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What Type Of Anime Fan Are You

Manga Series Are Linear Compared To Western Comics

What Type of Anime Fan Are You?

Many American comic franchises have been going strong since the 1960s or even late 1930s, but characters such as Superman and Captain America have had their stories rebooted, refreshed and remixed many times, which means there isn’t always an obvious entry point for new fans. No one has been reading Superman comics continuously since 1939.

By contrast, manga series always start with chapter 1, volume 1, and the series will go in a perfectly straight line from that point, right to the end. One Piece is a 100-volume monster that’s been running since 1997, but there’s no question of where to start or how to proceed from there. It’s convenient that way.

Griffith Does The Unspeakable In Berserk

This is one of those examples where, while the moment itself accomplishes some artistic end, it is still too much for many fans. The world of late manga author Kentaro Miura’s “Berserk” is one of unflinching brutality and horror. From the get-go, graphic depictions of violence and rape are the standard as Miura subjects his characters to the absolute worst. And while there is a message in there about choosing to continue living in spite of mankind’s suffering, it is not a series for the faint of heart.

These themes truly come to a head midway through the series. After a life of hardship, protagonist Guts finally finds a family in joining the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group led by the enigmatic Griffith. But, when Griffith sacrifices the group and rapes Guts’ love interest, Casca, in exchange for godlike powers, the series takes a darker turn than ever. There is more to Griffith’s betrayal than meets the eye, but the act itself is still horrific and left many fans understandably upset.

A Twitter user named wrote about watching the brutal scene for the first time: “OMG the end was messed up, there was no reason why Griffith did that with Casca I was so upset…Idk if I can watch the shows after all that.”

Which Type Of Anime Fan Are You

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There Are Many Trustworthy Secondhand Sellers Of Manga

Fans interested in starting a manga collection can always turn to major retailers, but if a series is out of print, or if the buyer has limited cash, they can try their luck with secondary sellers. Across the Internet, there are a handful of sites where buyers can find used manga volumes from private sellers.

The famed eBay is a fine place to start, and a buyer might get a bulk deal from a seller who just wants to get rid of all their old volumes. Interested buyers can also try the Facebook marketplace and hunt for deals on either mainstream titles, or obscure or OOP titles that are tough to find at B& N or Rightstufanime.com.

Anime Series To Get A Feel Of What To Expect

8 types of anime fans

You can never play one video game and expect to know WHAT to expect from video games . No different to how you cant watch ONE anime series and have a good understanding of what to expect.

Thats why youve gotta watch at least 10 different anime

10s a good starter number for a lot of reasons:

  • Youll know by that point whether anime
  • is interesting enough to keep watching and getting into.
  • And youll have a taste of what different anime series can offer. Especially from different genres.

Its no good watching the same genre over and over again, because that becomes your frame of reference. And youll start believing anime is all about that when theres really more to it.

So try 10 different anime shows, with a mix of genres, and youll get a good idea of what you can expect as a new anime

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Some Manga Series Don’t Even Have An Anime To Compete With

Some manga series have a short or disappointing anime adaptation. Other manga series were never animated at all. So, an anime-only fan is missing out on a lot of excellent stories simply because they’re not used to reading manga, but a fan can change all that anytime.

Some of the most beloved manga titles offer incredible entertainment without an anime, such as Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys, which is just over 20 volumes in length. It’s been argued that series like these can and should get an anime, but they still might not.

Anime Trivia Questions Based On Characters

The characters that featured in some of our favorite stories left us with not just a shot of adrenaline and laughs but also some of the most important life lessons. Lets discover how many of these characters you can recall, play the ultimate anime quiz about Naruto and Sailor Moon.

1.Question: In the anime Claymore, who was the most powerful of the Awakened Beings?

Answer: Priscilla.

2.Question: An outcast prince takes over the revolution by controlling the mind of others. Who is he?

Answer: Lelouch Lanperouge.

3.Question: Who sells his soul to a demon in search of protection and revenge against his parents death?

Answer: Ciel Phantomihive.

4.Question: Which members of Suzaku 7 in Fushigi Yugi are never killed?

Answer: Tusuki and Chichiri.

5.Question: Which boy became the youngest State Alchemist at the age of twelve?

Answer: Edward Elric

6.Question: Vegeta married a sharp-minded scientist. Who was she?

Answer: Bulma

7.Question: Lover of sweets and mysteries, which genius is a world-famous detective?

Answer: L.

8. Question: As prophesied, Goku transformed into the Super Saiyan form in Dragon Ball Z. Where did this transformation take place?

Answer: Planet Namek.

9.Question: This pink-haired girl is completely obsessed with her love for Yuki, which she professes in her Yukiteru diary. Who is she?

Answer: Yuno Gasai.

10.Question: The Shinigami in love with apples. Can you recall his name?

Answer: Ryuk.

11.Question: Who is known as the One Punch Man?

