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How To Animate An Anime Opening

How To Take An Anime Character And Create An Animation In Crazytalk

How to animate a door opening in Anime Studio Pro 11 / Moho – Animation Tutorial

May 15, 2018 at 02:34 pm by Press Release

Have you ever wondered how you can create a simple animation with cool characters?

Maybe something to use for a video game, app or for a dramatic scene. Well, in this tutorial you will learn how to take an image of a character , split it into the different body parts, create a rig and animate it easily using CrazyTalk Animator 3.

We will work on creating a dramatic scene of a warrior having a hard time against his enemy. This will be depicted with the character being tired, breathing heavily and showing different emotions on his face letting us know that he is thinking and considering options to take down his adversary. All of this will be accomplished by first preparing the character in , adding cell shading for a dramatic effect, and easily animating it in CrazyTalk Animator 3. Once you have the character ready for animation, you can move it in any way you want, and you can use it to create other animations as well.

To make your life easier, I will provide the animation presets as well.

Daicon Iii And Iv Opening Animations

Daicon III & IV Opening Animation
Anime film
Approximately 5½ mins Approximately 6 mins
Anime and mangaportal

The Daicon III and IV Opening Animations are two 8mm film anime short films that were produced for the 1981 Daicon III and 1983 Daicon IV Nihon SF Taikai conventions. They were produced by a group of amateur animators known as Daicon Film, who would later go on to form the animation studio Gainax. The films are known for their unusually high production values for amateur works and for including numerous references to otaku culture, as well as its unauthorized appropriations of the Playboy Bunny costume. Usage of the songs Runaway by Bill Conti ” rel=”nofollow”> For your Eyes Only) as well as “Twilight” and “Hold on Tight” by English rock band Electric Light Orchestra were also unauthorized.

Daicon III was made by Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Yamaga and Takami Akai and Daicon IV credits twelve people, including Yamaga as the director and Anno and Akai as animation supervisors. Despite the questionable legal status of the works, the production of Daicon III resulted in debts that were repaid by selling video tapes and 8mm reels of the production, the profits of which went to the production of Daicon IV. In 2001, the anime magazine Animage ranked the Daicon animations as the 35th of the “Top 100” anime of all time.

Votd: Pixar’s ‘up’ Gets The Anime Opening Treatment

What if Up was an anime? It’s a question no one was really asking, but one we got the answer to thanks to Pixar’s recently released Pixar Remix video, which condenses the entirety of the beloved 2009 Pixar film into a cheery two-minute anime opening. And it’s awesome. Watch the Up anime opening below.

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Take It Sailor Clothes

One of the cornerstones of the slice of life genre, Lucky Startakes viewers on a carefree journey through the high school lives of four likable girls. Although the anime is relaxed and slow-paced, the opening theme blasts out of the gate with a contagious energy that might just inspire someone to get up and dance. The video even provides the moves!

While not as inescapable and repeatable as the dance sequence from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya‘s Sunny, Sunny Happiness ending theme, Lucky Star‘s “Take It! Sailor Clothes”by Aya Hirano, Emiri Kat, Kaori Fukuhara, and Aya Endocomes close to matching it.

‘zankoku Na Tenshi No Thesis’ Neon Genesis Evangelion

Door Opening Animation in After Effects Tutorial

‘Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis’

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Famous for being one of the most influential, love it or hate it anime series. Personally, I neither loved nor hated it. It was aninteresting show, to say the least.

What made me keep watching the next episode was definitely the opening. The upbeat tone is kind of contradictory to the mostly dark and depressing themes of the show itself but the lyrics tell you everything you need to know about the series. Its an extremely catchy song with a 90s disco pop vibe to it. A memorable classic.

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How To Make An Anime Theme Song

You know if you do make an animeone important thing to consider is the music. How many people can forget the themes to shows like SAO, One-Punch Man and one of the biggest Neon Genesis. Ive lived in Japan and A Cruel Angels Thesis is on the Karaoke list. To be honest I miss a ton of old school soundtracks we used to get in the 80s and 90s. It has been quite some time since weve seen a real soundtrack. I guess that is why Guardians of the Galaxy was so refreshing.

So when making your animedont forget.you need a good theme song.

What If Valorant Was An Anime Reddit User Demonstrates With A Fanmade Opening

The Valorant community is pretty active when it comes to creating fun content, whether gaming-related or on just about any random topic. This time around, the community is going berserk over a fanmade anime opening sequence that surrounds Riots own shooter title.

The anime community is quite large and brimming with talent. For those who dont know, an anime has its own opening sequence to give an introduction to the narrative through a one-and-a-half minute long musical.

