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What Anime Is Jotaro From

Does Jotaro Die In Stone Ocean Jojo Manga Series Explored

jotaro vs dio (part 1)

Netflix has just launched the first 12 episodes of Stone Ocean, but does Jotaro die in the original JoJos Bizarre Adventure manga series?

The vast majority of modern anime titles are adaptations of original manga series or franchises.

Yesterday, December 1st, the first 12 episodes from the new JoJos Bizarre Adventure season, Stone Ocean, premiered around the world on Netflix.

However, some fans are already becoming curious as to how the story ends: does Jotaro die in the Stone Ocean manga series?

Spoiler warning: This article will contain spoilers for JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean | Official Trailer | Netflix

Misty From Pokmon Loves Everything Beach & Water

Misty is one of Ash Ketchum’s original companions and is identifiable by her bright orange hair tied in a side ponytail, her yellow shirt, and her red suspenders. As a water-type expert and gym leader, Misty loves all sorts of water-type Pokémon and has an innate love of the ocean.

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In the original Pokémon anime, she can be seen dressed as a mermaid swimming alongside her Pokémon. Some of her favorite Pokémon include Horsea, based on the sea horse, and Starmie. In the Japanese version, she is named Kasumi, which is a play on the Japanese words for mist and ocean.

In Naruto Kisame Hoshigaki’s Aesthetic Is Just Shark

Kisame Hoshigaki is a battle-loving rogue ninja and Akatsuki member who defected from the Hidden Mist Village and became a partner to ex-Hidden Leaf Village shinobi, Itachi Uchiha. He has blue-gray skin and shark-like features, and his sword, Samehada , is a chakra-absorbing weapon that ties this theme together.

Not only is Kisame from a water-themed village, but he also takes on the appearance of a shark and uses water-based techniques that often take the forms of sharks. It would seem the shark theme is a bit overkill.

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Jotaro Kujo Always Had A Soft Spot For The Sea

During Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo and his companions Muhammad Avdol, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Noriyaki Kakyoin, and Joesph Joestar make their way across many seas, including the South China Sea and the Red Sea, on their way to destroy the evil Dio and his band of Stand users.

During these travels, Jotaro fights underwater on multiple occasions. Perhaps these experiences solidify Jotaro’s interest in the ocean, as it is revealed in the following series, Diamond is Unbreakable, that he becomes a marine biologist with a doctorate.

Jotaro Kujo Is Josuke Higashikatas Nephew

[Fanart] Jotaro in the artstyle of first season of anime ...

How Josuke Higashikata and Jotaro Kujo are related is often a topic of confusion, because generally we are used to seeing JoJo protagonists as descendants of the previous one and Josuke is younger than Jotaro anyway to further support that confusion. However, things are not as simple as they same and the relation they have will surprise you in case you did not know already.

Josuke Higashikata is the son of Joseph Joestar, who happens to be the grandfather of Jotaro Kujo. That makes Josuke an uncle of Jotaro and the step brother of his mother Holy Kujo. If someone told you this before the Diamond is Unbreakable story arc revealed that detail itself, youd think theyre joking with you because with the mentor-like bond that Jotaro Kujo establishes with Josuke, youd expect Jotaro to be the uncle instead.

Notably, this also makes Joseph Joestar the only known Joestar to impregnate two different women in one lifestyle as it has been stated as random trivia once that Joestars only love one woman in their life. Some fans theorize that this means that if a Joestar loves their daughter a lot it may be the only woman they love in their life but that is most likely a misconception and it was probably meant in a romantic context.

If you want to see the full Joestar family tree, then check out our complete and coherent guide to it here!

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Does Jotaro Die In Stone Ocean

Yes and no, Jotaro does die in the original JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean manga arc, but is revived thanks to a timeline reset in the final chapter.

In part six of the JoJos Bizarre Adventure manga, Jotaros Memory and Stand Disks are stolen by Whitesnake. Jolyne is able to retrieve the Stand Disk but without the Memory Disk, Jotaro will become a husk of a person with no soul.

In a battle against Pucci, our protagonists are able to get Jotaros Memory Disk back and he starts to make a recovery.

However, when Jotaro and Jolynes team face Pucci one last time in Cape Canaveral, Pucci throws a knife towards Jolyne.

Jotaro lets go of his time-stopping power and choses to save his daughter the knife strikes him in the face and kills him instantly.

However, the arc ends with Made in Heavens powers causing the entire timeline for the Stone Ocean storyline to be reset. This means that despite being mortally wounded on one timeline, by the end of Stone Ocean and in both of the alternative universes, Jotaro is alive.

