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About My Hero Academia Character Quiz

Which MY HERO ACADEMIA Character Are You? – Ultimate Anime Quiz

Unlike other trivia quizzes for the BNHA universe, this test will help you understand which My Hero Academia character you resemble. The MHA character quiz is specially designed in such a fantastic way to give you at least %93 accurate MHA hero results. It all depends on how you answer the questions in this ultimate fun quiz.

Don`t you want to find out which character is more like you from your favorite Boku no Hr Akademia series? If yes and if you’re really into the MHA series, give it a shot on this unique and accurate My Hero Academia character test to find out what BNHA character are you!

How To Play The Quiz

Our quiz is aimed primarily at fans of all kinds of Shounen. So, if you love dealing with superheroes and fantastic powers, you’ve come to the right place. Watching MHA, we meet many diverse and interesting characters that are a real treat for the reader or viewer. Without further ado, this quiz contains 15 questions that will analyze your personality in depth. You will learn which My Hero Academia character is your counterpart.

Which My Hero Academia Character Are You

My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga and anime series that has become one of the decades best titles. Created by the famous Khei Horikoshi, this story focuses on young heroes in training and their challenging journey to mastering their skills. MHA characters go through a through tough school to learn the power they possess and become true heroes from within.

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Which My Hero Academia Girl Are You

This is a quiz about Boku no Hr Akademia and at the end of the test, you can also get a result that showing your My Hero Academia Girl Character. Don`t worry, if you are male, or if you just prefer to have a male character, our test will find out that one as well. Who knows? Maybe you are the Minoru Mineta type that everybody loves!

Which Bnha Boy Character Are You

My Hero Academia Character Quiz

Currently the most popular male characters in Boku no Hero Academia are Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou and Todoroki Shoto. Other popular characters include Tenya Iida, Denki Kaminari, All Might and even Shota Aizawa. The most popular pro heroes are All Might and Endeavor. Currently, there are many boy characters in this anime and even more in the manga. Due to the large characters to choose from, this which bnha boy character are you test will only include the top ten most popular My Hero Academia boy characters. Currently, in the latest My Hero Academia popularity test, the top ten most popular My Hero Academia boy characters are Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou, Fumikage Tokoyami, Tenya Iida, Denki Kaminari, Hitoshi Shinso, Ejiro Kirishima, Mashirao Ojiro and Minoru Mineta.

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Which My Hero Academia Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac is an interesting, if subjective, mode to organize My Hero Academia characters according to their overarching personalities.

Most members of My Hero Academia‘s diverse cast are fleshed outtheir goals, their temperaments, their hopes, dreams, and absurdities are all combined to create characters that are as relatable as they are authentic. More importantly, while all of them share a few features across the board, each of them has a patently unique identity.

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The Zodiac becomes an interesting, if subjective, mode to label and organize My Hero Academia characters according to their overarching personality traits. Caveat: since there are dozens of relevant characters in the series, only the most central ones have been selected.

Which My Hero Academia Spin

My Hero Academia has 3 big spin-offs all licensed by Viz Media:

  • My Hero Academia-Smash by
  • My Hero Academia-Vigilantes
  • My Hero Academia-Team-Up Missions

Spin-offs are great, but obviously the most popular one is the original anime adaptation of My Hero Academia. In this original version, we are meeting infinite type of Quirks and new characters. All 4 seasons and 88 episodes were really interesting and Season 5 is confirmed.

This My Hero Academia character quiz is super fun to play! You can even compare your results with your friends and find out which character they got. The questions in the MHA quiz are very carefully curated so that you get the highly accurate results.

Here are some of the most popular characters across the My Hero Academia manga & anime series. Lets have a brief look at their quirks so that you can reacquaint yourself to these iconic characters.

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Scorpio : Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga is a member of the League of Villains often sent into action when attacking class 1-A. Scorpios are very determined and passionate individuals that shine when they get to be themselves. After hiding her inner self during her childhood, Toga finally got the chance to be who she is in the League of Villains. Toga shows yandere characteristics towards Izuku and jealousy towards Ochaco Urarakas relationship with him. Speaking of Urakaka

Tsuyu Asui Silent And Strong

Can You Guess The 20 MY HERO ACADEMIA Character? ( Anime Quiz )

Tsuyu, or Froppy as she is now known, isn’t a very talkative person she waits until she’s close enough to someone before opening up about her life. One of the impressive things about her, though, is her directness in conversation.

Tsuyu prefers not to hold back her opinions, and it’s clear that she is never judgmental. Viewers who see themselves in her are strong, capable, mature, logical, and, most importantly, “perfect pillar of emotional support.”

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Eraser Head Serious And Caring

Students initially perceive Eraser Head as a morbid personality who enjoys napping wherever he manages to find space. Still, they grow to acknowledge the complex nature between his mood and his Quirk.

