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What Anime Is Yuno Gasai From

Third World: Ova Redial

Mirai Nikki best Yuno Gasai moments (SPOILERS)

After the incident in the Second World, Aru Akise works for Deus as an observer for the twelve diary holders. The Third World is living in peace without the incident and massacre that happened in Second World. Deus’ power is still dying, but he hasn’t found a new God to take his place and even planned out a new game.

Aru, Yuno, Mao, Hinata, Kosaka and Reisuke were all out for Summer class excursion when Yuno realizes that something is missing from her. Aru reports this to Deus.

Yuno was sitting on her bed when a voice started talking to her. She then started talking to her and brought her to the God’s realm of Time and Space. Meanwhile, the Third World Murmur was talking to Deus when she suddenly sensed someone got in the forbidden area. Yuno started walking to the platform, following the voice in her head until third world Murmur stopped her. Uryuu used her powers to stop third world Murmur from interfering with Yuno.

Meanwhile, Yukiteru’s Future Random Diary bleeps and show ‘Yuno went to see Yukiteru’. Yuno went to the Second World’s realm and hugs Yukiteru. Third World Deus made Yuno to be the third world’s Goddess, making a pathway for Yukiteru and Yuno’s realms.

Disturbing: Choose Me And Live Or Choose Sixth And Die

This quote is probably the worst pickup line imaginable.

Yuno Gasai becomes dangerously jealous of Yukiteru’s interactions and feelings with another character named;Tsubaki Kasugano, or “Sixth.” To make sure he understands how serious she is about how Yukiteru needs to be a one-woman man, she gives him an ultimatum. Choose her and live. Or choose the other girl and be left to die.

A “choose me or die” mantra is definitely not romantic, no matter how you look at it. This again will only end in loneliness and possibly a criminal record.

Character Description: Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai is the female lead of The Future Diary and the second diary user. As a small child, Yuno’s mother kept abusing her by locking her in a cage every time she stepped out of line, with Yuno resorting to eating hay to keep herself alive. As payback, Yuno locked both of her parents in the exact same cage until they starved to death, but the whole traumatic experience left Yuno a broken girl.

Upon meeting Yukitero Amano, she started to fall in love with him and kept writing about him in her diary in her cell phone. Every time minutes, she kept writing about him in her diary and she even took to stalking Yuki to keep writing about him. Then Deus Ex Machina granted her diary prophetic powers and she dedicated herself to using hit to protect Yuki during the survival game. Yuno also wants to keep Yuki all to herself to the point of murdering anyone who stands between her and the boy she loves.

The above description came from Jacob Listerud, and was edited by yours truly.

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The Cult Of The Sixth

Tsubaki is introduced with the rest of the diary owners during Deus Ex Machina‘s first meeting of the Survival Game. She specifically asks how the owners are meant to kill each other when they do not know what they look like. As the owners depart from the meeting with Yukiteru as their primary target, Tsubaki notes how she can see Yukiteru’s fear.

During the initial days of the Survival Game, Tsubaki’s cult was infiltrated by several diary owners. Orin was present on behalf of Kamado, and Ai joined the cult to observe them from within. Her diary reported a drastic shift in the future following Yukiteru’s opening a certain door in Yuno’s house.

On May 4th, Tsubaki’s followers capture Minene Uryu after Yomotsu hypnotizes several members of the religion to do his bidding. Yomotsu sneaks into the temple and keeps watch over Minene. Yukiteru, Yuno, and Kurusu arrive at the temple the next day following a prediction on Kurusu’s diary. Tsubaki acts normally, as if her time as a sex slave had never happened, remaining in her confinement room with her scroll. She quickly reveals she is a diary owner, claiming to have no interest in becoming God since she is already his messenger. She unrolls her scroll, revealing she has a Dead End flag which will occur later that night. Tsubaki makes a deal with Kurusu to hand over Minene if the others protect her until the time of her Dead End passes.

Yuno chops off Tsubaki’s hand after she kissed Yukkii.

Future Diary: 5 Yuno Gasai Pick Up Lines That Might Actually Work

Yuno Gasai Wallpapers

Yandere characters like Yuno Gasai from Future Diary walk a hard line between romantic and psychopathic. Here are some cute/creepy lines from her.

