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How Do People Watch Anime

The Popularity Of Anime In Top Countries

Why Do People Watch Anime?

Its obvious that the majority of the people who watch anime are from Japan as Its originated from there. Not only it was just originated from there, but there are also more than 6000 animes and half of them is made in Japan

The recent statistics show us that 33% of the total population of japan watch anime.

After Japan we have Americans. Though the percentage goes down to 18% here, still this is where anime is the second most popular. Considering that, more than 1000+ anime are dubbed in English. Also known for the biggest film industry in the world, America has created many animes of its own, though not as much as Japan.

You may not have guessed the next country right cause Its not England or Canada, Its Spain that has the third most people interested in anime. Around a 16million Spanish people watch Anime. They also have their own animes.

Anime is not that popular in the UK as the British people Dont like to watch dubbed things or shows with subtitles. You Wont even find anime tv channels there, but other animation movies of Hollywood are quite popular.

According to France Culture, France is one of the biggest consumers of these comics from Japan, in terms of sales. Often criticized, manga is a huge success in France. About 38% of French people watch anime, from a total of 19 million French people.

Youll Start To Realize The Hate For Anime Isnt Justified

The hate for a LOT of things isnt justified in the world of entertainment. But anime happens to get the worst end of the stick when it comes to criticism and backlash.

If you start to watch dozens and dozens of anime shows, youll see a lot of the hate isnt grounded in reality. And its mostly based on misunderstandings and plain ignorance.

But if you avoid anime all together like its a disease, youll never know that for certain. So youre obviously best off ignoring it

We wouldnt want that now, would we?

Fanservice To The Extreme

Like a disgusting, smelly Santa, Fanservice just keeps giving everyone its gifts,whether they want it or not. Entire series are dedicated to being fantasy fuel. The harem genrehas gotten popular solely by telling the exact story over and over again. Average Guy meets Cute Girls. Girls love Guy. Guy gets in awkward situation with Girl, gets caught by other Girls. Hijinks. Its a story manufactured only for viewers to insert themselves into the fantasy, and dream about being adored by women.

Everywhere you look in anime these days, you see the bane of Moe. Moe is a term that refers to characters that are specifically designed to be overly cute. Massive eyes, thin limbs, and big, bouncy hair are just a few of the traits that Moe characters usually have. These girls are usually underage, and put into some type of inadvertently sexual situation for the benefit of the audiences private time. While this fanservice isnt explicitly sexual , the scenes come off as voyeuristic and depraved. These moe-blobs seep into everything, and stain anime as a whole.

Between all the pointless, unsubtle fanservice, and the saturation of an almost fetishized aesthetic, anime comes off as softcore porn to new viewers.

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You Learn How To Have Fun

Watching is a fun activity by itself. But when you watch:

  • Comedy.
  • Parodies.

Or anything similar, it teaches you how to have fun, chill, relax and not take life too seriously.

A life without fun is no life at all.

In a nutshell: The main benefit of anime is learning!

Ive learned about culture, historic facts, conditions, and too many things to count on both hands from anime

Its like an adventure. The more you watch anime , the more you discover. Because theres so many shows, youl never run out of new things to watch and new thing to learn.

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Theo J Ellis

I’m the Founder of Anime Motivation. Featured as a judge in Crunchyroll’s 2021 & 2022 anime awards.The 1st anime I watched was Dragon Ball Z. I’ve seen 100’s since then, with Saiki K being one of my all time favorites.

How Many People Watch Anime

5 Anime More People Should Watch

Having looked at why people watch and even love to watch anime, it is now time to look at how many people watch anime. To answer this question right you need to first understand that anime hails from Japan. As such, many of its followers are from Japan and some parts of Asia.

However, the popularity of anime has been going up with every passing day and has spread to many counties across the world. In America for instance, Anime gas gained some following for itself due to its unique features that other cartoons cannot provide.

However, much as things are this way, anime has performed below expectations and this has been due to many factors. For instance, it is claimed that anime was never advertised well in the United States of America. This is why the cartoon was never watched that much in America as it was in other parts of the world.

That said, it is not easy and possible to give an exact figure as per how many people have watched anime. However, comments about it suggest that it has been watched from across the globe. It might not be that much in every country but anime has been watched across the globe. If you want to know what percentage of the world watches anime, the rough answer will be 40%-60%.

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You Might Start Wearing Anime

With the stigma and criticism attached to anime

community. Thats a SMALL part of the anime community, and like every other community the minority doesnt represent the majority.

BUT Youll meet all kinds of interesting people in the anime community. From all backgrounds, races, careers and lifestyles.

Many are introverts, but some are extroverts. And all of us share an appreciation for the Japanese art form of anime .