Those who relate to him will probably find themselves to be serious people themselves, but with a compassionate side that sometimes outshines their natural grimness. Eraser Head claims to be highly discerning with respect to student quality, which means that Class 1-A has earned his respect because of their dedication to their future careers.

Izuku Midoriya Steadfast And Empathetic

Izuku Midoriya becomes the most powerful character in his world, at least after One For All is completely transferred from his predecessor. Still, he remains the generous, unflinching person he always was.

He rushes into danger without concern for his own safety, and his ability to spark friendships is nothing short of uncanny. Fans of Izuku are sure to be as passionate and eager as he is, manifesting his adorably charming outlook towards life and heroism.

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It Exposes Your Dark Side

It is not guaranteed that you are a hero! Your personality might have some dark sides. So, it possible for you to be an MHA villain whose intentions are rather controversial. The fun fact is that the anime shows bad guys are sometimes more charming than the good ones. Take Tago as an example. She is now one of the most beloved and main antagonists of the series.

Shoto Todoroki Detached And Hopeful

My Hero Academia

In the beginning, Shoto responds to most inquiries with his trademark deadpan, implying that he’s not one to talk at length about himself or his personal history.

This is revealed to be the result of his father’s pressure on him, also explaining why he withholds the full power of his dual Quirk. Many viewers relate to Shoto’s difficult childhood and how he manages to grow from it into the person he’d like to be. Shoto goes from detached and distant to visibly hopeful.

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The Seven Deadly Sins

What is the definition of a Hero? For me, personally, a hero is a person that will act for the greater good without caring about being recognized or praised for their good deeds. The Seven Deadly Sins fits that description perfectly. They are the most powerful group of knights of all Britania, no one can hold a candle to them and yet they were labeled as traitors by the Holy Nights of the empire who took the credits for saving the country in the last war and therefore took over Britannia.

The seven Deadly Sins didnt retaliate against them, instead, they went into hiding to see from the sidelines if the country would blossom.

They finally end up taking up arms once more for the country that betrayed them to save it from the second disaster it was facing after the 3rd princess Elizabeth came begging them for help.

Sagittarius : Ochaco Uraraka

The next entry just happens to be Ochaco Uraraka. A class 1-A student at U.A. High School Uraraka is also known by her hero name Uravity. Sagittarius are optimistic and always looking on the bright side.

However, they sometimes are over optimistic. Uraraka thinks of everything positively. Despite how dire a situation looks or how much danger Izuku appears to be in, she is always looking on the bright side.

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My Hero Academia Quiz

Without any doubt, My Hero Academia is one of the best animes of the last years. With a plethora of fascinating characters, heroes and villains alike, a lot of charm, and an awe-inspiring plot, it is no wonder people all around the globe cant get enough of Deku, All Might, and all their friends and foes!

Tenya Ida Committed And Helpful

Can You Guess The MY HERO ACADEMIA Character? ( Anime Quiz )

There is no student in Class 1-A as committed as its representative, Tenya Ida, whose flair for order and organization doesn’t take precedence over his loyalty towards his friends.

Ida might appear threatening initially, but everyone learns of his soft heart and honorable nature quickly enough. Ida’s admirers are likely prone to moments of over-the-top sincerity, occasionally taxing for others to deal with but almost always welcome.

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Momo Yaoyorozu Enterprising And Unflappable

Momo Yaoyorozu is almost always composed, rarely displaying any sense of distress regardless of the danger she’s in at the time. She inspires, and is inspired by, her friends and teachers and her leadership skills come in quite handy whenever the situation demands it.

Momo’s fans are sure to be as ambitious and daring as she is, not to mention astonishingly imperturbable. Interestingly, she does go through a period of insecurity, but Shoto Todoroki’s support helps her regain most of her confidence.

Which My Hero Academia Character Are You Who Would Date You & Would Kill You

According to our research “What MHA character would date you?” is one of the most popular question asked by MHA fans. Everybody is curious about which character would date themselves, or even they would marry with some of My Hero Academia characters. On the other hand, there is a chance that you can get killed by another character with a special Quirk while you were only expecting love. It`s better to find out which BNHA character would kill you with our test, before running after your fictional love.

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Aries : Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Ryuko Tsuchikawa, known by her hero name Pixie-Bob, is a member of the Wil, Wild Pussycats. Pixie-Bob reflects an Ariess natural aggression as she is always loud and ready for a fight. She does not care about what people think about her, except when it comes to her age. Like a typical Aries, Pixie-Bobs aggressive side came out when Izuku brought up her age and was ready to start a fight with him. Pixie-Bob does have some restraint in her and is able to turn the dial down from 11 at times.

Ochaco Uraraka Friendly And Resourceful

My Hero Academia Anime First Promotional Image Revealed ...

Ochaco Uraraka is nothing if not vivacious, but she does have a slight tendency to lapse into giggles for seemingly no reason. Nearly everyone enjoys her company, partly because of her excitable attitude but mostly due to how easily she can perceive another’s emotional state.

