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Are Anime Figures Worth It

Fortune: Dissected Life Size Astro Boy

Are Anime Figures Worth Their Price?

This may be one of the most expensive pieces of anime merchandise out there. Selling for twenty-five thousand dollars, this figure is four feet tall and has LED lights on the inside.

The sellers online are expecting this piece to be bought by a museum rather than just a super-rich fan.

The figurine dates back to the early 80s, so its not only awesome on its own but its old enough to be vintage. Astro Boy merchandise is expensive ordinarily, but this one takes the cake.

Hardcore Fans Can Drop $20000 For An Rx

Not to be confused with the gold-plated RX-78-2 Gundam kit, this bad boy is solid gold. It comes from the same makers of the Gundam Converge, but it retains the original shape and design of the traditional Gundam robot. It’s 125mm in height, about five inches, and is pure anime bling. This is a highly desirable item for fans and collectors alike, but it could be argued that it might be possible to build a fully functional Gundam mech for the same amount of money.

Fortune: Volks Saber Doll

Loves dolls, anime, and have a ton of money? Then Volks is your company. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Volks was only known as a hobby shop at first. Now its known for its beautiful joint dolls that impersonate anime characters and Lolita fashion. The word Lolita should be enough to know that these dolls are not cheap. For example, this Saber doll would sell for at least six hundred dollars. If you want to collect joint dolls, you need a fat wallet.

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Like Cyan A Show By Rock Fan Can Pick Up A Life

Like Show By Rock!!‘s protagonist, Cyan Hijirikawa, Shingancrimsonz’s Crow can be brought home for about $23,000. Even with its hefty price tag, it’s hard to argue with the quality workmanship put into the figure’s design and life-sized proportions.

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Dynamically posed, Crow is undoubtedly the dream figure for many otaku worldwide. Most fans start their anime obsession at a young age. By saving $1,000 a year, those dreams can be made real with 23 years of patience and sensible financial management.

Sellers Are Scammers In Disguise

Anime Figurines  Are They Worth It?

Not all sellers obviously, but thats the point.

Its a needle in a haystack. Making your shopping experience that much harder.

A lot of these Chinese Sellers are scammers in disguise. They thrive off buyers who are too lazy to do their due diligence.

And of course buyers who dont care about whether an anime figure is real or fake either way.

And this is true beyond the anime industry. Its a problem marketplaces have struggled with for years.

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Decide What Quality Youre Looking For

Once you know where to look, it goes without saying that you need to know what to look for. Like enthusiasts of many hobbies, anime figure enthusiasts naturally have a greater concern for more minute details. These details I mention refer not only to the make of the figure but the quality of its preservation. Is it missing the original box? Does it have a few scuffs? Is it outright broken and in need of some glue? Each of these faults can have an exponential impact on the final selling price. While some may feel it is worth paying premium rates for a figure in mint condition, you need to decide how much these details mean to you.

Many casual collectors out there are only interested in displaying their figures, not in preserving or reselling them. I am certainly one of them, and wouldnt usually go out of my way to purchase a damaged figurine despite the significant price cuts they warrant. However, I would be more than happy to buy an anime figure without a box if it means spending less.

By opening up your search to figures that dont have their original packaging, you have more options to look at through the walls, racks, and bins of used models sold in bulk at stores like Book Off, as pictured above.

The Cost Of Packaging

If youve ever gotten an anime figure from Japan, you may have noticed how high in quality the box and packaging were.

Anime production companies want to make spectacles out of the packaging that the anime figures are coming in because theyre excellent for marketing.

As a kid, how many times did you receive a present from an older relative that was from a show you didnt watch?

Oftentimes, grandparents, uncles, and aunts see a toy or collectible that looks like something youve watched because they dont know Goku from Space Dandy.

The designer of a products packaging is counting on the flashy, distinct packaging to catch their eye.

Some packaging for anime figures is even interactive.

You may be able to turn the packaging into a set or backdrop for your figure.

This makes the packaging even more valuable, especially to anime figure collectors.

Having intact packaging for an item will increase its resale value greatly.

The packaging that your anime figure comes in can also be useful!

Many collectors who have anime figures with accessories keep their accessories in their original box to keep them from getting lost.

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Armored Huke Mk2 $113004

To raise funds for the relief efforts following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Mobauc and Niwango set up an auction. GSC contributed by putting some Nendoroids on the block, with the noteworthy set being a signed Puchitto Rock Shooter Cheerful Version and Armored Huke MK2 from renowned artist Huke of Black Rock Shooter and Steins Gate fame.

Unlike the cheerleading Puchitto who had a limited run where all proceeds went to the donation drive, the Armored Huke MK2 is the only one of its kind. The exclusive figure racked up a ¥118,000 price tag, making it the most expensive Nendoroid GSC ever sold. The Armored Huke MK2 is also based on Hukes costume when he appeared in a WonFes event.

