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Is Aot The Best Anime

Overhyped: It Spent Too Much Time With The Marleyans And The Older Characters Suffered

People who think Attack on Titan is the best anime

While the Marley arc was extremely important to the show, it took time away from the characters that fans wanted to see. While giving the audience exactly what they want isn’t always a good idea, when the characters are as great as the ones in AoT, taking focus away from them can be a mistake.

There’s a still a lot of story to get through and fans aren’t going to have spent the time with the characters they loved that they wanted to because of storytelling choices. It’s hard to say at this juncture whether the creators of the anime could have done things better but it’s sad that fans won’t get as much time with their favorites.

Top 15 Best Anime Like Attack On Titan Of All Time

Attack on Titan is one of the current popular action-packed franchises mixed with the elements of horror and dark fantasy. Though the series is gradually moving towards its conclusion, the hype for it hasnt disappeared. Hajime Isayama is the writer and illustrator of this series. And since September 2009, it started serializing in Kodanshas monthly Bessatsu Shnen Magazine. Moreover, the series has a total of 34 volumes and 4 seasons of anime series. The franchise even has two live-action films besides its 8 OVAs.

The story begins with a world where humans live inside cities, and huge walls surround these cities. These walls protect against the gigantic man-eating humanoids known as Titans, and this has been the case for a long time. But everything changed when a Titan broke the protagonists hometowns city wall, and his mother, along with the people of the city, died at the hands of the titans.

From that day, Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the series, and his friends vowed to kill every Titan. While on his quest to exert revenge on them, he meets new people and learns the truth behind the titans. And him having the power of a titan. But is that all the truth that eyes see? Moreover, following ones ideology often turns someone from being a hero to the antagonist of the series. So while maintaining the excitement, lets know the Top 15 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan.

The Inventor Of The Odm Gear Is Given The Credit He’s Due

In the anime, the ODM gear is shown as a new invention of sorts, when the truth is anything but in the manga. The gear had already been invented long before, as shown in the spin-off light novels Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, which was later adapted into manga.

The inventors of this gear were Angel Aaltonen and Xenophon Harkimo. It has been around for thirty years before the start of Attack on Titan‘s main plot a point that’s not really touched upon in the anime. Before the Fall is generally a positive in the manga’s favor as an anime adaptation of this prequel has yet to materialize.

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Attack On Titan Vs Naruto

Attack on Titan and Naruto are two of the most iconic action manga and anime series today. Naruto has a longer history but Attack on Titan has been an instant success. Both series have a legion of followers. Surely if you have been to comics or manga conventions you have crossed many of them dressed up as some of the best Naruto or Attack on Titan characters.

Naruto first appeared in a one-shot ninja-themed manga by Masashi Kishimoto in 1997. Naruto narrates the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who dreams of becoming the Hokage, the strongest and bravest ninja in his village, Konoha. In fact Naruto hosts the spirit of the Nine-Tails, a powerful fox who attacked Konoha when he was a newborn. Naruto undergoes missions and exams in order to advance in the Ninja ranks. He encounters many legendary ninjas, makes friends and fight criminal organizations. Itachi, Sasuke, Kakashi and Gaara are some of the best known characters populating Naruto’s universe. The original manga series has 72 volumes, and Naruto anime run from 2002 to 2007 and was followed by Naruto Shippuden which continues to be produced and has now more than 440 episodes. Dozens of Naruto videogames have also appeared within different series: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles, Naruto: Path of the Ninja, Naruto: Ninja Destiny, Naruto: Ninja Council, and Naruto: Clash of Ninja.

Overhyped: There’s No Way The Answers Will Be Satisfying

Pin by Katherine Elizabeth on shingeki no kyojin é²æã?®å·¨äºº ...

While the show is asking a lot of questions about the nature of war and revenge, the problem comes in that it’s hard for viewers to sympathize with the Marleyans. For the run of the show, they’ve been attacking Paradis Island for no other reason than something a long-dead king said. While civilian casualties are always terrible, the Marleyans’ attacks have cost countless lives over the years.

The show wants viewers to feel sympathy for Marley so that the questions the show asks aren’t completely disregarded but that’s very hard when in reality, Marley is reaping what they’ve sown. As bad as the Rumbling is, if the situation were reversed, Marley would have unleashed it on Paradis long ago.

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Bloody Stream By Coda Jojos Bizarre Adventure

The JoJo series has tons of great openings spread throughout its run so far. Theres bound to be some contention among fans regarding which ones the best of the bunch, but CODAs Bloody Stream has to take the top spot.

