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How To Draw Anime Nose And Mouth

Shaded Nose Front View Drawing

How to Draw Manga | Face | Ep. 2 : Nose & Mouth

In the front view divide the head in half both vertically and horizontally . Draw the nose shadow to one side of the vertical line with its horizontal placement between the chin and the horizontal halfway point of the face.

Shape the shadow itself a bit like an oval with the side facing towards the horizontal line being slightly flatter.

Drawing Anime Mouths Screaming Angry Or Exerting Effort

Many expressions of the mouth in anime are often interchangeable with others. As an example, above are screaming and angry drawings of a mouth as well at mouths showing exertion. It is often hard to pinpoint the expression exactly without other cues or other facial features for context. While this could seem confusing, it actually works well for the artist.

We only need to learn so many expressions to be able to draw them all. Learn to draw the ones above and you can then draw an anime character expressing anger, or one exerting physical force. You will notice, however, that the difference between those two expressions is likely to be shown in other facial features.

There are some similarities we need to be aware of.

Notice how the majority of these have rounded corners and a line indicating a break between the teeth.

Notice also that the line indicating the separation of the upper and lower teeth is zig-zagged. This type of line indicates some overlap of the jaw when the teeth are clenched together.

How To Draw Anime Girl Face

While the video isnt such a high-quality, the thing that I like about it is the authenticity and the realness of it. There might some coughing and things going in the background, but I still like the drawing that the artist creates.

If anything, the drawing is solid and looks very nice. Its also easy to follow through the video and learn while watching.

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Basic Nose Side View Drawing

For the side view again be sure to keep the vertical placement of the nose as described earlier and as shown in the above illustration. A common mistake beginners make is misplacing facial features when drawing the same character from different views.

Its hard to have a clear placement guide for the horizontal positioning of the nose in the side view as this can be effected by the face type, nose length and style. Generally however you will want to draw it sticking out past the forehead.

Make the actual shape of the nose somewhat like a vertical check mark with a short bottom curve, a pointy tip and a long upper curve.

How To Draw A Curious Anime Mouth

Eyes , nose , ears &  mouth

This example can be used for a character that has sudden interest in something.

In this case the mouth will be open with the top row of teeth slightly visible.

As the mouth is open you will generally want to draw the jaw lower down .

Draw it somewhat similar in shape to a rectangle with rounded corners but slightly narrower towards the top.

You can shade the inside of the mouth to be fairly dark.

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Adding In Facial Features

Firstly, add the ears. From top to bottom they should go from the eye line to the nose line. Add in the nose, which can be of any shape but it must just touch the bottom of your horizontal nose line.

NOTE: To help with how big to make the eyes, the eye guideline from ear to ear should be roughly five eyes wide. This means that your eyes should have an eyes length that separates them in the middle.

The eyebrows require simple curved lines above the eyes and the placement doesnt really matter too much, they just need to follow the placement of the eyes. You can experiment with different shapes and placement to portray various different emotions.

Lastly, draw the mouth line halfway between the bottom of the nose guideline and the bottom of the lip line.

That’s the proportions sorted, now let’s make it Manga…

How To Draw Anime Nose And Mouth

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Dessin De Bouche : Manga Themes Draw Anime Nose And Mouth

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Draw The Face And Neck

How to Draw Manga Noses

Working on an anime boy drawing is very similar to creating a girl character. Your first steps should be to draw the outline for the face and neck before you can add the fun facial features.

Lightly sketch a freehand circle with a vertical guideline going straight down the middle. Youll want this to extend past the bottom of the circle as far as youd like the chin to be. Then draw a slightly curved line down each side of the circle, sloping in more toward the bottom of the vertical line. Where these meet will be the bottom of the face.

Underneath the face, draw two vertical lines for the neck and a line off each side for the top of the shoulders.

Using guidelines helps to position all of your characters features correctly.

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How To Draw Manga With Sonia Leong

While the art tutorial video isnt narrated, it still a good video as it shows you and explains to you how to divide features in the head. Drawing the head from a profile might be challenging for some of you, but the simple method shown to you in this video makes the whole process that much easier.

Drawing Perfect Manga Eyes

After youve gotten familiar with balancing your proportions, feel free to bend these “rules” and get more creative. But for starters:

  • Manga eyes generally have a sharp top and bottom with softer sides or corners.
  • The eyebrow follows the shape of the upper eyelid to some degree.
  • The distance of the eyebrow from the upper eyelid is proportional to the eyes height.
  • The upper eyelid casts a shadow on the eye.
  • Girls eyes usually have more highlights in them and their eyelashes are longer than boys.

The eyes are arguably the most crucial and defining feature on your characters face. Therefore, experiment and see how you can express different emotions through the character’s eyes.

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How To Draw Anime Hair

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This tutorial will show you how to draw male and female anime hair. Anime hair is what makes anime heroes unique and beautiful as with real humans, its the crowning beauty. Lets begin!

Shade The Hair And Add The Chin

Sketch. Mouth and nose by KateCross on DeviantArt  2020  ...

Hair is typically shiny, so, therefore, shaded with high contrast. The shading can be the difference of making hair look Manga-tastic or taking you back to square one. It goes without saying, the better the pen and the stronger technique you have, the more likely it is that youre going to produce the best results. Click here to read more about which pens are best used for shading.

TIP: Use photographic reference for help on highlighting hair.

Draw lines that curve slightly inward down from the chin. These simple lines form your characters neck. Men usually have thicker necks than women, so bear that in mind. The age also determines the neck as in Manga, very old and very young males are drawn with skinny necks. You can shade the neck if you like but keep it simple and dont overdo it.

