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Is Death Note An Anime

What Is Your Favourite Anime Similar To Death Note Can You Recommend Other Animes

Death Note || Anime Series Episode 1

yes on October 16, 2019:

I absolutely love Death Note.. Still easily my favorite anime to date and I’ve seen a **** ton of shows since then.

I kinda agree Monster feels similar but psychological anime are easily the best when the protagonist is a twisted but highly intelligent megalomanic like Light in Death Note or Lelouche in Code Geass. Kinda hard to find other anime like that though, the recommendations as to what’s similar are pretty much the same everywhere you look and nothing I found so far, except those two, really have that characteristic.

Potato on September 08, 2017:

Not a single one can be close to death note

Eshaan Arekar on July 08, 2017:

Not even a single anime is close to a death note

no on May 24, 2017:

What? Umineko No Koro Ni instead of Higurashi?!

lel on March 22, 2017:

i agree in here with:

koko and Gitonga Mwaniki

and for this page, there is no anime that even comes close to death other than code geass. Dont get me wrong it is almost not to compare because death note really is unique but if you take away the bad art style and voice acting stuppid happyness and mind that makes no sense in code geass you have both main characters that are rlly similair to each other.

I have a seen quite alot of animes and here is my top

Death note 9/10

hunter x hunter 6/10

Fullmetal alchemist 5,5/10

I know alot of ppl will disagree with me on code geass getting 8/10 but idm the bad artistic and voice and dumbness + the ending is really well made compared to death note

Light Isn’t Suspicious To The Task Force

Towards the middle of the investigation, when the suspect list has been narrowed down to just two families, it’s strange that Light isn’t put under more suspicion from the Task Force. The bus jacking, as well as Raye Penber’s death, should have started raising alarm bells.

It complicates things when he and L develop a pseudo-friendship, but by that point, L suspects him. His father, the Chief, doesn’t believe his son could possibly be Kira, so the Task Force members might be following his lead, but maybe not. No one else seems to have any leads. What’s stopping the others from finding Light suspicious in the beginning?

After Three Tries I Have Finally Finished Death Note

Death Note is one of the most iconic shonen series of all time. Both the anime and manga are overwhelmingly popular and critically lauded. Now, I can proudly say that after three tries, I have finally finished it.

***Spoilers for Death Note manga/anime***

Written Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, Death Note tells the story of a genius Tokyo teen named Light Yagami who comes across the notebook Death Note left in the human realm by the shinigami Ryuk. Ryuk is here for the lols.

The notebook grants the user the power to kill anyone whose name is written into the book .

Initially reluctant, Light uses the notebook to kill a criminal, which slowly crafts a new vision of society in his mind. Light decides to use the Death Note to create a crime-free society. Seen by society as a vigilante savior by some, he is dubbed Kira by the general public and attracts the attention of an elite Japanese police task force, led by his own father, and strange detective L.

For many viewers, the hook of the series is the cat and mouse game between Light and L. These two brilliant teen minds trying to outwit each other, wrapped up in their mutual egos. It carries the series for a significant chunk of the series. Twice when Ive started the series from the beginning, Ive often wondered why I lose steam when the show is so enthralling.

Then it happens

Also the opening changes to this.


Twice I stopped here and never picked the series back up.

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Death Note: 10 Differences Between The Anime & The Manga

Death Note is one of many anime adaptations from manga, and as usual, there have been some major changes.

Death Note has seen its fair share of popularity when it comes to the manga and the anime adaptation. We got to see the whole story unfold on both versions, with some minor differences of course. No matter how you look at it, Death Note managed to grab the attention of fans everywhere whether youve read the manga or watched the anime series.

However, we cant help but notice some vast changes that were made on the source material. We dig deep into the many differences that were made on Death Note from page to screen.

Death Note: 10 Flaws In The Anime That Fans Chose To Ignore

Death Note Archives

Death Note has plenty of flaws in its story and writing that fans are perfectly happy to ignore for the sake of the plot. What, however, are they?

Death Note is a complex anime that is so popular that it has been adapted multiple times – nonetheless has flaws in how it presents the story. The plot can occasionally get so convoluted that fans can find some plot points unnecessary and problematic, such as Raye Penber’s unprofessionalism during the bus jacking early in the series. With Light and L battling against each other as main characters, the series has little space for women either.

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Regardless of Death Note‘s flaws, fans were able to look past them and still enjoy the story underneath. The way Death Note handled certain elements didn’t detract from its story of a mass murderer and the detectives who are trying to stop him. Overall, Death Note is an enjoyable show despite its ill-advised elements.