Blue Chrome Batman: $470

Why I Collect Anime Figures

This Funko Pop figure is one of the newest figures on this list to be released, as it was released just last year in 2017. This shiny version of the Dark Knight was released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con and Toy Tokyo. It was originally sold for under $20 at both of these locations.

Since it was released, the price of these interesting and appealing Batman figurines have only escalated in price consistently.

Nowadays you can pick one up online for around $500 pretty impressive seeing as it has not even been on the market for a year yet.

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Tips For Saving Money On Used Anime Figures

Collecting anime figures becomes a feasible hobby if you opt for the secondhand alternative, which provides a hugely accessible avenue for getting into the collecting scene. To pros, this tip may seem obvious, or even heretical to some. However, its worth noting for any aspiring collector, casual or not, that there are three specific ways you can adjust your searching habits while on the hunt for figures in Japan. While none of these are secrets, per se, keeping these three points in mind will help you balance your wants with your wallet.

Get A Bridal Version Of Momo Belia Deviluke For A Heavy Sum Of $27000

Max Factory is the company responsible for creating a life-sized Momo Belia Deviluke in bridal lingerie. For the relatively small sum of $27,000, fans can take one of these ten Momo figures home.

The figure company has managed to capture the character with extreme accuracy. Given the absurd amount of work that must be invested in these things, it’s no surprise that only ten were ever made.

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This Dismantled Astro Boy Figure Still Goes For $25000

This vintage, life-sized Astro Boy figure is incredible in both quality and cost. With only one in existence, the figure depicts a somewhat dismantled Astro Boy. The LED lights in his eyes still function, and it is a piece of animation history.

The final resting place of this figure will no doubt be a museum. But for any Astro Boy reader with bottomless pockets, they could buy it tomorrow and make it the centerpiece of their collection.

Anime Figures Are Worth Their Price

Anime Figure Q Version Nendoroid Action Figures Toy ...

Although the price of some anime figures may be steep, when considering all the factors that go into the development and delivery of the production, the high prices begin to make more sense.

Avid anime figure collectors see obtaining and maintaining the figures as their hobby.

Hobbies are always going to be pricey, especially as you get deeper into them.

Buying an anime figure can also be seen as an investment if you ever have any intention of reselling them.

Many people work to create these works of art for fans to collect and own.

Each of them deserves proper recognition and pay.

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Quick Caretaking And Cleaning Tips

Organization, storage, and cleanliness are important in maintaining your collection from damage. One of the most common problems that can plague your figures is dust. It devalues the worth of your figure and can be annoying to clean up if it sticks around for too long. Buying a glass case will protect your figures from the elements. However, dirt and dust can still creep in over time, so try to keep things tidy in there from time to time. To clean tight nooks and crannies, I suggest using a cotton swab dipped slightly in water. Otherwise, a dry or mildly moist cloth can easily wipe dust off of your figures base or wherever its apparent. If these dont work, you can use a small hairdryer or a can of compressed air to clean your figure up.

Avoid placing your figures near direct sunlight, if possible. On a short-term basis, theres no immediate harm however, long-lasting effects can include discoloration, which would gradually make your figure lose its painting and make them sticky, because of its plastic covering. Find a cozy corner for them and you should be good.

Keep your figures boxes intact. If youre planning to sell your figure in the future, a box in great condition increases your chances of selling it for a great price. If youre keeping them in your closet, make sure theyre stacked properly as you dont want to risk making a mess. Think of piling them like playing a game of Tetris. You can also buy a huge plastic container to organize all of them together.

Top 5 Websites For Buying Japanese Anime Figures

If youre someone who loves anime and all things Japan, it is very likely that you are also someone who loves anime figures! Out of all anime merchandise, anime figures are certainly some of the most sought after merchandise. In Japan, anime figures can easily be bought at local anime stores, whereas outside of Japan this isnt so easy. However, there are actually many online stores that sell anime figures and ship internationally! In order to make it easy for you, weve decided to write this article showing you 5 websites selling authentic anime figures!! If youre looking to buy Japanese snacks or Japanese fashion, make sure to check out our article showing you the top 5 websites for Japanese candy HERE and the top 5 websites for Japanese fashion HERE.

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Man Broke Up With Girlfriend After She Threw Away His Nezuko Anime Figures

Relationships should have understanding and respect to each others hobbies and passions. Not that Im an expert, but somethings definitely right if your girlfriend just decides to destroy your years of effort. World of Buzz reported a story about a Taiwanese man whose girlfriend threw away ~$3420 worth of anime figures. He made a post on a Facebook group. Apparently, he was gone for 2 days, and when he came back, all of his Nezuko figures, which he worked hard for, were gone.

