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What Anime Is Miku From

Has She Been In Commercials She Has Been In Promo Material For Toyota Domino’s Pizza & Many More

VOCALOID References in Anime

Hatsune Miku has appeared in a plethora of advertisements and promotional material for various brands, from Toyota Corolla commercials to Domino’s Pizza campaigns. She also often appears as a mascot for Crypton.

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In addition to advertising, she’s unofficially considered the mascot of Sapporo, her creator’s hometown, and has been featured in its own advertising campaigns, most notably the “Snow Miku Festival.”

What’s With The Leeks The Connection Likely Comes From Her Association With The Ievan Polkka Song

Miku’s association with leeks is so strong that fans like to bring leek-colored glowsticks to her shows. The connection likely comes from her association with the “Ievan polkka” song. A 2006 meme played the song with a looping image of an anime character, Orihime Inoue from Bleach, twirling a leek. The song itself would be given the nickname of “Leekspin Song.” While the original meme used an acapella version of the song performed by the Finnish quarter, Loituma, Miku would later become known for her cover of the song.

Since then, leeks have become an iconic part of Miku’s image, where it serves as her favorite food and occasional weapon. She’s also shown to be fond of bacon-wrapped hotdogs.

Is She Still A Vocaloid Miku Is Expected To Continue Through Crypton’s Proprietary Piapro Studio Software With Her New Voicebank Coming Out In 2020

In 2019, Miku’s production company, Crypton Future Media, announced that she and the other Vocaloid singers hadn’t been getting updates on Vocaloid and that she would be disassociated with them in her future endeavors.

While many fans took that to mean Miku would be deleted, even pointing towards songs that reflect the concept of death and mortality as hints of her possible fate, Miku would be expected to continue through Crypton’s proprietary Piapro Studio software, with her new voicebank coming out in 2020.

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What Is Her Story Her Original Storyline Given Was That She Was An Android Who Came To The Present From A Future Without Music

To prevent such a time from happening, she wanted to spread her love for music. Her full name hints at this story, as it can be translated to “First sound of the future.”

Of course, her backstory can change depending on the narrative behind the song or album she’s featured in. For example, one song portrays her as a dragon in human form.

This Is What It Looks Like

Hatsune Miku Anime girl 5K Wallpapers

There have been Hatsune Miku concerts all over the world. Hatsune Miku performs with a band and a team that’s in charge of the 3D projection of the character on stage. It works similarly to the way the band Gorillaz perform.

“It started out as a promotion, but from there it went into a real concert production and got bigger and bigger,” It said.

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This Summer She Opened For Lady Gaga

In April, Lady Gaga announced that Hatsune Miku was going to be opening for her for the first month of Gaga’s ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball.

“It wasn’t really different than a concert of a really big star elsewhere a human singer,” It said. “Even people who go to a Lady Gaga concert have probably not seen her before on stage real.”

They Compliment Each Other

Miku and Futaro’s personalities are quite similar . While Miku is shy and aloof, Futaro is calm and rational. When Miku gushes about bald samurai and poisoned matcha tea, Futaro will listen without complaint.

There’s something about them that makes them fun to watch and think of how great they would match as a couple. If Miku and Futaro were to end up as the main couple in the series, it would be a blast to see the dynamic they would have as boyfriend and girlfriend, and eventually as one of the chapters implied, husband and wife.

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She’s A Huge History Geek

Who doesn’t love a girl who knows her history? Miku is a huge fan of the Sengoku Period and knows all there is to know about it. Want to know about Totoyomi Hideyoshi? She’s got you covered. What about Keiji Maeda? It isn’t even a challenge.

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It’s the subject she excels in the most and the one she gives the most attention. Because of this, she neglected her other subjects and isn’t that knowledgeable about them, which is why she must study more. But you can’t help but smile when you see how excited she gets about green tea and bald samurai.

Was She Part Of A Meme Miku Became The Subject Of An Internet Meme Known As Miku Created

Hatsune Miku is getting her own anime series

In the memes, fans of a popular work falsely attribute Miku as the creator, with everything from the Minecraft video game and the Harry Potter book series.

The joke, however, became somewhat controversial when songs were used in the meme, causing fans to assume Vocaloid was the creator of said songs covered or sampled, leaving the original creators uncredited.

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That You’d Better Take Responsibility Line

Who could ever forget these words stated after a measly two episodes? After she confesses that she loves history and Futaro accepts her odd quirks, she tells him she can try harder to raise her scores. After this, she tells him he better take responsibility, to which Futaro states he will.

