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Black Clover Reveals Yuno’s Surprising Spade Kingdom Connection

Future Diary Yuno [AMV] Cheerleader

Black Clover revealed Yuno’s surprise connection to the Spade Kingdom in the newest episode! The anime has finally started adapting the much anticipated Spade Kingdom arc of Yuki Tabata’s original manga series, and that means there will be many significant reveals and character introductions in the coming episodes. Yuno might not have been a part of the Clover Kingdom group that trained in the Heart Kingdom during the six month timeskip, but he’s just as pivotal of a character in this coming arc as Asta and the others are. In fact, he might just be the most important.

The first episode of the Spade Kingdom arc ended with a mysterious cliffhanger that seemed to tie a mysterious Spade Kingdom refugee to Yuno in a significant way, and Episode 159 of the anime confirmed this was to be the case as it was revealed that Yuno has deep ties to the Spade Kingdom. As it turns out, he’s their long lost prince that they have been searching for.

Making his way to Hage Village after being told their was a Spade Kingdom refugee looking for him, the refugee they starts to widen his eyes and mentions that Yuno is the “spitting image of Lord Ciel.” Together with the necklace around his neck , this person reveals he is not their enemy and gives some details about the Spade Kingdom’s past.

Disturbing: Choose Me And Live Or Choose Sixth And Die

This quote is probably the worst pickup line imaginable.

Yuno Gasai becomes dangerously jealous of Yukiteru’s interactions and feelings with another character named Tsubaki Kasugano, or “Sixth.” To make sure he understands how serious she is about how Yukiteru needs to be a one-woman man, she gives him an ultimatum. Choose her and live. Or choose the other girl and be left to die.

A “choose me or die” mantra is definitely not romantic, no matter how you look at it. This again will only end in loneliness and possibly a criminal record.

Black Clover Yuno: Black Clover Plot

The world of the Clover is filled with magic and unfathomable adventures that almost make you question your existence. The Clover Kingdom is where one can not survive without magic whatsoever, and in this realm of magic, resides a peasant orphan with no magical power in his domain, all he possesses is his brute strength his idiocy, and his will to become the next wizard king to acquire control over the Kingdom Of the Clover.

Being orphaned at birth, with no magical powers Asta, is a boy abandoned by his mother at the doorstep of a church in Hage which is a village in the Forsaken Realm of the Clover Kingdom, with dreams to become the next wizard king with no magical powers, Asta embarks on a journey to battle demons along with his chief rival and mate Yuno.

Asta and Yuno were both cuts from different clothes, one had brute strength and a thorough competitive nature while the other possessed magic and had the presence of the wind, calm and collective, yet both aspired to acquire the throne of the wizard king. Yuno had a similar story to Asta, abandoned in childhood, at the same church, both have been inseparable since childhood, but sparks of rivalry blaze within when both are deemed to conquer the throne to rule the Kingdom.

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Best Yandere Characters In Anime Ranked

Not many anime opt for having yandere characters, but the ones that do have stuck with us.

If I cant have them, no one can is the motto for Yandere type archetype characters. The Yandere is a Dere type that combines Yanderu, meaning mentally ill, and Dere, meaning lovey-dovey. Together you get someone willing to do anything to end up with the one they love. Anything.

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Yandere anime characters are obsessed with their love interest. On the outside, they play it off that they are kind and sweet characters to everyone, but on the inside are willing to go as far as murder if someone gets in their way. This list looks at the greatest Yandere characters in anime.

While pink-haired school girls are typically the face of the trope, there have been series that broaden the scale of what a Yandere looks like. While the majority of Yandere characters in anime are still girls, there have been a number of male ones as well. Yandere characters have also been included in much more light-hearted series where their dark obsession for the one they love gets put in a more comical spin and a less, well, lethal one.

Why Does Naofumi Look Very Similar To Yuno From Black Clover Anime

Yuno Gasai

Probably Just the hair style and expression. Not much else

Yeah hopefully I havent watched Shield Hero yet I wanna see the differences in the way they act.

I think that the Shield Hero web novel may have come first. So it’s purely coincidence most likely.

That might be however I dont think so maybe they had a designer who was involved in both animes that drew both character in a similar way.


I recently started Black Clover, and I’m like “Yuno looks pretty familiar” but I could never out my finger on it

Lmao yeah I guess we will both find out in due time the similarities and difference of their personalities. Btw I watched Black Clover in English dub and it was amazing.

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Shion Sonozaki Higurashi: When They Cry

Shion is one of the twins in the Higurashi: When They Cry series. Due to her identical appearance with Mion, the two pretend to be the other at family meetings. Shion swaps with Mion on the day Mion is meant to become the family lead. Shion only has one goal, and thats to her crush Satoshi Houjoi.

