing tool.
  • 6Draw the outline over the sketch.
  • 7Erase and remove the sketch marks.
  • 8
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    How To Draw An Anime Girl Body

    In one of the previous instructions, the team of described how to draw a male anime figure, and now we will show you how to draw a female anime figure. The basic principles of building the male and female bodies are actually the same, but nevertheless there are some obvious differences, which we describe in detail in this lesson about how to draw an anime girl body.

    Drawing Anime Hands A Step

    The glove/mitten method stems from the fact that most of us can better imagine and draw a glove or a mitten than a detailed anime hand.

    You dont have to worry about drawing in fingers. With this method, you only worry about the general shapes. Controlling general shapes is basis for all good drawing. That is to say, every great drawing starts with the artist having full control of the general shape of what they are drawing.

    Start drawing anime hands with a simple boxy shape of a glove or a mitten. With this type of simplification fingers are indicated with one rectangular shape, then the simplified form is drawn over with more detail and by adding divisions of the fingers.

    Above is a good example of how the glove/mitten method works.

    When you draw the simplified form, think about the general shape of the hand, its proportions, the general gesture. Worry about the details on the second pass.

    Above is an example of a very simplified form drawn for the fist. Note that, although the fingers twist down, I was able to draw that in later.

    It was easier to draw because the general shape and perspective of the drawing was resolved in the simplified and boxy under-drawing on the left.

    Note that all of the drawings of anime hands I made for the tutorial start with the general shape of the palm.

    Below are two more examples.

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    How To Draw The Body Of An Anime Girl

    As with the face, the body of any character in anime begins with a sketch that has the most basic characteristics of the characters design.

    In this step, it is very important to consider the dimensions of the body, for which it is recommended that the body be more or less seven times the size of the head. In this way, it is ensured that the body is proportional.

    Drawing An Anime Girl In Swimwear

    easy anime drawings
  • 1Make an outline of the anime girl using stick figures and shapes. First, sketch a circle for the head. Add an angled shape on the lower part of the circle for the chin and jaw. Use a line for the neck down to where the pelvis would be located. Draw an inverted dome shape for the thorax and attach more lines to the limbs. You can use a triangle as a guide for the hands.
  • 2Using the stick figure as a guide, add shape to the drawing. Take note of the proportions and where joints are located. Add a crossed line on the face and thorax to help you determine accurate positioning of body parts later. Since this character will be wearing a swimwear, indicate where the breasts are located using two teardrop shapes. Add a small slanted stroke for the navel.
  • 3Sketch the eyes. Position it with the help of the crossed line as an outline. Add small curved strokes for the eyebrows. Sketch an angle for the nose and two small curved line for the lips to make the character looks like she is smiling.
  • 4Design a hairstyle for your anime character. You can use curved strokes to make the hair look wavy or make the hair limp, as if it were wet. Add a C shape on each side for the ears, peeking a little from the thick hair of your anime girl.
  • 5Darken the outline of the body. Choose a design for the characterâs swimwear. A two-piece is a simple and common choice.
  • 6Refine details. Erase unnecessary lines.
  • 7Color your masterpiece.
  • 8
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    Add The Final Touches

    Your anime drawing is almost complete! Sketch two vertical lines directly under the face for the neck, making these as close together as youd like depending on how skinny or wide the neck should be.

    Finish up the facial features before adding in the final touches.

    Anime hair will be the biggest difference in your drawing, depending on if youre working on an anime girl drawing or an anime boy drawing.

    For boy hair, draw a small dot about one inch from the top of the face circle. From here, youll draw curved lines down to create a floppy hairstyle thats common for male characters. Youll frame these out by looping the lines up on the other side of your first lines to create shapes that look like a palm tree.

    Hair on anime characters is typically messy so dont worry about it looking perfect.

    For girl characters, youll start with those same curved lines that you would on a boy character, but keep these to only one or two lines. Youll then draw bigger curved lines around the outside of the face to create longer hair. Shade the outer edges of the hair to make it stand out and add any additional lines youd like to give it some more shape.

    Once your drawing is complete, erase the guidelines before coloring or going over in ink.

    Once youve added in the hair, you can erase your original guidelines and your drawing is finished!

    Hoodie Anime Emo Girl Drawing

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    Draw The Hair In The Front

    For drawn the hair it will be split into the front, sides, and back sections. You can see more on this approach in the following tutorials:

    Begin the drawing the hair in the front of the head. In this case it will be shown in red. For this particular character the hair will be drawn in large clumps that somewhat resemble for tails.

    Draw the clumps right over top of the outline of the ears and head. You can then erase the bottom parts of the ears but leave the outline of the head to help you place the rest of the hair.

    How To Draw An Anime Character

    Easy anime girl drawing | how to draw cute anime girl step-by-step

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    Anime is a popular animation and drawing style that originated in Japan. Drawing anime characters can seem overwhelming, especially when youre looking at your favorite anime that was drawn by professionals. Fortunately, anyone can learn how to draw anime characters, and the process is fairly simple if you break it down into small steps.

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    How To Draw An Anime Fox Girl Step By Step

    This tutorial shows how to draw an anime fox girl. It provides tips on how to make the character more fox like while maintain an anime look.

    The fox girl or kitsune as they are often called are a fairly common and popular character in many genres of anime and manga that have a fantasy element to them.

    The focus of this tutorial is on drawing such a character by giving an anime girl some fox like features. The most obvious of these is of course the animal ears but there are also a few more subtle things you can ad as well.

    Please note that you will need to erase parts of the drawing in some of the steps. So unless you are drawing digitally its highly recommended that you start this tutorial in pencil and keep your lines light. This will also make it easier to correct any potential mistakes. You can trace over your drawing once you feel that everything looks right.

    For more on good drawing practices you can also see:

    Tuning The Details Of The Drawing

    Once all these steps are completed, all the guidelines that are not part of the main silhouette of the character must be erased.

    This process, as with the face, must be done with great care so as not to eliminate any section of the previously made drawing.

    After this you must add clothes to your character.

    This element of the drawing is very important to consider, since the clothes of a character is the way in which his personality and tastes are shown, having that the designs have no limits and depend only on your imagination.

    Then, the clothes should be drawn on the silhouette that was already had the body of the character, so that there are parts that should be erased because they are covered with clothing.

    The wrinkles of the clothes are also necessary, for which it is recommended to imagine how the clothes of your character would wrinkle if they were used by a real person.

    Finally, if you follow all these steps you will have completed your anime girl character.

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    Drawing The Nose Mouth And Ears

    The drawing of these parts of the face is very simple in the style of the anime, so that almost not notice if the character is seen in front.

    Then, to draw the nose you should look for a midpoint between the highest horizontal line and the end of the chin, so that it is as proportional as possible.

    The line of the nose is a vertical line that is placed a little more moved to the right and represents the smallest characteristic of the face of your character.

    The position of the mouth is defined by you and its drawing is as simple as the nose, since it should only be a simple and subtle line.

    You should not even draw the characters lip, since this is not a common feature of the anime.

    On the other hand, the drawing of the ears will depend on the hairstyle that you intend to give to the character, but that will be discussed in the next step.

    In case the ears are visible you should draw them at the height of the eyes, making a small oval whose size matches the horizontal lines drawn at the beginning of the process. Later you can place the internal details.


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