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Which Anime Is The Most Popular In The World

It Reflects Universal Values

Top 10 Most Popular Anime On The Planet

In anime, there are overarching themes that often accompany most of its stories. When viewers engage in a television show, film, or comic book, not only are they engaging in a unique story, theyre also absorbing important lessons along the way.

The genre of anime reflects many Japanese spirits and beliefs, often woven into storylines. In many cases, it offers an intimate look into Japans culture, history, and worldviews. Mythologies are often explored, and those living outside of Japan can understand the nuances and details of Japanese culture more closely.

Anime often reflects important life lessons that are a staple of Japanese culture, such as friendship and the value of relationships. In many anime programs, characters are forced to overcome impossible odds and rely on their friends to accomplish their mission or defeat their enemy. These themes of community are integral to the genre and often separate it from visual content from other parts of the world.

Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

  • Episodes: 50
  • Seasons: 2
  • Air dates: 10/7/2012-3/30/2014

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic has a clever set-up which involves the characters from 1001 Arabian Nights. It takes that source material to create an original and entertaining story that will always keep you on the edge of your seat. The narrative of this series may be its greatest strength. This anime will definitely be a good recommendation for anyone who enjoys adventurous tales of fantasy and friendship!

With a unique Arabic setting, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic takes place in a time of chaos and revolutions. Magic creates numerous dungeons all around the world. It is said that those dungeons hide incredible treasures within them, so anyone who conquers them will get immense powers. This is also a period where people decide to stand up for their rights and where new rulers get crowned. The main story follows Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana as they try to take part in these chaotic times. There is similar anime worth checking out if you become a fan of Magi.

Fate franchise

What We Love About Naruto

  • Despite being accused of being overrated, Naruto does extremely well with the way it portrays martial arts. The technique has substance, quality and all of the training arcs really showed the defining elements of how ninjutsu worked within the naruto universe.
  • What Naruto often focuses on is friendship and the bonds between said friends. Through these friendships and bonds, this show explores themes of revenge, hate, bonds, and sorrow to a very astounding degree.
  • Naruto is one of the original shonen animes, and it serves as an effective inspiration for those that came after it. It also serves as a major source of nostalgia, and whether you love it or hate it, you cant deny that it is a major staple of the anime community.

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What We Love About Inuyasha

  • The advantage that Inuyasha had over other anime was its massive cast of characters, all of whom had entire arcs devoted to their interpersonal conflicts. While many at the time had issues with the nigh-indestructible villain of the series, Naraku, many smaller antagonists proved popular enough to become part of the regular cast.
  • The villains of a series are fairly unimportant if the audience doesn’t care what happens to the heroes. Inuyasha’s core cast of characters is very human and lovable, with goals and agendas all their own.
  • Anime became popular thanks to it airing on television. Fortunately, Inuyasha had a prolonged life on Adult Swim. It aired on the programming block even when other anime was taken off the air.

What We Love About Hunter X Hunter

10 Most Popular Anime Characters Of 2020 (According To ...
  • The characters are definitely one of the shows strongest points. Even the horrible ones are well developed, well portrayed, and generally, voice acted to perfection. Their designs are exceptional, and theyre unlike any other animated characters out there.
  • The world itself is very well done. The story is complex, nothing feels contrived, and the story manages to be quite endearing once you get used to the characters and their slightly over-exaggerated personalities.;
  • The plot itself moves pretty quickly, for the most part. The beginning may feel slow, but the rest is well done, and the story feels authentic in every way as if it was written with emotions and its audience in mind. Hunter x Hunter is a genius at this and does it very well.;

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What We Love About My Hero Academia

  • The premise itself is unique and new compared to other anime that focus on superpowers among humans. Izuku is your typical underdog, but the way the show has him interact with his powers sets him apart from other protagonists like him.;
  • My Hero Academia has an all-star acting cast, and that works well in terms of its popularity. The voices are talented, well trained, and they give expert expression to characters with complicated and intertwined personalities.;
  • The fighting is one of the best parts. The battles dont feel long or drawn out, and theyre very interactive and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The action is entertaining to the point where you cant take your eyes off of it.

Of The Most Popular Genres In The Anime Industry

According to MyAnimeList,;there are 43 anime

But we all know in reality,;only a handful of those genres are popular.

Can you find a good anime within all 43 genres? Of course. But good has nothing to do with popularity.

From my deep understanding of the anime community, there are 6 popular genres in particular. Especially if you look at this from an;objective;point of view. Instead of basing it off opinions

Food Wars is one of the more unique examples of Shounen.

Think of Dragon Ball Z and then add food to the picture. And you have Food Wars .

Shounens have become famous because of shows like:

  • Dragon Ball Z

And in recent years, because of shows like:

  • Fairy Tail
  • My Hero Academia .

Whenever a new year comes around or comes to an end, youll always find someone talking about a popular series. And 8/10 the anime is a Shounen without question.