Shion would attack and torture Satoshis sister Satoko because she thought she was responsible for Satoshis stress. When Satoshi goes missing, Shion reachers her Yandere breaking point. No one is safe from Shion as she kills and torturers anyone she thinks could be involved, including members of her family.

Disturbing: I Will Die For Yuki And Even In Death I Will Chase After Yukki

So, this quote is a bit more disturbing than the previous one. This quote actually finishes the “I was practically dead, but you gave me a future” quote. The entire quote is:

“I was practically dead, but you gave me a future. Yuki is my hope in life, but if it won’t come true then I will die for Yuki, and even in death I will chase after Yuki.”

Yuno probably should have left that end part out. Dying for someone can be romantic, but chasing them after death? When someone is chasing another person, this usually means the other person is running away. This could mean that no matter how fast or far Yukiteru, or as she says “Yuki,” runs, Yuno will be on his heels.

Chasing someone even after death could also sound like she plans to haunt him. Unless Yukiteru is into some spiritual intimacy, the idea of being haunted by an obsessed, ex-lover for the rest of your life does not sound cute.

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Who Are The Characters

Yukiteru Yuki Amano is a character whose learned helplessness and withdrawn nature really work for the type of story Future Diary is.

Yuki truly feels like a normal boy thrown into a desperate situation well beyond his and Yunos control.

Needless to say, the guys got nowhere to go but up in terms of developing the persona and skills needed to survive the Diary Game and for what its worth, its a sight to see.

The overseer of the game, Deus Ex Machina, is not your typical arrogant or intimidating god. While Deus 3D design is a bit unpleasant, the god himself is reasonable and even seems to take to our protagonist.

The impish Murmur, on the other hand, is a divine servant of questionable origins.

I wont be delving into every single enemy diary-wielder, but I think its worth mentioning the combined seventh participants, Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami.

Charming: I’m Crazy What’s Crazy Is That This World Refuses To Let Me Be With You

Mirai Nikki – Yuno is a beast

Yuno isn’t crazy, the world is crazy for judging and keeping her apart from her man. Although this has a slight tinge of craziness to it, the notion that it’s unfair that the world is trying to keep Yukiteru and her apart is not a new concept in the genre of romance. In Shakespeare, it’s the star-crossed lovers that are being pushed apart by fate. In Twilight, it was the nature of humans and vampires that kept Bella and Edward apart. Whether it be race, religion, or gender, there are plenty of love stories that feature obstacles that hinder couples from being together.

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Yuno defying a world that keeps pushing her away from Yukiteru can be seen as romantic. Although Yukiteru’s point of view of the situation might make this quote less on the loving side and more on the controlling side, going against the odds for love deserves at least one point in romance.

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Misa Amane Death Note

Misa Amane fits the standard definition of Yandere. In Death Note, she is willing to do anything for her love Kira. When Light first started killing criminals as Kira, he ended up killing the criminals that killed Misas parents. To thank him, Misa is willing to be Lights tool so that he can create a new world.

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Misa had performed the Shinigami trade with Rem, cutting her lifespan to receive Shinigami eyes. She does it again, cutting her life in half to assist Light in killing L. In Death Note 13: How to Read, it states that Misa committed suicide a year after learning of Lights death.

Disturbing: I May Only Be Good For Killing People And Maybe I Am Completely Unappealing To You But I Thought You Will Love Me Once This Was All Over

Alright, Yuno definitely goes a little overboard with this one. Not only has she blown her innocent, sweet cover with the admission of the fact that she does not only kill people, but she’s also good at killing people. She sets an expectation for Yukiteru that no matter how many people she brutally kills or how unattractive she is to him, she still expects him to love her.

This is a pickup line that will definitely have the cops at your door if used.

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The Fight Against Eleventh

While Yuki mourns the death of his mother, Yuno prepares him sandwhiches with a message to cheer up. The next morning while Yuki follows his father in an attempt to prove his guilty on his mother’s death, she’s is brought by Nishijima to questioning regarding the third corpse on her house, but she does not reply and simply leaves. A brief time later she reads on her diary that Yuki is under attack by The Eleventh’s men, and rushes to help him all the while cursing Nishijima for his questioning and thinking she will kill him if she is late to save Yuki.

While Yuki confronts The Eleventh’s men by himself Yuno arrives at the shrine and kills the last one. Yuki tells Yuno he will become God even if he must kill her, Yuno however embraces Yuki and kisses him, claiming she’s more than willing to die for him.

Charming: I Was Practically Dead But You Gave Me A Future

Yuno Gasai Future Diary Yukiteru Amano Anime, Anime ...