The song is catchy and stands out from most other opening, which perfectly suits the JoJo series. The excellent animation and visuals also make this an absolute stand-out, not only among JoJo openings, but anime openings as a whole.

The Hero By Jam Project One Punch Man

When The Hero was played during One Punch Mans release during the fall 2015 season, it took the internet by storm. The iconic One Punch! lyric to open the song captured the hearts of fans.

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The song has themes of justice and fits the satire theme of One Punch Man. The chorus draws from themes of not wanting the accolades that come with being a hero such as fame and bringing happiness to those saved. Similarly, Saitama is too bored by fighting to be a hero.

The Hero is the only opening for the first season of One Punch Man.

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Best Anime Like Attack On Titan You Cant Skip

Attack on Titan is one of the best anime series of all time. Thus with lots of action-packed episodes, its the perfect anime for dark fantasy anime lovers. In case you have already watched it and you want something similar, check out our list of the best anime like Attack on Titan.

It follows Eren Yeager, who commits to eliminate the giant humanoid creatures called Titans after watching them destroy his hometown and eat his mother.

So far, the anime series is still ongoing with its final season the second part of the fourth season will begin in January 2022. Honestly, I cant wait although the inevitable ending of the series is at hand. So the hunt for the anime that offers the thrills AOT gave us has begun.

And so, Ive come up with 20 of the best dark fantasy anime like Attack On Titan I would recommend. They promise to give you that tinge of excitement and a little gore we all love.

Hows It Like Attack On Titan


I remember when the first season of AOT titan came out.

A few episodes in and I realized the creators never held back on how brutal they could make the show. And the same goes for Akame Ga Kill.

Youre put in a cold and harsh environment right from the very beginning. And happy endings arent always a thing.

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Anime To Watch After You Finish Watching Attack On Titan: The Final Season

Attack on Titan: The Final Season is coming to a close, and with its departure comes a titanic-sized hole in the average anime fans watchlist. On the surface, filling that hole might come off as a rather daunting task, but its far easier than one might think. Attack on Titan might be in a masterclass of quality, but there is plenty of other anime of similar excellence out there to be watched.

Here are a few shows you can try out for yourself that will either scratch the same itch as Attack on Titan or give you a new experience, altogether.

Ways Attack On Titan Is The Best Anime Of Winter 2021

As acclaimed as the show has been so far, there is plenty about it that points to it not being able to live up to expectations.

The show Attack On Titanhas entered rarefied air for an anime. Considered one of the best anime of all time by many, it also has become the most demanded show on TV in the United States and has two “perfect” rated episodes on IMDb. These are very big deals and for most fans of the show, and the fourth season has delivered in a way that no one thought was imaginable.

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The show has been through a lot of changes and the final season put a lot of those right out in open. However, as acclaimed as the show has been so far, there is plenty about it that points to it not being able to live up to the high expectations it has riding on it.

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Review: Attack On Titan: The Best Anime Of All Timeand Its Still In The Making

I think a lot of fans, across multiple fandoms, have trouble accepting greatness as it happens. We see it with the NBA and LeBron James, and we see it with the NFL and Patrick Mahomes. Dont do this with Attack on Titan, says Business Manager Joseph Acosta.

Image courtesy of MAPPA.

Joseph Acosta, Business ManagerMarch 2, 2021

Editors Note: This review was originally in the Feb. 8 Catching You UP newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

For the longest time, I believed that the idea of naming the greatest anime of all time was a futile exercise. Anime changes over time, and judging different eras of television would be a fruitless campaign. However, there is one anime that stands out above the rest and deserves the mantle of the best anime of all time, regardless of the era: Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan, which is written by Hajime Isayama and is airing its final season every Sunday on Crunchyroll, centers around a boy named Eren Yeager whose home gets destroyed by man-eating titans. Seeing this, he joins the Scout regiment and vows to kill all titans. The first three seasons began as action-packed thrillers, combining heart-stopping fights and animation with what could be the greatest story told in anime. Season Four, however, turns the series on its head and solidifies the shows spot at the top of the anime totem pole.

Uragiri No Yuuyake By Theater Rock Durarara

Pin on Dark/Sad Anime Quotes

Durarara!! was pretty big back when it aired in 2010. With its massive cast of characters and intertwining plot points, there was something for everyone.

Theater Rocks Uragiri no Yuuyake perfectly captures the mood of the show. It shows off the first seasons main cast, while giving some insight into their dynamics with each other as the upbeat track ties everything together.

