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Who Is The Strongest Anime Character 2021

Meruem Hunter X Hunter

Top 90 Strongest Anime Characters 2021

Meruem was the most powerful offspring of the Chimera Ant Queen. He was known as the King of the Chimera Ants and is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant Arc. Meruem seems to be slightly humanoid for an ant. He was muscular and well-trained, despite his relatively small body compared to his servants. He also possessed a mighty tail equipped with a sting that served as his weapon. His hands and feet had only four fingers and toes each.

Meruem is the most powerful character introduced in the series so far, and he is the one with the highest learning ability. Born to be the ultimate biological weapon, his enormous physical prowess is matched only by an unparalleled intellect, both of which seem to place him far beyond the reach of human possibilities. As King of the Chimera Ants, his power exceeds even that of the Royal Guards, and he can increase it even further by consuming Nen users.

Akira Fudo / Devilman

Akira Fudo is the protagonist in the 1972 anime series, Devilman. Originally a weak-willed, teenage crybaby, Akira gains the powers and memories of the demon hero Amon, when Amon possesses him. However, due to the fact he has a pure heart, Akira retains his human consciousness despite gaining a whole host of demonic powers. He uses these powers to protect humanity from hordes of demonic creatures who seek humanitys destruction. How strong do you get when youre possessed by a demon? Pretty strong apparently, and its nothing like Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist. No, Devilman doesnt spew out litres of green bile.

Instead, when Akira transforms, his strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and combat skills all rise to superhuman, or superdemon, levels.

He has enough physical strength to literally tear demons in half with his bare hands, leap over tall buildings , fly, project energy beams from his antenna, teleport and breath hot enough flames to reduce his enemies to ash within seconds. Furthermore, he can phase through walls and can even increase his size, as if being a regular sized demon wasnt scary enough. He shows signs of telepathic abilities, but watching him tear demonic beasts in half barehanded proves to us just how powerful he is.

Satoru Gojo Of Jujutsu Kaisen Is By Far One Of The Strongest Anime Characters To Ever Live

Satoru Gojo powers: Overwhelming amounts of cursed energy, fast reflexes, powerful cursed techniques

Despite being a relatively new anime character, Jujutsu Kaisens Satoru Gojo makes it to the fifth spot on this list.

Gojo is undeniably the strongest anime character in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. Just how strong is Gojo? His birth is believed to have altered the balance of the world as stated in chapter 96 of Jujutsu Kaisens manga.

One of his familys techniques, the Six Eyes, lets him see cursed energy in detail. Gojo wears a blindfold to tone down the intensity of this ability. He also knows how to use Limitless, another technique that Satoru inherited from the Gojo clan.

Together with these two techniques and a firm command of manipulating cursed energy, Satoru Gojo is one of the strongest characters in the series who could potentially take down Sukuna, the main antagonist.

Aside from his strength, Gojo is also recognized for his handsomeness and charisma.

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Shigeo Kageyama 81 Votes

Shigeo Kageyama otherwise known as White T-Poison or more famously Mob, is the titular main protagonist of the webtoons, manga, and anime series Mob Psycho 100.

Hes a powerful esper with vast powers and is the assistant and disciple to Arataka Reigen and is the newest member of the Body Improvement Club.

Son Goku Dragon Ball Super

Who Is The Most Powerful Anime Character 2021

Who doesnt know about this character Son Goku is the most fan-favourite character out of all on the list. He is a Saiyan who is most probably a God-level MC. Also, Dragon Ball has got superiorly powerful characters who are incomprehensibly & unimaginably powerful. Kakarot has done way too many things and saved the universe way too many times to count.

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Izumi Nase: She May Be The Strongest Spirit World Warrior But She Does Not Trust Anybody With Her Secret

Even by Spirit World Warrior standards, she is a powerful warrior who can wield a spear well in battle and create glaciate barriers.

A yomu is shown to have almost taken over her body, something that she hides from everybody, which is also why she prefers doing everything alone and in secret, even if it means risking her relationship with her brother Hiroomi.

Zeref Dragneel Fairy Tail

Zeref is known as the strongest and most evil magician of all time in Fairy Tail. He uses immensely strong and dangerous magic, black arts. He is the founder and ruler of the Alvarez Empire and is known as Emperor Spriggan. He is the older brother of Natsu and is the father of August.

Zeref was already able to master all forms of black magic at a young age and even started creating many demons. However, his magic is so powerful that he cannot control it himself. Zeref himself explained that the more he values life, the more uncontrollable the black arts become. This usually results in him killing everything around him unintentionally. But as soon as he becomes cold-hearted again, he has complete control over his powers.

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Strongest Anime Characters Who Go Solo

Sometimes, anime characters can be so strong that they can’t help but always defeat the enemies by themselves. Here are 10 who mostly go solo.

