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Maki Oze Would Definitely Impress Shoto

Every Todoroki Moment in Heroes Rising (DUB)

Maki Oze is a fire soldier, and in this world, fire soldiers are more akin to Pro Heroes than ordinary firefighters, so she and Shoto would understand each other on a professional level. That’s a good start, and Shoto could also hone his fire-based abilities by training a bit with Maki.

On top of all that, Shoto would appreciate Maki’s tough, professional and friendly demeanor as a heroic fire user, proving that not all fire wielders are monsters like Endeavor. Maki’s balanced and charming personality would no doubt rub off on Shoto over time.

Can Defeat: Naofumi Iwatani

Like many other characters on this list, Naofumi is a main protagonist, and he counters his lack of weapons with his advanced shields and party members. He can block or deflect just about anything, and Raphtalia and Filo can provide fire support.

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Naofumi’s defenses can only last so long, however, and if Shoto is quick and clever, he could strike Naofumi from behind with some ice. We can picture Shoto taking up Naofumi’s attention with a frontal fire attack, then stabbing him with ice from behind where he’s vulnerable. If Naofumi tried to make another move after that, well… Shoto would have no mercy.

Stayed The Same: Still A Moody Person

Just because he’s become much nicer and friendlier of a person doesn’t make the edgy, bad boy of Class 1-A any duller. To this day, it’s hard to imagine Todoroki without his iconic distant stare and low humming voice.

Though he’s constantly at the front lines, everything about his demeanor screams that he wants to be at the back of the class. It’s a classic character trait that would just be jarring if it did change.

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Stayed The Same: Being Dependent On His Father

With that being said, it’s not as if Todoroki has created any distance from his father. Quite the contrary, he’s only been shown in more scenes with Endeavor as the series goes on. Since his childhood, Todoroki’s being has been defined by the genetic manufacturing and upbringing from his father.

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Though Endeavor isn’t exactly looking to create the perfect kid anymore, he has been training Todoroki in all of the boy’s internships. He is one of the top heroes after all. Todoroki did say that he no longer cared what his father thought about him, but he’s not really showing that in character.

Anime Star Shoto Todoroki Character Review Here Is Everything You Need To Know


An anime character of My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki is one of the popular anime characters among the Manga series. Here is a brief review of this strong popular anime character. Read on to know more.

Undoubtedly, an anime character from one of the famous manga series My Hero Academias, Shoto Todoroki is strong and popular enough. Here we have gathered some brief information on his character.;

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Can Defeat: Eren Jaeger

The hero of Attack on Titan, Eren has only mediocre combat skills as a soldier, and fortunately for him, he has more weapons than ODM gear and those paring blades. He can become the Attack Titan, a massive melee master!

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No doubt this would give Shoto a run for his money, with sheer strength and size and combat intuition. Still, Shoto can make ice, which will trap the Titan and keep it in place for a few precious seconds. And sooner or later, Shoto will find Eren’s weak spot; and dig in with some ice. Then it’s all over.

Miyuki Shirogane Works Hard To Make Something Of Himself

Miyuki Shirogane is a highly responsible student council president and a terrific student, since he studies incredibly hard without even having the benefit of private tutors. He commands the respect of his entire school despite his family’s humble background, and Shoto would be equally impressed.

If there’s no fighting to be done, then Shoto would hang out with Miyuki, and learn that Miyuki is working so hard to avoid being limited or defined by his family. Miyuki’s father isn’t a monster like Endeavor, but Papa Shirogane can’t provide much more for his son and daughter at this point, so anything Miyuki gains, he must earn himself. Shoto can appreciate that, and loosely relate to it.

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Stayed The Same: His Quirk

Perhaps more obvious than his costume change, Todoroki’s Quirk has also rarely changed across the series. While Deku and Bakugou have been learning new abilities, Todoroki’s Quirk has mainly stayed the same.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering that it’s a pretty overpowered ability, but a lot of Todoroki’s major changes and arcs have centered around his personality and not his actual hero training.

Changed: Gaining New Friends

All Dabi/Touya Todoroki Scenes In My Hero Academia

While Todoroki has only gotten closer to his father, that doesn’t mean that he’s getting further from anyone else. As one of the strongest examples of his evolution, Todoroki has went from being forbidden to hang out with his own siblings to actually calling people like Midoriya Izuku and Katsuki Bakugou his own friends.

Much rather than be the independent, distant person he was in day one, he’s getting closer with the other kids, putting his own needs behind that of others, and even teaming with people more.

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My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Characters Shoto Todoroki Would Be Friends With

Shoto Todoroki needs a few friends to support him, and he wants to befriend people who can connect with him on a meaningful level.

My Hero Academia‘s cast of characters is a broad one, with characters of all sorts for viewers to root for and relate to on some level or other. Izuku Midoriya is the star, and many of his classmates are the stars of their own personal arcs, such as the talented Shoto Todoroki. He’s a fan favorite, and for good reason.

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At first, Shoto was a prickly tsundere, being self-absorbed and reluctant to make friends. But now his hard exterior is giving way, and his friendlier side is emerging at last. Given the chance, Shoto will make friends not just with his classmates at U.A., but with characters from many other anime series, too. Ideally, his new friends will have personalities or powers fairly similar to his, or;they;might be warm and cheerful to contrast well with his own ways.

