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Is Persona 5 Anime Good

About Persona5 The Animation Blu

The TERRIBLE Persona 5 Anime

PERSONA5 the Animation includes episodes 1-26 plus 2 special episodes directed by Masashi Ishihama, based on the original work by ATLUS, and comes with an Illustration Card Set.

Long-awaited series PERSONA5 the Animation finally comes to a complete Blu-ray box set! This box set contains all 26 TV episodes as well as 2 special episodes, a twelve illustration card set, plus additional bonus content. Prepare yourselves for the return of the Phantom Thieves with a brand new English dub starring the cast from the original PERSONA5 game!

Ren Amamiya is about to enter his second year of high school after transferring to Shujin Academy in Tokyo. A strange incident triggers the awakening of his Persona, and alongside his friends, he forms the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to change the hearts of corrupt adults by stealing the source of their distorted desires. Meanwhile, cases of psychotic breakdowns have been popping up one after another… Living their ordinary high school lives in Tokyo during the day, the group stalks the bustling metropolis of Tokyo as the Phantom Thieves by night. It’s time for the curtains to rise on this grand, picaresque story!

Special Features: Textless Opening & Endings, Commercials and Trailers, SP1 “Dark Sun…” Trailer, and SP2 “Stars and Ours” Trailer

* Bonus content include English subtitles.

Ordering Note: All sales for this item are final. It may be returned for an exchange if defective, if a replacement is not available a Gift Card will be issued.

Wrong: The Name Change

When it was first announced that Persona 5 was going to have an animated series, fans of the original game from around the world erupted with joy. Until they revealed what the main character’s name was going to be, anyway.

To be fair, in the game you can name him anything you want. However, fans had grown attached to the game’s default name, Akira Kurusu. So when producers announced that the main character’s name would be Ren Amamiya instead, there was immediate pushback. Granted, in the end, the name change isn’t that big of a deal. Ren Amamiya does have a nice ring to it. But so does Akira Kurusu.

The English Dub Will Apparently Cost A Whopping $300

At this point, people are better off avoiding the subbed version of the anime and waiting for an official dub to come out. After all, the excellent dub was a major reason why Persona 4: The Animation is so beloved, so it stands that Persona 5‘s anime variant will also receive the same treatment, right?

Well, if a fan really wants to watch the dubbed version of Persona 5: The Animation, then they’ll have to shell out a whopping $300! The possibility of enjoying a bog-standard anime is not worth the price of admission in this particular situation.

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This Week’s Notable Releases

It’s a big week for Steam Early Access games. And by a big week, I mean there are two high calibur games finally launching as glorified betas. There are also a bunch of ports, one mid-tier release, and some highly anticipated DLC on the horizon. We’re speeding into a new fiscal year. I can smell the rubber burning from the tires of the industry this very instant.

Wrong: No Upgraded Personas

Pin by Greg Byrne on Good Game

One of the major leave-outs in the plot, however, is the fact that no other party member awakens to their second and ultimate persona. In the original Persona 5 game, once a Phantom Thief’s character arc reached its conclusion, they would awaken to a second and far more powerful persona.

The fact that these ultimate personas are omitted in the animated adaptation is mostly due to the fact that unfortunately, not all of the party members got the chance to complete their character arcs anyway. It was a bummer, but yet another sad reality born out of limited screen time.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

It’s important to not forget the origins of the Persona series, especially when the Shin Megami Tensei series is an absolute treasure trove of JRPG hits. The series has been around since the early ’80s, so there’s more than enough content to keep you busy.

In terms of being compared to Persona, SMT has a greater focus on gameplay rather than the huge character-focused narratives of Persona, but Digital Devil Saga is an outlier. Titles like Nocturne have a hugely overarching story that takes a few playthroughs to truly understand, but let the game worlds do a lot of the talking. On the other hand, Digital Devil Saga has a truly lovable cast of characters across the two titles that create a remarkable story and experience while staying in line with the crushing difficulty the series is known for.

There’s Little To No Breathing Room Between Scenes

A story-heavy show or movie requires a fair bit of breathing room between its scenes for the audience to digest what has happened and understand their ramifications in the context of the plot.

Unfortunately, this requires time a luxury that Persona 5: The Animation doesn’t have. So, instead, what we have is a breakneck show that throws exposition from the very first scene and doesn’t give the audience any time to figure out what is even happening.

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The Dialogue Has Been Changed From The Game With Mixed Results

In a bid to force some contrived character development through its short runtime, Persona 5: The Animation took a bold move and changed some of the scenes and dialogue from the main game. The end result is painfully subpar.

A good example of this is when Ryuji cries after Ren tells him about his story, which is just completely out of character for a goofball like Ryuji who always tries to look at things from a positive angle.

