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How To Learn Japanese To Watch Anime

Drill Each Anime Episode Into Your Brain

You CAN learn Japanese with Anime: Here’s how. Right way to watch anime, learn Japanese

I almost called this section Shadowing, because thats essentially what Im talking about here.

Shadowing refers to mimicking the sounds of native speakers in order to memorize vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and become an all-around more incredible person.

This is as easy as picking out a few bits of your chosen anime episodes audio, then listening to it over and over and over again, trying to copy the voices tone, pace, and intonation.

Just because you can understand something in Japanese does not mean that youre physically or mentally able to say it yourself. Shadowing is one way to bridge this divide.

Where Can We Reach Out To You Online Are You Working On Any Projects You Would Like To Share With Readers

Yeah, so definitely check out my website where I post articles on learning Japanese, reviews on learning materials, tools you can use, and much more. Ive also been working on building out my YouTube channel a lot lately, so if you enjoy video then hop over there. Finally, Ive started creating premium courses on my Patreon and Ive got a lot of plans for its growth, so check that out if it sounds interesting.

Learn About Japanese Culture Through Anime

Anime isnt just something that children watchits a cultural obsession. As you walk the electric streets of Tokyo, anime characters spring out at you from every direction.

The artistry and storytelling which characterizes anime permeates every aspect of modern Japanese culture. Watching anime will bring you closer to understanding various aspect of Japanese history and society.

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Are There Any Live Action Anime On Crunchyroll

These include plenty of Japan-only TV series, movie franchises, and even some dramas that you can view on Crunchyroll right now! Without further ado, heres a list of live-action anime adaptations that you may be surprised actually exist! The wildly-popular psychic action anime has a 12-episode series on Netflix.

You Learn About Hard Work Patience And Team Work

How Watching Anime Can Help You Learn Japanese

Watch Haikyuu and itll teach you about team work, and why its so crucial.

Watch DBZ and you learn about hard work, setting goals, pushing yourself and practicing.

Watch New Game and you learn about the struggles of pursuing what you love. And starting out as a beginner.

Unlike Films, anime has life lessons of all kinds because of the amount of genres and topics it has.

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Most People Who Set Out To Learn A Language Will Probably Stop Learning Or Practicing It At Some Point What Keeps You Going What Keeps You Motivated

For me, the end goal has always been to be able to reach the point where I understand native material with the same amount of ease that I do with English. What Ive actually done over the last six months is stop buying things in English that I use for enjoyment and I started buying them in Japanese.

Basically I have changed a part of my life to Japanese only, and the better I get at the language, the more I am able to understand and enjoy the material. Its an incredibly rewarding feeling when you reread a manga that you didnt understand six months ago, and now you understand almost everything!

Another thing is that Ive got the Japanese Tactics blog and YouTube channel where I share my knowledge and advice with others. Being in that position also motivates me to constantly improve so that I am better able to assist more people.

How To Use Anime To Learn Japanese

Watching anime, which uses slang, casual language, informal pronouns, and even made up words, will challenge you as a student to listen carefully and compare it to what you heard in the classroom. You will be diving deep into the formal and informal use of Japanese, which is a requirement of any well-rounded course of study.

However, dont be fooled into thinking watching anime will magically make you fluent. Anime can be an effective supplement to all those hours copying down kanji, but it cannot be your primary teacher of the language. You wouldnt expect to learn Italian by reading restaurant menus, no matter how fantastic the food is in Italy. You need both formal and informal instruction.

That being said, how should you incorporate this art form into your instruction to get the most out of the time youre going to be watching anime? Here are a couple of tips:

  • Start adding anime to your instruction after you get past your basic classroom level of Japanese. If you start too soon, you wont have the foundation you need to understand anything you hear.
  • Take notes as you watch, jotting down new words or usages so you can check them out later.
  • Watch anime with subtitles to augment your understanding and help you learn/review kanji. For more help with kanji, check out this article.
  • Rewatch segments that are difficult your comprehension will improve each time. Also, rewatch episodes as your Japanese gets more proficient! You may be surprised at how much more you understand.

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Anime As A Complement To Your Learning Tools

It is best to see Anime as a Japanese learning complement. You need to acquire a certain amount of vocabulary and grammar in order to better comprehend a Japanese video or conversation.

This is our approach: brings you tons of audio and video lessons, from songs to dialogues and cultural insights, and each of these lessons has a grammar focus, a vocabulary list, a lesson transcript and notes so that you dont miss any points. We give you the foundation you need to be able to understand anime and benefit from watching it.