Supernatural is usually associated with magic, and even Shounen;from time to time.

Either way this is a;very popular anime genre;you cant escape. And thats not a bad thing. Because a lot of the time theres something new and fresh that comes out of the supernatural genre.

The Ancient Magus Bride;is an obvious recent example of this. Along with Rokudenashi and Re:Creators.

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The Honor At Magic High School

Tatsuya Shiba is a bodyguard for his sister Miyuki Shiba, who is also a candidate for the Yotsuba clans leadership, one of the Ten Master Clans that governs Japans magicians. They enroll in First High School, which divides pupils into groups according to their magical skills. Miyuki is a first-year student who is considered one of the greatest, but Tatsuya is a second-year student who is considered magically inept. Tatsuyas technical knowledge, combat talents, and unique magic techniques, on the other hand, cause him to be seen as an outlier in the schools standardized rankings.

The Honor at Magic High School is one of the top animes right now in Japan that should be listed in your must-watch anime list.

The Best Anime Series Of All Time

Another Top 10 Most Popular Anime On the Planet

List RulesJapanese animated TV series only

Looking for good anime to watch? Here are the best anime shows of all time, ranked by fans everywhere. Top anime series include popular shows;like Death Note, Attack on Titan, and many;more. Plus, with so much;new anime debuting each year, the list of best anime will only grow. The blanket term “anime” in the US can refer to any animation originating in Japan, and specifically differentiates a few aspects of Japanese animation from more Western styles. For example, the top comedy;animes can be be much more explicit in their humor.;This includes the Japanese propensity to feature adult themes, cool action scenes,;and stories in animation, as opposed to Western “cartoons” aimed primarily at children, as well as the exaggerated, fantasy-oriented and colorful style of Japanese animated visuals.

Anime TV series first found popularity outside of Japan in the 1980s and have continued to find larger;audiences in the West. A number of famous anime shows;originating in Japan – such as Cowboy Bebop or Dragon Ball Z – have found enthusiastic audiences for dubbed versions in English speaking countries. The anime style has grown so popular in the US, it has stared to significantly influence the style and aesthetics of American animation. Shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Afro Samurai, and Samurai Jack have borrowed heavily from anime in terms of pacing, subject matter, and design.

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What Is The Best Anime Series

All of this means that it is hard to define the best series or the most favourite ones even. However, we have given it a go. And, like with any best of list, we know that we might upset part of the anime fandom.

Some of these, youll find, are bigger with an international audience than they necessarily are with a Japanese one. But this is a testament to the massive global appeal of this style of art.

So, from full-length films to fantasy series, here are some of the most popular anime series around.

Read about the best characters in anime here!

Sword Of The Stranger

If you love samurai shows, then this movie has to be on your watch list.

Its a tale of a young boy and his adorable pupper who have to resort to petty crimes to survive.

But suddenly theyre given the Aladdin treatment, and full-on assassins start pursuing them.

As you might have guessed, theres more at play here than just petty crimes.

Fortunately they run into a ronin, who saves them from the assassins and becomes their bodyguard.

From there its an all-out adventure, as an even more dangerous swordsman is after them lots of excitement in this one. Sword battle fans will dig it.

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Q: Why Is There So Much Nudity Even In Kids Shows

First of all, Japanese attitudes about nudity are far less strict than those in the US, and it is even legal to show some nudity on TV in Japan. Since attitudes toward nudity are less strict in Japan, its also not entirely uncommon to see nudity in anime, including shows targeted at children, though the context is rarely erotic in those situations. There is also, of course, a significant market for anime specifically targeted at young-adult males, which feature everything from a great deal of skin to outright you-know-what. Dont take the existence of this sort of anime to mean that everything with some adult themes is low-brow, because youd be missing some very impressive cinema.

Top 10 Action Fantasy Anime

Top 10 Most Amazing Frenemy In Anime World  Anime & Manga

I am a huge fan of anime. I love sharing the best series with others.

A countdown of the 10 best action fantasy anime.

Here’s a list of the top 10 action fantasy anime series to help you escape from reality and dive into different worlds. As a huge anime fan, I’ve seen many series and feel confident in recommending the best that is out there. If you are looking for compelling stories, epic fight scenes, great visuals, and interesting concepts, check out these 10 TV shows!

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Ouran High School Host Club

Is Ouran High School Host Club a high school comedy? Yes.

But is it your run of the mill romcom? Definitely not.

The premise of the show is a little whacky, as in this particular high school theres the host club where attractive boys cater to the female body, and make some paper.

Among the various oddly flamboyant men is a girl named Haruhi, whos doing this undercover to pay off a debt.

And somehow she seems to have the most success with the ladies.

The comedy and satire in this show is a bit over the top, but seriously enjoyable too.

