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Is Anime Japanese Or Chinese

The Obsession With Blonde Hair And European Features

Chinese Animation is Transcending Japanese Anime

This is an extension of what Ive mentioned already. But its stunning how many anime characters have blonde, red or ginger hair in anime .

Or a mixture of green eyes, blue eyes, and a bigger chest than is normal in Japanese culture.

Sometimes its so obvious that its happening as well. Even if some fans will deny it.

Japanese people have straight hair, usually black or brown. No different to every other race outside of the WEST in general.

So if the anime characters backgrounds or historical references holds no clout , than its nothing more than proof of the obsession Asians have with European features.

With characters like Saber from Fate Stay Night, it makes sense because its based on logic.

Saber is a depiction of King Arthur from Britain. So its correct to give her blonde hair and what not.

But a lot of the times theres no logic or reason to an anime characters designs. Other than to portray a disconnect of how the Japanese want to look, Vs how they actually look in real life.

And yes sometimes its used for differentiation but thats besides the point Im making.

Early Cultural Revolution Times

The Cultural Revolution in China forced many of the animators and studios to stop working. On the one hand, the complicated economic conditions of the early times and, on the other, the harsh treatment of the Red Guards that would sometimes destroy their work put Chinese animation out of the map for decades.

Donghua: 10 Anime From China That You Need To Watch

Donghua, sometimes called “Chinese anime,” has been steadily growing in recent years and is poised to become the next big thing in animation.

Chinese anime, as the name suggests, refers to animations that have been created in China or are Chinese adaptations of Manhua , and are often called Donghua. With multiple manhuas making tides, both domestically and internationally, Chinese anime too is witnessing a massive spike in viewership as well as a drastic increase in the quality of animation.

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Donghuas have managed to integrate several elements from Japanese anime, but have also created a unique identity for themselves by adding rich cultural folklores and meanings, creating something exceptional. With intricate artwork, exhilarating fight scenes, and well-woven storylines, Donghuas are no longer just a niche and are slowly making their way into mainstream media.

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But Seriously What Is Anime

The issue here is that pizza is easier to define than anime. When seeking a formal definition of anime, once you start poking and prodding, it all becomes a little bit fuzzy.

Must anime come from a manga? Surely, the success of Cowboy Bebop has shut this theory down.

Does anime describe a specific visual style? Relying on an I cant define it, but I know it when I see it approach is insufficient. And for every trope or visual element the blue hair, the nosebleeds, the cute animal hybrids there are dozens of examples that exist outside these parameters.

Fruits Basket: The Sohma Family’s Curse Corresponds To The Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Anime with Over 1 Billion Views Gets Localized for ...

In Fruits Basket, Tohru is taken in by the Sohma family and learns about their curse, with members transforming into animals of the Chinese zodiac when embraced by members of the opposite sex. In reference to a Chinese fairy tale, this also includes the cat, an animal cheated out of a place in the zodiac.

Granted, it should be noted that there are Japanese variations on the story, even if it likely originated in China. Notably, the family includes a sheep and a boar, as with the Japanese zodiac, instead of their Chinese counterparts: a goat and pig, respectively. Likewise, the family member corresponding to the dragon, a fantasy creature, is resolved by him turning into a seahorse, an untranslatable pun on one of the Japanese names for the animal meaning “dragon’s baby.”

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Journal Of Mysterious Creatures

Supernatural creatures in one boarding house? That is what we get from the Chinese anime Journal of Mysterious Creatures. The anime project is a combined work by both Japanese and Chinese animation company and this could be seen easily in the animation quality of the series.

The Journal of Mysterious Creatures may not really be listed as martial-arts or cultivation anime but I would like to include it in this list as the fight scenes are truly worth watching. Aside from the action, the anime also thrive in its entertaining humor and cliché supernatural plot which seems random and simple, and fun to follow.

Is Anime Japanese Or Chinese : Japan China And Korea Vocaloid By Shei99 On Deviantart

Is Anime Japanese Or Chinese : Japan China And Korea Vocaloid By Shei99 On Deviantart – China isn’t the only country that has adopted from the japanese anime style in their entertainment.. In the west, animation does not receive much interest, and oftentimes, it is made only for children, which gives it the reputation of being unrefined and childish. Access it all for free. How has anime influenced japanese culture, and how has it influenced western culture anime is a term used to describe the style of japanese animation and has been around since the early 20th century. Granted, anime and manga are first and foremost entertainment media, and having a simple way of telling he audience this person isn’t a japanese national lets creators quickly move on to what they want to focus their storytelling on. Luckily the chinese aren’t retarded like the japanese, so usually they sub everything in english as well, do you know if this series is subbed in english at all?

There r chinese animation shows yes! After story is a path that opens in the original visual novel after all the other. Like, chinese anime is okay but american anime isn’t? So is anime chinese or japanese? How to distinguish japanese people from korean and chinese.

