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How Well Do You Know Your Anime

Some Interesting Facts About The One Piece That You Should Know Before Taking The Quiz

How well do you know your anime?
  • One Piece holds the title of The Guinness Book Of the World Record.
  • This series was originally supposed to last for only 5 years. But the story takes on a life of his own with the development of new characters, battles, and adventures.
  • The writer of this series, Eiichiro Oda, started as an artist to evade getting a real job.
  • In all developing stories, certain characters and plot elements change in the early stage and the same is the case with One Piece.

Blue Eyes White Dragon Or Shenron

Blue Eyes White Dragon, if you’ll recall from the Yu-Gi-Oh series, is the signature card used by Seto Kaiba. It has an attack stat of 3000! However, Shenron is a god dragon from Dragon Ball, and we don’t even know its attack stat. Which dragon is your fave?

Levi Ackerman is one of the coolest characters from Attack on Titan, and that’s definitely saying something considering how many cool characters that show has. However, the real question is if he’s as cool as Natsu. What do you think?

As you most likely know, Pikachu is the world famous Pokemon that helped bring the series the recognition it has today. Raditz isn’t quite as iconic as Pikachu, but he’s forever beloved as the first villain to get thumped in Dragon Ball Z.

Lelouch Vi Britannia Or Sailor Mercury

Lelouch Vi Britannia will probably be your pick here if you’re into vampires, which is totally understandable. On the other hand, if you’re more into cosmic warriors, Sailor Mercury will likely win you over. Let’s find out – which character is your favorite?

Chiaotzu might not be the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball Z, but he’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for his own heart, which is pure and full of gold. We don’t know anything about Mr. Mime’s heart, but this Pokemon creeps us out a bit.

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Rock Lee Or Sailor Mars

Rock Lee is pictured here getting himself ready for an epic fist fight. He wouldn’t hit a girl though, would he? Well, he might have to in order to defend himself, since Sailor Mars has nearly god level power. Which character do you like more?

Misty, famous for her role in the Pokemon series, is put up against Naruto’s Gaara in this halfway point of our quiz. You might be biased depending on which of their series you prefer, but we’ll overlook that – go ahead and press buttons.

Here are two very cool characters from two very famous shows: Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Piccolo has the advantage in battling capabilities, though Tuxedo Mask beats him when it comes to mystery. Who’s better?

Lucy, from Elfen Lied fame, is a deeply troubled, deeply powerful anomaly in the world, just looking to find her way amid a sea of chaos. Meanwhile, Beerus is the God of Destruction from the Dragon Ball universe, so they’re a good match.

How Did Y’all End Up As A Couple

How Well Do You Know Your Anime?

Scroll down to answer

  • One of us helped the other through a dark and scary time
  • I dont know, it just seemed like fate, ya know? Kinda like we already knew each other.
  • The more we worked together the more our for one another became something more.
  • Idk man, one of us was yelling then the other was yelling and before we knew it we were makin out.
  • One of us asked the other and that was that.
  • Hmm just kinda naturally I guess? We didnt need words to tell us we were a thing.

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If You Think You Know Anime Name All These Characters

Since anime is currently seeing a huge upward spike in popularity – with no shortage of it slowing down, like at all – more and more new fans are being added to the subculture every day, a great number of them being total casuals.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a casual anime/manga fan as opposed to possessing a black belt of knowledge in the field. Anime is great, and the more people who are into it, the better. At least as far as we’re concerned. However, if you’re going to park yourself in an anime heavy zone, don’t go claiming you’re anything higher than a casual level fan without being able to complete a quiz like this one.

There’s a lot of anime out there, you know – way more titles than the three or four Shonen series you probably grew up on. Let’s all hope that you put some work into expanding your anime repertoire beyond that, otherwise you’ll surely leave here with a failing grade today. On the other hand, if you pass this quiz with flying colors, maybe you’re not such a casual fan after all. There’s only one way we can find out for sure, and that’s by pushing a series of buttons. Get your potato chips ready!

Pick Your Favorite Anime Characters And We’ll Give You A Superpower

Watching anime is great way to escape the drone of normal life. When we watch a good anime, we’re transported for a little while to a totally new, wackily created world, where the rules are much looser than they are here. While there are certainly solid, realistic animes out there that fans can enjoy, most of the popular titles are based on impossible abilities and supernatural occurrences. Seeing these unfold on-screen, we’re able to live vicariously through our heroes. This is a good thing, and we won’t ever stop doing it.

But, in a sense, it’s bittersweet. Sure, it’s better to have the option of checking in on imaginary, mystical characters from time to time than not to have that option at all. However, this comes at a price: we’re teased by the superpowers we see unleashed on-screen, without enjoying the possibility of unleashing them for ourselves.

Well, we have good news for you: after this quiz, your superpower-less days will be gone for good! We searched long and hard, far and wide to collect an assortment of insane superpowers, and we put them right at the end of this quiz. Pick your favorite anime characters, and we’ll give you one!

