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The Benefits Of Watching Anime And Cartoons

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Benefits of Watching Anime and Cartoons

Watching is a common practice among people. It is considered as a good way of relaxing that make people relieved. Anime has colorful graphics that attract the eyes of the viewers. They have varying contents and storylines that make the viewers exposed. These include adventure, comedy and others. Cartoons are illustrated visual arts that are designed to create humor or satire. These are short films and programs that are designed mostly for children.

Anime and cartoons give the intuition of movement. Watching animes and cartoons is a passion to many people both adults and children. Worldwide most people like watching animes and cartoons to keep them busy. There are many TV stations that have animes and cartoons. The animes and cartoons range from daily episodes to series. Animes may be hand was drawn or computer animated productions. One can download them or watch online even with the use of their phones.

Anime can convey strong messages through its characters, its setting and the general vibe that could come from a single episode. Its why its loved worldwide, and the industry, increases in popularity as more and more people start to watch Anime and cartoons.

There Is A Certain Prejudice Against Anime

If a friend wants you to watch anime and made you read this article, you may be prejudiced. Maybe you just don’t like drawings and prefer to watch things flesh and blood. Perhaps you think they are like American drawings.

Adults and older people generally have this idea that drawings are childish. Others are just too lazy to read subtitles, so they don’t like animes. This cannot be another excuse with so many anime being dubbed on Netflix.

Of course, for anime fans, the original voice is a thousand times higher than Brazilian dubbing. Those who decided to give a chance to works that suit their taste, had good experiences. Today I can say that even my mother watches anime.

That’s right, I started showing some dramas, then we watched Detective Conan, even parasite she watched. Recently she has been watching Netflix anime all over, she says she has less bitching and that the American series.

Cultural difference can also cause some to create a certain prejudice about anime. A great example of this are some religious who think that every anime has things wrong. A big mistake that I denied in the article cited.

Grave Of The Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies movie tells the story of brother and sister Seito and Setsuko trying to survive the aftermath of World War 2 that is emotionally harrowing. This movie is not a good-feel movie, but emotionally beautiful and powerful. The duo finds themselves going through many difficulties. You can check out this anime movie to a vigorous shake and experience great animation. Also, it is a great and powerful story about bonding between two siblings that other movies cant match.

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Reasons Why You Like To Watch Anime #8

Learn Japanese with Anime, click to learn more!

Do you know what an anime is? They are animations of Japanese origin that have a huge number of fans around the world. What are the reasons why anime is so successful? In this article, I will present reasons for you to watch anime or not.

Some have the idea that Japanese animations are childlike like those of the West. Many people think that watching cartoons is child’s play and prefer the realisms portrayed in films and series. They have no idea what they are missing.

Unlike cartoons, most anime are aimed at an audience over 16 years old. There are subgenres for adults, and even +18 content. Despite this explanation, many things make people like or stop liking anime.

  • 7.1.Other reasons to enjoy watching anime
  • Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works


    Genre: Fantasy, Battle ShounenLength: 26 Eps.Studio: Ufotable

    Getting into the famous Fate franchise is a sure-fire way to stave off boredom for at least a couple of weeks.

    You might end up obsessively tracking down every single shred of animated content, or spending hundreds of dollars in the Grand Order gacha.

    But before you do any of that, you need to watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

    Not only is it a fantastic show with gorgeous animation and exciting battles, but itll introduce you to all the basic concepts like the Holy Grail War, heroic spirits, and servant-master relationships in a way thats fun and easy to follow.

    Theres no need to be bored anymore. Why?

    Because All-Might has arrived!

    My Hero Academia is one of the safest bets when it comes to killing boredom.

    Its the perfected shounen anime, with a perfect balance between exciting battles, inspiring character-building, and the cutest super-hero gals.

    Itll introduce you to an enticing world where everyone has a Quirk or super-power, and spend the next few seasons exploring the consequences of such a society through the characters that live in it whether theyre heroes, or villains.

    Genre: Cooking, Comedy, Slice of LifeLength: 86 Eps. + OVAs

    Most shounen anime focuses on fighting, and a few change the violence for sports.

    But would you ever have imagined a battle anime about cooking?

    Be careful, though.

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    You Don’t Have To Worry About Cancellation Of Your Favorite Series

    Theres nothing worse than getting really into an awesome cartoon series like Star Wars: Clone Wars, Korra or Spectacular Spider-man only to see it discontinued after a season or two. With anime, this isnt something you really have to worry about. When an anime series is ongoing, its really ongoing.

