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What’s The Most Popular Anime In The World

Love Live School Idol Project

Another Top 10 Most Popular Anime On the Planet

Another of the most popular franchises in Japan is known as Long Live! which has, again, spawned, a whole range of different media projects too. Beyond the original anime and manga, youve now got CDs, music videos, and video games. It became something of a cultural sensation.

Rather than the fantasy anime we are familiar with, however, this is a simple story of a high school student and her friends who become idols young singer celebrities to save their Japanese school.

We told you that anime is a lot more than we initially assume.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day , which is also called just Anohana, is one of the most heartwarming anime in Japan. Its story begins with this plot: Jinta Yadomi, whose nickname is Jintan, plays video games instead of attending high school.

One day in summer, his childhood friend Meiko Homma shows up before Jintan as a ghost though she died in an accident years before. The moving anime is brought to an end with just 11 episodes.

Air Dates: 2011

Most Popular Anime In The World

These Anime were chosen because of their legendary stature and how well they have been received by anime fans.This is a great list to start with if you’re new to these addictive Japanese cartoons. These anime shows have millions of admirers all over the world. They’re frequently rewatched and passed on to others. Most Popular Anime In The World are:

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

The advent of a shockingly quality anime surprised anime fans all over the world in 2019. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is adapted into an anime from the manga by Koyoharu Gotoge, which was serialized on the Weekly Shonen Jump from 2016. The first season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba with 26 episodes was welcomed by both fans of the manga and people who had not read it.

The anime is set in the Taisho period in Japan where demons exist with human beings. The main character Tanjiro Kamado finds his family is killed by the attack of demons and only his sister Nezuko is changed into a demon. He decides to become a demon slayer to restore her to a human.

This anime includes every important part for an excellent anime from the main characters purity and growing to friends with the spirit of brotherhood and respect for any characters. The battle scenes between demon slayers with swords and unique demon characters are intense, which is beautifully drawn. Each characters past and background including even demons is respectfully depicted in this anime.

It is followed by the sequel story Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train released in October, 2020. This anime has not completed yet, but it is safe to say that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will grow to represent the best anime in Japan and around the world.

Air Dates: from 2019Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Dark FantasyRecommended for Beginners/Anime Fans

Popular: Slice Of Life

Endro~! Is the Most Promising CGDCT Anime of the 2019 ...

The best genre for casually watching anime, slice of life brings series taken from moments of everyday life. These series typically dont require heavy investment and can be turned on in the background of doing other things. If you miss something its okay as it probably wont impact future episodes too heavily. The plot is usually day to day activities for the characters.

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If looking for a series with an end goal, youre in the wrong place. Girls Last Tour is a slice of life anime thats more than the typical day to day life. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic setting that two girls were born into. As they adventure through the wastelands, they learn more and more about the world they live in.

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The 20 Most Popular Anime All Around The World

Anime, a magical world to me and many of you all around the world. The Japanese animation has captured the hearts of young to adults.

In the recent years the world anime has started to gain a lot of popularity but even before that you may have watched an anime but didnt knew it was one.

This popularity could be seen through so many comic con and anime con happening all around world. People in the cosplay of favourite anime character.

So today we will list down the most popular anime all around the world. This list will contain those anime which you already know about.

And if you are someone new to anime, the Japanese animation these ones are the classics or the widely known ones and has been approved by all anime otaku.

  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotheehood

    Brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric are raised by their mother Trisha Elric in the remote village of Resembool in the country of Amestris. Their father Hohenheim, a noted and very gifted alchemist, abandoned his family while the boys were still young, and while in Trishas care they began to show an affinity for alchemy and became curious about its secrets.

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    Fist Of The North Star

    When you see this face, you are soon to be already dead.

    Fist of the North Star, the series

    Fist of the North Star is an 80’s action anime. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland kind of reminiscent of Mad Max, Kenshiro travels from town to town, defeating the gangs and thugs that have taken over the cities and liberating the citizenry, while gathering information and allies to help him defeat some demons from his own questionable past.

    This anime has a cult following in the west, notorious for it’s gory details even by today’s standards. Kenshiro is a master of the “Hakuto Shinken,” a pressure point based fighting style. Kenshiro would often strike multiple pressure points on his opponents, which were almost painless at the time he’d strike, before leaving him with his meme-famous line “You are already dead,” as his opponents would laugh before often exploding or even fall apart in pieces.