Are we telling the truth? Absolutely we are. Let’s go!

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Which Of These Anime Tells The Story Of A Boy Who Sells His Soul To A Demon For Protection

  • “Darker Than Black”
  • “Hellsing””Magi”
  • The boy, Ciel, makes a deal with a demon to exact revenge and protect him as he leads the family business. Amusingly, the demon decides to assist him in the form of a butler who is always dressed in black.

  • bothneither
  • The plot of “Inuyasha” revolves around Kagome, a teenage girl who inherits the powers of an ancient priestess, and Inuyasha, a half-demon she inadvertently releases from decades-long slumber.

    The Best Danganronpa Characters Quiz

    How Well do you Know Your Anime? Find out! (Anime Quiz)

    The characters must hunt the killer after every crime scene with the help of clues. Catching and deciphering them right decides your destiny as a player in the Class Trial. Who killed who? Who is speaking the truth? How to ensure your own survival? A player must know it all to find their way out!

    So, do you think you have played this unusual game enough to know everything about it? If you believe you have mastered this game, here is the perfect chance for you to test your knowledge. Only a die-hard fan of Danganronpa can ace this quiz. So, can you?

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    Ultimate Anime Trivia Quiz: 30+ Toughest Questions For True Anime Fans

    Anime is a Japanese form of animation, known for its vibrant colors, intense character, and hand-drawn drawings.

    The stories that feature in most anime have always had a significant difference that makes them stand out from western animation. From action-packed Dragon Ball series to nostalgic to the 90s kids Pokémon, anime ruled our TV when we were kids.

    This name the anime quiz will prove whether you are a real fan. Designed especially for the real fans, these anime trivia game come with a list of anime trivia questions and answers. Let’s test you and your fan experience with this anime knowledge quiz. Feel free to gather your loved ones to have a couple of rounds of these anime trivia games! We assure you these are fun anime quizzes for everyone in your family. If you enjoyed our suggestions for Black panther trivia and Avengers trivia then try out our cool anime quizzes ranging from characters like Levi to Naruto!

    How Well Do You Know About Naruto

    All Naruto animes are based on Masashi Kishimotos famous manga of the same name, released in 1997. Narutos first series aired on October 3, 2002, in collaboration with Studio Pierrot and Aniplex on the Tokyo TV network with 220 episodes. All of these 220 episodes aired from 2002 to 2014, attracting thousands of fans over time.

    The second series was aired in 500 episodes from 2007 to 2017. This anime is about powerful ninjas who use their supernatural abilities to fight enemies. All of these characters and their incredible skills are so fascinating to fans that theyre interested in watching the whole series of Naruto.

    All anime characters have always been very cute and famous and have a unique look and personality. You all know Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of Naruto anime. He has always sought the attention and admiration of those around him, and this work gave him incredible pride. The other characters in this anime are also famous and have extraordinary personality traits and powers. Here are four most-favorite characters:

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    So How Well Do You Know Anime Take This Kawaii Quiz To Find Out

    Sophie is a character from which anime movie?

    In Dragon Ball Super, Goku is sent to destroy earth. What happened to make him change his ways?

    Ok! Here’s an easy one to start off with. What do you have to do with Pokemon?

    How do you do a Naruto run?

    Who is this chubby baby from Spirited Away?

    Here’s a tricky one how do you spell anime in Japanese? Hint only one of these answers is in Japanese!

    Which famous anime film is this from?

    Which of these ISN’T a type of Pokemon?

    Fill in the blankDragon ___ Z

    What kind of person is Naruto?

    Anime HAS to be made in Japan, or you can’t call it anime. True or false?

    In my Neighbour Totoro, what’s unusual about this cat?

    Oh no! Nevermind this is a great excuse to watch loads more anime!

    Not bad! You can do better though. why not watch loads of anime and then come back and try again?

    Good job! You know your stuff Naruto is very impressed!

    High score! You know everything there is to know about anime! Well, pretty much

    In Blue Exorcist What Does The Protagonist Learn About Himself

    Otaku test(2) how well do you know these anime
  • He is descended from a long line of ninjas.He is fated for death in one year.
  • He is the spawn of Satan.He is beloved by ten different high school girls.
  • Rin is shocked by the revelation that he’s Satan’s son and does what any rebellious child of the devil would do: signs up for exorcism classes.

  • gladiator gamesa war with an alien race
  • These magical girls make deals with a mysterious cat-like being called Kyubey, in order to have their one wish come true. They use their powers to fight evil witches, but soon realize something isn’t right.

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    Alphonse Elric Or Itachi Uchiha

    Alphonse Elric might look like nothing but a dopey ole knight, but he’s actually an incredibly bright young alchemist whose soul is stuck in the shell of a knight’s armor. Itachi Uchiha, meanwhile, is a ninja. Which character do you prefer here?

    Lain is the almighty cyber god from her series, Serial Experiments Lain, a more obscure anime that we highly, highly recommend. We also recommend Full Metal Alchemist, if only to meet the cunning Roy Mustang. Which character sticks out as better?

