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Who Is The Most Popular Anime Character

Hisoka Morow From Hunter X Hunter

Most Popular Anime Characters (2004 – almost 2021) but is a MUSICAL BATTLE

Popular due to his ruthless character, Hisoka is a lot more than just his character. Hes got beauty, brains, and most of all, his style is just on a whole other level. You wouldnt be surprised if he kills you and just smiles at the end. The best part about Hisoka is that hes unpredictable. You wouldnt be able to guess what will be his next move. I want to know what goes in this guys brain.

But when we talk about his character itself, hes more of a badass guy. Practically immortal due to his uncertainty, Hisoka has been giving us chills from time to time.

Why is Hisoka so popular?Man, there are countless reasons why fans would prefer Hisoka over other badass guys in the series. Hisoka has an exquisite charm to him that keeps him different from any other anime character Ive ever seen. So the next time you mess with this guy, there will be no next time.

Top 100 Anime Characters

by Richard Tex-tex

I grew up watching anime since ever, in latin america was very common to find anime on the TV even more than american cartoons, series like Captain tsubasa, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin arrived first to latin america than the US. This list contains those characters I enjoy the most villains and heroes that prove to be memorable. Probably you wont find any Bleach or Naruto characters in this list, because they where not relevant during my life. I try to choose a large variety of personalities and series for this list but I go more with dark nihilist characters that usually are more interesting.

Son Goku From Dragon Ball Series

Son Goku is a fictional character, protagonist of the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama in 1984.

He is a Saiyan and was sent to Earth as a baby to destroy it. Son Goku trains hard and becomes Earths greatest defender, while at the same time helping people along the way defending them from evil villains such as Piccolo Daimao, King Piccolo and Vegeta .

Overall Goku has superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, as well as skill in martial arts. And he is pure of heart, always there to protect his friends and family.

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Ranking The Best Of The Best Of Japanese Animation

First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime series:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:Serial Experiments LainFirst anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:First anime appearance:What do you think of our picks? Who would you rank as number one? Comment and lets discuss!

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Elizabeth Liones From Nanatasu No Taizai

10 Most Popular Anime Characters Of The 2010s (According ...

Elizabeth Liones is one of the pretiest girls ever, and a female protagonists in the anime series, Nanatsu no Taizai.

Elizabeth is the third princess of Britannia and shes undertaking a search for the Seven Deadly Sins. She must find them. As Theyre needed to help reclaim the Britannia Kingdom.

As the anime progresses, it is revealed that she is the current incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth and will be Meliodass lover, and becomes a deuteragonist in the series.

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Meruem Hunter X Hunter

Meruem was the most powerful offspring of the Chimera Ant Queen. He was known as the King of the Chimera Ants and is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant Arc. Meruem seems to be slightly humanoid for an ant. He was muscular and well-trained, despite his relatively small body compared to his servants. He also possessed a mighty tail equipped with a sting that served as his weapon. His hands and feet had only four fingers and toes each.

Meruem is the most powerful character introduced in the series so far, and he is the one with the highest learning ability. Born to be the ultimate biological weapon, his enormous physical prowess is matched only by an unparalleled intellect, both of which seem to place him far beyond the reach of human possibilities. As King of the Chimera Ants, his power exceeds even that of the Royal Guards, and he can increase it even further by consuming Nen users.

Toga Himiko From My Hero Academia

Toga Himiko is an antagonist, a villain, and one of the most intriguing characters in My Hero Academia. Shes the main villain of the League of Villains and a master of a dark quirk that lets her take on or copy another persons physical and voice traits.

The more blood she drinks, the longer she can stay in that form. She can only take on peoples forms who she already drained their blood.

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Mikasa Ackerman From Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is the Waifu to many. She is known as the toughest anime girl character out there. But thats not to say that shes not cute. Just look at the picture, shes cute yet sturdy at the same time. Mikasas job is to protect Eren. One step goes wrong and she loses her mind. Moreover, Mikasa has some solid fighting skills that make her one of the most popular anime characters of all time.

Due to her impressive fighting skills, she is known to be one of the most powerful characters in Attack on Titan too! Her style is authentic and not generic. Shes just too epic.

Why is Mikasa so popular?Even as a child. Mikasa was tough enough to kick a couple of guys. She was an orphan, and even so, her fighting back with life itself was crazy. Therefore, a lot of fans love her due to her sole characters. Others love her due to the queen she has become. A total gem!