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History Of The Community

Anime and manga fandom traces back to at least the 1970s when fans of the series Space Battleship Yamato banded together to get it back on the air after it stopped airing on Japanese television. In Japan, anime and manga are referred to collectively as the content industry: anime, video games, manga, and other related merchandise are different types of media focused around the same content.

However, the manga market in Japan is beginning to decline. In 2007, the manga industry showed a 4% decrease in sales from the previous year, its fifth consecutive year of decline. Japanese and American researchers have proposed that this may be due to the decrease in the young population in Japan and a lack of interest in reading. The manga critic and translator Matt Thorn stated that there was a growing dissatisfaction with the lack of originality found in many manga. Al Kahn, CEO of 4Kids Entertainment, stated that “Manga is a problem because we are in a culture that is not a reading culture” and that “Manga is dying in Japan.” Liza Coppola, vice president of Viz Media, said that the widespread availability of cell phones and ability to view anime and manga on cell phones is likely the cause of decline in demand for physical anime and manga.

Ultimate Anime Trivia Quiz: 30+ Toughest Questions For True Anime Fans

The 9 types of anime fans

Anime is a Japanese form of animation, known for its vibrant colors, intense character, and hand-drawn drawings.

The stories that feature in most anime have always had a significant difference that makes them stand out from western animation. From action-packed Dragon Ball series to nostalgic to the 90s kids Pokémon, anime ruled our TV when we were kids.

This name the anime quiz will prove whether you are a real fan. Designed especially for the real fans, these anime trivia game come with a list of anime trivia questions and answers. Let’s test you and your fan experience with this anime knowledge quiz. Feel free to gather your loved ones to have a couple of rounds of these anime trivia games! We assure you these are fun anime quizzes for everyone in your family. If you enjoyed our suggestions for Black panther trivia and Avengers trivia then try out our cool anime quizzes ranging from characters like Levi to Naruto!

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What Type Of Anime Fan Are You

The one that watches anime

Who says I am an anime fan???

I am an anime fan

Gaporigo, 2019

Hey everyone, look at the anime fan over there!

a lot casual watcher elite

I’m a Level 5 Moderator.

Do you mean what genres we like, or how into anime culture we are?

casual watcher or hardcore watcher people who watch every new anime

Somewhat all around I guess, idk, weird question.

usually watch shonen and seinen, been starting to dabble in more horror/mystery and romance/drama

Well I obviously started as a Type I but then I started going through a real dark patch in life and changed to a Type VII. As things calmed down I changed to Type IV for a while before becoming a more general watcher and finally ending up as Type VI.

The type that think himself as an elite anime fan and refuses to socialize with other anime fans. Basically an anime tsundere fan.

Dirty cunt who only watches multi million dollar movies then shit talk people who don’t watch them

Went from Shonen trash To fake elitist to visual/sakuga nerd to maximum appeal

One that watches many anime from current season and continues to watch only the ones that are good enough to watch

The one who watches shows that everyone is talking about to see what’s it like

The one with the low standards

The only-sub-anime one

And yes, I like SAO.

The Death Of L Marks A Downturn For Death Note

For many fans, “Death Note” was at its best when it was a duel of the minds, specifically between the minds of protagonist Light Yagami and his rival, L. In the latter’s bid to find the mysterious killer, Kira , the two embark on a mental cat-and-mouse game that defines the first half of the series. Both men are near-unparalleled geniuses, and the mental gymnastics both undertake in order to catch the other make for an entertaining story.

That is, until L finally kicks the bucket at the anime’s midway point. From then on, the race to catch Kira becomes much less fun as fans felt that L’s replacements, Near and Mello, couldn’t quite hold a candle to everybody’s favorite police consultant.

“Is it just me or did the series take a hit when L died? I mean it’s still an awesome anime and Near is pretty kick ass too…but he’s no L,” wrote user Syrina-ish on a Myanimelist forum post entitled “Let’s all vent about L’s death.” “WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?? lol…. bright idea was it to kill off one of the best made anime characters that ever lived?”

“L’s death ruined the show for me. I had to force myself to finish the last ten episodes or so,” replied user Padron86. “I did not like the ending.”

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What Anime Should I Watch

Are you interested in watching anime? With so many options out there, it can be hard to know what the best anime is. From classics like One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist to romantic dramas like Lie in April, theres an anime out there for everyone. Answer these ten questions to find out, what anime series should you watch?

Manga Volumes Can Be Sold Again

The 14 Types Of Anime Fans You

Manga fans can sometimes get great deals if they buy volumes from private sellers on eBay or the Facebook marketplace, and that goes both ways. Buyers can later become sellers, and if someone loses interest in some of their manga volumes, it’s time to sell them.

In this way, a money-conscious and space-conscious fan can resell their volumes when the time is right, and get a partial reimbursement on their initial purchase. This only applies to paperback copies, though.

