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What Does Otaku Mean In Anime

The Claiming Of Otaku

What Does Otaku Mean?

Otaku began to migrate over to the English-speaking world in the early 1990s on message boards. At the time, most of the negative attributes had carried over. Otaku were seen as antisocial geeks, spending all their time indoors.

It was even seen as part of a false etymologysince the word originally meant house, people thought that perhaps it explicitly was being used to refer to people who spent all their time at home with their manga and anime. This understanding of the words origin is most likely mistaken, though.

Over time, especially as anime fandom has spread through mediums like Toonami, Crunchyroll, and Netflix, the word has lost some of its old sting.

Im injecting a bit of my own editorial opinion here, based on my research as well as my own use of the word, but I would say that otaku is, nowadays, simply a subcategory of nerd or geek. Its an anime and/or manga nerd.

In the same way, that context is important for how the words nerd and geek are used today, otakus positive or negative connotation is highly dependent on context.

Hanging out with other anime fans and want to gleefully call yourself an otaku? Go for it. Among friends of a similar mind, otaku can be a term of pride, just like nerd is today.

Applying for a job at a prestigious Japanese company? Mayyyybe reconsider your choice of words. In fact, maybe avoid talking about anime and manga altogether.

Otaku As The Word For You

The word originally came from , which means your family or household. Its also a polite way to say you.

Otaku was being used as the word for you among fans of anime and manga since the 1970s. These fans were socially awkward and too scared to actually ask peoples names. This is why they kept referring to each other as otaku even after getting to know each other.

This social awkwardness was brought up in 1983, in a series of essays published in a hentai lolita magazine. These essays were called , or otaku research. The author of the essays started to use the word for disruptive fans of manga and anime.

Otaku also became popular because of its double meaning. The kanji, , also means house or home. It also stood for someone who doesnt go outside much and stays at home.

Otaku: Japanese Obsessive Subculture Explained

The mention of the word Otaku probably conjures up images of manga or anime. But what does it really mean?

Otaku is loosely translated as a nerd or a geek. The Japanese meaning of Otaku is someone obsessed with something related to popular culture to the extent of being socially withdrawn. It indicates extreme fandom or complete immersion in some hobby or interest.

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Japan has a rich culture. The obsessive otaku subculture in Japan attracts a lot of curiosity. Here is all you need to know about otaku right from its origin to its current state in Japan and outside.

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The Current State Of Otaku

Otaku today are mostly identified by their interest in Anime, Manga comics, Video games, or girl Idols. The whole cool quotient of being associated with something that is nerdy or geeky has made otaku popular. More and more youth are openly otaku and take pride in it.

Most of the otaku today, are not socially inept individuals. So, they dont sit holed up in their houses playing video games all day. These are people who are passionate about their interests. There are online as well as offline communities for different types of otaku interests. So, the otaku can socialize, interact, and exchange ideas.

The Otaku are those that are not just the consumers of content on pop culture, but also creators. So, an anime otaku might draw his favorite characters. Similarly, a manga otaku might create blogs about his favorite series. A video game otaku might publish trivia about his favorite game. In this way, the line between the producer of the content and the consumer blurs.

What Does Ara Ara Mean In Japanese/ Anime

True meaning of otaku

The following article discusses the word Ara Ara and its significance.

Because of the immense popularity of Japanese anime throughout the world, people have learned a variety of new Japanese expressions. Baka, Dattebayo, Yamete Kudasai, and others. are all very well-known online.

As with the previously mentioned terms, Ara Ara is also a Japanese word.

It was used for a while, however, it never gained significant recognition. However, in recent times, it received a major boost in popularity and was made one of the most common Japanese phrases.

A variety of popular anime employs the term. In addition to anime, the Japanese film industry and people who watch it also use it. It is a term that is common for native Japanese however for those who are not from Japan its an enjoyable word.

The sound it makes and the throw itself is dependent on the person who uses the word. Its nearly impossible to learn the meaning behind every word.

When new words go trending on the web, people get the desire to know more about these terms. So, without further delay, we should dive right into the subject to learn more about the roots of the phrase and how it is utilized.

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Fandoms And Light Communities

There are groups that emerge out of the complex life projects. Light communities are groups that are diverse but focused on one thing at the same time . During the time in which people converge around a shared focus, a strong sense of group membership is created. This is relevant since we spend much time in such ephemeral forms of groupness. Fandoms illustrate just that: it is an online environment where people who share the same interest can find each other on social media, even if for a brief period of time.

Otaku, in the narrow sense of the word , have many infrastructures of identity that help globalize their culture: online websites such as My Anime List and groups on Facebook or Instagram help nurture the interest.

On these websites, people can come together to discuss their favorite anime in a very detailed manner. Discussions can be about one episode of a series at a time, as it happens on AnimeSuki Forum or Naruto Italian Forum. There is also a hierarchy of users: the administrators usually set some rules for the proper use of the platform The most popular ones are: no spoiler, and keep the discussion within the theme selected.