Vegeta From Dragon Ball Series

Most Popular Anime Characters ALL TIME

Vegeta is a character from the Dragon Ball series. He is a terrific fighter and a prince of the Saiyan race.

He is sarcastic, tough and has enough power to destroy entire planets. Vegetas character might be seen as a representation of bad boy, but he also has some good qualities about him.

Vegeta is a very intelligent and strong warrior, as well as being one of the strongest characters in the anime history. He first appears as an antagonist but later becomes a protagonist after changing his ways.

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Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

If youre into retro style, Im sure Spike would be the specimen of your choice. The dude is way beyond crazy. Everything from his character to the vibe, I cant! A 27-year-old guy who was born on Mars, and now he works as a bounty hunter. What can be cooler than that? Even though the anime is pretty old, Spike is still one of the most popular anime characters of all time.

And oh boy! Girls love his blue suit. Spike is an all in one crush for ladies. But being all that handsome, he has a sad side to him as well. Spike is just good at hiding but hes always sad due to what happened in the past.

Why is Spike so popular?Spike isnt your usual cookie-cutter anime character. Hes much more than that. His character screams Im the best, but at the same time, he never brags. He just wants some money. Maybe?

Itachi Uchiha From Naruto

Itachi Uchiha is probably the most beloved character in the whole Naruto series. Initially, everyone hated him due to the fact that he was very rude and evil. But we all know how that went with time. Itachi is that your daughter calls me daddy too, type of boy who can make anyone fall in love with him.

Due to him being overpowered, even the greatest in the anime envied him. His character, powers, visuals, and everything else were on point. Whats more? He always did what he wants to. No one can stop Itachi from bossing around. Yes! Not even you, Madara.

Why is Itachi so popular?Ask your girlfriend and youll find the right answer. If your girl loves Itachi, youre her second choice. Alright? Well, Itachi is that silent guy who was keeping the whole series intact, and we all know what Im talking about. No spoilers intended.

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Kamina From Gurren Lagann

Kamina is a character from the anime Gurren Lagann. He is the leader of the protagonists team and he seeks to stop oppression by using his skills as a pilot to fight against the antagonist.

Kamina is an anime character who likes to show off and he has a strong personality. He also hates it when people tell him that something cant be done just because it has never been done before. He believes in going all out and overachieving until you reach your goal. Even if its impossible, Kamina believes that he should at least try until he reaches a level of success where he can say I did it!

Edward Newgate One Piece

What are the 10 most popular anime character types?

Edward Newgate is the captain of the Whitebeard pirates and is widely known as Whitebeard . He is considered one of Gold Rogers greatest rivals and the only person who could compete with him. For several years after Rogers death, Newgate was one of the four pirate captains known as Yonk. During the Great Pirate Age, Newgate was one of the most powerful pirate captains.

Whitebeard ate the Gura Gura no Mi with which he could dissolve all materials and shatter them into pieces, even air. With this force, he was able to cause earth and seaquakes . Whitebeard also owned the Murakumogiri, which is one of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono . But with this power, one wonders how strong he must have been in Gold Rogers time. It was noticeable that Newgate had lost some of his strength over time. On Moby Dick, he was connected to several medical apparatuses and was treated by nurses. Furthermore, he would have never been so easily attacked in the past as he was by Squardo, even by allies.

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Inoue Orihime From Bleach

Orihime is a shy and timid girl with a sensitive heart. She also has a strong will as she loves to explore and discover new things. She is cheerful and sweet, but she can be clumsy as well.

She is the most compassionate and prettiest character of the Bleach anime series, always trying to help those close to her with their problems or making them happy this eventually leads to trouble for herself as well as others due to the limits of her spiritual power.

Hitagi Senjougahara From Bakemonogatari

Hitagi is a girl with an incurable disease. The main character, Koyomi, has never seen her talk! Shes a tsundere and is loved by countless people who like the character. Why? She has a dark side to her. But even so, shes not breaking down.

Things get crazy when someone gets to know about Hitagis secret. She encountered a crab monster, and after that, she lost weight like crazy. This disease was incurable, making her sad and mad at the same time.

Why is Hitagi so popular?Hitagi has an abusive style. Shes too cute! So, for all the tsundere loves out there, she can be the elite waifu material. Make sure not to mess with her though!

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Nezuko From Demon Slayer

She is one of the best recent female anime characters, She is Kamado Tanjirous sister.Nezuko is pretty sweet girl that was turned into a Demon by Kibutsuji Muzan. Now Tanjiros only wish is to protect her and make her becoming human again.

