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Isfp Shoto Todoroki My Hero Academia

A MASTER’S Guide to Anime: 7 Types of Characters in EVERY Anime

If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because Ive got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become! Shoto Todoroki

While many people type Todoroki as INTJ, I believe this largely comes down to false stereotypes about ISFPs rather than a true understanding of what ISFPs are actually like. Todoroki is extremely swift at responding to immediate crises whereas an INTJ would resemble Lelouch vi Britannia more, working in the background to create strategies and long-term plans. Todoroki tailors his life to his value system everything he does must align with what he believes is personally right. He will even go so far as to lose an important fight if it means hes adhering to his ethics. His integrity as well as his smooth reflexes on the battlefield remind us of how powerful Introverted Feeling and Extraverted Sensation really are when they are working together.

Other ISFP Anime Characters: Chizome Akaguro Stain , Eren Yeager , Yuichiro Hyakuya , Haruka Nanase , Ojira Mashirao .

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Note About The Examples I Use To Illustrate The Article:

If I choose a particular character to illustrate the article, that is an example of a trope I don’t like, but it does not mean I don’t like that character in particular. Or that that particular character is a poorly written example of the trope he or she is being used to illustrate. A multitude of images of similar-looking characters is used here to demonstrate the ubiquity and sameness of certain anime character types. I had a lot of comments and questions on this article that come from a misunderstanding of this, so I felt like clarifying.

Sakurako Kuj

Which Enstars Character Are You

The story so far is honestly What should I use? What word should I use? Bubblegum? Is that something? Is that something? Significantly its pleasant, it has a wonderful tempo, but it doesnt say much at the same time thats Ensemble Stars! The tale is about introducing most male characters in the first three episodes and about presenting the way the school functions simultaneously. There was nothing so deep and Trickstar members in three episodes were able to launch a revolution, train with some strong brands, and theyre ready to battle against their first opponent, the school council unit, in episode four. Also, you will find out which Enstars character are you in this quiz.

I mean, it almost looks that in episode four the Anime will finish. Naturally, I am very sure that from that fight the plot will evolve. That was the sensation I received, nonetheless. It was too rushed and too vacuous. But somewhere from someone who played the game, I saw a comment and they mentioned that in the future, it gets better. So I look forward to this! I look forward to it!

Yes, even though it is that simple that its practically infantile, Im looking forward to continuing to watch the Anime. The reality is, the remainder is quite nicely done, except character development.

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Intp L Lawliet Death Note

Its not a sense of justice. Figuring out difficult cases is my hobby. If you measured good and evil deeds by current laws, I would be responsible for many crimes. The same way you all like to solve mysteries and riddles, or clear video games more quickly. For me too, its simply prolonging something I enjoy doing. Thats why I only take on cases that pique my interest. Its not justice at all. And if it means being able to clear a case, I dont play fair, Im a dishonest, cheating human being who hates losing. L Lawliet

Highly intelligent yet often underestimated, L captures the ingenious but often messy nature of the INTP personality type. People tend to underestimate him due to his disheveled appearance and lack of tact, but his analytical abilities and strong powers of deduction are astounding. In typical INTP fashion, L has a dry, clever sense of humor and an ability to connect the dots in complex situations. Hes driven by a desire to understand and solve mysteries, and many INTPs will relate to this hunger for discovery and truth.

Other INTP Characters: Tsuyu Asui Froppy , Ranpo Edogawa , Shiro , Ginko , Kusuo Saiki , Pieck Finger .

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The Generic Male Protagonist

What stereotype of anime character are you?

New from Kawaiicorp! It’s Protagonist Boy! He has brown hair, no glasses, no hobbies, no special interests, and no defining characteristics! He’s basically Bella Swan with a penis! He’s as dull as dirt, but hot alien babes want to have his babies anyway! Say hello to the best protagonist you won’t have to write or think about! Call now!

I internally fume whenever I see a new anime pulling this crap. And it happens at least once every season. He’s an ordinary high school boy, and…that’s it.

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Infj Izuku Midoriya My Hero Academia

All men are not created equal. This was the reality I learned about society at the young age of four. And that was my first and last setback. Izuku Midoriya

Compassionate and visionary, Izuku Midoriya embodies the empathy and single-minded focus of the INFJ. Grappling with a disappointing childhood, Midoriya does whatever it takes to reach his goal: to become a real superhero in the manner of his hero, All Might. In typical INFJ fashion, Midoriya likes to analyze and theorize a great deal even getting stuck in analysis when he should be taking action. His inner world is overflowing with possibilities, theories, and strategies. Yet outwardly he is driven by a need to protect and defend others. In chaotic situations, his first thought is to take care of the people who are vulnerable. He does this through his Intuition, anticipating what his enemies will do and how to respond accordingly. He often has an uncanny sense of how people will respond to situations and uses a combination of Introverted Intuition and his tertiary Introverted Thinking to logically map out how situations will unfold and what the most logical solution should be.

