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Is The Black Clover Anime Over

Why Is ‘black Clover’ Canceled

Black Clover Anime Return ACTUALLY LEAKED….But

Stopping the Black Clover anime now looks like a calculated move for the manga. For a lot of manga with their own anime, the series usually follows what’s in the book.

But there are times when the anime is produced faster than the manga can be written. In those instances, filler episodes take characters and put them in situations outside of what’s in the books. Once more content is written, the anime typically gets back on track.

According to Comic Book, Black Clover is trying to avoid having lots of filler by giving the anime a break. In the meantime, the series’ first movie will be released, allowing Yki Tabata more time to continue writing the manga. This means that the anime will most likely make a comeback.

Some fans don’t like when there’s too much filler, but some animes are insanely popular in spite of it. Naruto and One Piece are good examples of highly popular titles with hundreds of filler episodes.

Black Clover Ending: What Next

The anime is about to end in the middle of a great ongoing story. There are gonna be dozens of unanswered questions and many unresolved plot-points in the anime.

The producers have told that there is an important announcement that going to be announced. There is a very good chance that the show will most likely return in the near future given the popularity of the show.

This is a good time for the anime and its casts to take a break so that when it eventually comes it will have enough good original manga stories to last for a few seasons.

The producers might also be planning to release a movie and so have put a stop to the anime like Kimetsu No Yaiba did last year. One thing is certain, Black Clover is certain to come back one way or another.

Will There Be More Black Clover Anime

As far as the general outlook is concerned, Black Clover is not over. The fact that the manga still has more than enough chapters to adapt means that there will be new material in the future the only question is whether it will be a continuation of the original anime series, or an anime movie.

Currently, we know that the anime is going to get a sequel anime movie, but the information on the movie is very, very scarce.

Save for the above-shown poster, we have absolutely no information about the movie. Shueisha promised more information at a later date, but as of the time of writing this article, no new information about the Black Clover movie has been published.

We assume that it will be a sequel adapting one or two of the next manga arcs, but well be updating this article when new information appears.

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What’s The Release Date For Black Clover Season 5

Since its October 2017 debut on Japanese network TV Tokyo, “Black Clover” has been moving at a pretty impressive pace. Its first two seasons, airing in quick succession in October 2017 and October 2018, each consisted of a hefty 51 episodes. Season 3 was hot on their heels in October 2019, but April 2020 saw the show hit the skids prematurely til July of that year, due to pandemic delays.

Ever-prolific creators Studio Pierrot also known for the seemingly eternal “Naruto” franchise picked up there and ran with Season 4 until March 2021. Then they announced that, for now, the series was over. But as Anime News Network reported, they also told us to expect another ‘important announcement’ soon. Enticing or what?

Details of Season 5 itself have not been forthcoming so far but it seems that the important announcement may have been the upcoming “Black Clover” movie, which, as Polygon report, was revealed on March 28. There’s no firm release date for that either although speculation via HITC suggests it’s likely set for release in early 2022. We’d guess that means no Season 5 till later in 2022 at least though like Micky, we’re willing to bet it’s on the way, despite current uncertainty. Meantime, let’s take a look at who we could be watching in Season 5’s cast.

The Upcoming Black Clover Movie

Black Clover Asta Voice Actor

Of course, the fact that the anime series is stopping is sad news, but hopefully, this news can alleviate some of our sadness. After four incredible seasons, Black Clover is finally receiving its first movie, and the narrative is likely to persist. Though, we arent sure about the storyline. But its finally having its 1st movie which is an incredible news.

There is currently no indication on when the movie will be released, but the it has been stated in a tweet that additional updates on everything will be provided at a future stage. We anticipate the movies release around 2022.

NEWS: Black Clover Anime Movie Announced, Visual Revealed


For anime lovers whove been up to speed, the Black Clover manga series offers the opportunity to read ahead and discover out whats coming next. And this also implies that newcomers to the series will have plenty of time to catch up on the existing 4 seasons. Well, waiting also means theres going to be a lot of content material after some years.

With a cliffhanger ending to its fourth season and high fan expectation, there is plenty of reason to make a fifth season. However, there is no precise schedule for when that might happen. But thats fine as previously indicated, the movie will be worthwhile.

There are a lot of anime series, and Black Clover isnt the first to have a movie. There will be a first for Jujutsu Kaisen, a second for Demon Slayer, and a slew of more animes series on the way.