What Are The Best Action Fantasy Anime Series

10. Log Horizon

9. Nanatsu no Taizai

8. Zetsuen no Tempest

5. Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

4. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

3. Fate Franchise

2. Shingeki no Kyojin

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • Seasons: 2
  • Air dates: 10/5/2013-3/28/2015

Log Horizon centers around a group of gamers who get stuck in an online game. Among these 30,000 Japanese players, we find the anti-social student Shiroe, the veteran of this game.

This fantasy anime may seem similar to Sword Art Online at first sight. There’s actually a huge difference between these two series. The protagonist of Log Horizon strategically approaches every situation. He is not the character we often see in other shounen animethe typical hero who overpowers his enemies. He is a rather quiet guy who controls the battle. and lays low. Also, it’s important to point out that there are not so many fights here, which distinguishes it from other similar TV shows. Unlike in other action fantasy anime, a great deal of attention is paid to the strategy in this game world, which is exciting to watch!

Nanatsu no Taizai

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai

The story opens with a little child named Dai recalling a story given to him by his adopted grandfather, the monster magician Brass, about a hero named Avan defeating the Demon King Hadlar. After the Demon King Hadlar was defeated, all of the monsters were freed from his evil will, and peace ruled for ten years over the earth. Some monsters and demons relocated to Dermline Island to dwell in peace. Dai, the series young protagonist, is an orphan who is also the islands only human. Having been fostered by Brass and with his best friend, the monster Gome, Dai grows up dreaming of becoming a hero.

Now, its time the adventure of Dai started

Whether Dai can become a hero as he dreamed? Watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai to know the answer!

The Most Popular Anime Of Summer 2020

Top 10 most popular Anime characters || Most popular Character in the world

In this second of a three-part series, I look at which anime caught people’s eye and which provoked their ire!


Welcome to the second of a three-part article series, where I’ll be closing out the season with a detailed statistical breakdown of which shows kicked ass and which bombed spectacularly. In this volume of the Summer 2020 Round-up, I’ll be covering which anime had the highest viewership and which were dropped the most!

To ensure data equality and the inclusion of two-cour anime, all data points are taken from one week after episode 10. Like before, there are a few shows missing due to lack of data or tampering.

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Top 10 Most Popular Anime Of All Time


I am a huge fan of anime. I love sharing the best series with others.

These are the most popular anime of all time, so you can’t miss them! If you are a true fan of anime, you probably know all of them. I have selected these titles based on their iconic status and how much they have resonated with anime fans. These entries are just my personal opinion, but I am sure most fans will agree with my choices. If you are new to these addictive Japanese cartoons, this is a perfect list for you. Millions of fans all around the world love these anime series. They are often rewatched and recommended to others.

Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

What We Love About Hetalia

  • The concept. What an interesting way to learn about the history and completely laugh at it. Its a very creative and unique idea, and totally worth all of the laughs that it brings to the table. History is made very comedic here.
  • The character designs match perfectly with their specified country, and its absolutely hilarious. The stereotypes played into Hetalia are funny, not offensive, and that was a tricky thing to do. But it was pulled off and pulled off very well in fact.
  • Despite having a history to go off of, everything about the world-building still feels very unique and original in terms of setup. Hetalia doesnt feel redone or rehashed and instead feels like an interesting comedy in a world where things have started to feel a little too similar. Hetalia definitely stands out from the crowd.

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Why Is Attack On Titan So Popular A Colossal Anime That Dominates The World

With the final volume of Attack on Titan manga set to release in Japan, we breakdown exactly why the anime series is so popular around the world!

There is no doubt about it, Attack on Titan is the biggest and most popular anime in the world right now.

Millions of people have watched the series and millions more, at the very least, know about it; something very few franchises are lucky enough to experience.

So, what makes Attack on Titan so popular and is it even possible to discern why this anime has become the global mega-series it is today?

  • OPINION: Is Winter 2021 the best anime slate ever?

Attack on Titan Final Season | SEASON FINALE TRAILER

Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo

Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

Episodes: 24Seasons: 1

The story of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo follows a high school student, Sorata, who breaks an important rule at his dorm. He is forced to move to an eccentric dorm for strange students. His neighbors at this dorm are all unique. They are all special with their unique talents, but they don’t know how to take care of themselves. At first, our protagonist wants to leave this place as soon as possible. However, after a certain girl arrives at the school, he changes his plans.

This anime perfectly balances itself between the genres of romance, comedy, and drama. The series focuses on obstacles, hardships in life, failures, and friendships. This heartwarming, beautiful, and realistic story will make you love all the characters. The colorful characters are definitely the best part of this rom-com anime. You will become attached to everyone in the story!

Kimi to Boku

Episodes: 26Seasons: 2

If you come home after a rough day at school or work and simply want to relax and watch an enjoyable anime series, Kimi to Boku should be your viewing choice. This comedy anime is a slice of life series that covers regular school life. It sounds banal, but you will not get bored watching this series. The art is also somewhat simple; there’s no vivid colors, but the art style is smooth and is easy on the eyes.


Episodes: 75 Seasons: 3


Episodes: 25Seasons: 1

Kiss Him Not Me

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