Other INFJ Anime Characters: Rayleigh , Future Trunks , Tamayo , Kagaya Ubuyashiki , Itachi Uchiha , Armin Arlert .

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Answer The Questions Below To Find Out

Which Modern High School Stereotype Are You?

Highschool: The turning point for many students that determines what their lives, aspirations, dislikes, and relationships will be like or hold in the future. And most importantly, what reputation they will hold. The perfect place to mess your future up.

What’s your favorite subject?

I don’t really like school, I’d rather watch anime.


Pick a quote.

“We stopped checking for monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside of us” -anon

“I’m just doing me, and to me, that’s what got me this far.” -Lil Uzi Vert

“You are my love story and I write you into everything I do, everything I am, everything I touch, and everything I dream.” -A.R.Asher

“Your only limit is you” -Nike

“I thought being smart is cooler than anything in the world.”- Michelle Obama

“I’m gonna be the very best that no one ever was” -Pokemon Theme

Pick A Show

I don’t really watch TV, i’d rather listen to music

Grey’s Anatomy

I’m always studying honestly, I don’t have time for TV

Steven Universe

Who is the best celebrity?

Lil Pump

What do you do during lunch or in your freetime?

Play a Sport!

Art! I’m pretty good too.

I call my bae.

I watch anime or play on my Nintendo.


Wannabe SoundCloud Rapper

Wannabe SoundCloud Rapper

That Theater Kid

That Theater Kid

The Student Athlete

The Student Athlete

The AP student

The “Do you watch Naruto” Kid

The “Do you watch Naruto” Kid

The “Young and in Love”

The “Young and in Love”

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Esfp Natsu Dragneel Fairy Tail

We dont know what tomorrow holds! Thats why we can live for everything were worth today! Natsu Dragneel

Carefree and adventurous, Natsu captures the impulsive yet clever responsiveness of the ESFP personality type. He lives for today, making the most of each moment and enjoying the rush of a good fight. But hes not all brawn and no brains . Natsu is fiercely loyal and will go down fighting for his friends, even if the odds are against him. He is able to think quickly and use his surroundings to circumvent obstacles when hes facing an opponent in a precarious situation. His humor, liveliness, and loyalty to his friends are all hallmarks of the ESFP personality type.

Other ESFP Anime Characters: Seiya Kou , Mina Ashido , Present Mike , Yuga Aoyama , Zenitsu Agatsuma Kallen Kozuki , Sasha Braus

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Entp Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist


Theres no such thing as a painless lesson, they just dont exist. Sacrifices are necessary, you cant gain something without losing something first Although if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, youll find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle Yeah A Fullmetal Heart. Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

Rebellious and innovative, Edward Elric captures the strong-willed, perceptive nature of the ENTP. He can quickly see possibilities in any situation and shows obvious excitement when it comes to concepts, theories, challenges, and difficulties. His creative, clever nature exemplifies his use of Extraverted Intuition and Introverted Thinking. He knows how to bend the rules at precisely the right time and his sharp, irreverent sense of humor is also something that most ENTPs will relate to.

Other ENTP Anime Characters: Mei Hatsume , Lloyd Asplund , Ryuk . Okabe Rintarou , Bulma , Konata Izumi , Hange Zoe .

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Meme Corner: Which Anime Stereotype Are You

So much anime, so many stereotypes.

Which one will you be?

Today, dear reader, instead of a review, I decided to post a meme that I found on TinierMe. Its by no means inclusive of all the stereotypes to be found in anime, but its a start. Ive obviously marked my own answers already, but I hope that youll note the ones that apply to you and figure out which anime stereotype youre most like. As an added bonus I wrote a little bio for each result and listed some characters from anime that Ive already reviewed who fit into each given genre. Dont forget to scroll down to find out more about each type, and enjoy!

Tsundere You come off as sort of aloof to other people. In public, you intentionally refrain from showing much weakness. You have a secret obsession with something cute. You pretend that you hate your crush even though you really love him/her. You blush when people point out your sensitivities. You blush when people tell sexual jokes.Total: 5

Yandere Youre very sweet and kind in public. When romance becomes a topic of discussion, people say your personality changes drastically. You know some sort of martial art, swordplay, or otherwise. You have a crush who youd literally kill for. You have a pet-peeve that makes you snap. Schizophrenic?

My Result: Half Tsundere, Half Meganekko. Whats yours?


And thats all the fun we have time for today, kiddies. But hold onto your hats for more anime-themed memes further on down the otaku road!