    But this isn’t just a simple bloodfest. Kenshiro is a strong character in his own right, as his motivations and history slowly catch up to him in each town, with amazing hand-animated landscapes that really help one see the despair left behind in the wasteland. Certainly not for everyone, this cult classic has certainly left it’s mark on this top ten list.

    So What Then Is Anime

    Top 10 Best MAGIC/ANOTHER WORLD Anime with Strong MC

    Anime is really just short for animation, surprisingly enough. Whilst in English, the term has come to specifically designate Japanese animation techniques, in Japan, it refers to animated productions from all over the world, non-Japanese as much as Japanese.

    Given this, its hard to say that anime really constitutes a genre as such and the style we see as specifically anime here is not really so clearly defined. It isnt all big eyes and wacky hair.

    Rather, there are as many different styles of anime as there are animators, artists, and animation studios. Youll probably know studios like Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation, Kyoto Animation, and Gainax and, if you do, youll know that their styles are quite significantly different. And if you are anime fans, youll easily spot the difference between Osamu Tezuka and Hayao Miyazaki.

    This fact also complicates the questions, whats the best anime in Japan?, or what are the most popular anime movies?. Its a tricky question because, in Japan, anime can be for everyone and different anime characters are made for different audiences.

    Gundam, for example, was aimed originally at boys, whilst Cowboy Bebop, with more sophisticated themes, was aimed at adult audiences. Meanwhile, Fruits Basket was intended for a young female audience.

    Find out more about Japan’s culture of anime!

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    Nausica Of The Valley Of The Wind

    Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind 1984

    Many people would mistake Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind as the first Studio Ghibli anime. However, this anime actually predated the foundation of Studio Ghibli.

    It was written & directed by the famous Hayao Miyazaki and produced by his good ol friend Isao Takahata. And also, it was their first collaboration with Joe Hisaishi, who was later on a veteran composer for Studio Ghibli.

    Being made in 1984, Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind was an extremely beautiful anime, which was on top of its game back in the days. It was also the first anime that gave hint to us of Studio Ghiblis art-style. The anime itself also had a fantastic story: it dealt with a serious theme, yet approachable for people of all ages and delivered deep meaning & real-life lessons to learn form. Which of course, also inspired the storytelling style of future Studio Ghibli titles.

    What Is The Best Anime Series

    All of this means that it is hard to define the best series or the most favourite ones even. However, we have given it a go. And, like with any best of list, we know that we might upset part of the anime fandom.

    Some of these, youll find, are bigger with an international audience than they necessarily are with a Japanese one. But this is a testament to the massive global appeal of this style of art.

    So, from full-length films to fantasy series, here are some of the most popular anime series around.

    Read about the best characters in anime here!

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    The 5 Most Popular Anime Genres Out There

    There’s tons of different anime genres.These are some of the most popular and others that always get overlooked.

    As each anime season passes by, more and more adaptations are released to viewers at one time. With more anime comes more repetitive themes, causing some genres to get more love than others. Some genres have hundreds of series and some barely scratch triple digits.

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    Taking a look at both ends of the spectrum, there will be some popular series on this list, and hopefully some new series you havent heard of. If an anime piques your interest be sure to give it a watch. Alternatively, if youre looking to get into a new genre, here are some series worth the watch.

    Top 30 Popular Anime With The Best Ratings

    List of The 10 Best

    Another horizontal bar chart was made showcase how the top 30 most popular anime rank against one another.

    The first place goes to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with a rating of 9.24. Steins:Gate and Hunter x Hunter are second and third respectively with 9.14 and 9.12 respectively. Code Geass: Hangaku no Lelouch R2 came is fourth place with a rating of 8.94 . Cod Geass: Hangaku no Lelouch is fifth with a rating of 8.77.

    My two favorite anime series, Naruto shippuuden and Shingeki no Kyojin got ratings of 8.19 and 8.48 respectively. They also both came in sixteenth and ninth place respectively.

    The full version of the code that was used to conduct the research can be seen here.

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    Oregairu: My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu

    My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU , which is also known as just OreGairu or My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, is a popular modern anime series with the genre of slice of life . The slice-of-life anime is made into from the light novel that completed with the 17th volume in 2019. The cynical and pessimistic character Hachiman Hikigaya starts offering help and advice to other students in the school service club with two heroines: Yukino Yukinoshita and Yui Yuigahama.

    The anime series was completed with the final season My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Fin in 2020.