Changed: Becoming His Own Person

While Todoroki has always been a reliable person, he’s hasn’t always been his own. As stated earlier, Endeavor took a special interest in Shoto during his childhood. Endeavor’s strict treatment and the abuse on his family would eventually make Shoto hate his father.

However, in doing so, he would begin to define his entire being after the old man, going as far as to encase his flame side in ice so as to literally hide his father’s part of him. After his heartfelt confrontation with Deku, Todoroki has made efforts to define himself less by his family and become his own person.

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The Look Of Shoto Todoroki

Todoroki is a character with half-red and half-white hair along with a perfect split down the middle. He has a green and black mixed color eye. The right side of his face-meaning the white color hair side belongs from his mothers genes while the left side face with-meaning the red color hair side belongs from his fathers genres.;

On the right side of his face, on the right eye, he has a large scar which he had from a pot of boiling water being poured on him when he was a child. But still, he is looking so dashing and attractive.;

My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Characters Todoroki Fans Will Love

1280x1024 Shoto Todoroki Anime 1280x1024 Resolution ...

Todoroki’s personality manages to stick out among his 1-A classmates. These anime characters are similar to him in more ways than you’d think.

Shoto Todoroki is one of the more tragic heroes fromMy Hero Academia’s of class 1-A. Todoroki has a rocky relationship with his father and is troubled by his family’s disturbing past and the current condition of his mother. Todoroki is easily one of the most powerful heroes there is, and he takes a while to begin to warm up to the rest of his classmates. He oftentimes likes to work on his own so that he can use his powers without worrying about injuring others. There are a few other anime characters with similar personalities and backstories to Todoroki; some even have had to go toe to toe with their fathers.

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Todoroki’s Mother: Rei Todoroki Quotes

Its really hard to actually be true to ourselves the times, speaking from personal experience. I realized how hard it truly is to be doing the work you want to be doing and being paid for it. This is the relation I make when I hear this quote. It reminds me of remembering what my dreams truly are and even though there might not be any clear success or reward or proof or evidence that its going to happen. but still sticking to it because true to who I am.

Shoto said this to Ingenium.

“Ever since you brother got taken down…I’ve had my eye on you. Because all that building resentment was written over your face. I know that when I see it. And I know just how much grudges like that..can cloud a person’s vision.”

How Did Todoroki X Yaoyorozu Meet In My Hero Academia

Todoroki x Yaoyorozu have many similarities: both are students who got into U.A. High School through official recommendations, hail from famous hero families, and both have powerful Quirks. As a result, Momo initially compares herself to Shoto and believes that hes always a step ahead of her; not having self-confidence in herself. However, this also caused her to admire Shotos brimming self-confidence as a hero, and considers him to be the most capable student in their class.

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Anime Characters Shoto Todoroki Would Be Friends With


07/09/2021;·My Hero Academias cast of characters is a broad one, with characters of all sorts for viewers to root for and relate to on some level or other. Izuku Midoriya is the star, and many of his classmates are the stars of their own personal arcs, such as the talented Shoto Todoroki. Hes a fan favorite, and for good reason.

Futaro Uesugi Is Responsible & Heroic At Heart

Todoroki (Legendary) showcase – Anime Mania

Even if Futaro Uesugi doesn’t have a Quirk or other supernatural gifts, he is still a hero at heart, and the five Nakano sisters love him for it. Futaro is a very smart and kind boy who won’t abandon anyone in need, and he will take on any challenge or opponent to help the Nakanos get what they need.

That’s what it means to be a hero, and even Shoto can appreciate that. He wouldn’t mind hanging out with Futaro sometimes, and it helps that Futaro is a tough, responsible kid who doesn’t lose his cool too easily. The Nakano sisters sure know how to press his buttons, though.

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Can Defeat: Josuke Higashikata

This is the fourth protagonist of the series, a good-hearted punk with a humanoid stand named Crazy Diamond. It can deliver devastating melee attacks and heal damaged items or wounded flesh, excepting Josuke’s own body.

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This isn’t going to cut it against Shoto, though. Josuke is more used to stand-vs-stand battles, and Shoto isn’t going to play by those rules. Yes, Crazy Diamond’s fists could shatter ice with ease, but Shoto just needs to land a few hits on Josuke directly to win the day. What good are Crazy Diamond’s fists if Shoto skewers Josuke with a surprise icicle? Or a fireball?

Todoroki Quotes For Budding Anime Heroes

Shoto Todoroki has a background story that makes him quite admirable and different.

Shoto Todoroki, the son of Enji Todoroki or Endeavor, had an extremely painful childhood. Though born with quirks, Shoto hated his hereditary talents and went to U. A. High School to learn new characteristics to be a superhero.

Todoroki’s hero name is Shoto, as he wanted to keep his real name as his hero name too. Shoto has seen the dark sides of the superhero world and thus wants to fight the bad and bring tolerance and empathy in the world. One of Todoroki’s famous catchphrases is “Never forget who you want to become.” Todoroki does not come out soft but has a beautiful heart. Some might say he is rude but that is purely subjective. Shoto Todoroki does not die and fights till the end. A few of the other characters from this series are Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakguo, All Might, and Ochako Uraraka.