There is no shortage of strong and powerful characters in fictionwhether it be the world’s strongest hero, an undefeatable god, or even characters who can defeat others a snap of their fingers, the world of anime has it all.

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While many of these heroes and villains prefer having many underlings working for them, some prefer doing things alone. This is either because theyre lone wolves or because they cant trust other people with their plans or powers. And sometimes, anime characters can be so strong that they can’t help but always defeat the enemies by themselves. Here are 10 anime characters who mostly go solo.

Zeno Dragon Ball Super

Who Is THE STRONGEST Anime Character Ever | Episode 8

Although Zeno doesnt look frightening, he is the most powerful character shown until now in Dragon Ball. He can erase a whole universe just by snapping his fingers. Zeno seems to be a cute peaceable little being, but in reality, represents the leader of the multiverse.

Zeno is certainly one of the strongest anime characters ever to exist. Personally, I dont like this character at all someone who has such power should not be portrayed as a little child. Maybe its just because I dont think much of Dragon Ball Super in general, even though there were nice scenes. However, the whole story seemed a bit too much with all the gods of destruction and Zeno even for Dragon Ball. But thats just my personal opinion.

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Top 15 Overpowered Main Characters In :

1. Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru is an Overpowered Main Character that has not yet achieved his full potential in the anime. As a strong lead, Rimuru dominates a few characters in terms of sheer potential. Rimuru can use Predator, which allows him to absorb any creature and gain their respective power.

What makes him an OP MC is that he can analyze these powers and keep them stored. Due to which he can access multiple powers in battle. Truly a fantastic character design that deserves a lot of appreciation. Slime Season 2 is going to be spectacular with Rimurus growing power.

2. Eren Yaeger

Eren possesses the power of the founding titan and can control and manipulate titans at his will. He can also harden specific parts of his body or his entire body in an instant. Currently, the anime has reached its pinnacle, and it looks like Eren will acquire another power making him invincible.

The Overpowered Main Character in this series doesnt know about his full potential until the very end. Having a hidden power is very rare and keeps fans at bay without making it dull. Eren is the OP MC everyone is craving to see in 2021. Attack on Titan Season 4 is out now and is making repels across the world.

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3. Meliodas

Meliodas is the Dragons Sin of Wrath and can defeat anyone in the series with his unstoppable power. He is that Overpowered lead strictly due to his demon abilities and inhuman strength.

4. Diablo

5. Mirai Kakehashi

7. Senkuu

Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

At some point, every anime fan asks himself the question of who the strongest character is or how certain fights between two characters from different animes would end. It is almost impossible to answer these questions with absolute certainty. In addition to that, our connection to the character is also part of our decision. The more we like a specific anime character, the more difficult it becomes to remain objective. Nevertheless, I have made a list of MY PERSONAL top 20 strongest anime characters and tried to stay as objective as possible.

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Who Is The Strongest Anime Character

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Who Is The Strongest Anime Character. The 10 strongest and 10 weakest anime gods. Look kaido is the strongest one and that stated in the manga so the strongest character in one piece logically is kaido the strongest character in one piece but if we dont use logic you will say shanks is the strongest and someone else will say dragon and i will say akaino is the strongest and everyone has tons of excuses to prove his opinion.

Visual search | series finder These strong anime women don’t. Although he holds the seat of the strongest currently, he won’t be the strongest forever.

Eucliwood Hellscythe Is This A Zombie

Japanese voted for the MOST POWERFUL anime character ...

Eucliwood Hellscythe, also known as Eu, is a necromancer from the underworld in the anime Koreha Zombie Desuka. After resurrecting the student Ayumu Aikawa, who was killed by an insidious serial killer, they live together. Ayumu is infinitely grateful to his savior Eu, who turned him into a zombie and thus gave him a second chance.

Eucliwood Hellscythe is the most powerful and influential magical being that has ever walked between this world and the next. As an immortal Necromancer, she can decide freely about life and death, but also her magical power exceeds every human imagination. Her spoken word alone can change reality according to her wishes, which can have far-reaching consequences. Thats why Eu never speaks but communicates with Ayumu only through a small paper pad on which she writes down her thoughts.

To protect herself and her surroundings from the effects of her power, Eu shows no emotions whatsoever but is always absolutely distant and restrained. Her feelings can cause insecurities in her person and can negatively influence her power. The armor that Eu wears on her body also serves this purpose, as it at least partially suppresses and limits Eus emotions and power.

Some of her powers:

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Goku And Vegeta Fights To Death

Akira Toriyama, the author of the Dragon Ball series, notably penned the timeline for Dragon Ball Online, and it ended up featuring the fates of several characters. Most relevant to fans and the most viewed were the fates of Goku and Vegeta, Dragon Balls longtime rivals and current best of buddies. Recognizing their old age and the passing of their prime and knowing that what is next is unknown, Goku and Vegeta head out into outer space to settle the score one last time.