Figure 4: Screenshot of black butler fan club on Facebook

On these forums, the accounts are anonymous. Profile pictures often include characters from anime and manga, and in some cases there is no profile picture at all.

Figure 5: Screenshot of black butler fan club

Everything You Need To Know About Otaku

Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, particularly in anime and manga . I believe this is the most simplified meaning of the term that can be found online. “Otaku is a word that hides more than you might think.

This article first discusses its literal meaning, its Japanese meaning, and its outside-of-Japan meaning. Then I will go on by investigating the workings of international online groups of otaku. The last part deals with relevant content on three social media platforms, namely: Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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What Does Re: Mean In Anime Titles

There are well over a dozen of popular anime titles which have the word re word attached to them. Some of these anime titles are so popular that the meme and references are all over the internet.

With some really interesting plots, subplots, and characters, anime such as Re: zero, Re: main, Re: creators, Tokyo Ghoul: Re, Re: Life, Re: Boot and numerous other titles not only have re as their name but also have some common element attached to them.

The word re is frequently used as a Prefix, which means over and over, from the start, again or it generally means once more.

Why Do Japanese People Use No X No Life

Otaku Meaning

Its been difficult to find a good source on this, but at least a few point back to a song from 1994 by J-pop artist Cocco .

The song was Sing a Song ~No Music. No Life~. This song was a hit, even being used in a whole marketing campaign by Japans Tower Records.

In this song, the meaning is clear. The artist intends it to mean that Without music, there is no life.

This construction of Without X there is no Life is the exclusive usage in Japan . Also, the expression No X No Life seems to be unique to Japan.

Beyond that, its also extremely popular, featuring in tons of advertising campaigns, PSAs, and even the title of a popular anime, No Game No Life .

This phrasing has taken on a very Japanese flavor and made its way to the expression No Waifu, No Laifu. From all weve discussed, we can now read this as Without a waifu, there is no laifu.

That, of course, doesnt quite clear up all the confusion.

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The Great Debate: Weeaboo Vs Otaku

Were diving into the depths of nerd controversy here. What Ill be covering isnt an exact science and there are shades of meaning around the edges.

For the casual reader, this will be an excellent primer. But if youre one of the two types of people Ill be discussing today, you might just have a different opinion. And if you have a strong opinion, but dont think youre eitherwell, I gotta break it to ya, bud

Lets start from the basics and build out from there.

How To Use The Word Weeaboo

One important to thing to make clear if it wasnt previously is that weeaboo as a word has no connection to the Japanese language.

In fact, if you use the word in conversation with a Japanese person , they wont have the first clue what youre talking about.

Its also useful to know that a shorter form of the word that is commonly used is weeb.

Now, what sort of person do you use the word with?

A weeaboo carries the tinge of cultural appropriation. That is to say, they obsess over their love of all things Japanese without real, sincere understanding or discernment. They fetishize Japan and all its culture attachments. Their behavior is often embarrassing, disrespectful, and off-putting.

A sample dialog:

Oh my kami, dont be such a bakaof course all Japanese people love Pocky, desu!

Holy crap, John, youre such a freakin weeb.

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Whats The Difference Between A Weeaboo And Otaku

An Otaku is someone who is obsessed with anime or manga, but a weeaboo is a westerner who wants to be Japanese. Weeaboos will usually pepper in some Japanese words they learned from anime or manga like kawaii sugoi or baka in daily speech and tend to speak like a manga character. Some other words similar to weeaboo are wapanese and weeb.

A person could be Otaku and weeaboo at the same time. This is because weeaboos usually love anime like Otaku do, which is why they want to act like anime characters.

What Do I Think About The Otaku

This is truth

We came to the conclusion that otaku cannot be called atoa, anti social, or virgin, for spending time buying products, cosplaying and watching anime. There are many people who do this, and they have their jobs, their responsibilities, and their social life.

There are crazy Otaku in the extreme, but we cant just base our criticism on them. Otaku is a word that refers to people who like something very much. Everyone has a passion, this is normal, just have control, something that the Japs do not usually have.

Personal opinion: Well, Im Kevin, and in a way, I dont consider myself an otaku. I like anime, I have figures, manga and I go to events. I have already stayed in Akihabara, and I went on a Maid Café.

I appreciate some Japanese Otaku, but I also question the majority, I think they go overboard. But if I had money, my room would be full of figures, posters, video games, etc. It is not for this reason that I will stop having a social life.

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Why Are There So Many Otaku

You can find the answer in the popularity of Japanese anime.

According to the Association of Japanese Animations, its 60 anime production company members are now providing products in 112 countries to around 87.2 percent of the worlds population.

People love Japanese anime mainly because it broke the convention that animation is just for kids. Since it is targeted to grown-ups, the anime always has intense storylines, complex characters, and real-life issues. Also, anime is illustrated, so it has the advantage of being flexible in creating facial expressions and silly visuals.