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Lights Personality Was Somewhat Different In The Manga And Anime

Light came off as a typical straight-A high school student who wanted to change the world after finding the death note. His personality before obtaining this powerful book was very different as it was portrayed in both the manga and anime.

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Light became more of a vindictive person in the anime series where he was full of hatred for his classmates every time he eavesdropped on their conversations. In the manga, he wasnt as malicious as he kept more to himself as a loner. However, he didnt hate what life has brought him, just bored with it.

‘death Note’ Season 2 Cast Predictions

There will be no ‘Death Note’ without its cunning original owner, Ryuk. So we are likely to see him again should there be a new season of ‘Death Note.’ The first ‘Death Note’ anime has concluded the story of Light. Hence, he might no longer return. Again, if the second season will adapt the ‘Death Note: Special One Shot,’ then can expect to see Minoru Tanaka take over the leading role.

Do you want ‘Death Note’ to return for season 2? Tell us in the comments below.

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Release Date: Death Note Season 2

As far as Season 1 was concerned, it had a pretty satisfying conclusion. Its 37 episodes ensured that all the bases were covered from the original manga. So, theres not much to explore as far as the real novel is concerned. So, Madhouse returning with a new season is highly improbable.

However, weve got some good news for you! A brand new story for Death Note is all set to be published in Japans Jump SQ magazine somewhere along 2020. So, if you want a Season 2 badly, you might want to mail them a copy of the magazine. Well, you never know!

The Manga Revealed How L Learned To Fight

Death Note episode 2

We saw a fight brew between Light and L in the Death Note series during their first encounter. We find out how skilled L is as a fighter when he showcased his mastery in the art of Capoeira. Fans got to see first hand that L knew how to effectively use the Afro-Brazilian martial arts style. However, we never figured out how he learned this fighting style in the anime. The manga does reveal this intel in the 13th volume when we find out that FBI agent Naomi Misora actually taught L this martial art after they working on a murder case together.

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Some Of The Rules Of The Death Note Weren’t Explained

There were rules on how one could use the death note, but not all of them were present when it came to the anime series. During the manga, some of the rules had a lot more emphasis than what was shown in the manga. One of the rules stated that you couldnt manipulate a person into killing another person or a whole group of people. Just like a bomb or mass killing, that wasnt clearly explained in the anime but it was implied that it was a rule for using the powerful notebook. Each volume of the manga provided a rule from the book after the end of every chapter.

Anime L Is Calm Cool And Collected

In the anime series, L is a world-renowned detective who takes on the challenge of catching Kira. He is a brilliant young man, but many doubt his abilities upon first meeting him because of his messy appearance. Despite the accolades of his peers, L lacks basic social skills and emotional expressiveness which make it difficult for people to work with him. Nevertheless, his tactics are effective in catching criminals and Kira.

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Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation agrees to assist L since some people believed that Kira killed some American criminals. After Kira kills several agents, the FBI withdraws its assistance.

Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa Michael Adamthwaite

Raye Penber is an American investigator from the FBI, sent to Japan with eleven other agents to aid in tracking down Kira early in the story. Described by How to Read It as a “talented” agent, Raye is assigned to investigate the Yagami family for any suspicious behavior but he eventually stops suspecting Light after he appears to be one of the victims of a bus-jacking. However, Light staged the event to get Raye’s name so he could kill him. He has a fiancée, retired FBI agent Naomi Misora, whom he tells not to involve herself in the investigation for her own safety. Light manages to track him down and use him “as a pawn” to kill the other eleven members of his team . Light kills Raye soon after. Before Raye dies, he sees Light, realizing that he is indeed Kira.

Played by Shigeki Hosokawa in the film, his name was changed to Raye Iwamatsu , due to not being able to find an actor in Japan that resembled Raye in the anime and manga. This is because he was also described by How to Read It as a “cross between Japanese and American”. The artist, Takeshi Obata, even had trouble drawing him initially due to this . In the first film he is a counter-terrorism agent headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Voiced by: Naoko Matsui Tabitha St. Germain

The Storys Ending Was Different

Death Note (anime)

At the end of Death Note, Light Yagami turns up dead after getting exposed as Kira. However, the way he dies is shown differently in both the manga and the anime. In the manga, Light begs Ryuk to kill Near and Matsuda but instead, the Shinigami writes Lights name instead. Ryuk tells him that he couldnt wait forever if hes in prison for him to die so he puts him out of his misery. In the anime, Light tries to use a piece of the death note to write Nears name but ends up shot by Matsuda. Light runs away from the police after getting exposed, but Ryuk sees that his life was basically over so he writes Lights name and kills him.