He said he regards the character as his waifu, and he broke up with the girl following the event. In addition, he feels bad he previously tried to hide it and meet her requirements. I didnt care that you watched Korean dramas and swooning after the stars all the time, is it that difficult to just respect each others preferences?

The girlfriend told him they were taking up too much space and that she threw away the figures to clear it. In his post, he also said that had already tried to cut on anime for her. He even missed the Demon Slayer: Infinity Train movie, which is currently trending in cinemas in his country.

The tragedy was already over by the time he returned. He tried calling the garbage disposal service, but the figures were already burned to nothing. However, he broke up with the girl and plans on suing her for compensation.

What Are Mcfarlane Figures Worth

MY FIRST ONLINE ANIME FIGURE | Adult Raphtalia Unboxing (Worth It)

4.4/5ValueMcFarlane figuresMcFarlane’sfiguresMcFarlanevalue

Keeping this in view, what is the rarest Action Man figure?

While certainly not the rarest of gems in regards to Masters of the Universe toys, the Faker action figure produced by Mattel in 1986 is still worth a decent amount of money. This evil robot clone of He-Man can sell from $300-$700 depending on condition and if it’s been opened.

Likewise, where can I sell my sports figures? Where To Sell Your Action Figures

  • Local Collectibles Store. If you’re lucky enough to have a local collectibles store close by, they may be willing to take those action figures off your hands immediately.
  • eBay. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the option to sell your action figures on eBay.
  • Garage Sale.

Also Know, what are the most valuable action figures?

The 20 Most Expensive Action Figures And Collectible Dolls

  • L’Oiseleur Doll. YouTube/Gamerlists.
  • Madame Alexander Eloise. YouTube/maribel antonio.
  • Diamond Barbies Most Expensive Collectible Dolls.
  • Steiff Limited Edition Diamond Eyes Bear
  • 1959 Barbie Doll Set.
  • G.I Joe Prototypes A.K.A Expensive Action Figures.
  • Transformers Generation 1 Collection.

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Only One Of The Ten Mumei Figures For $24000

Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress is an intense, action-packed anime series. It only makes sense that its protagonist, Mumei, also has an equally dynamic figure. Mumei is also a rare creation with only ten in existence, standing just over five feet. Some life-size figures don’t live up to their price tag and can have a mass-produced feel. That is not the case here. Mumei looks like a lovingly crafted piece of art worthy of the insane price tag.

You Own A Figure Now What

You can recreate scenes, place it on your desk, shelve it, take it to meet-ups, and draw it. With so many different things to do, you can pose and play with it as you like!

We do have some recommendations for maintaining its condition, though:

  • Try to keep the original box in mint condition, if possible. This will be a massive help when it comes to valuing the figure in the future.
  • As a rule, figures stay in the best condition when kept away from direct sunlight and in relatively dry rooms. Infrequent dusting with feather dusters or a light blowdown with a can of compressed air goes a long way to keeping your figures in the best condition.
  • Consider building or buying a display case if you want to store multiple larger figures safely.
  • Be aware of any pets or children – could your cat push your brand new anime figure off the shelf? Are there any children who might be able to see your hentai figure? Be aware of your space, especially if its a shared one.
  • Since figures are not the toughest things in the world, consider bubble wrapping them or placing them in their original box if youre transporting your collection anywhere.

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Keep An Open Mind When Browsing For Characters

The final, and perhaps most subjective point, is setting expectations for what anime characters to look for. Though the cost of a given animes license and high-quality production standards of premium manufacturers may result in the high retail price, its the characters popularity that determines its later market value, especially in the used-figure scene. High prices derived from this phenomenon can take two distinct forms: 1) popular anime characters sold by well-known brands demand a premium fee 2) fewer goods are produced for a less popular anime results in more proportional demand.

For example, here are a few listings from online shopping sites Mercari and Amazon for cost variance you can expect due to character premiums or downright scarcity.

The trick is to find a happy medium. Find a series or character you like that is popular enough to warrant a large production of those collectible goods to avoid bidding wars, but not so popular that it demands a premium. Youre likely to find entire lines of anime figures that fall into these categories, including classic titles like Lupin III. Be aware that youre more likely to come away with a steal if youre not looking for one particular character or series, and that keeping an open mind during your hunt is your best bet. Knowing is half the battle!

What Is The Best Way To Sell Valuables

The Kotobukiya exclusive Zero Two figure from Anime Expo ...

Online sales and auctions

  • Amazon. You can sell pretty much anything on Amazon, although selling in some specialized categories requires Amazon approval and an upgraded selling plan.
  • EBay. EBay lets you auction and sell a wide range of goods and has a slightly simpler fee structure than Amazon.
  • Bonanza.
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