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Who Is The Hottest Anime Male Character

Kyo Sohma Can’t Deny The Effect Tohru Honda Has On Him

Top 12 Most Hottest Anime Male Character

The world of shojo anime has no shortage of fascinating and compelling male love interests for the heroines, such as the princely Takumi Usui. Then there’s Kyo Sohma, who at first seems like Tohru Honda’s opposite. He is confrontational, self-absorbed, and short-tempered, among other things.

But this didn’t drive Tohru away. In fact, Tohru found herself drawn to Kyo as a friend, and then as a lover. Kyo’s wounded heart won’t easily open up, but eventually, he found the resolve and courage to embrace his new lover, and they bravely defied Akito and the Sohma curse to be together for all time.

Shigure Sohma From Fruits Basket

OK, yes, manga readers, I know theres something suspicious about Shigure, but I still love him. He absolutely fits the complete-little-shit vibe too. He may not have a heart of gold, but he does have hidden depths, and he knows more than he lets on. Id be remiss if I didnt mention Ayame and Hatori, his two BFFs, though, because really, its the trio dynamic of flamboyant costume designer, flirty scheming author, and stoic, serious doctor that is just .

Who Can Kill Thanos Alone

While there are many Marvel villains that love and adore Thanos, there are some heroes in the universe that simply despise him. One such hero, who very much hates Thanos and seems to survive for the sole purpose of being able to kill him, is Drax, the Destroyer.

20 Hottest Anime Guys Who Made Us Swoon

  • Shinya Kogami
  • Kou Mabuchi
  • Yamato Kurosawa
  • Soma Yukihira
  • Kyo Sohma
  • Genos
  • Ban
  • Karma Akabane Lets kick off our list of hottest anime guys with Karma.

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Tamaki Suoh From Ouran Host Club

Everytime I hear the name Tamaki Suoh, I cant help but think of how he refers to himself as Daddy, since hes the founder of his school club. Overbearing, annoying, and difficult, Tamaki is an absolute child. The thing with Tamaki, though, is that hes able to grow. I actually do appreciate how much he admires Haruhi Fujioka, his love interest, and how willing he is to follow her and let her lead. While he cares about shallow things like looks or money, he cares about Haruhi and his friends more than anything.

Top 20 Favorite Anime Guys And Boys On Mal

Top 150 Hottest Male Anime Characters

Let’s count down the top 10 male anime characters according to the users of MAL. From spiky-haired shounen protagonists to brooding anti-heroes, these anime guys all have a special something that we just can’t get enough of!


Based on the top male character ranking on MAL as of 11/23/2015. These rankings are based on the amount of times each character has been added to a user’s “Favorite Characters” section.

Check out the top female character ranking here!

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Dont Miss Out On Haku From Naruto

The wonderful Haku is from the Land of Water. He is an orphan and I guess that may be why he appeals to so many girls. Under the guidance of Master Momochi, he becomes a shinobi abe eventually a mercenary.

Is he beautiful? Ladies, you simply have to see this man to believe his good looks.

His long flowing black hair flows down his perfect frame, and he lets it hang loose apart from when he is engaged in combat. Strong and capable, he is many womens idea of a dream date.

Best Male Tsundere Characters In Anime Ranked

A tsundere character hides their warm, fuzzy feelings behind their chilly exterior. Which anime fellows match this description?

The anime world has all sorts of ways to categorize its many characters, often with the -dere character types. Depending on which word -dere is attached to, the suffix can describe all kinds of people, from aggressive, lovesick yandere characters to seemingly emotionless kuudere characters. But of course, tsundere characters are among the most popular of all.

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A tsundere character seems aloof, chilly, or even hostile at first, keeping people at arm’s length one way or another. However, such a character does have their warm and caring side, and will eventually show it to the right person under the right circumstances. It’s almost like watching a hedgehog uncurl, or a clam opening up to show the pearl inside. While such characters are often girls, there are some beloved male tsunderes, too.

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Light Yagami Of Death Note

Now, this anime sexy male is the right man for you if you like smart men. Okay, I have to admit that he is a serial killer, but you never know when you will need one of those.

Yes, he may go under the name of Light Yagami to start with, but as the world changes into something more sinister and dark, his other side comes out. But this is what I like about him.

Then again, I am that sort of girl who finds a man with a darker and more sinister more exciting. He is a savvy dresser and you will often see him dressed in a school uniform.

Brown hair completes the picture and this hot anime guy always seems to have a certain glint in his eye.

Other Hottest Male Anime Characters

Top 10 Hottest Anime Guys

Still want more hot male anime characters? Here are 15 more, which will definitely give more reasons to love anime no matter what age you are.

  • Akira from Dance in the Vampire Bund

  • Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon

  • Itachi Uchiha from Naruto

  • Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin

  • Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Seto Kaiba from Yu-gi-oh!