Yuno Gasai is the female protagonist of the;action, thriller anime called;Mirai Nikki or also known as Future Diary in English. The anime follows the story of Yukiteru Amano, an introverted 14-year old boy, who writes about his awkward and uneventful life in his cellphone diary. However, everything changes when Yukiteru has been thrust into a battle royale-like scenario and one of the few allies he has is Yuno, which some may consider being the mascot of “yanderes“.

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Yanderes are character tropes, primarily females, whose seemingly innocent infatuation with someone turns into an aggressive, insane obsession. They often try to hide their sick fixation with cute behavior, but their true hostile and sometimes homicidal nature always comes out. Yuno Gasai is a master manipulator as she balances between being adorable and psychotic to Yukiteru. Here are five Yuno Gasai quotes that could sound charming reworded as a pickup line and five quotes that would sound;downright disturbing as one.

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Disturbing: I Will Die For Yuki And Even In Death I Will Chase After Yukki

So, this quote is a bit more disturbing than the previous one. This quote actually finishes the “I was practically dead, but you gave me a future” quote. The entire quote is:

“I was practically dead, but you gave me a future. Yuki is my hope in life, but if it won’t come true then I will die for Yuki, and even in death I will chase after Yuki.”

Yuno probably should have left that end part out. Dying for someone can be romantic, but chasing them after death? When someone is chasing another person, this usually means the other person is running away. This could mean that no matter how fast or far Yukiteru, or as she says “Yuki,” runs, Yuno will be on his heels.

Chasing someone even after death could also sound like she plans to haunt him. Unless Yukiteru is into some spiritual intimacy, the idea of being haunted by an obsessed, ex-lover for the rest of your life does not sound cute.

Disturbing: I May Only Be Good For Killing People And Maybe I Am Completely Unappealing To You But I Thought You Will Love Me Once This Was All Over

Alright, Yuno definitely goes a little overboard with this one. Not only has she blown her innocent, sweet cover with the admission of the fact that she does not only kill people, but she’s also good at killing people. She sets an expectation for Yukiteru that no matter how many people she brutally kills or how unattractive she is to him, she still expects him to love her.

This is a pickup line that will definitely have the cops at your door if used.

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Disturbing: I’m Selfish I Know But To Keep You Mine I Will Do Everything I Need To Do Even If It’s Illegal

Again, Yuno needs to quit when she’s ahead. The quote was starting off as extremely charming until she said: “even if it’s illegal.” What does that exactly mean? Will she ignore restraining orders put against her? Will she kidnap and lock Yukiteru in a room and isolate him from his family and friends for the rest of his life? Will she kill him if that means she will have been the only person to have had him?

Using this quote in the form of a pickup line might cause someone to call the cops, so it would be best to stay away from this one.

Charming: I Was Practically Dead But You Gave Me A Future

Mirai Nikki – Yuno’s Knife Skills

This Yuno Gasai quote can be turned into a charming pickup line. Telling someone you care about that life wasn’t worth living until they came into your life can make them feel like they mean the world. In this quote, viewers see the grateful side of Yuno. It shows that Yukiteru gave Yuno a sense of purpose, and she wants to protect Yukiteru and the future that they have together.

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What We Think Of The Queen Of Yandere Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai is the girlfriend we wish we had but would be scared if we had her. Her debut with her eliminating Takao Hiyama in episode 1 of the anime left chills down our backs. She came up with a plan to get rid of him and did it with a smile on her face.

She starts off looking sweet and innocent but as the series progressed and she began to get her memories of the first worlds survival game back, Yuno became more and more unstable. Her crazy and psychotic nature came out more especially during her fight with 7th.

Yuno always did what she thought was best for Yuki even if it meant hurting others. She cared for him to a dangerous level and her love became an unhealthy obsession over him. When she kidnapped and drugged Yuki, the others were forced to rescue him. She couldnt handle the thought of someone taking her love away from her. To her Yuki was everything.

Towards the end of the Future Diary anime, we get to see Yunos breakdown. Once she realized that Yuki still loved her despite knowing the truth of the first worlds survival game she broke down and in her final moments decided to end her own life so that Yuki would win the survival game. At the last moment she chose Yuki over herself and their final kiss had us at The Anime Index crying for hours. Yunos death was unexpected and unbelievably sad.

