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Where To Watch The King’s Avatar Anime

In What Order Do I Watch The King’s Avatar Anime

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On April 7, 2017, G.CMay Animation & Film released the first two episodes of The King’s Avatar.

The first season of the animation ran from April 7, 2017 to June 16, 2017. A sequel OVA, animated by Coloured Pencil Animation, followed the Season 8 All-Star Weekend arc and was released on April 27, 2018. A second season is set to air on September 25, 2020, with 12 episodes.

On May 27, 2019, a movie poster was unveiled for the prequel, titled “For The Glory,” which stated that the movie would be released on August 16, 2019.

A third season was announced to be in production on August 8, 2021.

Websites To Watch Chinese Anime Online

Chinese animation series and films have risen greatly in popularity. Apart from Chinese video streaming platforms, more and more foreign anime streaming platforms have also begun to provide Chinese animation Donghua section. In this post, we will gather 6 of the best places where you can watch latest and popular Chinese anime online.

Mo Dao Zhu Shi, Soul Land, Full Time Magister, The King’s Avatar, and many other good Chinese animation series are leading to a hot discussion among anime communities. However, anime websites that deliver Chinese animation content are still scarce for foreign fans when compared with omnipresent Japanese anime streaming websites. Want to watch Chinese anime online yet canât find a place to start on? You may try the following 6 websites. Letâs get into each website!

Because of region restriction, some of the websites in the list may not be accessible in your area. A proper VPN can help you get around geo-blocking and access these services anywhere.

The Kings Avatar Is A Must

Newbie or pro player, fanboy or fangirling, this is the anime series to watch now

e-Sports has been around for a while but its only in the last few years that it has caught worldwide attention. Its gotten so big and serious that it has become a legitimatenot to mention lucrativesport and profession. Theres even a school in the Philippines where one can learn game theory, mechanics and awareness. Now, theres an anime series themed after e-Sports and its getting everybody excited.

Enter The Kings Avatar or Quan Zhi Gao Shou, a Chinese anime that follows the story of e-Sports star Xiu Ye. A Battle God in the online competitive game Glory, Xiu Ye is revered for his skills and contributions. But in a stroke of bad luck, he is forced to leave the team as well as the pro gaming scene. He finds work as a manager for an internet café and ultimately gets thrown back in the world of e-Sports when Glory launches its 10th server. This time around though, Xiu Ye returns having to start from scratchwith neither sponsors nor a teamand using a new and unknown character.

The Kings Avatar tells a familiar rise and fall and rise again tale that will surely appeal to many. Xiu Yes epic fall is something many of us have experienced and his determination to give life another shot even if it means starting all over again is what viewers will find inspiring.

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The Beginner’s Guide To The King’s Avatar

It seems fair to say that every country has its own basic style or flavor of animation. When we think of Asian animated works, most of us go immediately to anime, the Japanese variant, and it certainly is among the most prevalent and accessible serialized animation out there. But this season, Spring 2017, has brought a surprise in the form of a Chinese animated TV series – The King’s Avatar. Like many of its anime counterparts, the series is based on a series of web-turned-print novels and is set in a gaming world, although not in the isekai sense. Protagonist Ye Xiu is a professional gamer when the series starts, and while almost all of the action takes place in the online game Glory, it’s not a VR game, giving the series a grounding in the real world that anime has largely done away with. With a second season slated for 2018, rumors of a live action film, and a growing fanbase as well as the availability of legal English translations of both the novels and streaming episodes it’s worth giving this show a second look.

The Kings Avatar Season 3 Release Date

The Kings Avatar Episode 9

The first season premiered in 2017 and the All-star game premiered as OVA in 2018, then after a two year gap the second season of Quanzhi Gaoshou aired in the year 2020.

So seeing this pattern, we expect the third season of The Kings Avatar to premiere in . The show will most likely be available to watch exclusively on the Tencent Youtube channel just like the second season, but nothing can be confirmed.

Tower Of God Season 2 is also rumored to release in 2022 so maybe two will clash to see which show gets the most viewership and ratings.

But if somehow The Kings Avatar Season 3 releases this year around October then it will have to clash with The God Of High School Season 2 or Dragon Ball Super Season 2 for viewership.

The first season as well as the second season both had 12 episodes and we expect the third season to have 12 episodes in total as well.

Third season will be the last season of The Kings Avatar anime and we will witness Team Happy win the championship in the tenth season of Glory competitive.

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Team Happy Roster For Season 3

  • Ye Xiu
  • Bao Rongxing
  • Mo Fan
  • An Wenyi
  • Qiao Yifan
  • Su Mucheng
  • Wei Chen

So this are some of the characters you will be seeing in the third season. Su Mucheng is not in the team but she will be joining Team Happy for the Season 10 championship.

The trailer for the third season is not out yet so we have not shared it here. We will update The Kings Avatar Season 3 trailer once its out.

So stay tuned and keep visiting Recent Highlights for all the latest updates regarding anime and manga news. Let us know when the third season will receive in the comments below and do share your thoughts on the second season.

Season 2 Stats And Chances Of Season 3 Releasing

The first episode of Season 2 was aired on September 27th 2020 and garnered over 1.3 Million views on Youtube. The first episode was obviously the success and the next few episodes saw the same viewership but only after the sixth episode we started seeing a decline.