Otaku culture first started in Japan after World War . That was a time when Japanese people tried to seek hope and comfort, facing the reality of poverty and desperation. Anime and manga were seen as ways to escape from cruel reality.

Though Japan has achieved considerable development since then, people nowadays are still using anime and manga to escape from reality and seek comfort. Japanese society is considered one of the most stress-filled societies in the world. Due to the restrictive culture and stressful work life, suicide has become a major social issue in Japan. While reality makes you cry, anime and manga can provide you with a place to rest.

As an Otaku, you can not only be consoled by anime and manga but also find solace in fan groups. When communicating with friends who share common interests with you, the flames of hope could be ignited again.

What The Hecks A Weeaboo

The short answer is that a weeaboo is a Japanophile who has taken their liking of Japan to obsessive, perhaps unhealthy levels. Lets jump back in time to see if we can uncover some more details.

It seems that weeaboo has its origins in an old internet word from the early 2000s, Wapanese. The earliest recorded use of Wapanese can be traced back to the summer of 2002, tucked away in the Racial Slur Database.

Wapanese, according to them, is a slur used to describe a white person who is obsessed with japanese culture. This would include manga/hentai/and anime.

A little over a year later, the word found itself being increasingly used on the internet posting forum 4chan, resulting in many online altercations, particularly between those from the anime and manga subculture and those who preferred to mock it.

the situation had gotten out of hand and the moderators of 4chan turned to a humorous solution. They decided to implement a word filter which automatically changed every use of the word Wapanese into weeaboo when posted.

I know, I knowthat still doesnt tell you where the word weeaboo actually came from. Well, for that we turn to a classic web comic by the name of Perry Bible Fellowship.

in the early aughts, he produced a short, almost nonsensical strip that featured the word Weeaboo being used in some sort of fraternity-like, punishment ritual.

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Anime Manga And Games For Learning Japanese

Japan has created lots of interesting things that all people can have an appreciation for. There are people in and out of Japan that dont have the best view of Otaku because of the bad stereotype. Regardless, if you are interested in Anime and Manga it is a good way to spark an interest in Japan and to learn Japanese. There are many everyday phrases in Manga that textbooks wont teach you. Reading or watching Anime will introduce you to those phrases. You can use Manga to learn Japanese but it is very stylistic. Japanese do not speak like that in real life. Japan is a very high-context culture. As you learn the language it is important to know how to speak differently in different situations. Anyway, just vary your sources of learning and it wont be a problem. I hope to write more about this subject sometime in the future. Good luck with your studies!

Otaku Is Used For Other Areas Of Interest

What Is Otaku? – Goombah’s Real Talk

The word Otaku in English usually refers to someone obsessed with Anime, Manga, or maybe even Japanese pop-culture. In Japanese is used as a suffix for several other things that people can get obsessed about. You have of course and but you can use it for more. For example, someone obsessed with Japanese pop singers would be an , or someone obsessed with trains would be a .

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What Is Otaku Meaning History Types And More

What is a Otaku in your mind? If you live in Japan, you may think of chubby, long-haired men with glasses in a plaid shirt walking in Akihabara. If you live in America, you may think of someone who dresses like it is Halloween every day and talks in a weird way. But these could just be biased views or stereotypes of Otaku. Well then, what does Otaku really mean? What kind of person is a Otaku?

Your Writing At Its Best

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Unless youre in certain internet, gaming, or tech community circles, you may not have heard of the word otaku. When you first hear the word otaku, its natural to be curious and want to know more.

With the guide below, youll learn what it means, where it comes from, when to use it, and how to use it. You may even discover that youre an otaku and didnt know it.

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What Does Otaku Mean

StarGirl1721 posted over a year ago
ninjagirl999 said:To sum it up “otaku” is just the japanese word for obsessed-fan whether it be anime, manga, gundams, trains… anything really LOL. It’s considered weird and almost scary in Japan and there have been many attacks of anti-otaku violence. In the western world, fans have sort of lightened the term because of the popularity of anime and manga culture. An otaku in Japan might be way different from a western world otaku.Most fans in the western world learn the word and refer to themselves as one because of their love of anime, so much so that the Japanese have a strange belief that all foreigners MUST be peppy otaku’s. In a way, it’s a bad thing and a good thing. Some people also get mixed up between an “otaku” and a “hikkikomori” and vice-versa . Being an otaku can turn you into a hikkikomori but some Japanese even see the two terms as one and the same. A hikkikomori is the homicidal, locked-up in their room, closed-off type that everyone seems to connect with liking anime. This is where the otaku name becomes bad.So, in short, being an otaku would be okay so long as it doesn’t turn you into hikkikomori^_^
ultrasonic34 said:I’m just guessing here, but I think an otaku is someone who’s obsessed with anime and/or manga. Konata Izumi is a good example of an otaku.
otaku is a person thats obsessed with anime and manga and everything kawaii ^_^


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