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How To Get Into Anime

Music Connects Fans To The Story

How To Get Into Anime! Which Anime To Start Watching!!!

Anime has created some of the best music – from dramatic orchestral tunes to lighthearted pop tracks. Watching a fight scene or a death scene is much more impactful for fans who have the right music playing alongside it. It’s harder for a manga to evoke the same emotions when anime fans have to read the content instead of experiencing it. Understandably, many fans find that they struggle to get emotionally invested while reading manga, so they watch the anime instead.

Ouran High School Host Club

Watch if you like: Romance, good-looking men, and the idea of your own male harem

A school for ridiculously wealthy kids has a “host club” with six ridiculously attractive “hosts”. After the school’s poorest, but smartest, scholarship student breaks a costly vase, he finds himself working there too…except it turns out “he” is a “she”. If you’re addicted to screwball romantic comedies, this is an excellent first step into the rabbit hole that is shoujo anime.

Colors Bring The Manga To Life

There’s nothing like seeing a great manga get transformed when animation, music, and vibrant colors are added. Color imagery gives a new level of character understanding by introducing the colors of the character’s hair, eyes, and clothing. The vibrant blue of Gojo’s eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen is incredible when shown in full color.

It even gives a better look at how the character’s abilities work. EvenMy Hero Academia or other mangas with incredible artwork, stand out even more. It’s no wonder Horikoshi, the creator, loves how the anime looks.

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Where Should I Start

We would need an entirely different blog post to cover the gargantuan number of manga genres and sub-genres that exist so, for now, we will simply cover the types of audiences to which manga are marketed. If you are looking for more information on manga genres and subgenres, then check out: Beginner’s Guide to Manga 3: Genres and Subgenres.

Toei Animation And Mushi Production

How To Get Into Anime

Toei Animation and Mushi Production was founded and produced the first color anime feature film in 1958, Hakujaden .It was released in the US in 1961 as well as Panda and the Magic Serpent. After the success of the project, Toei released a new feature-length animation annually.:101

Toei’s style was characterized by an emphasis on each animator bringing his own ideas to the production. The most extreme example of this is Isao Takahata‘s film Horus: Prince of the Sun . Horus is often seen as the first major break from the normal anime style and the beginning of a later movement of “auteuristic” or “progressive anime” which would eventually involve directors such as Hayao Miyazaki and Mamoru Oshii.

Osamu Tezuka established Mushi Production in 1961, after Tezuka’s contract with Toei Animation expired. The studio pioneered TV animation in Japan, and was responsible for such successful TV series as Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Gok no Daibken and Princess Knight.

Mushi Production also produced the first anime to be broadcast in the United States , although Osamu Tezuka would complain about the restrictions on US television, and the alterations necessary for broadcast.

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Remember Theyre Not An Otaku Yet

Behold The Otaku King

Your friend doesnt know how anime culture works. They dont understand the memes or habits picked up from anime.


dont go shouting about how hot a character is or stuffing their face full of ramen noodles. By doing this, you will only confirm to them anime is for weirdos and not something theyd want to watch.

Instead, you can just casually bring up a characters appearance and how you want a physique like that. Or go out for dinner and casually eat some ramen noodle.

This is a great way to slowly get your friends into anime culture, and even Japanese culture in general.

A Vinyl Of Their Favorite Anime Soundtrack

Anime vinyl and CD soundtracks, available at Right Stuf Anime, from $1.99

While animation and art pull you into a new world visually, an anime’s soundtrack further immerses you in the experience in all its well-composed glory. For your friend who loves to jam whenever their favorite anime’s theme starts playing, a vinyl or CD of the complete soundtrack will make an awesome gift.

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Begin The Process With A Hook

No, not this hook

This is quite possibly the most important step in this ultimate guide.

You need to treat your friends like animals and no

I dont mean lock them in a cage and force them to watch anime.

You need to lure your friends in with something they absolutely love, this will serve as a hook. Find something they love like a movie or game and tell them you will watch/play it with them.

PROTIP: the best hook is food.

Food works every time. Tell them youre ordering pizza or cheesecake to make them come running to your place like a titan.

You have now crafted a brilliant hook and theyve taken the bait. Its now time to reel them in.

At this point, your friend is at your house and enjoying his/her pizza and cheesecake.

Casually mention to them, youre going to put on a show. Once the show starts they may say Is this anime?

Make sure you reply back and confirm to them, Yeah, its an anime and youre going to love it.