This is obviously a tongue-in-cheek type of post. Leaning on the side of sarcasm more than anything else.

But since there are people who believe anime should be avoided because of the reasons Ive mentioned, I decided to make a joke out of it.

You Learn Life Lessons

Too much arrogance leads to losses eventually, and your self-esteem gets crushed in the process.

Bullying others has its implications later in life, no matter how subtle it is.

Not being thankful for your parents may lead to regret one day if they die suddenly.

All 3 of these life lessons happen in 3 anime

No matter the anime , theres always something to learn that will help you. And this is even true for comedy series which are more subtle when it comes to life lessons.

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Why Do People Like Anime

There are so many misconceptions about anime. Some people believe anime is meant for children. Some people think anime is pornographic. Some people think every anime is exactly like Pokemon. And none of that is the truth.

Anime is for all ages and can fall under the category of comedy, drama, adventure, or action. There is something for everyone.

So why do people like anime? The list goes on and on.

Best Legal Anime Streaming Sites

Why Do People Watch Anime?

Where to Watch Anime Now?

  • +127144

Are you wondering what to do at home when you have to stay inside? Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus , many people have no choice but to enjoy something at home all over the world now.

Watching anime is one of the most recommended things to do at home. More people have selected the anime from among a number of movies and TV programs recently. There are lots of sites to watch a wide lineup of anime online wherever you live. When you search an anime streaming service, there are both legal and illegal anime sites online. It is not easy to find which is the legal one.

For those who wonder where to watch anime now, I would like to introduce the best anime streaming sites to watch anime, which are legal sites, of course.

Some video streaming services are available around the world, and others are unavailable except specific countries though you can use recommended anime streaming services below in Japan or the United States or both.

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One That Casts A Spell

This Voodoo House by Laura Denison is a rich beauty. Instead of scary, it is just charming. For more of her creations you can check out her at G 45 Papers on Typepad. The layering and texture of color and patterns are a feast for the eyes. The little lamps and chandeliers are adorable. Wait! Is that a skull on the floor?!

Sub Vs Dub: The Great Anime Debate

If you spend any time in the anime fandom, you have likely run into the age-old sub vs. dub debate. Anime fans often argue whether anime is best viewed in its original Japanese, with English subtitles, or dubbed over by English-speaking voice actors. Hardcore anime fans, or purists, tend to prefer to watch anime in its original form with the original Japanese voice acting preserved, even if they do not understand the Japanese language. Other fans prefer to hear the dialogue in their own native language so that they can enjoy the animation rather than focusing on reading the subtitles. Both types of anime fans have specific reasons for preferring one over the other.

Anime can be watched in its original Japanese version, or translated to other languages.

PixaBay / Ryo Taka

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Age Is Just A Number For Anime Fans

Anime is for everyone. Anyone belonging to any age group can watch Anime on any platform today.

My mother is a huge fan herself. She is interested in anime videos. She is continuously scrolling down to various music anime videos to satisfy her for Anime.

Anime caters to people from a very young age to people who are old. Sometimes I love going through various anime videos.

Theyre Comfortable With Being Weird

How many Japanese people watch anime?

Unless you also watch anime, you probably think anime nerds are a little bit weird.

Thats okay, we kind of understand because very few of us were born watching anime. Most of us also thought it was weird at one point or another so, in a way, we can sympathize with you.

Anime nerds are used to being called weird and many of us are actually much more comfortable with ourselves because of it.

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Action Sequences Are Overwhelming

This point is connected to the earlier one. Not just the normal fight sequences, but dramatic overwhelming action that is spectacular to watch. The use of animation in the action scenes makes it more compelling and satisfying. Anime gives you a 3D or even 5D feel even on your smartphone screens. What else can be desired of?

Distancing Yourself From Anime

  • 1Try to limit your time watching anime.XResearch source You do not have to completely give up watching anime instead of watching it every day, consider watching it every other day or once a week. If you find yourself watching it for several hours almost every day, try this approach:
  • If you find yourself watching several episodes a week, or even a night, try to limit yourself to just one episode a night, or a few episodes a week.
  • 2Try to limit how many shows you watch. If you feel the urge to watch every single anime show, try to fight that urge some shows are several seasons long and a huge time commitment. Choose only one or two shows that really interest you and stick with them you don’t have to watch every single show in order to be an anime fan.
  • 3Consider taking a break. You can also try to take a break from anime by not watching any anime or reading any manga for a certain period of time. Try it for two weeks, and see how you feel. You might surprise yourself by finding that you have discovered other hobbies and interests to fill up that void.
  • 4Use anime as a reward only. Consider doing other, less-enjoyable tasks first before you settle down and watch some anime. This will not only cut back on your addiction, but it will make watching that anime all the more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions:
  • Save anime for the weekend. Your excitement and anticipation will build throughout the weekbut you will also be able to get a ton of other things done during that week.
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    Do People Have To Like Anime

    If you found your way to this article, its likely that there is someone in your life who hates anime. As someone who married a girl who cannot stand watching it, Im here to tell you that its okay if they dont like it. Not everyone you love needs to share all of your interests, even if its something you love deeply. While I do think its worth trying to find the right anime to get them interested, theres no reason to keep pushing if they dont. Besides, why waste time getting someone else to enjoy something when you could be enjoying it yourself!