Ochaco’s fans are probably sharp, broad-minded, tender, helpful, and imaginative. One thing that she refuses to change is how open she is in regards to her hero profession

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What Is The Which Mha Boy Character Are You Quiz About

In this quiz, there will be ten questions to determine which Boku no Hero Academia boy character are you. Try to answer each questions honestly and to the best of your ability for you to obtain the best result. If you are not satisfied with your result, you can always redo the test again. If you always wondered, which bnha girl character are you, then this quiz is the right quiz for you. We will also give you as much time as you need to answer each questions so make sure to take your time.

My Hero Academia is a popular Japanese anime series about a parallel world with superheroes and villains. So what are you waiting for? Play this Boku no Hero Academia boy character quiz to find out which boy you will become. Also, please share this bnha boy quiz to your friends on social media. If you like these questions make sure to also check out the which BNHA girl character are you quiz.

Let’s play

My Hero Academia: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

There are many characters on My Hero Academia, but some are more notable than others. Here’s what these beloved heroes say about their fans.

There is such an influx of characters in My Hero Academia that it can be hard for fans to keep track of everyone entering the picture partly because many of them have born little consequence beyond a specific chapter or episode. However, there are a couple dozen characters that remain consistently involved in the overall storyline.

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These characters help mold the narrative, their actions gouging out paths for My Hero Academia‘s innumerable plotlines to follow. Therefore, it’s not exactly surprising that they are beloved throughout the fandom, whether it’s for their battle prowess, empathetic qualities, or their general wackiness

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This Show Is Full Of Easter Eggs

My Hero Academia is full of references to other popular works of heroic fantasy? Most famous, perhaps, are the many Star Wars references. Midoriya is trained by his teacher at Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, just as Luke Skywalker was trained by his teacher on planet Dagobah. The city the show is set in is named Musutafu, a reference to planet Mustafar, where Darth Vader came to be. In fact, the villain All for One is clearly modeled visually off of Darth Vader. There are also references to many other movies and shows. Shoto Todoroki is based on Prince Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Both characters have the ability to manipulate fire, both characters start off as antagonists to the hero but later come to work with them, and both are scarred around the left eye. Midoriya gets a powered suit of armor at one point that malfunctions and nearly cripples him in the same way that Tony Stark’s did in Iron Man 2. There are many more besides these, too. Part of the fun of watching the show is catching all of the references!

Which Bnha Character Am I

Which MY HERO ACADEMIA PRO HERO Character Are You? Ultimate Anime Quiz

The test will question you about your preferences about certain topics such as favourite foods, dream quirks and other questions. If you feel that your result from this test is not what you expected, feel free to repeat this quiz as many times as you want. But if you want the best results to see which BNHA boy character matches, it is best to be as honest as possible.

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Which My Hero Academia Girl Are You Based On Your Astrology Type

The female cast of My Hero Academia is pretty diverse when it comes to their personalities. Here’s who you’d be based on your astrology type.

Have you been wondering which My Hero Academia girl you would be? If so, you are in the right place. Using the personality traits of your astrology type, this list matches different characteristics to a My Hero Academia girl of similar nature, whether its heroes or villains.

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My Hero Academia has a lot of distinct characters with distinct personalities. The series just concluded its fourth anime season, adapting many new characters into the series. If you are looking to find out which My Hero Academia characters astrology type matches your astrology type, be sure to check out that list as well.

All Might Gentle And Beloved

All Might might have access to the powerhouse that is One For All, but he has one of the more gentle personalities in the series. Regardless of which form he takes, the Symbol of Peace remains true to his beliefs and acts on them accordingly.

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This is why All Might is a global icon in the story, beloved by all for his tireless efforts to stop crime People who admire his character the most are, perhaps, amiable and respected within their social circles.

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Gemini : Saiko Intelli

Saiko Intelli is a student at Seiai Academy. Like Gemini, Saiko is inquisitive, always on the quest for knowledge. This goes well with her quirk IQ, which allowed her to increase her IQ rapidly. While not necessarily a side effect of the quirk, Saiko lost the ability to connect human emotions into her thinking when brought to the level of super genius, a tendency for Gemini when they feel strongly towards something.

Which Girl From My Hero Academia Are You

My hero academia every one #myheroacademiawallpaper ...

Ever wonder which girl from Class 1A you’re most like? Take this quiz and find out!

  • Let’s start with something simple: which of these animals is your favorite?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
  • A.& nbsp

    If it’s super mega cute and chic, I’m all for it.

  • B.& nbsp

    I prefer outfits that are fashionable and popular.

  • C.& nbsp

    Anything cute and cozy works for me.

  • D.& nbsp

    Comfort is the most important thing to me.

  • E.& nbsp

    I don’t have a huge preference, but I’m often complimented on my sense of fashion.

  • F.& nbsp

    I haven’t really thought about it. Whatever I feel like wearing, I suppose.

  • 3. If someone had just met you, they would describe you as:
  • A.& nbsp
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