Is The Persona Series A Jojo Reference

Persona 5: The Animation Funny Moments 1/? [English Dub]

JoJos Bizarre Adventure is an anime that has been around for a very long time but only gained popularity in the last decade.

This popularity led to JoJo being referred several times in popular media where everything is a JoJo reference.

Although the theme of the Persona series is very different from the themes in JoJo, one aspect, which is the physical manifestation of the psyche or personas, is, in fact, inspired by the stands in JoJo.

So, even though Persona has some elements inspired by JoJo, it is not really a JoJo reference!

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The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel

When it comes to excellent modern JRPGs, The Legend Of Heroes series is definitely something to keep in mind. While Trails In The Sky is also a great selection to highlight the charm of this JRPG, Trails Of Cold Steel‘s stellar production value and improved gameplay definitely places it a cut above the rest.

The inherent charm of this JRPG is a testament to the sheer level of love and dedication that the developers have put into this excellent title. If Persona 5 is your jam, then Trails Of Cold Steel should be right up your alley.

The World Ends With You

One of the quirkiest and entertaining JRPGs released by Square Enix simply has to be The World Ends With You. It’s a game that slowly developed a cult following for all the right reasons.

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The story, the characters, the combat there’s nothing in this game that conforms to a traditional mold, allowing for a wholly unique and unforgettable experience that would satisfy the majority of gamers looking out for a fresh title to reinvigorate their interests.

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Right: Akechi And Ren’s Relationship

If there’s one thing Persona 5: The Animation takes the time to flesh out more than the game did , it’s Akechi and Ren’s relationship. In the game, you still get several conversations with Akechi in Leblanc and encounter him throughout the main storyline.

But the animated series showed the dynamic duo meeting earlier than they did in-game and took that opportunity to give us more bonding moments with the two. They asked one another for help. They played chess. We even got to see them at the batting cage together! It was definitely special treat unique to the anime that did justice to something mostly alluded to in-game.

Is Persona An Anime Or A Game

Season to Taste: Persona 5: The Animation

Focusing around a series of role-playing video games, Persona is a spin-off from Atlus’ Megami Tensei franchise. The first entry in the series, Revelations: Persona, was released in 1996 for the PlayStation. The series has seen several more games since, with the most recent main entry being 2019’s Persona 5 Royal.

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All Phantom Thieves Join Fights

Perhaps the biggest improvement that Persona 5: The Animation makes upon the original game is that it shows all of the Phantom Thieves fighting together at once. In Persona 5 and Persona 5: Royal, the party size is limited to four characters. That’s three plus Joker , which means the player must lose out on some really great fighters each time.

RPGs are usually based upon a party system for combat, so prioritizing certain characters and optimizing the team is a major part. Despite this, it is refreshing to see all of the Thieves fighting side by side against a boss character in the anime.

Persona 5 The Animation

In the anime adaptation of the game, Ann’s role is nearly identical to her game counterpart. However, when she hears about Ryuji and Ren’s intent of punishing Kamoshida, Ann sneaks behind them and goes to the Palace for the first time without their knowledge. The trio doesn’t learn about Ann’s kidnapping until after they have secured a route to Kamoshida’s treasure.

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Wrong: Shafting Confidants And Support Conversations

On the other hand, lots of the game’s other support characters, or “Confidants,” got minimized stories if any story at all. Persona 5 had tons of great Confidants, too. Though a few were featured aiding our Thieves in their investigations, most tended to have cameos as background characters.

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Granted, as already mentioned, there just plain wasn’t enough screentime to feature all these wonderful support characters in the way they deserved. We do get a few good gems like Mishima’s pride arc, Kawakami’s infamous maid scene, and Hifumi and Ren playing shoji. But for lots of the other Confidants, there’s sad little else.

Can You Watch The Persona Series Without Playing The Games


The anime adaptation of Persona isnt as good as the games but is still very entertaining. You can watch the anime before playing the games and still enjoy the games if you decide to get into them later on.

The only underwhelming aspect of the Persona series is its main character. Since the anime is adapted from a video game, the original main character was the player itself.

Since the player could customize the main character, however, they wanted to, they had no specific quirk in the game.

Also, in the original games, the mc was a silent protagonist and fundamentally had a silent and cool aura.

There no dialogue for the MC in games, and this factor affected the anime MC and, thus, had a not-so-interesting personality.

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Hows The Persona 5 Anime If I Dont Have Time To Finish The Game / Want To Know The Story

Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account


residentgrigo said:A 5/10 I would say but it gets the gist across. The story it has to adapt is kinda crap to begin with but the middling production values and the lazy direction by CloverWorks aren´t anything to be proud of either. The A-1 Pictures shows aren´t good too. The first version of the P4 anime is about the best MegaTen anime to date, the sole 6/10 anime adaptation so far. Stick to the P3 to P5 manga if you want a coherent story summary in picture form.The 80s and 90s OVAs/manga, now those are war crimes. Tokyo Revelation features a lesbian teen orgy at school to summon demons, loli service and extreme homophobia to give you a taste. We live in paradise when compared to what came before. Even the immediately de-canonized P3 Trinity Souls anime is a godsent compared to nearly all of those.PS: The Persona 5 the Animation -The Day Breakers- special that aired before the game by A-1 Pictures is a solid 6/10.