Istj Tenya Iida My Hero Academia

Wanting to do it and being suitable for it are different issues. Tenya Iida

Detail-oriented and responsible, Tenya is one of my favorite characters in My Hero Academia because he always wants to do what is right. He may be a rule-follower, but hes also willing to break the rules when it comes to protecting the legacy of the ones he loves most. He is deeply devoted as a friend and brother, and his discipline and hard-working nature make him a source of strength for his entire UA class. His detail-oriented perceptiveness enables him to notice when anything is out of synch or dangerous, and his pragmatic nature enables him to come up with strong plans of action when everyone else is panicking. His hunger for efficiency, his loyalty, and his attention to detail all make him a strong ISTJ character.

Other ISTJ Anime Charaters: Unalaq , Tenzin , Boa , Shikamaru .

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Why I Dislike This Type:

These characters tend to annoy me because they represent a larger problem within anime: sexualizing little girls. It’s weird, off-putting, gross, and makes me very uncomfortable. It’s not why I got into anime in the first place, definitely.

But, in the story itself, the characters are often annoying because, as prodigies, they know a lot, but as children, they still act like conceited brats. They can often act like arrogant know-it-alls. Still being children, they tend to still have chaotic mood swings, and can immaturely over-react to slights and misunderstandings. This can be funny, but it can also get old quickly. They tend to be very prideful and defensive. This character can is often “flustered” or “frustrated”, because they have a huge psychological complex built around feeling inferior to everyone else because of their age. Or height, or breast size.

So they act like the typical aloof, bitchy, tsundere princess . These characters usually pop in halfway through the anime like an unwanted guest, and they challenge the main character, but usually over issues that are completely shallow and meaningless. Expect them to hold their heads high and never admit they’re wrong, even when they are. Ever deal with a child you just wanted to punch? How “kawaii”!

The Will Of The Student Council Is Absolute

Anime Character Stereotypes

Make way for the all-powerful student council. In anime, members of the student council pull the strings behind the scenes, have an infinite supply of resources, powerful connections, and even the ability to revolutionize the world.

While real-life student councils do indeed have the power to approve and fund student clubs or organizations, their influence doesnt extend much further. And no, being a member of the student council doesnt give you a free pass to skip classes or grant you pop-idol status.

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Why I Dislike This Type

If done poorly, she’s too perfect. She doesn’t seem like her actual canonical age. She seems like a very elegant and refined 30-something infiltrating the high school or middle school setting. This trope glamorizes richness, making it seem like rich people are totally flawless, god-like beings. It also can be a cheap way to create drama: the totally average male protagonist falling for the “dream girl” who is way out of his league.

Often, by the end of the anime, he is rewarded with affection for spending the whole anime as her dog, doing whatever she wants, and constantly white knighting for her. I get that it’s a thing because it’s a wish-fulfillment fantasy, but in real life, people like that are just annoyingly snooty. I definitely would not put up with elitist snobbery in real life, let alone find it attractive in a potential partner.

Most importantly, this kind of character is just rarely interesting. You know she’s going to be heavily restricted by the bounds of propriety and honor, playing the “straight man” in contrast with wilder characters’ antics. She’s too honest and pure to do anything truly “outside the box.” In other words, she’s usually a Mary Sue and a Purity Sue type of character, too flawless to be genuine and human.

Phrases That Dont Sound Right

Learning Japanese from anime can be fun, especially if youre an auditory/visual learner. However, if you try to talk like people do in anime, youre in for an embarrassing experience. Here are some common mistakes beginners make:

  • Aishiteru/ : You may have heard a lot of characters profess their undying love with this phrase. However, its uncommon for people to utter these words, at least in daily life. Aishiteru is usually reserved for special situations, such as proposing to your partner or when youre at your deathbed. If you dont want to weird out your crush, try saying daisuki instead.
  • Kisama/ : When you get riled up during a battle with your archenemy, you may feel like its appropriate to scream this word. However, itll most likely earn a few laughs from your opponent and make you seem less menacing.
  • Dattebayo/: Virtually unheard of outside Naruto. Use at your own risk.

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If You Want To Write Your Own Manga

So, if you want to write your own manga story, books about “how to draw manga” usually tell you how to draw these repeating character types, but they’re not fun at all for the seasoned manga reader. Instead, play around with it and make sure your characters are unique, not clichés, but fully developed beings who feel real and human to us . Putting a lot of thought into your characters is one of the most important aspects of writing, so don’t half-ass it! And best of luck!

Tokyo Versus Everywhere Else

Which Anime Character Are You?

A lot of modern anime tend to take place in urban settings, contributing to the stereotype that Japan is a futuristic nation with amazing technology.

Of course, Tokyo is not representative of Japan as a whole. The further you go to the inaka , the more sparse the population becomes. There may only be one bus a day, and the nearest convenience store could be a 30-min walk. Also, dont think all convenience stores are open 24/7.

What are some misconceptions you had about Japan that you learned from anime? Let us know what anime stereotypes we left out! And if youre inspired to go on an otaku tour, check out our anime-themed activities.

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