He probably didn’t understand the intention of her words, although most thought it was as a light confession. Yotsuba asking Miku if Futaro was the boy she liked and her reaction also solidified that she was falling for him. This moment was the first staple in Quintessential Quintuplets and will be remembered for a long time.

She Kicked Off The Competition

While the other Quints were trying to figure out their feelings, Miku was already five steps ahead of the game. After Miku confesses her love for Futaro to Ichika, she tells her they can do whatever they want — but she’s going to be the winner in the end. There aren’t many characters in harem anime that have a character be so bold about the person they love, making Miku the one who began the competition between the rest of the quints.

Many fans solidified the fact Miku deserves Futaro after seeing how upfront and determined she was to win the competition within the harem and are excited to see what’s in store for the next season.

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Who Is Hatsune Miku She Is A Vocaloid Software Voicebank & Was Originally Released As Part Of A Group Of Singing Synthesizers

Hatsune Miku is an iconic figure of the Japanese music scene. She was originally released as part of a group of singing synthesizers as part of a Vocaloid program. Her release set off a few milestones. Not only was she VOCALOID2 engine’s first Japanese vocal, but she was also more or less the first to have a real avatar, with previous synthesizers beforehand mostly using stock photos, similar decorations, or weren’t incorporated in the voicebank. She was also the first to be advertised as a character’s voice instead of replication.

Her voice is based on Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita. Anime fans might recognize her work from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Kantai Collection, and Kirakira PreCure a la Mode. Fujita would also end up voicing Miku in the game Project DIVA extend.

Music Featuring Hatsune Miku

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  • On this wiki, Hatsune Miku is featured in 1,958 songs , 1,049 albums , 55 series , 50 events.


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Yukinsnow , Yujiang , Xidousha
Ohaiyogozaimasu , Utsu-P , Kaneko Kaihatsu

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Hatsune Miku Is Getting An Animated Series

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku is getting an original animated series. Creator Crypton Future Media is developing the show with Graphic India and Carlin West Agency.

The Hatsune Miku series will be created by Graphic India CEO Sharad Devarajan and Carlin West Agency CEO Carlin West along with a team of esteemed writers and artists. Graphic India is the company behind the Baahubali: The Lost Legends animated series, while Carlin West Agency is a licensing company that has worked with properties like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! . Crypton Future Media CEO Hiroyuki Itoh will serve as executive producter alongside Devarajan and West.

Mikus fans will be able to experience a new original series and enter the story of the Mikuverse that will combine live action, animation and music, says the press release. In addition to the animated series, there will be webtoons and comics as well.

Crypton Future Media overseas licensing director Guillaume Devigne said, We are excited to partner with the exceptional team at Graphic India and Carlin West Agency to take Hatsune Miku into this new animated series direction. We believe we have found a unique way to create an original animated series that stays true to the essence of Miku, who is a perfect vessel for fan creativity and unlimited opportunities for artistic expression. It will be a major moment for Miku and her fans around the world.

Source: Deadline, PR Newswire

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This Is The Most Popular Hatsune Miku Song On Youtube Currently

The song is called “World Is Mine” and it was done by a producer named ryo. He’s a member of Supercell, an 11-member J-pop group. And when “World Is Mine” was released it hit number 7 in the US and worldwide iTunes store. But all kinds of producers have released music featuring the software though, including Pharrell Williams.

Does She Have Her Own Holiday Fans Have Come Up With A Few Holidays In Her Honor Including Miku Day Which Takes Place On March 9th

Short animation of Hatsune Miku – Anime VOCALOID

In addition to her work as a festival mascot, fans have also come up with a few holidays in her honor. The first is “Miku Day,” which is held on March 9, or 3/9, as the number “39” is considered her symbol, as it can be read as “thank you” in Japanese.

Her birthday, however, is considered a separate event, taking place on August 31st, which celebrates her original Vocaloid release.

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What Anime Is Miku Nakano From

Miku Nakano is one of the central characters in the 5-toubun no Hanayome/ The Quintessential Quintuplets series and is the third sister among the Nakano Quintuplets. Miku has medium-length brown hair with strands draping over the right side of her face with a set of wireless headphones with a triangle-shaped branding on the ear cups as her signature accessory. She has a reserved demeanor and an emotionless visage. Miku is a shy and timid young lady with a negative outlook and poor self-esteem, to the point of denigrating herself. People dont usually realize how shy Miku actually is because of her straightforward and confrontational nature.