And they will love it! Since youve carefully analyzed and picked a show theyll certainly enjoy because youve followed step #2.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

How To Get Into Anime: Where to Start (Re-Upload)

Number of episodes: 12

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is an endearing love letter to anime that follows three high schoolers who start their own anime club with the goal of creating the ultimate world from their own imaginations. Midori Asakusa is an energetic and passionate freshmen who aspires to create her own an anime one day. When she discovers her classmate, amateur model Tsubame Mizusaki, shares her dream, the two decide to team up a collaboration strongly egged on by Midoris financially-focused best friend, Sayaka Kanamori, who sees this as a potential gold mine. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is utterly charming, and you dont have to look further than the opening theme to get a sense of the shows boundless kinetic joy.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is available to stream on Crunchyroll and HBO Max.

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Creator Bryan Lee O’malley Attached As Co

Scott Pilgrim could soon be returning as an anime courtesy of Netflix, with its original creator among those involved in the project.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that a Scott Pilgrim revival is being developed for release on the streaming platform. Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley is attached to the project as a writer and executive producer, with Are You Afraid of the Dark? revival showrunner BenDavid Grabinski also involved. The pair will serve as showrunners if the series is greenlit.

Anime production studio Science SARU, which was involved in Star Wars: Visions among other projects, will produce animation for the series if it gets the go-ahead.

Fans recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Scott Pilgrim film directed by Edgar Wright, which was released in 2010. As part of the celebration, Ubisoft’s Scott Pilgrim beat ’em up was also re-released on modern platforms.

Have you read Scott Pilgrim?

Originally a six-part comic series, Scott Pilgrim is the story of a twenty-something slacker living in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada who must defeat his crush’s seven evil ex-boyfriends. The movie was surprisingly successful in condensing the entire story into one movie, but in many ways it’s better-suited for a television format, which has the potential to give the characters some room to breathe and develop.

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Best Anime Series For Beginners

List of Popular Anime for Beginners to Watch First

  • +127147

Are you becoming interested in Anime and wondering what is a good starter anime for you?

Anime has increased in popularity worldwide lately as more anime series and movies with multilingual subtitles and dubs are distributed to all over the world through lots of video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Many international people watch anime for just enjoying the entertainment contents , learning Japanese and other various reasons.

It is a little difficult to find out what to watch for those who have not watched an anime or liked a few family anime including Pokemon, Doraemon and Sailor Moon when they are children.

Here, I picked out some of the very best anime series for beginners, which are popular among both Japanese and international anime fans. Check the selected starter anime list!

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Animation Takes A Manga’s Story To The Next Level

Anime is well-known for its fantastical animation. It’s one thing to read about a story, but it’s completely different to see it in motion. Series like Jujutsu Kaisen, Violet Evergarden, and Your Lie In April have breathtaking visuals that truly capture the spirit of the manga.

The animation has such a large impact on how a series is perceived, that even the creator of My Hero Academia admitted to being incredibly emotional when the Sports Festival Arc was animated. Great animation truly helps bring a story to life, for both the fans and the creators.

Manga Requires More Concentration

How to Get Into Manga: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Arguably, sitting down to read a new manga series takes more concentration than watching a new anime series. It’s a lot easier to passively watch an anime than it is to read manga. In fact, most fans find it impossible to passively read manga – otherwise they miss important information. With anime, fans can go about their day and watch an anime at the same time.

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Star Wars: Visions: Best Space Anime For Newcomers

  • Released: 2021

If youre looking for a good space anime to use as a gateway into a broader world of anime in general, then consider checking out Star Wars: Visions. If youre not already familiar with Star Wars then Id like to know exactly what rock youve been living under. Visions is an anthology series featuring 9 stories from 7 different Japanese animation companies, including some big names like Production I.G. and Trigger.

Because its an anthology series, Star Wars: Visions offers a smorgasbord of different options. If youre not feeling a particular episode, then you can just straight-up skip to the next episode and try your luck there. Another benefit of the series is that its set in a familiar universe, so if youre a little on the fence about getting into anime, this is a perfect mixture of familiarity and new stuff to get you used to it. The series is already fully available on Disney+, so theres really no reason to at least think about trying it out if youre a fan of Star Wars already.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Manga

There is no rule stating a grown man cannot read a shojo series or, likewise, a teen girl cannot enjoy a seinen series. It all boils down to personal taste.

Many manga series cross gender and age divides to be enjoyed by everyone, such as Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist. There are also manga that defy the conventions of their genre, such as Kaiu Shirai’s Promised Neverland and Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba, which are technically shonen manga, although both feature female protagonists.

We mention this so readers can have a better understanding of what differentiates certain manga series. More often than not, people assume all manga is geared towards teens or children, which can lead to problems if a well-meaning educator, parent, or librarian unwittingly gives a young child access to a sexually explicit manga meant for adults.