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Attack On Junior High

The final suggestion on the list is, of all things, a parody of Attack on Titan, itself, but thats not a bad thing. Again, sometimes the best palette cleanser for something dark is something on the opposite end of the spectrum, and what better way to go about that in regards to Attack on Titan than with a lighthearted depiction of the original story?

The way the show parodies everything about the source material makes it a treat for any fan, and since the jokes are largely based around the first season of Attack on Titan, it can be fun for veteran fans to look at the jokes in reference to future plot points of the series. That, alone, could be enough to make it worth watching, and the fact that its genuinely funny isnt too bad, either.

So while Attack on Titan: The Final Season might be coming to a close, that doesnt mean there isnt anything that could serve to fill the void. Whether its something similar in plots or themes or something completely dissimilar to it, theres a bevy of anime for a person to choose from, so theres no reason to think that youd ever be hung out to dry.

Guren No Yumiya By Linked Horizon Attack On Titan

JÄGER! This opening theme that is sure to give chills down your spine, Attack on Titan‘s Guren no Yumiya takes the top spot on this list.

A story about Eren coming to terms with the new life he must live. Titans taking over humanity, losing his family, and realizing he is a titan himself Attack on Titans opening theme is iconic in every sense.

Guren no Yumiya is the opening for the first 13 episodes of the first season of Attack on Titan.

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The World By Nightmare Death Note

Death Notes two opening themes spark arguments on which is better for the show. Two different styles and two different sounds, but The WORLD is what makes this list.

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The WORLD talks about a world of evil and darkness. This refers to the new world that Light is creating despite him thinking what he is doing is good. The song then transitions into the thought process of Light, not understanding why people think hes bad.

The WORLD is the first opening in Death Note and runs for the first 19 episodes.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


One day, middle schoolers Madoka and Sayaka are given the opportunity of a lifetime from a mysterious being called Kuybey to become magical girls. In exchange, they must defeat witches that plague their city. However, the more they learn about what it means to be a magical girl, the darker their story becomes. This mature anime takes a look at how self-sacrifice and goodness can easily be taken advantage of by seemingly trustworthy individuals. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is dazzlingly creative and excitingly different from what you’d expect from a magical girl anime.

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Naruto: Incredible Story Mythology

The history that runs throughout Naruto and everything that comes after that is key to the evolving story. While the story might focus on Naruto’s journey to becoming his village’s hokage, the story started long before he was born.

There is an incredibly rich history and mythology built into this world. While fans don’t necessarily get to see every last detail of it, the reality is that the mythology is there, guiding the story as it moves forward.

The Manga Gives Armin More Time To Shine

One of the more unfortunate changes present in the anime is that some of the scenes featuring Armin are either removed or have him replaced with someone else. While Armin does get his moments to shine in the anime, one can’t help but feel that he’s still somewhat underappreciated in this medium.

This is not the case in the manga, which features Armin helping people without any caveats. A great example of this is during the first season when the Survey Corps discovers that Eren has the powers of the Attack Titan. In the anime, Mikasa takes him out of the titan’s body in the manga, that is done by Armin.

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The Best: The Lore Is Unlike Anything Else

One of the great things about AoT has been the lore and the way it’s grown over the length of the show. From the origins of Titan powers to the history of Paradis to what the Walls are made of, AoT’s lore is one of the biggest strengths of the show and the final season has only added to that.

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From the history of the Eldian Empire to the new types of shifter Titans to the history of Marley’s power over the world, this season has given the show’s fans so much more lore. Judging from what the manga has laid out as a blueprint, there will be even more great lore for fans to sink their teeth into before the show’s end.

Overhyped: The Animation Is Lower In Quality Compared To Previous Seasons

Best Ship~!!!! AOT~!!!

In previous seasons, WIT Studios did the show’s animation and it was phenomenal. The show’s actions sequences were breathtaking and everything in general looked amazing. The studio set a high bar for animation but the high turn around needed to finish the show in a timely manner forced them to stop.

MAPPA took over and while they are doing a good job, they just don’t hold a candle to WIT. They use more CGI and the sumptuous detail of the WIT seasons is gone. The show looks good but it doesn’t look as amazing as it once did.

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Naruto Naruto: Shippuden & Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Do we really need to describe what Naruto is all about, or why it’s regarded as one of the greatest anime of all time? The story of Naruto, Sasuke, and all the other Shinobi around them. Honestly, throughout all three stories, there is such a large cast in Naruto they might as well be Pokemon. Sure, there were slow moments, and sure, the anime adaptation had a lot of filler. But, as an overall product, Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, and now Boruto is sure to influence fans of the shonen genre for years to come.


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