This Yuno Gasai quote can be turned into a charming pickup line. Telling someone you care about that life wasn’t worth living until they came into your life can make them feel like they mean the world. In this quote, viewers see the grateful side of Yuno. It shows that Yukiteru gave Yuno a sense of purpose, and she wants to protect Yukiteru and the future that they have together.

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Black Clover Yuno: What Secrets Does He Have

The Spade Kingdom arc has enthralled the audience with its constant plot twists and surprises. As of now, the official Black Clover account has announced that the anime will not be getting a renewal as the manga itself is on hiatus, with the Spade Kingdom Arc still on the line. With no scope to cover on the producers are forced to bring an end to the anime as of now, but fans are hardly upset over the news as the Arc is yet to be completed with a bunch of secrets to be revealed. Thus they are waiting for renewal be it 2025!

In the Spade Kingdom Arc, we saw that the Golden Dawn was annihilated, as barely half of its members survived Zenons attack. While Vengeance could have saved himself from being abducted, he chose to use his remaining power to heal Yuno.

Only one can become the Clover Kingdoms Wizard King, and the audience is betting on Asta.

Asta and Yuno promised that each would work towards becoming the Wizard King however, only one of them can achieve that position and title. With the protagonist as his contender, Yuno doesnt stand too great of a chance at success, but neither of them is willing to give up.

With Tabata Yutas announcement of declaring Yuno Crossley as the PRINCE of The Spade Kingdom, there is a lot to explore about Black Clover Yuno in regards to his future.

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Charming: Maybe The Future Is Bad But There’s A Future Beyond That Right

This quote is an amazing way to comfort someone you care about. Assuring someone that no matter how bad things get, there’s always a way past it, is a great way to make you not only look like a dashing hero, but you also look at the positive side of things. Yuno protects Yukiteru and gets him through the worst-case scenarios, and gives Yukiteru hope of living another day. Use this quote to make someone’s day or possibly imply a brighter future with you in it.

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Disturbing: I’m Selfish I Know But To Keep You Mine I Will Do Everything I Need To Do Even If It’s Illegal

Again, Yuno needs to quit when she’s ahead. The quote was starting off as extremely charming until she said: “even if it’s illegal.” What does that exactly mean? Will she ignore restraining orders put against her? Will she kidnap and lock Yukiteru in a room and isolate him from his family and friends for the rest of his life? Will she kill him if that means she will have been the only person to have had him?

Using this quote in the form of a pickup line might cause someone to call the cops, so it would be best to stay away from this one.

Character Description: Yuno Gasai

yuno amv- Gasoline by Halsey

Yuno Gasai is the female lead of The Future Diary and the second diary user. As a small child, Yuno’s mother kept abusing her by locking her in a cage every time she stepped out of line, with Yuno resorting to eating hay to keep herself alive. As payback, Yuno locked both of her parents in the exact same cage until they starved to death, but the whole traumatic experience left Yuno a broken girl.

Upon meeting Yukitero Amano, she started to fall in love with him and kept writing about him in her diary in her cell phone. Every time minutes, she kept writing about him in her diary and she even took to stalking Yuki to keep writing about him. Then Deus Ex Machina granted her diary prophetic powers and she dedicated herself to using hit to protect Yuki during the survival game. Yuno also wants to keep Yuki all to herself to the point of murdering anyone who stands between her and the boy she loves.

The above description came from Jacob Listerud, and was edited by yours truly.

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Black Clover Yuno: Who Is Yuno

When left abandoned at the church after the downfall of his family, young Yuno had no choice but to grow up on his own, without the love of his parents. Yuno Crossley grew up at the church of Hage, along with Asta who he grew fond of, despite both of them being opposites, Yuno had always been inspired by Astas dreams and ambitions as a boy with no magic of his own.

He wields a four-leaf clover grimoire and is a magic night of the Clover Kingdoms Golden Dawn and Royal Nights squads. He is later promoted to vice-captain of the Golden Dawn. Hes a calm and emotionless demeanor and speaks only when he really needs to convey his thoughts. His manner of speaking often makes people misinterpret his actual thoughts.

Despite his detached nature, Black Clover Yuno harbors a strong ambition to be the Wizard King, which he developed while growing up with Asta. Additionally, Yuno has a sense of rivalry with him so strong that he will go to any length to stop anyone who tries to put Asta in harms way.

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Unlike Asta, Yuno has a calm composure at times he is considered a genius, keeping in view, the always planned out tactics he uses to deal with his enemies he yields the magic of the wind, which he possessed even before he acquired the four lead grimoires. Along with the wind magic, he used spirit magic, which is basically the summoning magic, and the creative magic.