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A Netflix Original Anime Series

Death Note Is A Brilliantly Crafted Morality Story

Top 10 Best Netflix Anime Original Series

Based on Tsugumi Ohba’s popular psychological thriller manga, Death Note follows Light Yagami, a genius high schooler who inherits a mysterious notebook that lets him kill anyone whose name he writes in the book. With the Death Note, Light begins to kill off all of the world’s criminals, but in doing so, comes under the scrutiny of the various police agencies and the brilliant detective, L.

Death Note is a classic anime that should be on every thriller fan’s list of must-watch series. The series poses profound questions about morality, justice, and the meaning of good and evil. It features one of the most unique stories to be found in any anime, and the game of cat-and-mouse played by notable characters Light and L is satisfying to watch from beginning to end.

With That Said I Present To You Three Of The Most Underrated Netflix Original Animes You Absolutely Have To Watch:

Great Pretender

Great Pretender is a Netflix Original Anime series produced by Wit Studio and is directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryta Kosawa.

If you love heist series and films, this is one anime you dont want to miss. The story revolves around Edamura Masato, a Japanese conman who crosses paths with a French rival, and gets entangled in conspiracies and scams beyond his wildest dreams.

Youll absolutely adore each of the characters in the series and how well they all work together to pull off scams that are extremely bizarre. The character development for each character is also very well written. Making people who watch the show truly invested in whats going to happen next.

With multiple twists and turns and amazing visuals, the series definitely delivers a story unlike any other.

Hi Score Girl

The year is 1991, and arcade video games are the latest craze. Becoming a professional gamer is a far-fetched dream in an industry that has yet to spread its influence. Yet, that is the path sixth-grader Haruo Yaguchi wants to pursue. His aptitude for video games has earned him respect in local arcades and bestowed him with confidence and pride, both of which are shattered when fellow classmate Akira Oono easily defeats him in Street Fighter 2.

Devilman Crybaby

Another Underrated Netflix Original Anime is Devilman Crybaby. The series is directed by Masaaki Yuasa, produced by Aniplex and Dynamic Planning, and is animated by Science SARU.

Code Geass: Lelouche Of The Rebellion

Code Geass consists of two seasons and 50 episodes, and it tells the story of an exiled prince named Lelouche who leads a rebellion against the Holy Britannian Empire. He does this because he wants Japan to regain its freedom, but he also wants to eliminate his father, the emperor who had his mother killed.

Lelouche meets an immortal witch named C.C. who gives him a Geass, which allows him to command anyone he wishes, but he can only use this ability on someone once. The series is well-paced and features a lot of mech combat, but Lelouche steals the show by being one of the smartest and most fleshed-out characters in all of anime.

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The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Given that its about a pink-haired teenage boy with psychic powers, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K gets a lot of mileage out of the purely mundane aspects of his life: going to school, or interacting with his parents, or even, uh, watching anime. Like any moody kid, all the eponymous Saiki wants is to be left alone and mind his own business, but the need to keep his secret from most of the people around him gets in his way. His deadpan delivery and ever-present internal monologue drive the show, and each episode delivers a new, deliciously meta comedy of errors.Watch it if you love:Sabrina the Teenage Witch the character Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Updated List Of Top Exclusive Anime On Netflix Streaming

WATCH: New Netflix Original Anime Series

Netflix, one of the most important a subscription-based streaming service, is showing an increasing interest towards the anime genre. In fact, the American streaming platform is planning more anime content, striking deals with 4 producers in Japan and Korea such as Japans NAZ, Science SARU, MAPPA, and Koreas Studio Mir. Lets see the list of best Netflix original animes updated in 2021!

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Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

A spinoff of JoJos Bizarre Adventure, this is fully the show of Kisibe Rohan, a narcissistic manga artist and side character of that series, who in this show works as a sort of Nick Carrawayesque narrator of supernatural and violent self-contained stories, pulled from his globe-trotting endeavors. Despite its title, it has little connection to Nietzsche its original Japanese title apparently translates, loosely, to Rohan Kishibe does not change, a true enough statement.Watch it if you love:Wuthering Heights The Great Gatsby

Upcoming Anime Series On Netflix

Anime fans have a lot to look forward to this month on Netflix, including the highly anticipated Baki Hanma series. Hitting Netflix this September, Baki Hanma continues his quest to become the most powerful fighter and prepares for his battle with the strongest creature in the world his father.

For a list of other exciting titles coming to Netflix in September 2021, check out the video below:

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Excitement Builds Towards The Live Action Series

The iconic success of the original anime series is exactly why the live-action adaptation from Netflix is garnering so much attention from fans both past and present.

Starring John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda, the upcoming adaptation of Cowboy Bebop is set to release through the Netflix streaming platform on November 19th, 2021.

Season 1 will consist of 10 one-hour-long episodes, meaning that fans can look forward to multiple seasons to follow assuming the pacing for the live-action series isnt ridiculously quick.