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Is Black Clover Anime Finished

On further progress, the anime and manga series goes around the life of Asta and Mana becoming the Knights in Magic Knight Squad. As they grew together, they both made their aim to become the Wizard King a high authority position in the world of Black Clover. Yuno and Ats developed a friendly rivalry and practiced hard to become stronger than each other. In the bringing of the year 2021, a rumor broke the internet for the Black Clover to be canceled. This non-official announcement made the fans emotional and afraid of not getting more material from Black Clover. However, this rumor was partially true as Black Clover was not canceled, it came to an end.

After a long way, the anime series Black Clover was decided to end. After three years of running time, the anime series ended with 170 episodes. The last episode of the anime titled The Faraway Future was released on 30th March 2021. It was decided to end the anime series because Black Clover was a long-running one, not a seasonal one. It was getting risky for the creators to continue the anime series because it would get a lot of fillers, and fans might gradually lose interest in it. However, the manga series is still ongoing, so and we can expect the anime series to make a comeback.

Is Black Clover Manga On Break

To add up to this anxiety, Black Clover manga will be on a break next week in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #44, coming out on October 4, 2021. The manga will resume with chapter 308 in WSJ issue #45 on October 11, 2021. Chapter 307 of the manga will be released this Sunday on September 26, 2021, as scheduled.

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Fans Of Black Clover Were Shocked To Hear That The Anime Will Be Ending Very Soon The Manga Will Continue However Read On To Know Why Is Black Clover Ending

Fans of Black Clover were shocked to hear that the anime will be ending very soon. The show has gathered a worldwide following and has become one of the most popular anime of the current generation. While the show is ending the manga will continue. Read on to know why is Black Clover ending.

Why Is The Black Clover Anime On A Break

Black Clover Anime Is Over

Now, anime series are usually adapted from the manga. This is not a rule, but it is true in most cases. Now, if youre adapting a manga that is already over, you wont have any problems, as there is no new content. On the other hand, if youre adapting an ongoing anime, which is also the most common scenario, youre risking one major thing catching up to the manga.

Namely, manga chapters are published according to a separate schedule from the anime series. The two are rarely adjusted, so the manga follows its own tempo, while the anime has its own separate broadcast schedule. A common problem that arises from this is the anime catching up to the manga.

This happened to Fullmetal Alchemist, which is when the author gave the anime producers the liberty to create their own, original twist on the narrative, while the full adaptation of the manga was released later in the form of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This is one way to solve this problem, although not a common one.

A more common solution is the anime series especially if its a long-running one like Bleach or Naruto simply stopping the main narrative and using filler episodes or even whole filler seasons.

So, with episode 170, Black Clover came very, very close to the manga and the producers simply had to stop.

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When Does The Black Clover Movie Air Currently There’s No Date Available

While the anime might be over with for now, that doesn’t mean the series is in trouble in terms of popularity. At the same time as the anime’s ending, it was announced the series was also getting its own feature film. This was announced in the 17th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump for 2021. Currently, there’s no specific date for the film, and no other information on the movie is available yet. Like the recent Dragon Ball Z movie announcement, it will likely be several months before more is shown beyond the announcement itself.

Black Clover 2022 Anime Break Necessary To Avoid Filler Episodes For Arc 11

Fans of the manga were surprised to hear that there would only be three episodes of actual Heart Kingdom Training. Although returning to manga canon was a cause to celebrate, some felt the anime canon arc ended too quickly.

The manga was only up to Black Clover Chapter 278 by the time Episode 158 was streaming. With a lead of only 49 chapters, the anime would have caught up with the manga in 25 weeks assuming Tabata didnt take a hiatus and the animes pacing averages about three chapters per episode.

Arguably, the anime canon Heart Kingdom training arc should have been longer. Black Clover Arc 11 is literally a war, making it difficult to introduce another filler/anime canon arc.

Pierrot has a history of introducing filler in the middle of war arcs like they did with Naruto. But in the case of Black Clover Arc 11, Pierrot must have decided that there really isnt a good stopping point.

Its possible Tabata has communicated his story layout to Pierrot and there is an upcoming time gap.

Another option would be to introduce a side story that runs concurrently with the main events. If thats the case, it would make sense to produce the Black Clover movie as an original story rather than as manga canon.

Needless to say, filler arcs are not going away completely any time soon. Lets just hope the planned broadcasting break isnt too long and that they confirm their plans for Black Clover Season 5 in 2022. Stay tuned!