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Which Japanese Language Is Used In Most Anime

Joined: Jun 2011 Posts: 23 I’ve got a lot of free time at the moment aside from work, and I want to pursue learning the language, just because I want to watch raw anime, and understand most of it. Why? Because, I can.I plan on buying a book that offers tests and things, it’ll take probably 2-3 years, but meh I’ve got the time.
Joined: Apr 2011 Posts: 1127 Not really sure what you’re looking for. I’m pretty sure Japanese is the main language of anime….?
Joined: Jun 2008 Posts: 25897 I’m just gonna say that if you want to learn Japanese just because you want to see anime….that’s fine, BUT….Japanese is USELESS around the world for the exception of Japan and a few smaller areas around Japan… Reminder: tHiS iS aN aNiMe WeBsItE
Posts: 1762 alexcampos said:I’m just gonna say that if you want to learn Japanese just because you want to see anime….that’s fine, BUT….Japanese is USELESS around the world for the exception of Japan and a few smaller areas around Japan…Seriously, if you live in the US, Spanish is the best secondary language. I mean, you could learn Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese in the time it takes to master Japanese.
Chinese is the language most used in Japanese anime.
Joined: Jun 2011 Posts: 23 Well, I know Spanish, French, and German. The language I’m talking about japanese is like “Kanji”
Joined: Jun 2011 Posts: 6204 There is only one Japanese language, but 3 different Japanese “alphabets”, for lack of a better word.

What Are Manga And Anime

This Chinese Anime Looks Better than Japanese Anime?

So here’s a long one.

Many people might say “Manga are Japanese comics, and Anime is theJapanese version of animation. Anime is usually, but not always, theanimated version of popular manga.” That’s partially true, but it canbe misleading.

First of all, though an outsider might think Japan “stole” comics fromthe West, this is not true. Japan has been making cartoonish art fora very long time . True, some aspects of manga are takenfrom the West , but its main features, such assimple lines and stylized features, are distinctly Japanese. It maybe that Chinese art had more influence than Western.

A third major difference is the unique Japanese manga and anime style,which is distinctive and fairly easy to recognize. This is not to saythe style is limiting. Within this broad common stylistic ground,each manga artist’s technique is distinct and unique. The stereotypeis of characters with huge hair and large eyes, but there are many,many variations, from L. Matsumoto’s seemingly unevenly drawnsquash-shaped “ugly” protagonists, to the soft-edged figures inMiyazaki’s work. And, of course, there is less emphasis on the”superhero” world of the U.S.. In most manga, the men and womenaren’t necessarily exaggerated extremes of their gender stereotypes,and they wear things other than skin-tight costumes. In fact, mangaand anime characters tend to have unique and aesthetic tastes infashion.

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The Legend Of The Condor Hero

Here we have a real classic on our list. The anime is adapted from one of the most popular novels of the 20th century which had been adapted in so many versions in the last 4 decades. It was based on The Return of the Condor Heroes the 2nd part of the Cordor Hero trilogy by author Jin Yong. During the Tencent 2021 Conference, the company unveiled that another Jin Yong novel is getting a Chinese anime adaptation and that is The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

I have first watched this around 2012 or 2013 and I am quite disappointed at some point or maybe because I just did have some expectations since the 2006 live-drama of the novel is a favorite of mine. Nonetheless, The Legend of the Condor Hero offers a good look at the 2000s era of Chinese animation when it comes to style and production, and it is a pretty decent anime to follow with so many Chinese traditions and cultures embedded in it.

Is All Anime Japanese Or Is Some Chinese

The Chinese style of animation is different from the Japanesestyle. As regards anime, it is distinctly Japanese. Note that thereare groups and individuals around the world doing anime. But Japanproduces so much more that the work of these others can be “lost”in the flood of Japanese anime. Note that anime can be done withcomputers, so production of a lot of video minutes can be handledwith just an investment in machine time. As regards China, theChinese government places restrictions on those who might produceanime. As the government policy on anime is that it is “not good”and should be avoided, those who seek to make anime find the weightof the government on them. It’s difficult to impossible to make avideo production with “government men” parked on your doorstep.

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Ranma 1/: The Cursed Springs Can Be Traced To China

Various characters in Ranma 1/2 have been cursed by the waters of the fictitious Jusenkyo springs, said to be somewhere in Qinghai Province, China. People who enter waters where someone or something drowned become cursed to transform into the deceased when splashed with cold water.

As a reminder to this event, Ranma normally dons Chinese-style outfits and his father is cursed to transform into a panda, an animal native to China. Various characters, like Shampoo, Cologne, Mousse, and Pantyhose Tar, also originate from China.

China And The Anime Industry

Anime enjoys explosive popularity in China â Business ...

The People’s Republic of China is a major country that is the second largest economy by nominal GDP in the world after the USA. It features a huge population with fittingly big industries. As a significant international player it also has an impact on the Japanese anime industry.