Miku is the smartest of the Nakano sisters, with quite an impressive knowledge about Japanese history. She can duplicate her sisters appearance and personalities much more skillfully than Ichika can. She is revealed to have a fascination with generals from the Sengoku Period. Their ideologies have a significant impact on her, to the point of influencing her real-life conduct. She keeps this information hidden from everyone and is ashamed when Fuutarou discovers it. Miku has a low sense of modesty and is unconcerned about her looks in comparison to her sisters. Despite this, she is still a little self-conscious about her looks. However, Miku definitely doesnt let any of it get in the way of her actually doing what she wants to do.

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Hatsune Miku’s Basic Traits

First, I insisted that the voice be clear and bright–because, after all, a high-pitched, bright voice is well suited to a futuristic image. Looking back over the history of Japanese popular music, the popular singer “idols” of a few decades ago–like Yamaguchi Momoe and Nakamori Akina–tended to sing in low registers. The voices of more recent popular singers–Onyanko Club, Morning Musume, AKB48, and the voice actresses–have become quite a bit higher in register and lighter in quality. We can see that trend not just in Japan, in fact, but worldwide. I think the voices will become even higher-pitched in the future.

And I wanted the voice to be lively. The recorded female voices you hear in taxis or trains in Japan are mechanical or synthetic sounds and have an artificial, lifeless quality. As a child, I recall hearing television narrators who spoke in an overbearing, non-human-sounding tone–that seemed kind of scary to me. The announcements over the school PA system I heard in junior high school were somewhat artificial, but the voices actually sounded rather sweet. What I wanted to aim for was that latter quality.

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She’s Honest About Her Feelings

Near the end of the first season of Quintessential Quintuplets, Miku confesses to Ichika that she loves Futaro. This marked the starting point for her trying to capture his heart as well as the others realizing they may be in love with him.

Around Futaro, Miku is bashful but also blunt in her efforts to make him notice her, which makes you want to root for her even more. Though it’s highly unlikely she will win the number one spot beside Futaro, fans will never forget the journey as they delve into season two where her presence will dwindle significantly.

Has She Done Concerts She Has Performed In Live Concerts & Was On Stage Through An Animated Projection

Download 3000x2862 Hatsune Miku, Teary Eyes, Twintails ...

Hatsune Miku has even performed “live” concerts. During these shows, she will perform on stage through an animated projection that has been projected onto a glass screen.

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Miku has even appeared in a Vocaloid opera at the Theatre du Chatelet Opera House in Paris called The End, which featured no human singers, a project involving designer Louis Vuitton and director Toshiki Okada

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She Was Inspired By Futaro

At first, all of the quintuplets rejected Futaro, ignoring his efforts to teach them and flat out pushing him away with cold words. Miku was one of the first to push him away, but after clearing up may misunderstandings, she came to like him.

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This also prompted her to want to better her test scores, making her the first quint who wanted to learn from him. Watching how hard Miku works to better herself is inspiring. You can’t help but cheer and wish her the best in her pursuit of bettering herself and her test scores, as well as her love problems.

Hatsune Miku Performs Live

The above photo was taken at the Hatsune Miku performance during MTV’s Japanese VMAs in 2014. The first Hatsune Miku live performance was at a Japanese arena in 2009. She played her songs live to a crowd of 25,000 people. She only played two songs.

“The reactions were the same as if it were a human,” It said. “We’ve had a few interviews and the feeling we perceive is that there seems to be a lot of fear and concern going on about technology but Japanese culture doesn’t have that so much.”

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The Search For Hatsune Miku’s Voice

So, I first began to search for the voice that would be the base for the Vocaloid. I listened to CDs of the voice actresses affiliated with the three major voice acting production studios and also collected CDs for newcomer voice actresses. Out of all those I chose the young voice actress Fujita Saki. Her voice is quite high, but also strong and good on the sustained notes. I liked it also that it was her natural voice, reasoning that it would be more stable in the course of repeated recordings than a “performed voice.”

For the creation of Hatsune Miku’s physical character, I decided her age and figure beforehand and asked an illustrator to create her. When the voice was selected, I had decided to make the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer the motif. DX7 was well known for its metallic sounds and capability in producing quite high electronic sounds. I took a chance on this decision because Hatsune Miku had a high-pitched voice and had been developed with Yamaha technology from the outset.The striking blue-green image color was matched to the DX7. Hatsune Miku would have taken on a completely different appearance if I had not had the DX7 as a motif.

Inspection And Modification Of Source Code

Hatsune Miku ~ Triple Baka – Full Song (English Subtitles v2)

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