Zippro said:It’s really not good, even by A-1 standards. If anything it just highlights how poor the storytelling in P5 the game is, but whereas that was a steady decline in quality, the anime just makes it a whole lot worse to basically being borderline bad throughout. It’s got some elements that are original and being reincorporated into the Royal re-release, but you’re really not missing anything by skipping it.

Prophet of Truth – Teyvat Traveler


Trinity Soul

Why Watch The Show When You Can Just Play The Game

This is the biggest gripe that people have with the anime why does it even exist? It’s completely impossible for anyone who hasn’t played the game to understand the anime, and the people who’ve already played the game have no reason whatsoever to waste their time watching this diluted adaptation.

Only the most hardcore of hardcore fans will squeeze even a droplet of enjoyment out of this animation, which is just not worth it.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #fe

A collaboration between the Fire Emblem and the Shin Megami Tensei series definitely sounds interesting, which is part of the reason why Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE had so much going for it before its release.

While the end result might be somewhat lacking in that regard, one can’t deny that Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is an excellent game. With an enhanced port coming out for the Switch in January 2020, definitely keep this game in your sights if you want an excellent JRPG gaming experience.

Anime You Should Watch If You Like Persona 5


Persona 5 anime fans will want to check out this list of the top 10 anime to watch if you like Persona 5. Find your new favorite anime series here!

Persona 5 is a video game with a ton going on. There is a little something for everyone. Do you like Japan? It is set in Japan. Do you like games with a unique style? The whole series has that. Do you like stories about man versus society? Persona is all about that! If you love Persona 5, chances are you are already a fan of anime. If you are looking for more to watch, you have come to the right place.

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We think Persona 5 fans will love these 10 anime. However, it depends on what you like about Persona 5! Note that we are not listing Persona 5: The Animation because it is the obvious go-to. This list is if you want a similar story, not the exact same one.

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The Two Vital Endings Are Explored

The beauty of Persona 5: The Animation is that it gives us a glimpse into both of the pivotal endings of Persona 5. The game has several different endings, including one good and one bad. The animation neatly showcases both by ‘ending’ on the bad outcome, featuring Joker being shot by Goro Akechi in the interrogation room after detective Sae Niijima leaves.

The series then took a break and returned with two OVAs to wrap up loose ends and provide a look at the following events without committing to a whole second series. With the release of Persona 5: Royal, there is plenty of material that could allow the anime to continue.

Expansion Of The Game’s Plot

Persona 5: The Animation not only provides players a concise recap of the game’s story but also adds a new view into the gang’s downtime outside of the Metaverse palaces. For instance, early in the season, viewers see the trio shopping for medicine and supplies in a convenience store before re-entering Kamoshida’s palace. In the game, all shopping is done by the player, so it’s nice to see all of the members preparing for the fight ahead. There is a moment in the sixth episode showing the ever-entertaining Morgana and Ryuji playing a shogi app , passing the time while waiting for Ann. This adds depth to their often strained relationship and gives insight into what the usually unseen Thieves get up to.

Another addition was the Skytree visit. In Persona 5: Royal, there was supposed to be a scene showing the Thieves hanging out using tickets they got from Sojiro. This was cut for unknown reasons. In the game, this is a loose end, but is wrapped up well in this small addition to the anime. Persona 5: The Animation may occupy a strange place inthe complex wider world of Persona 5, but it is still very much worth a watch. Filling plot holes and adding more depth to already beloved characters, the show will be a sure hit with any long-term Persona fan.

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Is Persona 5 An Anime

Asked by: Prof. Myriam Considine IV

Persona 5: The Animation is an anime television series produced by CloverWorks based on the Persona 5 video game by Atlus. The anime series is directed by Masashi Ishihama and written by Shinichi Inotsume, with Tomomi Ishikawa adapting Shigenori Soejima’s original character designs for the animation.

Wrong: Not Being Newcomer Friendly

Persona 5 The Animation Saving Makoto & Date (English Dub)

One of the many complaints Persona 5: The Animation received was that it rarely took time to explain the “how” and “why” behind the Metaverse, Cognition, and Palaces. Because only key plot points from the game could be included, there also was a lack of emotional build-up for what should have been the story’s more powerful moments.

As a result, viewers who had not played the game were left with lots of questions and disconnect. Why is there an “All-Out Attack” nearly every episode? How does a calling card really work? And unfortunately, like with other aforementioned game content that had to receive the ax, there just wasn’t enough time to answer them. Sorry, newcomers.

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