Top 10 Best Japanese Anime Series For Learning Japanese

Can You Learn Japanese from Watching Anime?

If youve decided to take the leap and learn Japanese, youre in luck! One of the most popular cultural explosions in the world is anime , and it can assist you in your Japanese language learning endeavors. It can be a relief to switch from your formal instruction in Japanese to this art form that offers a window into the culture of the country, which provides a glimpse of less formal use of the language. Many educators agree that using a variety of media, like anime and graphic novels, improves motivation and adds a valuable layer of culture and art in language instruction. So, you really will be doing something productive by binge-watching a new show!

How can you use anime to support your goal to learn Japanese? And what are the best anime to learn Japanese? Read on to find out!

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The Bad News About Studying Via Anime

I dont want to bring anyone down, since were talking about turning enjoyable anime into gross and disgusting studying, but I should warn all of you: Studying Japanese via anime is incredibly difficult for low-level students.

I love using my anime flashcards for improving my Japanese, but I already know 95% of the words showing up in those cards.

If you have a low vocabulary level, then this is going to be grueling work. However, maybe its grueling work that you can stick to over a long period of time which is, after all, the real secret to learning languages.

If you try to follow this method, but you find that its too difficult for you, then I recommend trying to increase your vocabulary as much as possible.

The fastest way to increase your comprehension in Japanese is to increase your vocabulary in Japanese.

I talk about this a bunch in the Hacking Japanese Supercourse, where I give a lot of advice on boosting vocabulary, but its also kind of just common sense.

If you keep learning new vocabulary, you will be able to understand more of what is pouring through your awesome, auto-generated flashcards. In other words, youll be able to enjoy your studies more and that means youll be able to study more hours per day and more days per week, which means that youll hit a point where studying Japanese becomes, in essence, effortless.

You can do this! Fight-O!

Learn Every Single Word Of Every Single Episode

This ones kind of a bummer, because it requires a lot of work, but if you want to understand , then you need to understand every word in that anime.

Maybe that sounds redundant, but I think that its something that I had a hard time accepting when I was still a beginner student of Japanese. I was more concerned about enjoying anime than I was about studying anime. As such, I had this lofty dream of magically understanding all of these rad shows just by toggling subtitles and immersing myself in Japanese.

Well, that didnt work so well.

Watching anime does not teach you Japanese. This has nothing to do with subtitle settings or amount of time watched or focus or any of that BS that I used to worry about when I sucked at Japanese.

For example, here are some English words:

  • Inchoate
  • Internecine

Now tell me what each of those words means.

Difficult? Thats strange, because Im pretty sure were reading this article with English subtitles: On.

But none of us learn that way. Were not geniuses. Or, at least, Im certainly not a genius If I were, Id probably have a lot more money. .

The point is, you cant expect yourself to understand Japanese just because you hear or see Japanese words. Foreigners who spend decades in Japan without attaining fluency are a testament to this .

Luckily, there are programs available for splitting up the dialogue, audio, screenshots, and video clips of anime and putting them into flashcards so that we can study them and thereby learn them.

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Anime Makes Learning Japanese Fun

Perhaps the best part about using anime to learn Japanese is that it makes it a lot of fun!

You get to learn a language and be entertained at the same time. Watching a fun show and then recognizing certain words that the characters say is a very rewarding experience that keeps you coming back for more.

And when you see learning Japanese as a fun game, rather than as a chore, then you dont really worry so much about achieving a certain goal within a particular amount of time. You just do it because you love to do it.

Thats one of the great secrets to making any new skill sustainable: Love the process.

6/5/17 UPDATE: I wrote a review on the Memrise app for leaning Japanese. They have a free course called Anime Japanese for Beginners that you might find helpful if you want to learn Japanese through anime.

Now I want to hear from you! Have you used anime to learn Japanese before? What other tricks have worked for you?

Let me know with a comment below!

Further Resources for Learning Japanese:

Otaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii :

How To Learn Japanese with Anime?

it is another recent anime and is about two co-workers that are friends but they dont know that each of them have a hidden otaku life. Its good to learn more about this lifestyle and their ways to talk, their vocabulary that is different in a working environment and personal/social lives.

Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose. *-* Source:

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Do You Use Any Software Tools In Your Learning

I’ve been using Anki for ten months now and I really love it. Ive got it on both my computer and my iPhone, so I can study both at home and when Im on the go. Ive also got a few dictionary apps on my phone that I utilize. Ive tried a lot of the more popular apps like Memrise, Duolingo, Busuu, and such, but I dont really use them any more.