    Most of the popular franchises like Pokemon, One Piece and Fairy Tail have been running for years and show no sign of stopping. Even when popular shows like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto do end they normally have several hundred episodes under their wing which is a great sign of faith for viewers. Anime fans very rarely get the rug pulled out from under them when watching a series.

    It Can Be A Source Of Inspiration And Motivation

    If youve been following closely, youll start to realize a pattern here. Each point somehow leads or interconnects to the next. If you can relate to an anime, and youve learned something from it, then youll surely gain inspiration and motivation.

    There were times in my life when I felt like giving up, and times when I faced minor bouts of depression. During those periods in my life, anime has inspired and motivated me to keep going and to never give up along the way. Many shounen anime maintains the message of never backing down when the going gets tough, and to always believe in yourself. I find this message more essential today than it ever has been before.

    Modernity is slowly changing the way the world works. Yes, were not going to develop superpowers or anything of that sort anytime soon, but competition between members of society is increasing. People who give up halfway, or are lacking the will to move forward in life will get left behind. Most of these people will have to say goodbye to their dreams and ambitions.

    Nothing comes easy in this world unless youre born with a silver spoon. It may be a cruel fact, but that shouldnt stop you from achieving your ambitions. Many have dreams, but the people who achieve them are those who have a strong will and the hard work to back it up.

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    It Grows With The Viewers And Creates Lifelong Fans

    One thing that a lot of shows and cartoons neglect is to develop with the viewers. Many traditional cartoons carry the same plot line throughout the show, but this isnt the case with anime. Anime characters grow older and develop in most shows. Often, the shows branch out into new series about other characters featured. This is a way to keep audiences holding on and seeing progression. Someone could start watching anime when they are a kid and still be just as interested into their 30s, 40s, and beyond. Which other genres of animation can accomplish this? Not many.

    Red Flags: Anything Can Be Animated

    I canât stop falling in love with you slowed down

    Believe it or not, you can find anime about mahjong, bartending, pachinko, terrorists, gondoliering on Mars, sci-fi/fantasy adaptations of Shakespeare and The Count of Monte Cristo…the list goes on. While this diversity makes Japanese anime an interesting medium to keep up with, that freedom leads to some kinkier or morally-gray scenarios than we might be used to in American media.

    “Hentai” is the pornographic sub-category of Japanese anime and where a lot of parental concern stems from. The word hentai in Japanese literally means “abnormal, perverted.” Many people have had the misfortune of stumbling across hentai when they first tried to look into anime. Trust me, you don’t want to Google that.

    “Fanservice” is sexual content or innuendo that doesn’t progress the plot but rather fulfills the character romance fantasies of avid fans. These scenes often occur quite heavily in popular anime shows. Titles such as Bleach, Blue Exorcist, and Sword Art Online have moments and episodes that are unnecessary and lewd.

    “Ecchi” is another red flag term, but harder to exclusively place in its own sub-category. Ecchi is anime with heavy sexual innuendo, partial nudity, humorous sexual jokes, and general fanservice. This term comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the letter “H” because, in Japan, erotic content is rated “H” while most of the rest of the world calls it “X”.

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    We Often Learn New Things

    As I have stated above, anime shows all have some kind of mature undertones. Thus, we can learn a lot from them as a result. For example, with the ones talking about death, we learn that just fearing it will not actually stretch your life in any way. We can also learn that the best way is to welcome each new day with new motivation and a sense of optimism, as each day is another day we draw closer to death, so we should live it to the fullest. In addition, we can learn from the ones with war and hunger that there is nothing scarier than the horrors that wars bred. Thus, we know how valuable peace is.

    However, that is still not the extent of what we can learn from the anime shows. As they are all derived from the situation that the Japanese people will usually encounter, we can learn more about the culture of Japan with each new show. Thus, for the rest of the world, anime shows can be actually quite educational. You can indeed learn tidbits of the way the Japanese people react to situations and be mindful of them if you do indeed meet one. In addition, there is also the possibility of learning Japanese through anime shows. After all, with the English subtitled ones, you can both hear what the character says in Japanese and see what it means in English.

    I Harmless Form Of Entertainment

    As I explained at the start, there are various genres of anime, and its scope is not limited to any particular age or gender. Even we as adults want to get out of our mundane hectic schedules, so its obvious that kids need their own sort of entertainment as well anime being the best of them.

    In front of forms of entertainment that might prove to be detrimental to the childs development in the future, such as drugs or alcohol, anime doesnt seem too bad. Some shows have rich and complex plots, while some are solely meant for momentary laughter. Theres something for the childs every mood, and it is perfect for them to spend some alone time.

    Another plus point is with the internet these days its easier for the parent to be aware of what their kid is watching so that they can eliminate the threats of bad influence instantly and introduce shows that align with the values they wish to instill among their kids.