If you like this article on Todoroki quotes, you can check out and .

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Shoto & Asami Sato Would Understand One Another

Asami Sato is a skilled business leader and a true friend in Team Avatar, and she is used to hanging out with people who can control the elements with supernatural gifts. She would greatly appreciate Shoto’s “bending” and admire his heroic heart equally.

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Both of these characters are tough, loyal and mature for their age, but that’s not all there is to it. Shoto and Asami both know what it’s like to have an overbearing and tyrannical father, and they could bond over that, too.

National High School Baseball Tournament Qualifiers

Shoto Todoroki My Hero Academia Anime Fondo de pantalla ID ...

In the National High School Baseball Tournament Qualifiers, Yakushi faces Itsumi UHS. In the second inning, Mishima gets a hit. Next at-bat is Raichi and the batter facing Raichi decides to walk Raichi, allowing Raichi to get on first base. Tomobe is next at-bat and managed to hit a pitch, allowing Mishima to get to the home plate. Sixth batter Kuroki’s sacrifice fly gives Yakushi their seventh run. Hayakawa gets another run, causing runners to be on first and third. Starting Pitcher Tomobe pitched five innings while only giving up one run. The game is called in the fifth inning and Yakushi wins the match with the score 13-1. Yakushi will advance to the fifth round, facing Ichidaisan High.

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Can’t Defeat: Princess Hibana

True, Princess Hibana only controls fire, whereas Shoto can use both fire and ice. But that’s not going to save him when he’s up against the deadly beauty Princess Hibana. She is a third generation pyrokinetic, able to conjure flames shaped like flowers and petals.

Shoto can give it his all, and if he’s lucky, he can knock her out, since her endurance is limited. But if Hibana can survive the initial blow, which she probably can, then she will take over. She can easily melt Shoto’s ice, and cool off his flames to launch a counter-attack. She will then wrap up Shoto’s body in heat and inflict heat syncope on him, which will incapacitate him just like that. Winner: Princess Hibana!

Shoto & Yuki Sohma Have Something In Common

Yuki Sohma is a major character in Fruits Basket, and his backstory and personality are richly developed. It soon becomes clear that he’s practically the Shoto Todoroki of Fruits Basket, along with his cousin Kyo, but Shoto would rather be friends with Yuki than Kyo.

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Shoto and Yuki are both high school students who are distinctly popular with the girls, and they are also dignified and responsible people who are quick to fight for what is right. They also both know what it feels like to try and escape their oppressive, baggage-ridden families. Akito is to Yuki what Endeavor is to Shoto.

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Uryu Ishida Is Polite & Kind

Shoto Todoroki would definitely get a favorable first impression of Uryu Ishida the Quincy archer if they ever crossed paths. To begin with, Uryu is a great student and has a mature and calm personality, to match Shoto’s own. And that’s not all.

Uryu is also a talented and brave fighter, having the heart of a Pro Hero even if he isn’t sanctioned by any Pro Hero agency. He and Shoto could form a friendly rivalry and get along as classmates just fine.

The My Hero Academia Couples Friendship Relationship


Shouto Todoroki x Yaoyorozu are one of the most popular couple ship in my hero academia. Whats the deal with Todoroki x Yaoyorozu?If youre a fan of My Hero Academia, then you may already be well aware of the possibility that Todoroki x Yaoyorozu might both be interested in one another. In this blog we will know about them.

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Shoto Todoroki Quotes About Being A Hero And Having Power

Shoto Todoroki is an admirable hero and he has spoken some very hero-like dialogues and has given advice to the other characters on being a superhero. These quotes can easily be used if you wish to celebrate a friend’s birthday who’s obsessed with Shoto Todoroki. These can be put on a card or on a message to someone to motivate them. Here’s a list of such quotes by Shoto.

21. “If you’re going to rely on words alone, then they better be incredibly powerful.”

– My Hero Academia.

22. “You’ll regret making a fool out of me.”

– My Hero Academia.

23. “I thought you wanted to win? Dammit So why are you trying to inspire me? Which one of us isn’t taking this seriously now?”

– My Hero Academia.

24. “But you want to be a hero, right? That’s fine. You’re not… Bound by his blood.”

– My Hero Academia.

25. “Should we have let people die, all in the name of your ‘law’?! Isn’t it a hero’s job to save people?”

– My Hero Academia.

26. “No… Hero’s also have times when they cry… Maybe.”

– My Hero Academia.

27. “Bring your best, Midoriya. I’m taking you down.”

– My Hero Academia.

28. “Being no more than a tool for that human garbage. As I remember it, mom was always crying… ‘I can’t stand to see that left side of yours ‘… She said, before throwing scalding water in my face.”

– My Hero Academia.

29. “You decide… Who you want to become.”

– My Hero Academia.

30. “Midoriya. Objectively speaking… I’m stronger than you.”

– My Hero Academia.

31. “I want to be a hero, too!”