SH11BE, the Redditor who created the above video, maintained a lot of things related to the game lore, including Brimstone’s possible past, Chamber’s suspicious nature and a few key moments from every cinematic video.

For music, the creator used Demon Slayer’s third opening and matched the entire video to it pretty well.

Paying respect to the Redditor’s attempt at creating an anime opening for Valorant, this article will discuss if that really might be possible for the shooter.

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You Need To Keep Making Always

There’s always enough time to work on your reel, especially in the first year of your animation career. When you add stuff to your reel, make sure you follow our Demo Reel Guidelines so you don’t waste your time.

If you keep creating things and putting them out there, while constantly applying to studios, you will eventually get noticed, and hired.

The Idea Of Valorant Anime Adaptation

How To Animate Anime Style Run cycle – 2D Animation Tutorial

Animations are great ways to tell a story by using great visuals and voice acting. Japanese animation, aka anime, is known for its unique story and visual styles, which has millions of fans around the globe. When this Japanese anime culture gained Western acceptance, it led to the creation of anime such as Avatar by Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

When it comes to anime in gaming culture, the style has also been used in anime adaptions of games like The Witcher, Dota, and Castlevania. All these series have been pretty popular due to the rich lore of the games they’re based on.

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The Top 10 Best Anime Openings

I make reviews and lists relating to anime, music, and video games. Japanese media is part of my daily intake. Also a huge Vocaloid fan.

If you have the hobby of watching anime, chances are you have more than just a few anime openings spicing up your music playlists. A good opening can entice people to check out the show from where the opening comes from and can sometimes even make the entire process of watching the show a better experience in general.

What makes anime openings special is that whenever we listen to them, we get transported to a moment in the anime itself. We get to feel and experience the fictional world that we love again through its beats and melodies. These songs can invoke our feelings of love, adventure, passion, grief, and hope. These songs play with all our emotions and we love them for it!

So heres a list of the top 10 best anime openings that Ive had the pleasure of listening to.

Who Makes Anime’s Opening Sequences

Adam asks:

You’ve talked before about how music gets chosen for opening and ending sequences, but I’m curious about the animating side of it. I’ve noticed most openings and endings specifically credit a single storyboard, director, and animation director. What do these people do, how do they get chosen to do the opening/ending, and how soon before broadcast is the opening and ending complete?

Opening and ending sequences are hugely important to everyone. Fans love ’em. To anime creators, they represent a series’ best foot forward — something that can make or break a show to its audience. Many shows are considered to have timeless, classic opening sequences, even if the shows they’re attached to kind of suck . Fans have compile lists of favorites, extract the music from them, and built them into best-of collections and playlists since the earliest days of fandom in the West.

And what is an opening sequence but a short, 90-second music video? It needs to be well-animated, and should be and thematically congruous with the show it represents. It shouldn’t look TOO different from the show itself. It should focus on its main characters and whatever central relationships that the show will concern itself. And above all, it should be cool.

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‘hacking To The Gate’ Steins gate

‘Hacking to the Gate’

I absolutely love Steins Gate. I have never seen any other anime about time travel that can match its feel and quality. Everything from the three-dimensional and likeable characters to its clever storytelling blended perfectly with suspenseful moments easily makes this series my number one favorite time travel anime of all time.

The opening for this show is just as great in every aspect. Fitting perfectly with the theme of the story, both the visuals and lyrics manage to make metaphors regarding time all the while cleverly referencing major elements of the story. Its simply brilliantbut unfortunately not enough to take the number one spot.

‘mitsu No Yoake’ Spice And Wolf 2

Anime Studio Door Opening Animation Test

‘Mitsu no Yoake’

Spice and Wolf is a show about a man who meets a wolf harvest goddess and then takes said goddess on a journey with him around the world . What follows after that, you ask? Maybe a grand adventure? A war deciding the fate of mankind? Nope. Just a whole lot o medieval age trading. This show basically focuses around our two main characters, a trader named Lawrence and the wolf goddess Horo. The series showcases their daily struggles that come with trading as well as a bit of romance sprinkled in between them. Which is great as both of them are excellently written characters and their romantic development is believable.

The reason I chose this opening over the song for season 1 is because I feel this one captures the sense of the journey better in both visuals and sound . Its a tune that you can listen to and relax as you take your supernatural wolf harvest goddess with you on a long journey around the world. What more is there to life other than money, love, and traveling?