When Your Name released in China, it earned about $76.7 million within 14 weeks of release, with an opening of $41 million, becoming the highest grossing Japanese movie in China. The highest grossing movie, not just anime movie. To put this into perspective, the opening weekend in Japan was $9.1 million, in North America was about $1.7 million, 1.4 in France and in Germany 0.9 million. The pre-sale tickets alone amounted to $4.4 million – more than North America, France and Germany earned in their collective opening weekends together.

There are several factors that make the Chinese market immensely appealing to companies looking to sell their products internationally. The most obvious factors is the population. With an ever growing population of over 1.4 billion people Chinese citizens take the biggest share of the world’s population of more than 7.7 billion people. Even if only a small part of the Chinese audience watches a movie, they would still outmatch most countries overall population.

In 2017 the Chinese anime market was estimated to be worth $21 billion.

If you want to see a first-hand impression of a Chinese anime fan, I recommend looking at this post by u/888888Zombies.

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The Legend And The Hero

Here we have an anime that I have to admit but didnt watch yet, but why am I recommending it? Kind of easy since I have this friend who is quite addicted to shounen anime and The Legend and the Hero is among his most hyped and recommended anime to me. I actually have it in my watchlist but dont have some spare time to watch it yet. However, based on available teasers and videos of the anime this anime is a good one if we will simply talk about fight scenes. And since I am recommending martial arts and cultivation anime, I am strongly confident to recommend The Legend and the Hero because I am quite hyped to watch it too very soon.

A Record Of A Mortals Journey To Immortality

This donghua is one of bilibilis production in 2020, A Record of a Mortals Journey to Immortality is a fun and action-filled xianxia story where the protagonist, despite all odds pursue his way towards his goal and that is to become an immortal cultivator. This Chinese anime boasts fantastic and realistic character designs which were inspired by the appearance of several Chinese actors.

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Does It Have To Come From Japan To Call It Anime

This is a very common question most of us ask ourselves does it have to be Japanese to be anime? Well, you´ll find countless online sites stating the characteristics an anime piece must have to be called so, but truly there´s no consensus about it because Japanese people call any animated movie anime, and hence, that breaks the discussion.

Each country you´ll see features its own unique version of it with a distinct name. So, if you are reading this outside of Japan, we can say that yes, it has to be Japanese to be called anime if it is from China, it would be Donghua, and if it is from Korea, it would be aeni.

What Is Anime Called In China

Chinese Anime with Over 1 Billion Views Gets Localized for Japan

Although not many people know it, China and Japan started creating animated cartoons nearly in the same year . Furthermore, China produced Asia´s first animated feature film called Princess Iron Fan in 1941. It is indeed safe to say that China was the mecca for animated cartoons in Eastern Asia until the 1960s.

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Present & Future Of Anime In Japan

Nowadays, there are over 400 animation studios in Japan, including Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation, Sunrise, and many more. Indeed, five years ago, Japanese anime made up 60% of the animated television shows in the world.

With a market size that grew an all-time high of 15% from 2018 to 2019 and surpassed the 25 billion dollar line, the future of Japanese anime looks very bright indeed.

Japanese anime you need to watch

  • Dragon Ball

Best Chinese Anime Of All Time

Chinese anime, also known as Chinese Donghua, are becoming popular among anime lovers fast. Although Chinese Donghua has been around since the 1930s, most anime lovers are used to the more popular Japanese anime.

However, with their immersive plots, which emphasize their vast cultural heritage and current way of life, Chinese anime is quite different from Japanese anime. Likewise, some Chinese anime are adaptations of Manga or Manhua. Therefore, to throw more light on these, Ive made a list of some of the best Chinese anime of all time. Enjoy!

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Recognizing Differences In Language

  • 1Look for Japanese characters in a piece of writing. While both Chinese and Japanese written languages use Chinese characters , Japanese also uses a phonetic script called hiragana. If you see hiragana characters in a piece of writing, you’re looking at something Japanese.XResearch source
  • Hiragana characters are curvy and light, and some of them are actually kind of cute. They’re usually pretty easy to tell apart from the angular, complex kanji. One character, in particular, to look for is ã®. It occurs relatively frequently and looks like nothing in Chinese script. If you see this character, you can be assured you’re looking at something Japanese.
  • The Japanese have a more angular script, katakana, that is used for loan words transliterated from another language, such as English.
  • Tip: While Japanese has 3 different writing scripts, there is only one Japanese language. In contrast, China has only one script but numerous different languages that use the same script .

  • 2Listen for changes in tone when a person is speaking. All Chinese languages are tonal languages, meaning that the rise or fall in the tone of a person’s voice changes what word they’re saying. Spoken Chinese often has a sing-song flow to Western ears.XResearch source
  • In contrast, Japanese is a relatively monotone language. Japanese speakers may modulate the tone of their voice to express emotion or intention, as you would in English if you raised your tone at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.

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