The views on every episode were average anything from 600k to 1M but once we crossed the halway mark, the views began to die down. Some of the last episodes were only able to get around three hundred thousand views and we all know that its not much.

So with the views declining, the studio animating The Kings Avatar must have noticed. The future episodes all depend on viewership and the money that it makes during the last season and the second season of the The Kings Avatar seems to have not done so good.

So will the series get cancelled and we will not get a third season?

Well, no one can say for sure but according to rumors going online, the work for the third season has already started and the announcement will soon be made.

No concrete proof regarding this is available as of yet but it seems like Tencent is hell bent on completing this masterpiece of a series. Well, good for us!

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The King’s Avatar Season 3 Trailer: When Can We See It

Season 3 is not confirmed yet as of this writing, so there is still no official trailer available.

In the meantime, watch how it all began for season 2 through the trailer below.

Go to Tencent’s official youtube channel to watch the complete episodes online for free, or you may also watch the live-action version on Netflix.

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What Do We Know About The Kings Avatar Season 3 So Far

The King’s Avatar Anime Season 2 Trailer 2020

There were many rumors on the internet that Season 3 was coming. Finally, the rumors were confirmed when on the official Weibo account of Kings Avatar, it was posted that Season 3 will be coming out. On August 8, 2021, during their conference, Tencent mentioned Kings Avatar Season 3 in the list of their projects for 2021 and 2022. They also revealed a teaser featuring Ye Xiu, which is the first PV for the third season.

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The Kings Avatar Season : Release Date News And Rumors

The Kings Avatar is a donghua ONA series based on a web novel written by Hu Die lan. Tencent produces the series. In 2018, a three-episode sequel to the series was premiered, and after a long delay, the second season finally aired in 2020.

Only a few months after the last episode aired of Season 2, fans began asking all over the internet about Season 3. The action, adventure, and esports anime surprised the fans with its exciting storyline and beautiful animation. Luckily, some exciting news is available regarding the third season continue reading to find out about it.

The Plot: What Will Happen In ‘the King’s Avatar’ Season 3

Warning: Season 2 spoilers ahead.

The King’s Avatar is based on the light novel of the same name written by Hu Dielan.

In season 2, Team Happy, led by Ye Xiu, finally managed to enter Glory Professional Alliance in Season 10, which means that they are about to face the biggest battle of their lives.

Assuming the anime gets a third season, we are expecting to see a continuation of Team Happy’s competitive journey in the fictional Esports arena.

Whether they will win the championship trophy or not, we will have to wait for season 3 to find out.

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What Happened So Far In The Kings Avatar

The anime follows the story of Ye Xiu, who for many years is considered a prodigy player of the game Glory. Ye Xiu was so passionate about gaming that he spent day and night on fights, victories, a few defeats, championships, etc. He had no idea what was going on in the world because his life was concise to the gaming world.

After many years, Ye Xiu faces unfortunate circumstances due to which he discontinues playing the game. He was the captain of the team Excellent Era, from which he was forced to resign. Ye Xiu starts working on the night shift at Happy Internet Cafe, where he meets the Cafés owner, Chen Guo, whos a big fan of Ye Xiu, and waitress Tang Rou who also plays the online game. Ye Xiu started training Tang Rou so she could perfect her skills and return to the game.

While waiting to return to competitive gaming, Ye Xiu also plays Glory and builds a character from scratch. He starts working on finding new, skilled players and making a team of competitive, professional gamers.

In the last season, Ye Xiu finally finds new team members, and his team becomes eligible for registering in the Season 9, qualifiers, and starting their journey for the championship. His team name is Team Happy, and the team debuts in the Season 9 qualifiers and finally enters the Glory Professional Alliance in Season 10.

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The King’s Avatar Is The Chinese Anime Sensation For Gamers Sick Of Isekai

The King’s Avatar is both a great esports anime and the rare show that focuses on the real-world aspects of gaming instead of a fantasy.

Gaming anime is hardly a new sensation. .hack was a pioneer in the genre, based on a light novel released in 2002. A more commonly known example is Sword Art Online, which first aired in 2012 and is still on today. Other recent innovations in the genre include The Rising of the Shield Hero and Re:Zero. But both of those shows are what are called isekai, or “accidental travel” stories, in which the protagonist is transported to a fantastical otherworld where they face off against extradimensional threats. Here, they must rely on their wits and understanding of the game world’s systems.

Except that’s not what gaming is. Isekai takes the trappings of a video game and uses them to tell a surreal story, making use of mechanics and familiar concepts to help sell a new fantasy world. While those stories can be breathtaking and awe-inspiring, they often have very little to do with the real-world experiences of playing a video game. For that, there’s The King’s Avatar , a Chinese anime adapted from the web novel of the same name. With the show’s second season currently airing and a live-action adaptation on Netflix, let’s take a look at what makes the show worth watching.

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What Are Fans Saying About The Kings Avatar Season 3

Fans have been desperately waiting for the third season ever since the second season finished airing. The creators took so long to announce Season 2 that fans didnt expect Season 3 to be declared a few months after the second season. Fans were surprised and extremely happy after seeing the key visual and announcement for the third season. They couldnt believe the awaited news was finally here, and social media platforms became filled with the news.


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