    You Learn About The Ugly Side Of Human Nature

    How Do People Watch Anime? (Interview)

    Watch Elfen Lied and this picture is painted perfectly. The anime deals with rape, child abuse and violence after all.

    Tune into Black Lagoon and youll see the dark-side of how the grittiest places on earth tend to be .

    Watch Akame Ga Kill or Psycho Pass and youll learn corruption in society. And the dangers of having too much power when you have the wrong intentions.

    A lot of these dark lessons are sprinkled throughout the anime

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    Funimation: Best For Anime Enthusiasts

    If Hulu and Netflix are for the casual fan, then Funimation is for the more serious anime obsessive. It’s more narrowly focused for anime fans. Funimation has got a deeper library than Hulu, tons of Dragon Ball content for instance, plus you get simulcast, so you don’t have to wait around for the next season of Fire Force to drop before you can watch it with everybody else.

    Funimation is available on every major streaming device, and so you won’t have a problem finding a place to watch it, there’s a free ad-supported version that you can go with, or you can go the $5.99 Premium route which gives you ad-free access to the full library, plus two simultaneous streams. If you go for the $7.99 Premium Plus plan, then you get five simultaneous streams and you get to download your content to watch on the go.

    You Learn About Japanese Food

    This ones a given. Its anime after all.

    If you watch Ranma 1/2 you learn about a dish called: Okonomiyaki, which is made on the island of Okinawa. In the anime a character called: Ukyo runs her own Okonomiyaki restaraunt.

    if you watch Shakugan No Shana, you learn about a type of Japanese food called: Melon bread .

    And if you watch Pokemon or School Rumble, youll learn about Onigiri .

    This list is endless

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    Amazing Reasons: Why People Watch Anime

    Entertainment is fun and enjoyable whether served in any form and therefore, this a reason which will let us learn that why people watch Anime, which is the popular source entertainment these days.

    Anime serves a lot of purpose to its audience. It is not just entertainment, but it can convey a beautiful message or keep you interested in the same show. It breaks you off from your monotonous routine of watching humans on screen.

    The seven reasons people watch Anime can be because of its accessibility, content, intriguing storyline, etc. There are a lot of other reasons that why people are interested in watching Anime. In this article, we will brief you about some of them.

    comm on, lets read the following reasons about people watching Anime

    So You Feel Like Turning Japanese

    How and why are people who watch anime different from the ...

    Like the 80s English band, The Vapors, you might feel like turning Japanese, but of course you cant. You might not be able to move to Japan or even buy sushi where you live. But you could have your own amazing miniature Japanese doll house! This one is sold as a kit from Billy, a Japanese dollhouse company.

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    They Dont Like Animation

    Although Japanese animation and western animation offer completely different styles, they are both still animation. If someone doesnt like cartoons, animated movies, or any sort of art that moves on a screen, they arent going to enjoy anime. Although it can be frustrating when people dont love beautiful hand-drawn art in motion, some people just prefer live-action.

    You Get A More Connection To Characters

    The characters in anime look so real which even makes it much easier for you to connect with them. In the cartoons, the characters do not look that real which is why people find it hard to connect and identify with them. However, in the case of anime things are a bit different due to the fact that the characters in these cartoons look so real.

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    Countries With The Most Anime Viewers

    Since Japan is the birthplace of Anime, so this country tops the list on how many people watch anime in the world. According to recent studies, more than 33% of people in Japan watch anime. If you are wondering how many animes are there in the world, the answer is more than 6000. Among these, almost half are produced in Japan.

    Next on our list is America. So, if your question is how many Americans watch anime, the answer is almost 18%. That is why more than 200+ animes are dubbed in English. It may come as a surprise, but after Japan, and English, Spain has the maximum number of anime watchers. Almost 17 million people watch anime in Spain, and Spanish animes are quite popular after the Japanese, and English ones.

    Its been almost 60 years that anime has been such a popular pastime among Mexicans. Shonen anime is the most popular anime in the Philippines. If you are still wondering how many people watch anime, we would have considered Russians in the list too. But, recently they have banned anime, so looks like they wont be able to enjoy anime anymore.


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