Charming: I’m Crazy What’s Crazy Is That This World Refuses To Let Me Be With You

Yuno isn’t crazy, the world is crazy for judging and keeping her apart from her man. Although this has a slight tinge of craziness to it, the notion that it’s unfair that the world is trying to keep Yukiteru and her apart is not a new concept in the genre of romance. In Shakespeare, it’s the star-crossed lovers that are being pushed apart by fate. In Twilight, it was the nature of humans and vampires that kept Bella and Edward apart. Whether it be race, religion,;or gender, there are plenty of love stories that feature obstacles that hinder couples from being together.

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Yuno defying a world that keeps pushing her away from Yukiteru can be seen as romantic. Although Yukiteru’s point of view of the situation might make this quote less on the loving side and more on the controlling side, going against the odds for love deserves at least one point in romance.

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Charming: Maybe The Future Is Bad But There’s A Future Beyond That Right

This quote is an amazing way to comfort someone you care about. Assuring someone that no matter how bad things get, there’s always a way past it, is a great way to make you not only look like a dashing hero, but you also look at the positive side of things. Yuno protects Yukiteru and gets him through the worst-case scenarios, and gives Yukiteru hope of living another day. Use this quote to make someone’s day or possibly imply a brighter future with you in it.

Charming: Don’t Worry Yuki Yuno Will Protect You

Yuno Gasai

This is one of the most charming and innocent things she says to Yukiteru in the show. Yukiteru has horrible anxiety and confidence issues to the point that it becomes debilitating. For a good majority of the show, it features Yukiteru worrying and freaking out about everything, so overall he’s a very weak character. It’s really sweet Yuno tells Yukiteru to not worry and that she will protect him, because;despite her cute appearance, she has the brawn to back it up.

Telling someone you’ll be at their side when they need you the most is very comforting and could work well as a pickup line.

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The Seventh’s Battle Of Love

After the breakup, Yukiteru would soon be a target of both The Seventh duo and Ai Mikami as well as The Eighth, Kamado Ueshita, and her orphan army. Yukiteru would be put under protection by Akise who uses Kosaka’s house as a stronghold with a system to nullify the Apprentice Diaries of Kamado. Yuno, however, infiltrates the house and renders the jamming system useless in an attempt to prove herself worthy of Yukiteru again by protecting him. Yukiteru quickly deduces her intentions and thinking her to be more of a danger than an asset, deciding to have Yuno come to him with her hands tied. With the police and Nishijima overwhelmed by The Seventh, Yukiteru has to run for his life with Yuno, Hinata, and Mao.

While in the hospital, Yuno escapes her room to check on Yukiteru who is reunited with his father Kurou Amano and plays sports competitions courtesy of Minene. Yuno stalks them with a knife in hand as she is unaware of who Kurou is, but finds herself relieved that he is Yukiteru’s father and that she does not have to resort to violence.

Eventually, however, Yuno would stalk Kurou and discover his plans to destroy Yukiteru’s cellphone to have his debts paid by The Eleventh, John Bacchus as she overhears his conversation with him by phone. Yuno quickly warns Yukiteru about this but he’s distrustful, while Yuno attempts to kill him but Yukiteru stops her from taking drastic actions while Yuno asks him who he trusts more.

Charming: Your Future Belongs To Me

Without any context, this quote can be pulled off as romantic! “Your future belongs to me” can mean a lot of different things. It can mean your last name will belong to someone. It can mean you will be taken care of forever, in sickness or in health, your loved one will ensure they are responsible for your happiness. It could also just be a slightly subtle way of saying you want to marry someone one day.

Just make sure this loved one never watches this anime so they don’t know this quote came from a character that is willing to kill her crush’s mom. Might not be received as well.

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Disturbing: I’m Glad Yuki’s Mother Is A Good Person

Complementing about your crush’s or significant other’s parents is good. Implying that if their parents rubbed you the wrong way you might have “used tools” on them is not a good thing. It’s a very, very bad thing. Once again, Yuno should learn the lesson of never finishing her thoughts. The compliment about Yukiteru’s mom could have been a sweet quote without the tools comment and would have painted Yuno as more of a loving character than a deranged murderer.

Avoid using this quote as a pickup line unless you want to be banned from seeing your crush forever.


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