Does Enrico Pucci Ever Discover How To Achieve Heaven

Enrico Pucci is the main antagonist of the sixth season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He orchestrates Jolyne’s imprisonment to lure Jotaro into his trap. In a flashback, viewers learn that Pucci is a devoted follower of DIO.

DIO tells Pucci he discovered how to “achieve heaven” the secret of which was written in one of his diaries. Jotaro finds the diary and decides to destroy it due to its dangerous contents. Pucci needs Jotaro’s memories in order to finally learn how to “achieve heaven.” Will Pucci learn how to “achieve heaven” once he goes through Jotaro’s memories?

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Does Kujo Jotaro Get His Disk Back

Chapter 93 & 94, Jolyne vs. Pucci is 100% PURE EPICNESS!!! #JOJOsBizzareAdventure#stoneocean#JolyneCujoh#EnricoPucci#manga

In JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean volume 11, during the Whitesnake – The Pursuer arc, Jolyne Cujoh fights Enrico Pucci head-on.

To escape, Pucci throws Kujo Jotaros Memory Disk at Anasui, fatally wounding him. Jolyne can only save Anasui thanks to Foo Fighter and retrieves her Fathers Memory Disk.

Pucci, having memorized what he needed from Jotaros Disk to attain the ultimate Stand, Made in Heaven, moves on to the next part of his plan. With both his memory and Stand Disks, Kujo Jotaro slowly recovers.

The Mystery Of Jotaros Hat

ANIME HINDI RAP-IV ( Broly” Jotaro Kujo” Beyblade Burst” Psycho-Pass” Fire force)

Jotaro Kujos hat is quite often a topic of debate as fans cannot decide whether he wears a weird hat that is painted with the color of his hair or if half of his hair are somehow styled after his hat.

The answer to this is that he wears a special hat that he stylizes for himself which has a cut-off segment in the back which lets his black hair pop-out, while the top and frontal sides are the hat itself. Its incredibly specific and stylish for a guy as serious as Jotaro but if theres one thing most JoJos Bizarre Adventure protagonists share its the fact that they dont forget to look after their style even in the most tragic moments of their lives.

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Jotaro Wasnt Always Rude

Jotaro Kujo was actually really normal as a child, as his mother Holy describes him as such a good boy in the past. He used to attend school properly and participated in the usual activities you would expect from a child such as playing with balls and running on tracks. He used to be supervised by his mother most of the time since his father would often be on tour, and it never stopped him from being a pleasant child through most of his life.

Whether his change towards delinquency started partially because of his father never coming back from one of his tours or not, the main factor to it is without a doubt the awakening of his stand Star Platinum. Not knowing how stands work, he originally assumes that he is possessed by a demonic spirit and one thing that has always been consistent about his character is the fact he starts pushing everyone close to him away whenever he starts to feel like his presence is a danger to them.

His rude demeanor does not manage to drive people away, whether its the girls in school or his mother but this does not stop Jotaro from trying his best and he proceeds to jail himself because he believes the demonic spirit that is possessing him will proceed to hurt people. This causes him to be extremely rude to his mother because he believes she might stop trying to be close to him but it does not help and she finally calls her father Joseph Joestar because he had a stand as well.

Is Jotaro Kujo Dead

Things aren’t looking good for Jotaro, Jolyne’s father whom she recently reconnected with. When Jotaro visits Jolyne at Green Dolphin Street Prison, the two are attacked by Pucci’s Stand, Whitesnake. During the attack, Jotaro is shot and his memory and Stand discs are stolen.

Jotaro appears to die but his body is turned over to the Speedwagon Foundation for safekeeping. Working on the theory that returning his memory and Stand discs will revive Jotaro, Jolyne risks her life to save her father. But is the solution really so simple? Will returning the discs magically revive him, or is Jotaro Kujo dead? Jotaro remains in suspended animation as viewers anxiously await the new episodes of Stone Ocean, hoping to get answers to their most pressing questions.

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Ride Your Wave’s Hinako Has A Life That Was Built Around Surfing

Ride Your Wave is the story of a surfer girl named Hinako who falls in love with a firefighter, Minato. When Minato dies trying to save another from drowning, Hinako is devastated. Throughout her grieving process, she finds out that, as an ocean-loving surfer kid, she had saved Minato, and this helps her understand why Minato did what he did.