Where To Find Good Sources

Time to do some little research! Source:

Anime is so popular around the world that is easy to find and watch them. We can find paid and free anime websites. Here are some of the most popular and famous anime websites:

Crunchyroll: it is an American company, which casts plenty of Asian media . This streaming is hybrid meaning paid members have benefits while free subscribers can view some of the shows.

AnimeLab: this streaming is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, and is operated by Madman Anime Group. Similarly to Crunchyroll, it is also a hybrid where the free members can use an ad-based service.

Funimation: it is an American corporation and is a major anime distributor in America.

Other Streaming services: last but not least, we have streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu that are always renewing their catalogues and bringing in some fresh material.

Choose wisely! =D

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You Advocate The Power Of Thinking In Japanese How Do You Build This Habit And Keep It Up

I believe that most peoples thoughts are conditioned responses. Now, it may be that you learned a particular reaction to a situation by watching others do it, or it might be that you underwent some sort of training in order to respond effectively. In other words, most peoples reactions, and therefore their thoughts, are predetermined.

So how do you start thinking in Japanese? You start by conditioning yourself to react in Japanese when certain life events happen. This can be as simple as saying to yourself every time youre thirsty and you want something to drink. If you get enough of these reaction phrases, and you practice them diligently, you will begin to think in Japanese first when they happen.

Once your automatic thoughts are in Japanese, its a relatively simple process to move on to deliberate thinking in the language for more complicated things like what you plan on doing that day, questions your pondering, and so on.

So half of the process is learning the words and phrases, and the other half is conditioning yourself to automatically think in Japanese first.

You Learn About The Ugly Side Of Human Nature

How to Learn Japanese with Anime

Watch Elfen Lied and this picture is painted perfectly. The anime deals with rape, child abuse and violence after all.

Tune into Black Lagoon and youll see the dark-side of how the grittiest places on earth tend to be .

Watch Akame Ga Kill or Psycho Pass and youll learn corruption in society. And the dangers of having too much power when you have the wrong intentions.

A lot of these dark lessons are sprinkled throughout the anime

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Learn Some Key Phrases

How to learn Japanese fast? Start with the list of the most common words and expressions. Knowing basic phrases like Hello, How do you do?, and Nice to meet you allows you to begin speaking Japanese and quickly join conversations with native speakers. Take a look at the 100+ most important Japanese words this will be extremely helpful if you ever decide to visit Japan, or if you need a starting point if you decide to relocate there.

Top Anime I Used To Learn Japanese As A Beginner

One of the best things about learning Japanese is that theres no dearth of entertainment options that you can use to learn and practice Japanese. Be it books, manga, dramas or anime, youll find media suitable to your level and interests that can aid in your studies.

In this post Ill be reviewing the anime that I used for immersion when I was learning Japanese as a beginner. Ill be going over them in the order of the easiest to the most advanced.

Wondering about how to use anime to learn Japanese in the first place? Check out how to learn Japanese from anime.

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You Have Several Articles On Your Blog Regarding Pitch Accents How Do You Test Yourself And How Do You Incorporate Pronunciation Into Your Learning Routine

The most effective way that Ive learned to test both your pronunciation and pitch accent is also the most painful: recording yourself! I absolutely hated doing it at first, but eventually you come to a point where you accept the way that your voice sounds to other people.

Anyway, its a pretty simple process that includes four steps, and I recommend doing about ten minutes a day:

1 – Listen to a native recording of a word or phrase.

2 – Record yourself saying the exact same word or phrase.

3 – Compare the two records by listening to each of them again.

4 – Make any self corrections necessary in order to get your recording to match the natives.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that the voice you hear yourself speaking, is not the same voice that others hear. A lot of what you personally hear comes through the bones in your skull, so of course its going to be different. Unfortunately, it is only what the other person hears that actually matters.

Thats why recording yourself is so invaluable: You get to hear your voice the way that other people do! If I could give you one key point to remember when correcting your pronunciation it would be that correct pronunciation will most likely feel weird to you at first.

How To Learn Japanese Through Netflix

A Complete Guide to Learning Japanese with Anime

If youre looking for a way to learn more Japanese, then look no further than your Netflix subscription. Whether you are in Japan or not, there are a range of shows available on the popular streaming platform that can help you with your Japanese listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and general understanding of how the language is used in real life.

Read on to see our suggestions on what shows to watch to learn Japanese through Netflix.

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