    Furthermore, as I mentioned in the introduction, watching anime together can be a fun bonding time for the family. These moments will be fondly looked upon when the children grow up and will account for memorable conversations.

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    Anime Is More Realistic Than Movies

    There are many fantasy animes, but most of them show the reality of life. Anime can convey feelings and emotions that short films would not. There are stories that will blow your mind or make you cry for weeks.

    There is great complexity in anime that involve dramatic and psychological stories that trap you and make you sympathize with the captivating characters better than any series or movie.

    While many western films add nothing to our lives, many anime develops our ability to understand different concepts and issues relevant to our society and humanity.

    Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World

    \f you have exams coming up soon, good luck and study ...

    Genre: Dark Fantasy, AdventureStudio: White Fox

    The transported to another world genre has grown exponentially during the last decade.

    In a world with so many Isekai anime, it takes something unique to really rise above the competition.

    Re:Zero aims at grasping that unique spark by being an Isekai gone wrong.

    Where other reborn heroes are blessed with magic powers, Subaru is cursed.

    Youd think having checkpoints in life would be great. But when youre actually experiencing a horrible and painful death each time, it can become a nightmare.

    Length: 96 Eps. + OVAsStudio: A-1 Pictures

    People love to dunk on SAO for making Kirito too overpowered, and not having the best-written story in the world.

    But those problems arent all that noticeable before the second season, and even then, the show remains profoundly entertaining.

    The show presents us with a world where VR games have reached a realism and immersion level that makes them nigh-indistinguishable from reality. Its what gamers dream about at night.

    In the first season, theres always a new area to explore, a new boss to defeat or a new girl for Kirito to inadvertently woo and as the show progresses into further seasons, new villains, conflicts, and game worlds are introduced non-stop.

    Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, MusicalLength: 39 Eps. + 2 OVAsStudio: Kyoto Animation

    The first time I heard about K-On!, I wasnt convinced.

    An all-girls band having cake and tea? How was that supposed to be entertaining?

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    Anime Reflects Cultural Differences

    Not all animes have happy endings. Some characters die and some bad guys win. Japanese culture doesn’t shy away from death, but depictions of death can help children understand loss. Make sure the shows your children watch don’t involve graphic violence or have ratings too mature for them.

    One popular anime genre is action and adventure, which often falls into the category “battle anime.” This features a considerable amount of fightingusually with martial artsand the characters can end up bloody and bruised. They usually recover but check the plot synopsis if your child’s getting into a long-running battle anime.

    Also, the Japanese are more relaxed about nudity and suggestive content, which you might see in shows with PG ratings. Many female characters have exaggerated features and wear semi-sexy outfits, depending on the rating, but a girl in a short sailor outfit doesn’t make the series suggestive. “Sailor Moon” is a kid-friendly anime show and the main characters wear sailor suits because that’s their school uniform.

    You Learn About The Ugly Side Of Human Nature

    Watch Elfen Lied and this picture is painted perfectly. The anime deals with rape, child abuse and violence after all.

    Tune into Black Lagoon and youll see the dark-side of how the grittiest places on earth tend to be .

    Watch Akame Ga Kill or Psycho Pass and youll learn corruption in society. And the dangers of having too much power when you have the wrong intentions.

    A lot of these dark lessons are sprinkled throughout the anime

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    Is Watching Anime Bad For The Children Breaking The Myths

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    Anime has been a constant in many peoples lives since their childhood. However, parents are now concerned that watching anime might have a negative or dangerous impact on their kids.

    Like most parents, my mother used to forbid me from watching Shin-Chan as a child. According to her, it promoted naughtiness within kids. At the same time, we used to sit down together during lunch to watch episodes of Doraemon together, marvelling at the new inventions.

    While I outgrew those shows, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z soon took their place. I remember sitting down at night to watch them with my brother after we finished our homework. Those nightly TV sessions are something we still look fondly upon. In fact, to an extent, I attribute our positive relationship to them.

    Any type of media has its pros and cons, and so does anime. But should we go as far as to say that it is dangerous for children? Lets break the myths and stereotypes!

    Unlock That Inner Creativity

    Cutie pun punâs strange/inappropriate behavior||(explaining as much as a can)

    Writers like us here at Honeys Anime tend to have writers block more often than we wish to admit to you readers. When this issue occurs, we find anime helps revive our creative energies and helps us harness that inner creative. Artists also love anime as they try to draw their own versions of their favorite anime superstars and it can even help give someone an idea for their own original characters! When you hit a rut in your life, just watch some anime and youll find yourself back in the creating game.

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