The imagery and setting of the movie is a surrealist nod to the water and the ocean, reflecting Hinako’s connection to surfing and the late Minato.

The Fight Against Angelo

Jotaro Kujoã?JoJoã

Jotaro and Josuke trapped by Angelo.

Later, Jotaro called Josuke to inform him that Angelo’s Stand, Aqua Necklace, could disguise itself as any type of liquid. Without much of a fight, Josuke was able to capture it. However, after taking his eyes off of it, Aqua Necklace was able to escape and kill his grandfather, Ryohei Higashikata. Following the funeral, Jotaro and Josuke waited three days for Angelo to attack, drinking only bottled water in the duration. Angelo took advantage of the climate when, during a rainy day, slipped into the house and turned on all the pipes and anything that let out water and steam. Angelo surrounded Jotaro and Josuke throughout the house until he finally had Aqua Necklace go inside Josuke’s mouth.

Josuke traps Angelo into a rock.

While it seemed like Angelo had won, in actuality, Josuke had earlier placed a plastic glove inside his mouth and used it to catch Angelo.

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Where To Watch The Entire Anime Collection

Including the 12 recently releases episodes from Stone Ocean, there is a total of 164 episodes from the main JoJos Bizarre Adventure series available to watch.

Depending on your international location, Netflix may provide either the complete five seasons or the first two.

Similar issues can be found for subscribers to Funimation, but Crunchyroll does currently possess all five seasons in its library barring Stone Ocean.

Hulu users can watch the first three seasons, again depending on some international locations.

However, the entire collection is also available to stream through .

  • STONE OCEAN: Who is Jolyne Cujoh? Backstory and voice actress explored

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN is now streaming on Netflix.

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Career And Personal Life

A picture of Jotaro and his wife.

Some time in the 1990s, Jotaro and Polnareff began tracking the excavated Stand arrows.

After graduating, Jotaro studied hard and eventually earned a PhD in marine biology. He married an Italian-American woman and had a daughter named Jolyne around the age of 21.

While looking through his grandfather’s will at the age of 28, Jotaro discovers that Joseph had an illegitimate son in Morioh, Japan. In an attempt to get a picture of him using Hermit Purple, he discovers an ominous figure in the photos instead and decides to go to Morioh to investigate.

Ponyo Is A Fish Girl At A Seaside Town

Anime Mania (Roblox) – Tojaro Pujo (Jotaro Kujo) Showcase Gameplay

Who could be more of an ocean lover than a magical fish girl? In a seaside town with organically depicted ocean waves that stretch up like they are alive, the young Ssuke meets Ponyo, and a friendship is struck. Eventually, Ponyo decides to become human and leaves her life in the sea for the love of Ssuke, but fans can be sure that her love for the sea will never really leave.

As is the case with most films that come out of Studio Ghibli, Ponyo contains beautifully rendered scenery that adds magic and wonder to the already magical seascape.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Good freaking grief, I take it back. Up close that watch is tacky as hell, although to be fair, that’s the least of your worries now. There’s something that’s gonna look a lot worse than that piece of junk… and that, my friend, is your putrid face.
~ Jotaro Kujo to Yoshikage Kira.

Before the beginning of the part, Joseph revealed to his family in 1999 that he had an affair and sent Jotaro to remind Josuke Higashikata that the teenager will get a part of the inheritence. He met Koichi Hirose while the latter was going to school before introducing himself and witnessing Josuke using his stand. The two decided to converse, which is when Jotaro decided to explain that Josuke will be getting a part of Joseph’s will along with a warning that there are a number of malevolent stand users living in Morioh. Some time later Jotaro arrived to pick up Angelo’s stand but he arrived too late, resulting in the death of Josuke’s grandfather. He and Josuke decided to perform a stake-out in order to hunt down Angelo. A few days later, rain began to fall which trapped the two in the house which was leaking. After avoiding the enemy stand multiple times, Josuke was able to trick the enemy stand user and trapped the stand in a rubber glove.

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Tsuritama Is An Eccentric Tale Filled With Sea

Tsuritama is a warm-hearted anime about fishing and friendship. It follows the story of Yuki Sanada, Haru, Natsuki Usami, and Akira Agarkar Yamada as they build a friendship. Its setting is idyllic as it takes place in Enoshima, a quaint coastal town.

Throw in an unexpected but hilarious alien conspiracy, and fans have the makings of a great watch. With eccentric characters, a light-hearted storyline, and fantastical marine-themed art, Tsuritama is the perfect anime for those who want to sit back and enjoy.

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