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Black Clover Season 5 Release Date Estimate

I need the black clover season 5

Black Clover Season 5 has no official release date as of this writing. If we take a look at the adaptation rate for the original run, we can get a rough estimate of the Black Clover Season 5 release date.

Through episode 170, Black Clover adapted 272 chapters of material, averaging out at a rate of 1.6 chapters per episode. Its a safe assumption that the production team would want a comparable amount of source material for Black Clover Season 5. Black Clover Chapter 314 for the manga releases Sunday, November 20th.

Most Shonen Jump authors publish roughly 45 chapters a year. This would mean it would take Tabata five years to reach the 270 range for unadapted material. The anime team will likely start production on Black Clover Season 5 once they have around 150 chapters to work with.

All caught up on #blackclover only to find out season 5 isnt going to be released till 2023-2024? BRB. Going to cry myself to sleep now.

With a current gap of 42 chapters for unadapted material, Tabata will need another 2 years to get close to 150 unadapted chapters. Add in another year for production, and fans are looking at the Black Clover Season 5 release date being sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.

Black Clover Season 5 Release Date Predictions: Is 2023 Likely

Asta Black Clover Wallpaper

As of the last update, Avex Pictures, Studio Pierrot, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Black Clover Season 5 release date. Nor has the production of an anime TV series sequel been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, its possible to speculate about when, or if, the Black Clover Season 5 premiere date will occur in the future.

The fifth season will premiere with the Black Clover Episode 171 release date. The Black Clover Season 5 anime was not discussed during the announcement on March 30, 2021. Unfortunately, this wasnt too surprising considering the previous seasonal announcements.

The renewal of the third season wasnt officially announced until shortly before the second season ended. Even then, the first official word was from the anime director on Twitter. FUNimation announced the fourth season on Twitter in October 2020, only months before it premiered.

Studio Pierrot has been releasing new Black Clover episodes with few breaks . For example, the studio took a one-week break for New Years 2021, which meant that the Black Clover Episode 158 release date was on January 5, 2021.

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What’s The Truth About Yuno He’s The Prince Of The Spade Kingdom

Like Asta, Yuno was left at an orphanage when he was a child. No one knew why, but it was obvious there was something different about Yuno because his magical powers were incredible even from a young age. Though Asta had no magic at all, Yuno had more than enough magic to spare and even bonded with the Wind Familiar. As it turns out, Yuno is the Prince of the Spade Kingdom who had to be left in Hage after the attack on the kingdom brought down his entire family.

Whats The Black Clover Special Announcement And Movie

Soon after Black Clover episode 170 aired in Japan, the Japanese official account for the series announced a movie is in the works.

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The Black Clover movie special announcement was paired with a new beautiful illustration of Asta, drawn by the animes character designer, Itsuko Takeda.


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Who Is Asta’s Dad

It is presumed that the person in the flashback getting stabbed, is Asta’s parent. Later, when Dante has a flashback, we see him with a woman on his bed. It is believed that this woman might be Asta’s mother, thus making Dante his father. However, none of this has been confirmed in the Black Clover series yet.

Is The Black Clover Manga Finished

Black Clover ANIME RETURN Bad News For TV Show Announcements!

Yki Tabata began publishing Black Clover on February 16, 2015 and as of the time of writing this article, more than 300 chapters have been published the chapters have been collected in 30 volumes so far. The manga is, thus, ongoing and based on the plot, we dont see it ending anytime soon.

Sure, there were moments when Tabata couldve simply gone for the final arc, but he has been successful in prolonging the plot of the manga so far, so we have no doubts that he will be able to do it in the future as well.

So, what happens in the manga after episode 170? Yuno is training when he notices Langris hiding nearby. Yuno asks Langris to come out and asks him why he is there. Langris replies that he has come to help, as Yuno has to fight a space magic user. Yuno accepts Langris help, thinking that Langris should have gotten stronger.

Back at Astas, Asta and Love lose to Night again and heal their wounds by eating something made by the Spade Kingdoms resistance. Asta suddenly has an idea, which Love joins, as Asta has a good idea 9 times out of 10, but she fails. Night tells them its time to meet up with the others, and Asta realizes its been two days.

Night says they must die since it did not work, and uses the dark prison Hunting Ground to shroud them in shadows. As Nacht begins to attack them, Asta and Love think about why they want more power and why they can not let the other die. Suddenly, a light shines through that shocks Nacht.

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