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What Is In An Anime Opening

This topic involves an examination of the animated opening/ending credits sequences that bookend most popular modern anime. In anime, an opening credits sequence often highlights main characters, hints at plot arcs, and features the names of studio staff, all while synchronized to music. Analyze how an opening may influence the “tone” of a show, and how that may correlate to sub-genre. What does a “good” opening sequence do for an anime? What does it do or provide for audiences? Perhaps look into the history of opening/ending credits sequences in anime to compare how fans view & amp share these openings today online.

Making An Animated Movie Course

Watch the complete 30 video lessons course about the process of making animated short films from start to finish.

We’ve designed this course to be tailored specifically for aspiring animation filmmakers interested in making taking their first steps to making their own movie a reality.

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So I Have A Demo Reel Now What

Since I don’t know you personally, I’ll give you the best advice I think would benefit most people: The best way to get noticed is to create things.

Having a BFA in animation or a diploma from an online school will definitely help, but it won’t guarantee a job after graduation.

You know what I did the day after graduation?

Continued animating for my reel. And that’s what I did everyday until I got my first freelance work. And then after work kept working on more shots so I’ll be ready for the time the freelance project was over.

How To Use Our Anime Youtube Intro Maker

Animating the Door Opening in Blender

One of the best parts about using our anime YouTube intro maker is the convenience it offers. No messy timelines or confusing instructions! Simply pick your intro and fill out a form to customize the intro video. In seconds, you’ll be presented with a preview of the introduction.

From there, you can order the high-definition version free of watermarks. Once your payment goes through, we send over the HD video file for you to use as you please. How simple is that?

Naruto example created with Game Day HUD Screen

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Write A Stellar Video Script

Write a Brief: To have a clear purpose and direction for your video

  • Why youre making this animated video?
  • What it needs to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What action should viewers take after watching, and
  • What is the core message of your video?

Convert your core message into a simple story

  • The hook: This is the most important part of the script. Itll be the first 8-10 seconds for a 1-minute video. It will decide whether your viewers will stay or bounce. You should give some compelling reason for them to get hooked.
  • The patty: This is the main part of your video. This is where you get to the meat of your video. Make sure it lives up to your hook. Many make the mistake of destroying their video after a great buildup.
  • The CTA: This is the final part of your video. If your hook and patty were good, many viewers will reach the CTA part. This is where you lead them to take some action.

Our Anime Opening Part : Production

Welcome back to the second part of my anime opening blog post! Today we’ll follow the creation of the visuals and find out how we implemented our anime opening in the end.

But there is something important missing! Where is the wonderful catchy music? What is the story behind it? Don’t worry, there will be a separate blog post dealing exclusively with the creation of our soundtrack, because there’s a lot to tell about it.

But now back to the visuals!

So we finished the pre-production and were ready to start the production.

We wanted to apply Japanese production methods, as they are used for most anime productions, to our four-man team as good as possible. So in the end the following steps resulted:


In order to keep an overview of all these work steps, we created a checklist for the project on a large board. This is what it looked like at the end of the production.

Since in Japan animation is often still done with pencil and paper, a large part of their production pipeline works the same way. With the exception of coloring and compositing, every step of the process is done by hand. No matter if you use brush and paper or graphics tablet and Photoshop, the process remains the same. We decided on the digital version because these tools are more familiar to us.


Traditional Animation

Now that we are all frame rate professionals, we can get into opening animation!


Tie Down

Clean Up




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Get The Balance Right

Writing the perfect anime theme is as delicate an art form as animating the show itself. As Johnny has learned, its about striking a balance between setting up the narrative, but not spoiling the show . Its about evoking the feeling that is inherent within the anime.

The music supports the listener, and multiplies the emotion and feelings towards the story by expressing and describing the story from another aspect, says Johnny. Explaining too much isnt what I expect from the theme. It needs to be something like a hint, and nothing too direct. Too much spoils the story. I dont like songs that explain too much about the anime. Of course, describing the world and whats going on in the narrative is good to help the listeners to understand, but explaining too much just spoils the beauty. The song must be an element of the anime which makes it cooler, not something that shows off too much.

Attack on Titans first opening is epic as hell on a sugar rush riding a Rapidash that can run on water while drinking a nice cup of tea Fairy Tails opening, Strike Back, from the last part of the grand magic games arc is my overall anime opening though. I grew up in the pop punk era of the early 2000s so it just speaks to me on every level.Spider crash

Its Cheaper Much Cheaper

Animated book opening green screen effect, casaruraldavina.com

Art schools are insanely expensive. Spending 20-40k dollars a year is a huge decision, and its getting less and less valuable.

Online courses, even the expensive ones, will only set you back a few hundred dollars . Thats not close to how much a traditional art college costs. This makes it much more accessible for a wide range of artists who in the past would have to give up on their dreams, or borrow a ton of money.

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