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Cast: Death Note Season 2

If you dont know that already, the lead character in the story is Light Yagami. The characters include Detective L Lawliet, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Nate River and Teru Mikami.

Although these characters have been regulars during the entire season, the movie had some new characters involved! Characters like Ryotoro Sakajo, Sanami and Shiori Akino have no mention in the original manga.

Plot: Death Note Season 2

Well, as weve discussed before, Season 1 was pretty conclusive on its own. In the Season finale, protagonist Light Yagami lost to his arch-rival Ryuk. Although it seems as though he dies after that, considering the shows rich history of twists and turns, you never know! And even if Light does come back, how? Considering his name was written in the Death Note diary by Ryuk!

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United States And Canada

In North America, the series has been licensed by Viz for residents in the United States to use “Download-to-Own” and “Download-to-Rent” services while it was still airing in Japan. This move is seen as “significant because it marks the first time a well known Japanese anime property will be made legally available to domestic audiences for download to own while the title still airs on Japanese television. The downloadable episodes contain the original Japanese audio track and English subtitles, and are available through IGN‘s Windows-only Direct2Drive service. DVDs of the series have also been released, containing both an English dubbed audio track, produced by Ocean Productions, and the original Japanese audio track with optional English subtitles. Viz announced at Anime Expo 2007 that the first DVD was officially released on November 20, 2007, in both regular and special editions, and also confirmed at Comic-Con International 2007 that the first 15,000 copies of each DVD contains collectible figures.

Light Falls Victim To The Death Note

Death Note Anime Trailer

For all the praise that the “Death Note” anime series received, there are many who feel that the ending was lackluster. With Ryuk establishing at the beginning of the series that he would be the one to sign Light’s name in the notebook, it already gave the show an out that made sense. But what would have been stronger is if L had been the one to successfully expose Light as Kira and cause Ryuk to lose out on his entertainment. As Light goes into cardiac arrest in “New World,” he does see a final vision of L. It’s almost as if the anime shows L getting the last victory over Light. But it falls flat since L didn’t beat Light. Near beat him.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t have felt out of place if the series had ended an episode or two after “Silence.” Light could have beaten L and ruled as Kira for as long as he liked. Then, exhausted and weary from all the blood on his hands, he could have asked Ryuk to finally write his name down. This actually relates to a popular fan-made alternative manga ending that has Light passing on into the shinigami realm. As Screen Rant notes, the alternative ending has never been confirmed or acknowledged by the series’ original creators. However, ending the series like this after L’s defeat would be the perfect setup for fans to learn more about Ryuk’s realm in a possible sequel, while also giving Light the win.

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Ls Reaction To Lights True Identity Wasnt The Same In Both Mediums

Once L was on the verge of death, he figures out that Light is actually Kira even though it was too late for him to expose the truth. When L falls off his chair in the manga, we see him saying to himself that he was right all along about Light being the killer. However, the anime didnt show his final thoughts and instead, we see L looking blankly at Light, which could imply that he figured it out as Light smirks at him as L died in his arms. With the manga, we figured out what L was thinking when he was about to meet his end, but we never got that reaction when that scene was shown in the anime.

Netflix L Is An Emotional Mess

While Netflixs L is similar to his anime counterpart, his performance and delivery is much more passionate. This expressiveness is most notable when Ls assistant, Watari, succumbs to the hand of Kira. Wanting to expose Light as Kira, L loses all control over his emotions and chases after Light through the streets of Seattle. This is something that the L of the anime would never do.

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Bans And Attempted Bans

Early in 2005, school officials in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning , banned Death Note. The immediate cause was that students had been altering notebooks to resemble Death Notes and then writing the names of acquaintances, enemies, and teachers in the books. The ban was designed to protect the “physical and mental health” of students from horror material that “misleads innocent children and distorts their mind and spirit”.Jonathan Clements has suggested that the Chinese authorities acted partly against “superstition”, but also against illegal, pirate publishers of Death Note. The ban has been extended to other Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Lanzhou in Gansu Province. Legally published Chinese-language versions of Death Note are published in Hong Kong. On June 12, 2015, the Chinese Ministry of Culture listed Death Note among 38 anime and manga titles banned in China.

In 2007, the education bureau in Pingtung County, Taiwan asked teachers to heed any negative influence on elementary school students reading the manga.

The Albuquerque Public Schools in New Mexico, U.S. held a hearing in May 2010 to ban the Death Note manga from their district’s schools it was unanimously voted down.


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