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How To Become An Anime Fan

What does it means to be an anime

Just like every other fandom, anime has its unique community, lingo, and other distinctions that help it stand out.

Becoming an anime fan is simple and straightforward though, no matter how weird or complicated it looks from the outside in.

Lets break it down.

Anime is entertainment, no different to music games and especially western TV shows and films.

Each type of entertainment comes with its own set of genres, categories and everything in between to choose from.

Are you into:

These types of genres exist outside of anime , but also inside of anime . If youre just starting you might as well start with what you know about certain genres.

Then when youre ready to explore more anime

  • Josei.
  • Seinen.

Then you can get into those with an understanding of how anime genres work, and what types of anime you can expect from certain genres.

Manga Is Widely Available By Now

Japanese manga has been translated into English and other Western languages for decades now, but at first, the Western manga industry lagged far behind that of Japan’s, and manga was fairly obscure at the time. That has since changed for the better.

Now, hundreds of titles of all kinds are translated and generously marketed in the West, such as North America and Europe, among other regions, and many retailers stock thousands of volumes. Retailers such as Barnes & Noble make it incredibly easy to browse diverse manga titles and find something new to read.

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Technology And The Internet

Developments on the Internet have had profound effects on the anime fan community and the way in which anime is consumed. Additionally, fan interest in anime has inspired many developments in technology. Roughly 68% of fans obtain anime through downloading from the Internet or through their friends, a much larger proportion than in any other medium. As a result, fans have made some of the most sophisticated advances in peer-to-peer software in order to make searching for and downloading anime online faster. Other fans have created websites that uses a custom server to search the Internet for video mirrors and new episodes, similar to search engines on how they crawl each website and saves the information gathered to the database. The search engine keeps every episodes up to date.VirtualDub, a video capture and processing utility, was first created for use on an anime film adaptation of Sailor Moon. The desire to simulate all forms of media that anime and manga comes in has caused PyTom to create Ren’Py, an open-source software engine that allows for the creation of visual novels without the need for a programming background. Anime fans have also developed image upscaling tools, some using Artificial intelligence. Examples of such tools are Waifu2x, Bigjpg and Anime4K. The Combined Community Codec Pack was originally created for the playback of anime fansubs.

Goku Gives Medicine To A Genocidal Bug Man


Nowadays, you’ll hear no shortage of reasons why Goku from “Dragon Ball” is either a bad father, a bad husband, or a bad person and when you look at the absolute worst things Goku has done throughout the series, it’s not hard to understand why. As a Saiyan warrior, he puts fighting above everything else, and if that means literally risking the safety of the entire universe, then so be it. One moment that really soured many fans on Goku, however, was during the Android Saga in “Dragon Ball Z,” in which Goku purposefully surrenders to Cell, the maniacal bug-android hell-bent on killing him and wiping out the planet. Even worse, he then heals Cell’s wounds using a Senzu bean, and then volunteers his 12-year-old son to take on Cell solo.

Thankfully, Gohan manages to beat Cell in the end, but a lot of people almost died because Goku wanted to see his son save the world, even though Gohan personally despised fighting. Granted, Goku also sacrificed himself when it looked like Cell might blow up the planet in response to losing. Even so, fans still consider him allowing an opportunity for Cell to win a prime example of how he’s a dangerous and irresponsible person. The fan-ranking site Ranker even lists it as the number one reason why Goku is the worst part of “Dragonball Z.”

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If You Could Change Your Nationality And Look Would You Become Japanese

The third sign of being a Weeb is to want to become a Japanese or an anime-like character. And that is actually why most people in Japan do not like Weeaboos. They believe Japan has a rich culture that no weeb knows aboutbut they wish to become Japanese because they think everyone back there is an anime character or something.

Note: If you answered YES to all the three questions above, you are a Weeb. .

Attend Conventions If Thats Your Thing

I dont personally attend conventions, but I have plans to do it for the experience. To see what its like.

But not every fan does. Its a matter of choice.

If the idea of:

  • fans interact in a different environment.
  • Buying that cant be found online .
  • Testing the waters.

If the idea of that sounds good, then go for it.

Anime conventions will work well, and youll get a fast idea of how some people are in the anime community. And what types of businesses are about in the industry.

Not to mention what kinds of things theyre trying to accomplish, and whos behind the businesses.

This can come later. But if you were already into cosplaying from a different industry like video games cosplay is a big thing. And its one way to become an anime

In fact some cosplayers become anime fans because of their love for cosplaying as characters who interest them.

Whatever your reasons, cosplaying is a good addition and another way to express your interest in fictional characters. Or in this case: anime

Becoming a part of the industry means work in the industry, and contribute as an anime fan.

This kind of thing comes later on, but its still another method a lot of fans use to dive deeper into the anime industry, and the things they love about anime

Im an example of that type of person. Anime Motivations purpose is to make a difference in the anime community. Through content, recommendations, business and partnerships.

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