Goku and Vegeta, popular frenemies

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon The Digger

Simon is Gurren Laganns pilot. Chou Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, a notional creature created just for the urge to develop and vanquish something. He is around 57 percent of the observable universe, and his weapons are galaxies and universes.

He possesses infinite potential, reality-warping abilities, and cannot be defeated since he is a conceptual creature. Simon is a being who can transform a.0000000001 percent chance of winning into a 100 percent chance of winning.

Without breaking a sweat, he can withstand strikes with the power of creation and endless worlds. Chou Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the closest approach to an omniscient and omnipresent main character in anime.

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Cheng Hua: His Strength Ensured That Not Even The Gods Crossed His Path

Cheng Hua challenged 35 heavenly officials to a one-on-one match, and after defeating 33 in a row, the final two contenders backed out of fear.

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Stories of his strength, power, and cruelty spread not only across the heavenly realm but the demon and human realms. This proved that this Devastation class Demon does not need anybody by his side.

Featherine Augustus Aurora Umineko When They Cry

Who Is THE STRONGEST Anime Character Ever | Episode 3

Featherine Augustus Aurora is the witch form of Tohya Hachijo in the anime Umineko no Naku Koro ni. She is an overwhelming witch, who is on the level of a creator. She is able to create anything, spinning entire narrative worlds.

Some of her powers are:

  • Reality Warping
  • Time Manipulation
  • Immortality
  • Telepathy

Featherine wouldnt have trouble killing every single other anime character in my ranking, even Zeno. She can literally change the plot in her favor, which makes her the strongest of all anime characters to me.

Those were my personal top 20 strongest anime characters. The ranking took me quite some time, and somehow after reading it, I would always change the ranking of one or the other character. How would you place the characters on my list? Let me know in the comments the discussion and different views are what makes this kind of ranking interesting.

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Tatsuya Shiba 156 Votes

Shiba Tatsuya is the main protagonist of The Irregular in Magic High School. He enrolled at the National Magic University Affiliated First High School in April 2095 with his younger sister, Miyuki .

He was accepted as one of the students to be placed in the Course 2 curriculum, marking the start of the series events. In his second year, he transferred into the newly-created Magic Engineering Course

Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo

As the greatest Jujutsu Sorcerer, Satoru Gojo is recognized within the Jujutsu community. Due to the superhuman volumes of Cursed Energy that he possesses, he received this alias. Gojos Cursed Energy is massive enough to use a Domain Expansion many times a day. Although it can only be used once by other Sorcerers. Weve still not seen the full extent of his powers. Gojo Satoru has to be recognized as one of the strongest anime characters.

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The 15 Strongest Anime Characters

Who doesnt love the occasional over-powered hero? They make everything looks so easy with their skills, charm, and wacky adventures and tremendous power.

So this time Goo Ranking asked the Japans otaku community to vote for the strongest anime character from the modern era!

That what we are going to talk about today there are 15 strongest anime characters in this list and you have to tell me if some strongest anime characters are missing or if you are agree with this list or not so lets just dive into it.

Death Note Light Yagami

Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters 2021

If he battled all of these other anime characters in a direct war, Light Yagami, the protagonist of the dramatic and suspenseful Death Note anime, will get smoked in a heartbeat. He doesnt even have to combat anyone specifically, though.

His clever intelligence and the use of the deadly Death Note allow him to bring an end to everyone as long as he knows their full name in whatever manner he wishes. In Death Note, Light easily stops numerous people and defeats almost everyone who wants to expose his diabolical scheme. Light can beat almost every other anime character in life with these powers. Light is definitely one of the strongest and deadliest anime characters.

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Rimuru Tempest Is The First Book In The Rimuru Tempest Series

That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime in Anime

The story of the show began appropriately with a slimy character.

As a result, its quite poetic to conclude this list with one.

Weve previously seen the difficulties that a slime character presents to a melee hero in the anime, since he must depend on air pressure above all else to beat that kind of foe.

Cheap tricks, on the other hand, dont work on Rimuru.

He not only has a dozen or so talents, but he also has the foresight to wrap his arm around yours before delivering his blow.

Rimuru would use his Predator ability to suck the One for All directly out of All Mights body, unlike the slime in My Hero Academia, who simply made you feel uncomfortable and invaded your personal space.

Recently we had a question on our Facebook page asking what anime characters might be able to beat the Big Bad of the Marvel universe. Well, as with everything, theres definitely a way to do this and it involves some of the more powerful anime characters in the world. Have a look at this list of. Read more about is saitama the strongest anime character and let us know what you think.


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