  • Kenshin Himura from Samurai X

  • Lavi Bookman Jr. from D Gray Man

  • Togusa from Ghost in the Shell

  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara

  • Gintoki Sakata from Gin Tama

  • Allucard from Hellsing

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    Killua Zoldyck From Hunter X Hunter

    Why isnt Killua Zoldyck the main character of Hunter x Hunter? Seriously, I would rather watch the show with him leading it. While Killua is written to help the audience see why the main character, Gon, is so great, his loving view of Gon just endears him to me even more. Yes, hes an assassin, and yes, hes likely killed hundreds of characters canonically, but we catch him just as hes turning away from all that. Killua is breaking from generations of trauma and forging his own path. Even though hes strong, all I want to do is protect him.

    Albert M James Moriarty

    Albert M James Moriarty is one of the main characters in the anime Yuukoku no Moriarty. He has a thin build, maybe even too thin for my taste. Nevertheless, with his cute brown hairstyle and dark emerald eyes, he definitely catches my eye. His grey suit perfectly suits him and makes his eyes pop even more. His personality is also attractive. Albert is considered to be one of the kindest noblemans. He is very loyal and helpful towards anyone in need.

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    Kou Tanaka Aka Kou Mabuchi

    Kou Tanaka is quite popular among female fans. With his cute black hair and beautiful sharp brown eyes, he attracts girls fast. From the more innocent look in his younger days to a more mature one in the older days, we just love him! Because of that, he deserves a place on this hot anime guys list. Kou also has a beautiful smile. But, unfortunately, he doesnt smile often. He is earnest, and people often find him rude. But, a lot of bad things happened in his life. When you look at him from a better perspective, you can see that he is a very kind and good person. Later in anime, he changes his name to Kou Mabuchi.

    Natsu Dragneels Light Red Hair


    He is a character of the famous anime series called, A Fairy Tail Manga. He has a strong muscular body due to which he tends to solve matter physically due to his straight-forward approach. He has thick short spikes in his red hair and a light- shade of red color almost like a pink tone. He is one of the most loved anime guys with red hair

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    Hak Of Yona Of The Dawn

    Would you like to have a partner or boyfriend who is just outright sexy? If you are thinking along those lines, dont look any further than Hak from Yona of the Dawn.

    Hak loves to work out, and when you look at him, you can tell that he takes enormous pride in his physique.

    I would not mind Hak making me part of his workout routine if you know what I mean.

    He has a passion for wearing blue, and you seldom catch him out not wearing anything. Hak is perhaps the sexiest anime guys, and you are going to love feasting your eyes on him.

    Top 100 Hottest And Sexiest Anime Guys Of All Time

    Kay-Posted Nov 9, 2021

    “Anime characters”! Believe it or not but the anime characters within a set anime define your experience with it to a large extent.

    The anime medium is filled with some of the best personalities you can find in any medium of entertainment.

    However, what gives anime an edge over other mediums is the fact that characters are not real people.

    Therefore, you can make these individuals look just how you want. And this advantage opens the door for a lot of new possibilities.

    One of which is “Beautiful Anime Characters”. Now we already have 100s of Waifus in this medium but today I will be shedding some light on our boys.

    Because I don’t think that these gorgeous gentlemen in anime get enough attention from those who watch them.

    Therefore, to appreciate their presence in the medium, allow me to present to you, The Top 100 Hot Anime Guys List.

    Yup, fangirls are going crazy about it now. And they definitely should because this list will have a century of anime boys who will melt you from the inside and make you fall for them, 100 times.

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    Tatsu From The Way Of The House Husband

    Tatsu is literally the ideal man. He knows how to meticulously clean a house, cook good food, fight for bargains at the grocery store, and everything else you would expect from a functioning adult. But he also knows how to fight and intimidate people just by existing. The former yakuza has truly won my heart, because not only is he a great house husband, hes ride-or-die for his lucky wife and thats yakuza loyalty.

    Takashi Morinozuka Aka Mori

    Top 10 Best Male Anime Characters in 2020!

    Takashi Morinozuka is a scorching hot anime guy. He has spiky black hair and dark gray eyes. What adds more to his good appearance is the fact that he is very tall. Besides, he also has good personality traits. Mori is brilliantly intelligent and very observant. Furthermore, he is generous, loyal, and has a very protective nature. The fact that Mori has a great connection with animals makes him appear even more handsome, cute, and good-natured. Because of all of that, everyone who knows him likes and respects him. Also, Mori is a national champion in kendo and has skills in karate. Pretty hot, right?

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    What To Wear On A Night Out

    What should you wear on a night out? Well, this is perhaps where things will get a bit more complicated.

    You want to make sure that you dont stand out too much in a crowd, but at the same time, you may want to reflect the look of your anime guy.