    Air Dates: 2013-2020Genre: Slice of life, Romance, ComedyRecommended for Anime Fans/Anime Freaks

    Most Popular Characters In Anime History

    An anime’s popularity hinges on its characters. These are some of the most well received anime characters out there.

    As hard as it is to admit, judging an anime is not always about the quality of the writing or animation. More often than not, it brings fans of any age back to the wild tribalism of their middle school lunch room as dominance is decided, not by wit or strength, but by a popularity contest. Which kid had the coolest shoes? Who had a cookie in their Lunchables? Whose dad “works at Nintendo”?

    As is constant with the early days of humankind, those who stand at the top are those who are most popular, and this is no different for anime and its characters, where the next casual fan may have their next anime of choice dictated by what they see the most, either in the recommendations of YouTube or on the backpacks and t-shirts of their fellow weebs.

    Whether it be the best looking, more intriguing, or most badass character, anime as a medium is one that is often defined by its most popular characters. Whether they perfectly condense all that one loves about a series into a personified form or just absolutely steal the show, anime characters are a performance worth paying for on their own. Bringing things back to the glory days of that middle school lunchroom, this list will be deciding who really is the coolest of the cool, as it runs down the Top 10 most popular characters in anime history .

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    The Best Anime Series Of All Time

    List RulesJapanese animated TV series only

    Looking for good anime to watch? Here are the best anime shows of all time, ranked by fans everywhere. Top anime series include popular shows like Death Note, Attack on Titan, and many more. Plus, with so much new anime debuting each year, the list of best anime will only grow. The blanket term “anime” in the US can refer to any animation originating in Japan, and specifically differentiates a few aspects of Japanese animation from more Western styles. For example, the top comedy animes can be be much more explicit in their humor. This includes the Japanese propensity to feature adult themes, cool action scenes, and stories in animation, as opposed to Western “cartoons” aimed primarily at children, as well as the exaggerated, fantasy-oriented and colorful style of Japanese animated visuals.

    Anime TV series first found popularity outside of Japan in the 1980s and have continued to find larger audiences in the West. A number of famous anime shows originating in Japan – such as Cowboy Bebop or Dragon Ball Z – have found enthusiastic audiences for dubbed versions in English speaking countries. The anime style has grown so popular in the US, it has stared to significantly influence the style and aesthetics of American animation. Shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Afro Samurai, and Samurai Jack have borrowed heavily from anime in terms of pacing, subject matter, and design.

    Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

    Top 10 Most Censored Anime Of All Time

    Uma Musume: Pretty Derbys second season puts a heart-racing anime twist on the real story of the Japanese racehorse, Tokai Teio. Shes a hard working horse girl who wants to be as fast as her mentor, Symboli Rudolf. Teio is a shoe-in for winning the triple crown, but an unexpected injury trips her up, making things hard for her.

    With added drama and a smattering of very well-known voice actresses, Uma Musumes creators manage to pull off an interesting feat: they really make you really care about the horses. I learned so much about real life Japanese racehorses watching this, and some of the episodes had me bawling while I cheered on Teio. They got me good. JL

    Uma Musume: Pretty Derby season 2 is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Its always mentioned, because more than one sees it as the successor of the big 4. It has everything we love about shonen, excellent animations, fights, charismatic characters and an addictive plot that enchants whether you watch it because it caught your attention or because youre tired of seeing it everywhere, youll surely understand why its cataloged as one of the best animes of the time.

    Of The Most Popular Genres In The Anime Industry

    According to MyAnimeList, there are 43 anime

    But we all know in reality, only a handful of those genres are popular.

    Can you find a good anime within all 43 genres? Of course. But good has nothing to do with popularity.

    From my deep understanding of the anime community, there are 6 popular genres in particular. Especially if you look at this from an objective point of view. Instead of basing it off opinions

    Food Wars is one of the more unique examples of Shounen.

    Think of Dragon Ball Z and then add food to the picture. And you have Food Wars .

    Shounens have become famous because of shows like:

    • Dragon Ball Z

    And in recent years, because of shows like:

    • Fairy Tail
    • My Hero Academia .

    Whenever a new year comes around or comes to an end, youll always find someone talking about a popular series. And 8/10 the anime is a Shounen without question.

    Supernatural is usually associated with magic, and even Shounen from time to time.

    Either way this is a very popular anime genre you cant escape. And thats not a bad thing. Because a lot of the time theres something new and fresh that comes out of the supernatural genre.

    The Ancient Magus Bride is an obvious recent example of this. Along with Rokudenashi and Re:Creators.

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