From here, you can use a Chameleon Art Products Detail Pen to make permanent line drawings, an eraser to remove the pencil lines and use a Chameleon Pen and its innovative Mixing Chamber to shade the hair.

Clips taken from How to draw Manga with Sonia Leong.

Image by nashimanga

If you’re curious, here’s a bit of background to answer “What is Manga?”

Manga first became popular in the 20th century when laws prohibiting the publication of this kind of artwork were lifted. It has since become a great part of Japanese culture and the majority of the country often read Manga cartoons.

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How To Draw An Open Anime & Manga Mouths On The Head

For an open mouth the jaw can be drawn lower down. Tough in some more stylized characters this is not always be the case.

When dividing the head with an open mouth into eight parts ignore the extra height added due to the jaw being lower down . Instead estimate where the bottom of the jaw would be if the mouth was closed .

Examples Of Different Anime Styles

As you probably already know, anime-styled drawings can differ quite a bit depending on the artist. Once youve learnt the basic proportions and guidelines, you can change things up depending on your own preferences! Below are some anime-styled heads in different proportions. As you can tell, they have very different proportions ranging from more realistic to less realistic.

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Numerous Examples Help With Learning

You can see how you can achieve this with a few strokes of the pen if you look at this illustration. Drawing the lips is only necessary in a few cases in order to show the expression of the manga mouth.

The corners of the mouth, the line where the lips meet and the shading above or below the lips are enough to give the mouth its plasticity.

How To Draw Anime & Manga Mouths On The Head

How to Draw Manga: three quarter view eyes nose mouth (Part 2/5)

To get the placement of an anime mouth on the head you can vertically divide the face up into eight parts and position it just a bit above the first division from the bottom. Of course you dont need to do this every time you draw as usually you can just estimate the placement.

When drawing the whole face you can place the mouth just a bit above the halfway point between the lower part of the nose and the bottom of the chin.

The position of the mouth can somewhat shift based on the expression but generally for a closed mouth it will be close to the example above.

If you want to draw lips on an anime style mouth you can also check:

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Male And Female Anime Faces

Although manga style faces are pretty feminine to begin with, there are certain ways to make the face look more masculine:

  • The eyebrows are placed low above the eyes.
  • The eyebrows may be thicker and less curved.
  • The eyes are narrower.
  • The eyelashes are minimal and less prominent.
  • The pupil is small and circular.
  • The lips are even less pronounced.
  • The jawline is more pronounced.
  • The neck is thicker.
  • The nose is more pronounced.

Of course, not all of these methods must be applied. Sometimes, the sex difference is shown only by the clothes and the hairstyle!

How To Draw A Puzzled Anime Mouth

This type of an expression can be used for a character that is confused, thinking or trying to remember something.

Once again as the mouth is open you will generally want to position the jaw lower down when drawing it.

Make the shape of the mouth itself similar to an O. You can also add a small curve below it to give a hint of the bottom lip.

Like in the previous example you can again shade the inside of the mouth to be fairly dark.

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Rotation Of Anime Ears

Anime ears are very simple to draw, with one exception: if you see them from behind, their base becomes visible. It’s like a conch, and you must imagine it this wayyou can’t simply draw the ears the same way in every view, or they’ll look flat!

You can learn more about the structure of the ears and how to draw them here:

Ears are complicated, and they can be simplified in many ways:

How Do You Draw Anime Faces Step By Step

Eyes, Noses and Mouths (Anime Style!) by Mystchiief on ...

Its easier than you think to create cute anime characters loaded with personality! In this step by step tutorial, our anime-style face has very simple proportions, which will help you recreate any face and individualize it to your liking.

The anime face is broken into 4 sections along the centerline. The eyes and ears are placed below the horizontal middle line at 1/2 of the center lines length . Only using the lower part of the head, below the horizontal middle line , the face is then broken into 2 sections at 1/4 and 1/8 of the centerline for the nose and mouth.

-> Download and Print Anime Drawing Guide

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Drawing Anime Mouths With The Entire Face

You can see the overall placement of the facial features for the head used for this tutorial in the example above.

When drawing the entire face there is no need to divine the head into eight portions. You can instead start by placing the eyes below the vertical halfway point of the face, position the nose halfway between the top of the eyes and the bottom of the face and position the bottom lip halfway between the nose and again the bottom of the face.

This method works for all of the head views shown in this tutorial. It or similar methods are also used for most of the face drawing tutorials here on AnimeOutline.

Some examples of these are:

How To Draw Anime Heads And Faces

The anime style was created to make animated characters both expressive and easy to animate. This means that many elements of the face have been extremely simplifiedand this means they are easy to draw, too. However, if you want to draw anime characters from imagination, you must know certain rules.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw an anime head in various views, step by step. I’ll also show you how to draw manga eyes, nose, lips, and ears, explaining their “anatomy” and styles. You’ll learn how to draw deformed faces as well, and how to create a distinction between males and females. After this tutorial, you’ll be able to draw your own anime heads from scratch!

This is the second tutorial in our series, How to Draw Anime. You may also want to take a look at the first one, to learn how to draw anime bodies:

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How To Draw Anime Boy Face

A very simple and straightforward video on how to draw boys face in anime style starting by drawing the circle and adding the needed lines for the jaw and eyes.

As you might have seen, the basics are always the same. Draw a circle and then add lines. Its that simple, yet it isnt when you want to draw a beautiful face. Its all about proportions and how things are placed in the head.

The video has a narration that makes it easy to follow through and learn at the same time. Its also nice to see the hand movements from the artist and the thought process behind the lines.


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