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Re: Zero Starting Life On Another World

Despite only receiving one season, at the time of writing, Re: Zero Starting Life on Another World is one of the most popular anime of the past few years, with the characters of Rem and Ram being particularly widespread across the anime merchandise.

The series follows Subaru, a young man who ends up being transported from the modern world into a fantasy world. In this world, Subaru learns that if he is killed, he resets to a ‘checkpoint’ allowing him to alter his actions and try again.

There Is Far Less Reading When Watching Anime

How To Get Anyone Into Anime

Mangas require a lot less reading than other books. The majority of a story is visual with speech bubbles to help fans understand the plot. For those who aren’t a fan of reading or struggle with reading, watching anime allows them to experience the story. Even if someone prefers watching subbed anime over dubbed anime, they still have the animation to better help them understand the plot.

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The 15 Best Anime For Beginners

Anime is incredibly popular, but the amount of choice might overwhelm those who are just getting started. So here are the best anime for beginners!

Despite the fact that anime is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, it can be incredibly difficult for potential fans of the genre to actually start watching. This is largely due to the fact that the most popular anime tend to be incredibly long, with some even being made up of over a thousand episodes.

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Consequently, a good started anime should be relatively short , allowing for potential fans to easily catch up with the plot without the daunting and fatiguing task of watching over a thousand episodes. This article will list 10 of the best anime for beginners.

The world of manga and anime is bigger and better than ever, and over the course of the 2010s, the Western world has fully embraced this particular form of entertainment and all its quirks. With anime in the mainstream, more pop culture fans than ever are looking for entry-level series that are short, high quality, and easy to follow. With that in mind, let’s list 15 more beginner-friendly animated series.

An Ipad Pro With Apple Pencil For The Aspiring Animator

iPad Pro, available at Apple, , and Best Buy, from $789

If you step on to the anime side of TikTok, you’ve probably seen some talented artists’ frame by frame animations of their favorite characters grooving to the latest dance trend. But TikTok isn’t the only place you’ve seen frame by frame animation cultural touchstone and cinematic masterpiece “Akira” was hand-drawn at an impressive 24fps.

If you know someone who wants to create their own epic cel animation, the iPad will prove a useful splurge, since apps like Procreate and Animation Desk are some of the best tools you can use to start your animating journey. When buying an iPad, especially for the purpose of art, remember the Apple Pencil is sold separately.

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Fans Learn The Correct Pronunciation

Anime and manga are loved by fans all over the world. It stands to reason that some fans will have trouble pronouncing names and locations. The majority of manga and anime is Japanese, and these places/names deserve their correct pronunciation. Anime allows fans to hear the characters pronounce their own names, and they can avoid the embarrassment of calling Naruto “Na-rudo.”

Subbed Vs Dubbed: Which One Is Best

Cartoons into anime

You may be wondering what all the talk around subbed vs. dubbed is all about. Subbedshort for subtitledrefers to anime that uses the original Japanese audio and an English translation along the bottom of the screen. Dubbed anime, on the other hand, uses English-speaking voice actors to adapt the Japanese audio into a different language.

Which of these is best is going to come down to personal preference. If you would like to hear the original Japanese audio so you can hear how it was originally acted out, and you dont mind reading, then subbed might be for you. Watch subbed anime enough, and you may start to pick up on common Japanese phrases and words. However, if you prefer not to read and just want to listen in English, then look for dubbed versions. Some people watch both, and thats fine, too.


There is considerable debate among anime fans in the West about how we should consume anime. When dubbed anime first arrived in the U.S. in the late 80s to early 90s, the quality was typically very poor, with silly dialogue and ridiculous voice acting. The few dubbing studios that existed at the time would rarely hire trained actors, and often the mouth movements would be off, sometimes almost completely.

Today, voice acting is taken very seriously. These days the English voice actors are just as goodif not betterthan their Japanese counterparts.

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A Snack Box Subscription That Includes An Anime

3-month TokyoTreat Premium subscription, available at TokyoTreat, from $32.50

We think TokyoTreat is one of the best snack subscription boxes around, so if your friend is both an anime fan and a snack connoisseur, this is the box subscription for them. With a premium subscription to TokyoTreat, you’re guaranteed an anime-themed snack every month.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In a similar vein to Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of the most iconic and influential anime of the past few decades. The series follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse as they try to heal the damage inflicted on them both during an ill-fated ritual.

The series has some of the most intense action, compelling characters, and heartbreaking episodes in anime history, making it a perfect contender for someone’s ‘first anime’.

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