Developing the series is Andre Nemec, who previously worked on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Without Remorse , and writing it is Cristopher Yost from Thor: Ragnarok and The Mandalorian .

Nemec recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and responded to fans who are anxious that the upcoming series wont adhere to the original anime.

I promise we will never take the original anime away from the purists. It will always exist out there. But Im very excited about the stories that were telling. I believe weve done a really nice job of not violating the canon in any direction but merely offering some extra glimpses into the world that was already created. Andre Nemec, via EW.

The platform recently released a short teaser video called Lost Session see below.

Cowboy Bebop | Official Teaser Lost Session | Netflix

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

TOP BEST NEW Netflix Original Anime Series in 2021

If you cross Game of Thrones Littlefinger and The Crows Eric Draven, you might get Lelouch vi Britannia: an intoxicatingly skilled political manipulator with mind-control powers who is on a mission of vengeance against his family, which rules the world. Code Geass has sci-fi combat, bureaucratic backstabbing, teen comedy, and a future in which imperialism and caste systems keep the populace underfoot. Like practically every revolutionary in history, Lelouch isnt particularly noble in his pursuit to overthrow the power of the family he is estranged from, but he is fascinating to watch.Watch it if you love:Cruel Intentions Shakespeares

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Cowboy Bebop On Netflix: Watch The Teaser Trailer Info Release Date Where To Find The Original Series

The long-awaited Netflix show of 2021, Cowboy Bebop, released a teaser Tuesday. It comes in advance of the shows release date on Nov. 19.

The show is a live-action adaptation of an anime of the same name that debuted in the late 1990s in Japan and later aired on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim in the 2000s and 2010s.

Netflix is taking some parts of the original anime and using it to influence the new series. Netflix is working with Yoko Kanno, the original music director whose jazzy music soundtrack defined the original anime, according to Gizmodo.

So far, Netflix already released the opening credit sequence on YouTube back in late September.

Now, Netflix has been revealing a little more about the show, which takes place in 2071 and is all about space-traveling bounty hunters and their adventures.

They started by releasing the teaser mini-episode called, Lost Session, on Tuesday, and then the official another surprise for fans that there would be an official trailer dropping in another week.

Official trailer in 1 week. Until then, may we humbly present THE LOST SESSION. #cowboybebop#thelostsession

Violet Evergarden Is Beautifully Animated And Written

Based on Kana Akatuki’s award-winning light novel series, Violet Evergarden introduces audiences to Auto Memory Dolls, humans and machines that write for others. The story follows Violet Evergarden, a Doll and former soldier, as she attempts to reintegrate back into society after a war and find her purpose in life.

Violet Evergarden features beautiful art and animation, a compelling story, and well-developed characters. The series avoids devolving into over-sentimentality and remains well-paced throughout. At its core, it’s about figuring out one’s purpose in life and how to relate to others, but the world-building and characterization work together to extract every ounce of meaning from the material.

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Skip: Sword Gai: The Animation

Sword Gai: The Animation had potential. Following the protagonist, Gai Ogata, he forges an agreement with a demonically possessed weapon named Shiryu to become his arm after he lost it in an accident. This agreement causes Gai to garner the attention of a dark organization that wishes to control all the demonic weapons.

Where the show plummets is its plot pacing and repetition. Season one feels like it is setting something up that the audience never sees. If unsatisfying slow-burns aren’t someone’s thing, do not binge watch Sword Gai.

The Best Anime On Netflix Right Now

Top 10 Best Netflix Original Anime Series to Watch Now ...

Since becoming the dominant force in streaming and now, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic that stunted most other entertainment entities, Hollywood itself Netflix has been slowly expanding its vast library of original and curated titles, including animation. While the streamer studio develops more original animated titles, it has also been acquiring assets left and right to become a prime destination for anime.

Traditionally, anime refers to Japanimation, i.e. animation of a unique and vibrant style of animation that spans hand-drawn and computer-generated artistry. But Netflix’s roster as in, titles that populate Netflix’s dedicated anime genre also incorporates anime-inspired works. Altogether, there’s a lot to sift through and titles come and go with the ebb and flow of the acquisitions tide.

Here is EW’s curated list of the best anime on Netflix right now.

*Titles added for fall 2021 are denoted with an asterisk.

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Check Out Our List On The Best New Anime Releases

Are you looking for the best anime series on Netflix right now? From mecha to magical girls, adorable red pandas to horrific demons, Netflix continues to grow its anime library as the genre continues to be a huge success for the streamer.

It can be a challenge to choose which anime to binge next as Netflix continues to shake up its offerings with new licenses and originals each month, so the IGN Staff took on the task of picking the service’s best anime currently streaming in the U.S. From Neon Genesis Evangelion to Aggretsuko to Devilman Crybaby and beyond, we’ve got the best of the best on this list.

The newest additions to this list will be added at the top and marked with an asterisk. Oh, and when you’re done here, it’s also time to check out our list of the 7 Essential Anime Every Fan Should Watch and what’s new to Netflix in September.