    Why not check out some of the hot and sexy anime girls and find out what they wear.

    When it call comes down to it, there is something special about hot and sexy anime guys. Show them your appreciation by perhaps investing in some cool gear.

    Above all, enjoy their company on your day off from work, or curled up enjoying some of your favorite Japanese candy when you get a chance to relax after a hard days work.


    Naruto Uzumaki Of Naruto

    Naruto is another exciting team member from the Naruto series. He is the shinobu of the Uzumaki clan.

    As far as Naruto goes, he is one of the most popular characters and there is a good reason for that.

    I have to admit that I rather like men who can think outside of the box. It makes life that little bit more exciting.

    You never what is going to happen when Naruto is around and wants to party.

    Is he a good looking guy. I must admit that I have fallen for his blond good looks and his amazingly blue eyes.

    Once again, if you like men who are different you will like Naruto. You are not going to believe this, but this sexy anime boy has three whiskers on each cheek.

    Personally, I think that makes him super cute and just my kind of guy.

    Is he fit? When it comes to the wonderful world of anime. Naruto is one of the fittest guys around and there are many aspects of his physicality that you will simply love. I do hope that he is up for a date

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    Minato Namikaze From Naruto

    Minato the father of Naruto and also the Fourth Hokage of the hidden leaf village of the series.

    His jaw length bangs frame his face and show off his handsome features and look the same as Naruto.

    Although in the first place he looks cool and hot to me on the same point. And that makes him down in this rundown.

    Like father like son.

    Hottest And Sexiest Anime Guys

    Which Is The Hottest Male Character?

    Anime has given us some of the most incredible characters we could imagine. It is time to pay our respects to some of the most handsome and beautiful men from these movies and series. Hopefully their looks might motivate you to watch more Anime. Note that they are in no order, how can you rate such different characters anyways?

    Need that niche sexy anime characters? Ogle these hot vampire guys!

    You can also check out these top fan-service anime series to get the story along with the eye-candy!

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    Hottest Male Characters In Comics Anime And Manga

    The ladies shouldn’t have all the fun. We look at the hottest male characters in comics and beyond…

    As many attractive female characters as there are in the comic book and pop-culture industry, and there are many, sometimes we need to devote a little bit of our time and appreciation towards the hot guys of fiction. Be it the hot All-American man type of hero to the dark, gothic allure of a vigilante, there are many examples of the male characters who deserve as much attention as the hot female characters have been receiving for decades.

    So its time we pay homage to some of the numerous examples of Bishounen in Japanese manga and anime, the heroes of Marvel and DC comics, and the rest of the hunks in the world of entertainment and pop culture.

    25) Blacksad

    Illustrated by: Juanjo Guarnido

    First Appearance in: Blacksad

    Casting aside the fact that Blacksad is still technically a cat, Blacksad is the type of character that leaves many fangirls purring in his wake. In a similar artistic style to Art Spieglemans Maus graphic novels in that both creators used different kinds of animals to depict the ethnicity of the characters, Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido created a manly and suave character depicted in the form of a tall black cat with a large white circle over his mouth.

    24) Prince Eric

    Directed by: Ron Clements & John Musker

    First Appearance: The Little Mermaid

    23) Tadashi Hamada

    First Appearance in: Big Hero 6

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    21) Mako

    Kaname Kuran Of Vampire Knight

    Would you like to meet a man who has got a bit of experience? In that case, I have just the guy for you. His name is Kaname Kuran and he is head of the vampire Kuran family.

    Anyway, if you do like hot anime guys with experience, you will love Kaname. It is said that he is 10,000 years old.

    Once again, he is another anime character with interesting eyes.

    He is always calm and has an attentive personality. Despite his age, he is one of the most stunning looking males that I have ever seen, and I would him having a little bit of a nibble of my neck.

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    Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan

    Levi Ackerman is a cold, distant, antisocial anime boy. He looks like a young teenager but heâs decades old. Levi is the Captain of the Scouting Legion division and Special Operations Squad. He boasts the title of âHumanityâs Strongest Soldierâ because he is the strongest human being in the world who can easily take down Titans. What makes this character so realistic is that he is not perfect heâs facing his own emotional trauma and insecurities. Since his introduction, he has gained immense love and appreciation from the fans. Leviâs stern face, tactful nature and strength make him one of the best male anime characters.

    Zero Kiryuu From Vampire Knight


    Member Favorites: 7081

    Of course this list won’t be completed without a vampire! Zero is the typical charming creature of the night. He has sliver hair, lavender eyes, and a super pale skin tone. Despite being deemed attractive and hot by both day and night class students, he still pushes them away like the good tsundere he is. He’s not that open to what he is feeling even for a special someone. He’s a mysterious hottie everyone loves, especially in shower scenes like this.

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