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A Day Before Us Animated Korean Drama Review

[A day before us] EP.02 Before You and I Become âweâ?_ ENG/JP

By Staff 13 May 2018Share

Before I reach you, Before I Noticed You, Before We Meet Again A Day Before Us, ananimated Korean drama captures heartfelt day-to-day life moments through soft, pasteltoned 2 minute online episodes.

It might look, walk and talk like an anime but A Day Before Us has labelled itself as an animated Korean drama. You could also try calling it a webtoon series due to the fact that the 10 episode first season currently resides and is viewable on Youtube and Facebook with second season episodes being released weekly as we speak. See episode one below:

Without much information given about the creators behind the drama, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the mellow series as it unfolds.

Friend a mask to hide real feelingsA strand of hair, lipstick on a straw, soup on a hot day Through simple yet expressive animations depicting day-to-day life situations, A Day Before Us captures fleeting moments between characters, collecting each one as they build a storyline for each relationship. Whether its unrequited love or a budding romance, the mood is set through a series of subtle mannerisms, well rounded expressions and finally, an original soundtrack made to pull at heartstrings.

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A Day Before Us Season 3 Special: Behind The Scenes Interview With Studio Lico

By Staff 24 September 2018Share

Through unique watercolour pastel colours and an original soundtrack made to pull at heartstrings, Studio LICO has already given us two seasons of romantic animated Korean drama A Day Before Us with third season ready to premiere on October 5th. To mark the occasion, the LICO A Day Before staff have taken time out of their busy schedule to share with FAD a glimpse into the Korean animation scene.

Before you and I become usA Day Before Us is an animated romantic drama about the lives of four young people and prequels to their love stories. Kept short and sweet, A Day Before Us fleeting two minutes on average episodes are exclusively viewable online through , and their Naver Webtoon app, a strategic decision explained in full in the following interview.

Read the full review on A Day Before Us here.

Hello, and thank you for agreeing on this interview! As you may already know, A Day Before Us is the very first anime review ever published on FAD Magazine so it definitely holds a special meaning for us.

Would you like to introduce yourselves to the readers of FAD?

Before we get started, could you give three words that best describe the A Day Before team?Passion, creativity & fun energy.

How about three words to describe A Day Before Us as a series?Heart throbbing thrills, youth, a love story.

What would you say are the main differences between Korean animated series and Japanese animated series?

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A Day Before Us Korean Animation

A Day Before Us, is an animated Korean Drama. Even though, it may seem to appear to be an Anime because of the drawing style, it is not. This animation could be labelled as a Webtoon series.

I came across the series on , and instantly fell in love with the artwork, and the lovely pastel colours! The colours are simple yet eye-catching, and fit the animations concept perfectly, as the episodes show day-to-day life of the four main characters. Each episode is under 5 minutes long. The first video uploaded on , 2018, was the teaser. The first episode of Season 1 was uploaded the following day, , 2018. All the videos have both Japanese and English subtitles, which makes it convenient for those who dont understand Korean.

Even though this is labelled as a romance drama, the romance is subtle but sweet and you get to see two different relationships. With each episode, you slowly learn more about the four main characters as individuals, and their relationships. The flow is simple and realistic, which is one of the reason Ive enjoyed watching the animation so much!

Season 2 is out also, and the latest episode was uploaded May 25, 2018. You can keep up to date through the official page of, A Day Before Us.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions of, A Day Before Us in the comments!

~ Sid

Korean Romance Anime For Shoujo Fans To Check


Many may not be familiar with it, but Korea had been making anime all these years and some of them had captured several fans from all over the world, especially those fans of webtoons or manhwa which had been the source material for many of these Korean anime.

I had previously listed my top recommended Korean boys-love anime and did a few overviews on some of them. Now, I would like to delve into another genre in Korean animation and that is romance, so Ill be giving you our top recommended Korean romance anime for shoujo fans to check and widen their options for their add-to-watch list.

I truly believed that its amazing to see some new stories from a different perspective, from different cultures albeit it belongs in the same genre. It also showcases the different narratives and story-setting from another point of view. Without further ado, here are some of the best Korean romance anime that we would like to recommend to everyone.

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A Day Before Us Hindi Dubbed

Name: A Day Before Us

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p

Story : A Day Before Us is an animated romantic drama about the lives of four young people and prequels to their love stories. Kept short and sweet, A Day Before Us fleeting two minutes on average episodes are exclusively viewable online through ,

During a rain shower, college student Ha Eun encounters a young man named Yeon Woo who has an umbrella. As the tent above them is about to burst apart from the heavy rain, she latches onto Yeon Woo in order to shield herself. Not realizing that what she had just done was embarrassing she tries to ignore Yeon Woo the rest of the time. Little does she know, hes the friend of her best friend, Yeo Reum who is a bright faced and childish young woman. Annoyed by the fact that she keeps coming across the neutral faced and quiet Yeon Woo she tries her best to stand up for herself in front of the quiet man. Meanwhile, a shy man named Wook Wook is also good friends with Eun Ha and also has a secret crush on her and keeps on staring at her sweet lips. But, being shy and awkward around her, he does his best to hide his secret but, such a thing isnt as easy as it seems. As these two stories clash together, what will happen to them all in the end? Will love flourish and bloom, or, will they just keep on ignoring each others hearts?

Sorry I Love You: Between Of One Year

Mianhada Saranghanda | Studio: G& G Entertainment | This is another film on our list and it was released on June 2, 2008, with a 35-minute duration. The film was adapted from a hit Korean drama titled, Im Sorry, I Love You which starred So Ji Sub and Eun Chae in 2004. The anime film showcases the highlights of the series and new scenes that deal with the final moments of the main characters relationship.

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Korean Animation Characters In Public Spaces

  • Larva subway was a subway based on and featured a Larva character. It operated from November 2014 until May 2015 on line No. 2. The Seoul government and Metro explained that they wanted to give citizens a chance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the subways opening.
  • Tayo buses were organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Bus Transport Business Association, and the animation company which made Tayo the Little Bus for the Public Transportation Day. In 2014, the Seoul Metropolitan Government commissioned buses designed as the characters of Tayo the Little Bus to go around the Gwanghwamun Square area of the city.
  • In 2014, statues of Larva and Pororo the Little Penguin were installed in World Park, which is a square in the Lotte World II Hotel. They were well received by citizens and tourist.


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