Note: As this is a list of anime series and shows to watch, no anime movies were considered for this feature. Also, this list pertains to U.S. Netflix subscribers. Some titles may not currently be available on international platforms. This page is periodically amended to remove anime series and seasons no longer available to watch on Netflix, and to include great anime shows that are now available for streaming on the service.

+1 Studio Ghibli Movies

There is a lineup of the famous Studio Ghibli movies from the top-rated Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away to the classic My Neighbor Totoro and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on Netflix around the globe from 2020. You should try all of the Ghibli films since you can get the unlimited access to them!

I have listed my best Ghibli movies below!

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Code Geass Is One Of The Best Strategy Anime Ever

Considered by fans to be one of the best strategy anime of all time, Code Geass tells the story of Lelouch vi Britannia, the exiled prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. When Lelouch meets a strange woman named C.C. and inherits the power known as Geass, he assumes an alter ego called Zero and starts a rebellion to overthrow the current world order.

Code Geass covers themes including politics, morality, and rebelling against the previous generation. While it is a mecha anime with excellent large-scale battles, the plot focuses more on developing the characters. It’s full of twists and turns, and while there are great episodes of Code Geass, the series finale is easily one of the best anime episodes ever.

Castlevania Is An Action Packed Adventure

Netflix original anime series ‘Trese’ premieres today | Newday

One of Netflix’s best original series is Castlevania, a dark fantasy action series produced by Frederator Studios. Based upon the popular video game franchise of the same name, the story follows the vampire hunter Trevor Belmont, the magician Sypha Belnades, and the half-vampire Alucard as they battle the forces of darkness.

Fans were sad when Castlevania ended its fourth and final season in May of 2021. The series features beautiful art, satisfying and gory battles, and great performances from its voice actors. While the plot offers little outside its fairly straightforward series of battles, the characters are likable enough, and this along with Trevor’s Belmont’s witty comebacks more than compensate for the story’s shortcomings.

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Teasing Master Takagi San

Teasing Master Takagi San will be a good option if you look for an anime, fun and lighthearted. Teasing Master Takagi San is a two-person story about Master Takagi San and Nishikata. If you blush, you lose is the core concept of this anime.

Based on this, Nishikata is always outwitted by her seat neighbor Takagi San. Seeking to change this at least once, Nishikata tries to make her blush. Will he be able to do that? Well, you can only find it out if you watch the series.

This one contains romance and comedy as a genre, and as of now, this is some of the best that Netflix original anime has to offer.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light

Release Date: Oct. 1

First up on the list is none other than The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light, which may come as a surprise to your OG fans of the series being that the final episode debuted earlier this year. But theres no shocker here as the show has continuously been one on everyones minds ever since it arrived on Netflix, hence, why the show was given one last film to say its somber goodbye to fans.

The last film of the anime will cover where the fifth season left off with Meliodas and his gang of misfits must put a stop to the evil that constantly plagues their world. But theyll need to be stronger, faster, and smarter if they want to be successful in stopping this new threat.

Read more on the official synopsis via Netflix, here.

Meliodas and his friends jump back into action when the new era of peace is threatened by a powerful magical alliance that could spell the end for all.

Youre certainly not going to want to miss the shocking conclusion to one of the best new-generation shounen anime series and, thankfully, you wont have to.

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Fullmetal Alchemist And Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Not quite as cerebral or surreal as other shows in this list, FMA is a tightly wound high-fantasy series that has garnered several generations of fans. A bit of explanation: Full Metal Alchemist takes a turn halfway through that changes the story vastly from the series source material, while Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a more strictly adhered-to adaptation of the original books. Most FMA acolytes think the latter is far superior, but both are excellent. Telling the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric, brothers who survived a traumatic magical accident now hoping to right their mistakes of the past the show explores themes of filial piety and the ramifications of global war.

Total Episodes: 64

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop: ‘an Expansion To The Canon’

18 best anime shows &  original series now on Netflix

If we’ve learned anything from the past several decades of live-action adaptations of animated properties, it’s that what works in one medium doesn’t always translate to the other. Even if a film or show does survive the jump to live-action, a straightforward, beat-by-beat recreation of the source material only raises the question why an adaptation was necessary in the first place.

That’s a question that’s dogged a number of Disney’s live-action remakes over the years. What does 2019’s Lion King offer that we didn’t already get from the 1994 version? By the same token, what is the new Cowboy Bebop going to do to distinguish itself from a show that is widely regarded as one of the best animated series of all time?

Have you watched Cowboy Bebop?

Showrunner André Nemec recently addressed this question, telling Entertainment Weekly the new series is “an expansion to the canon” rather than a straightforward remake.

“I promise we will never take the original anime away from the purists. It will always exist out there,” Nemec said. “But I’m very excited about the stories that we’re telling. I believe we’ve done a really nice job of not violating the canon in any direction but merely offering some extra glimpses into the world that was already created.”

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