    Sailor Jupiter is, of course, part of the almighty team of Sailor Moon warriors. And, of course, Tien is one of the strongest human beings in the world of Dragon Ball. Now that these fighters meet in a battle of preference, who wins?

    Which Anime Features A Protagonist Able To Kill Instantly By Writing A Person’s Name Down In His Notebook

  • “Death Note”
  • “Full Metal Panic””Hellsing”
  • “Death Note,” starring Light as the serial killer and L as the prodigy who tries to take him down, is one of the most successful anime of all time. The first season is especially thrilling.

  • “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind””Castle in the Sky”
  • In this charming yet exciting tale of forgotten royalty, secret civilizations and a power that could change the world, a young girl and boy try desperately to find the castle in the sky.

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    Anime Trivia Questions Based On Characters

    The characters that featured in some of our favorite stories left us with not just a shot of adrenaline and laughs but also some of the most important life lessons. Lets discover how many of these characters you can recall, play the ultimate anime quiz about Naruto and Sailor Moon.

    1.Question: In the anime Claymore, who was the most powerful of the Awakened Beings?

    Answer: Priscilla.

    2.Question: An outcast prince takes over the revolution by controlling the mind of others. Who is he?

    Answer: Lelouch Lanperouge.

    3.Question: Who sells his soul to a demon in search of protection and revenge against his parents death?

    Answer: Ciel Phantomihive.

    4.Question: Which members of Suzaku 7 in Fushigi Yugi are never killed?

    Answer: Tusuki and Chichiri.

    5.Question: Which boy became the youngest State Alchemist at the age of twelve?

    Answer: Edward Elric

    6.Question: Vegeta married a sharp-minded scientist. Who was she?

    Answer: Bulma

    7.Question: Lover of sweets and mysteries, which genius is a world-famous detective?

    Answer: L.

    8. Question: As prophesied, Goku transformed into the Super Saiyan form in Dragon Ball Z. Where did this transformation take place?

    Answer: Planet Namek.

    9.Question: This pink-haired girl is completely obsessed with her love for Yuki, which she professes in her Yukiteru diary. Who is she?

    Answer: Yuno Gasai.

    10.Question: The Shinigami in love with apples. Can you recall his name?

    Answer: Ryuk.

    11.Question: Who is known as the One Punch Man?

    Ash Ketchum Or Yugi Moto


    Let’s kick this showdown off with two classic icons: Ash Ketchum and Yugi Moto. These characters are both famous for their control over a vast array of mythical creatures. If you had to pick a favorite between them, which would it be?

    What’s the best way to follow two super classic anime heroes? With another two, of course. Here’s Naruto and Goku, both protagonists of their own epic anime adventures. Let’s see which way you lean here – pick your favorite.

    Saitama can destroy all of his opponents with a single punch, which is his claim to fame. On the other hand, Mewtwo doesn’t even have to touch its foes to unleash universes of insufferable pain on them. Which character wins here?

    Alucard is an immortal vampire, forever entertaining himself in his own incomprehensible ways. Eren Yeager’s ways are far more understandable – he’s just trying to make his world a better place, safe from towering titans. Who do you like more?

    Sailor Moon, being the princess of the moon and all, definitely has her share of followers. Then again, Bulma is the iconic genius of the Dragon Ball series, with no shortage of her own fans, either. Which of these anime ladies would you vote for?

    Charmander is pictured here lying down on a rock and looking at Agumon. The Fire type Pokemon might be thinking that his opponent is a copy of him, though we can’t know that for sure. Anyway, which of these little critters if your favorite?

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    Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Sorcerer Take This Jujutsu Kaisen Trivia Quiz To Find Out

    Home » Quiz » Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Sorcerer? Take This JuJutsu Kaisen Trivia Quiz to Find Out

    JuJutsu Kaisen has taken the anime world by storm with its first season, introducing a boatload of memorable characters, enthralling plot points, and a fascinating world and magic systems. To celebrate that worldbuilding and character developement, weve come up with a quiz that is sure to test your knowledge.

    So get ready to figure out if youve got what it takes to be a sorcerer with our official JuJutsu Kaisen trivia quiz below. And if you end up liking this, be sure to check out our Quiz section of the site for even more fun!

    What Anime Should I Watch

    Are you interested in watching anime? With so many options out there, it can be hard to know what the best anime is. From classics like One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist to romantic dramas like Lie in April, theres an anime out there for everyone. Answer these ten questions to find out, what anime series should you watch?

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    How Well Do You Know The Spiky

    Which of these is another word for ninja?

    What is Samehada?

    What’s Naruto’s mum’s name?

    How many tails does Kurama have?

    Naruto’s favourite ramen shop – Ichiraku Ramen – was based on a real like noodle shop! True or false?

    What’s the name of the leader of the toads?

    Which of these is NOT a type of jutsu? A jutsu is a fighting style by the way!

    How do you do a Naruto stroll?

    What team is Kakashi the leader of?


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