She is now a part of the Demon Slayers Corps and fights alongside her brother to fend off and help humans from bad damons.

So, will Nezuko manage to overcome her weakness to the sun, and partially gain her ability to speak and finally returns to being a human!

Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

Top 20 Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time

Roronoa Zoro is the first mate of Monkey D Luffy and the first member to join the straw hats pirates. He is also one of the most skilled swordsman in One Piece.

Hes best known for his three swords, each with a different attack style. His sword skills are so great that he became the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates to defeat a member of Baroque Works without taking any damage at all.

He also has great agility and reflexes to match his sword skills. Zoros dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

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Yoko Littner Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Most anime fans have heard Yoko Littner, a main character from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. This beautiful anime girl is a gun-toting member of the anti-pirate team aboard the underground villages flagship Dai-Gurren.

Yoko Littner, also known as Yoko or Yoko-sama, is an attractive anime girl that has become popular among many anime fans. She is named after the Japanese pop star Yoko Kanno, who composed music for Gurren Lagann. The anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which aired in Japan from April through June 2008, was a hit with the public it also became very popular among anime fans overseas.

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Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan

Charisma and a charming personality are often not the only traits youd need to be popular, and the Captain of the Survey Corps, Levi Ackerman, certainly proves that. This character does not need any introduction. In fact, his very first scene left fans from across the globe in awe. Fans not only love the character but also respect him for his development and accomplishments in the Attack on Titan storyline.

Where gargantuan creatures known as Titans have struck fear in the hearts of humans for centuries, the only man to ever hold back these man-feeding monstrosities was Levi Ackerman. In fact, even the titan-shifters are afraid of engaging Levi. I mean, there is a reason why he received the title of being humanitys greatest soldier.

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Kazuto Kirigaya From Sword Art Online

Did you actually expect this list to go on without Kirito? I think not. A lot of fans have a love and hate relationship with the SAO series. However, Kirito is someone that a lot of people love. The main protagonist of the series, hes a solo player. Seems badass, right? Imagine an Isekai game that works with guilds and teams, and this guy pops up saying, Ill solo this. What will be your reaction?

Kirito is a badass, and no wonder why people give him the amount of love he deserves. Even though we see hundreds of memes on the series itself, it still doesnt change the fact that Kirito is one of the most popular anime characters of all time.

Why is Kirito so popular?Kirito is known to accept reality and move on. Even if you tell him that hes going to die, hes not going to flinch. He might have a breakdown but he is known to cope with the situation in a pretty sensible manner. Another reason why this guy is so popular.

Akame From Akame Ga Kill

Top 5 Most hated anime characters

Akame, the protagonist of Akame ga Kill, is a member of a group that is known as the Revolutionary Army. The Revolutionary Armys goal is to overthrow the tyrannical rule of Emperor Esdeath and her Empire who have exterminated much of the population. Akame has an unusual fighting style which involves wielding two swords at once for close-quarter combat.

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Tko Je Najstariji Nintendo Lik

erif je prvi Nintendo protagonist koji se pojavio u istoimenoj arkadnoj igri davne 1979. godine, dvije godine prije nego to se Mario pojavio u Donkey Kongu i godinu dana prije nego to su Game & Watch i Mr. Game & Watch stvoreni. Shigeru Miyamoto je bio dizajner erifa i raznih likova koji su se pojavili u igri.

Hinata Hyuuga From Naruto Series

Narutos teammate, Hinata Hyuuga, is a gentle girl with a timid disposition. She usually doesnt speak much but when she does, her words are kind and encouraging. Despite her shy nature, Hinata always strives to be useful to her friends and family especially Naruto.

Hinata is born into the prestigious Hyuga clan of Konoha which makes her the heiress of one of the most powerful ninja clans in Konoha. Her father Hiashi is the head of this clan so she was trained since childhood to have strong body and mind with emphasis on gentleness.

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Sasha Braus From Attack On Titan

Sasha Braus is an interesting character from the anime Attack on Titan. She is a member of the Survey Corps and is introduced as a female soldier with a strong sense of duty.

The shows idea of military life is what Sasha appreciates the most about being in the Survey Corps. She trains hard for it, commits to her job, and thinks that it defines her as a person more than anything else she can accomplish.

In her spare time she likes to read books, chat with her friends, and Potato Girl is the nickname for Sasha Braus, she has a complex about being too short for a soldier in comparison to taller members of her squad. Sasha is usually seen talking with Ymir or Krista in the series.


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