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Why You Should Watch Anime

Reasons Why You Like To Watch Anime #8

Why You Should Watch ANIME

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Do you know what an anime is? They are animations of Japanese origin that have a huge number of fans around the world. What are the reasons why anime is so successful? In this article, I will present reasons for you to watch anime or not.

Some have the idea that Japanese animations are childlike like those of the West. Many people think that watching cartoons is child’s play and prefer the realisms portrayed in films and series. They have no idea what they are missing.

Unlike cartoons, most anime are aimed at an audience over 16 years old. There are subgenres for adults, and even +18 content. Despite this explanation, many things make people like or stop liking anime.

  • 7.1.Other reasons to enjoy watching anime
  • Both Are Extremely Dark

    Remember how we all thought Made in Abyss was going to be this cute, fun adventure with a group of kids? And how we were all wrong by a long shot? Me, too. And SAKUGAN is going down that same road as well. What looks like an action-packed, father/daughter adventure at the beginning, Episode 7 and episode 8 have shown just how dark SAKUGAN can actually be. Made in Abyss showed us how brutal the abyss is on the human body. But SAKUGANs darkness comes from backstabbing human connections and seeing a dark future that might lie ahead . On the other hand, Made in Abyss dark moments are slightly anticipated at the beginning of the series and hit hard when they actually happen.

    Neither series shies away from being graphic. If you want a taste of how dark each series gets, Made in Abyss episode 10 and SAKUGAN episode 8 put it on full display. I will give a trigger warning now because there are extremely graphic scenes in those episodes. Would this be a reason why Made in Abyss fans would love SAKUGAN, though? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the fan and what they enjoyed about Made in Abyss. Either way, its definitely one of many similarities between both series.

    Best Anime For Beginners

    List of Popular Anime for Beginners to Watch First

    • +127147

    Are you becoming interested in Anime and wondering what is a good starter anime for you?

    Anime has increased in popularity worldwide lately as more anime series and movies with multilingual subtitles and dubs are distributed to all over the world through lots of video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

    Many international people watch anime for just enjoying the entertainment contents , learning Japanese and other various reasons.

    It is a little difficult to find out what to watch for those who have not watched an anime or liked a few family anime including Pokemon, Doraemon and Sailor Moon when they are children.

    Here, I picked out some of the very best anime for beginners, which are popular among both Japanese and international anime fans. Check the selected starter anime list!

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    Anime: The Debut Episode

    The first episode from Brotherhood was made just for the anime as a quick and entertaining way to introduce our heroes and enemies. The episode introduces a new enemy, not appearing in the manga, in the form of the Freezing Alchemist, McDougal. A state alchemist who has gone rogue hatches a plan to encapsulate all of Central in ice, imprinting multiple transmutation circles to do so.

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    The episode successfully introduces the big names of the series, such as Major Armstong, Fuhrer Bradley, Roy Mustang, and of course, the Elric Brothers. After this episode, the show goes straight to the City of Heresy event and leaving out the Coal Mine chapter. Despite ignoring a section or two from the manga, nothing relatively important is missed.

    Watching Anime Teaches Japanese Culture

    Why You Should Watch Anime

    It was in anime that most people learned about Japanese uniforms, school clubs, convenience stores, temples and castles, hot springs and many other wonderful things that exist in Japan.

    It was in Japanese animations that we learned about honor, humility, dedication, strength, teamwork, punctuality, respect and other attitudes that reflect the ancient Japanese culture.

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    Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Watch if you enjoy: magical girls, dark fantasy, plot twists

    Madoka Kanome is your typical middle schooler whose life turns around when she encounters Kyubey, a magical being who offers to grant any wish in exchange for dedicating the rest of one’s life to battle witches, magical beings whose souls have been tainted by darkness.

    Madoka Magica takes a more mature approach to the typical magical girl genre think of it as a dark story with a cute exterior. The visuals are also very interesting as the witches are styled with a sort of mixed medium art while the rest of the world maintains the typical anime format.

    Red Flags: Anything Can Be Animated

    Believe it or not, you can find anime about mahjong, bartending, pachinko, terrorists, gondoliering on Mars, sci-fi/fantasy adaptations of Shakespeare and The Count of Monte Cristo…the list goes on. While this diversity makes Japanese anime an interesting medium to keep up with, that freedom leads to some kinkier or morally-gray scenarios than we might be used to in American media.

    “Hentai” is the pornographic sub-category of Japanese anime and where a lot of parental concern stems from. The word hentai in Japanese literally means “abnormal, perverted.” Many people have had the misfortune of stumbling across hentai when they first tried to look into anime. Trust me, you don’t want to Google that.

    “Fanservice” is sexual content or innuendo that doesn’t progress the plot but rather fulfills the character romance fantasies of avid fans. These scenes often occur quite heavily in popular anime shows. Titles such as Bleach, Blue Exorcist, and Sword Art Online have moments and episodes that are unnecessary and lewd.

    “Ecchi” is another red flag term, but harder to exclusively place in its own sub-category. Ecchi is anime with heavy sexual innuendo, partial nudity, humorous sexual jokes, and general fanservice. This term comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the letter “H” because, in Japan, erotic content is rated “H” while most of the rest of the world calls it “X”.

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    And Those Are The Reasons Why

    Anime can sometimes go unappreciated, but on the bright side it has gained more respect over the years. It has become a more prominent part of Western pop culture and has a larger fan base now more than ever. Even famous celebrities of entertainment today have revealed themselves to be avid anime watchers. For this list, I went over five reasons to watch anime, but honestly there are many others so why not give it a try. If you dont know where to go, my Top 10 Anime for an Anime Novice is a good place to get started. Thank you and let me know how you feel about anime.

    Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

    Why Should You Watch Anime?

    Totally unique , fast paced and leaves a mark.

    This is new setting and new story. You wont have seen anything like this before , the feeling and fast paced plot.

    Everything about this anime is worth remembering. There is a reason why this anime took the world by storm and topped all the charts.

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    Fanservice To The Extreme

    Like a disgusting, smelly Santa, Fanservice just keeps giving everyone its gifts,whether they want it or not. Entire series are dedicated to being fantasy fuel. The harem genrehas gotten popular solely by telling the exact story over and over again. Average Guy meets Cute Girls. Girls love Guy. Guy gets in awkward situation with Girl, gets caught by other Girls. Hijinks. Its a story manufactured only for viewers to insert themselves into the fantasy, and dream about being adored by women.

    Everywhere you look in anime these days, you see the bane of Moe. Moe is a term that refers to characters that are specifically designed to be overly cute. Massive eyes, thin limbs, and big, bouncy hair are just a few of the traits that Moe characters usually have. These girls are usually underage, and put into some type of inadvertently sexual situation for the benefit of the audiences private time. While this fanservice isnt explicitly sexual , the scenes come off as voyeuristic and depraved. These moe-blobs seep into everything, and stain anime as a whole.

    Between all the pointless, unsubtle fanservice, and the saturation of an almost fetishized aesthetic, anime comes off as softcore porn to new viewers.

    What Anime Should I Watch

    Are you interested in watching anime? With so many options out there, it can be hard to know what the best anime is. From classics like One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist to romantic dramas like Lie in April, theres an anime out there for everyone. Answer these ten questions to find out, what anime series should you watch?

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    A Beautiful Painting In Motion

    Its true that anime and cartoons are both forms of animation, but even the animation of the two are completely different. A lot of work and labor goes into the animation of anime delivering a very incredible and stunning result. Different animation companies have a unique technique and style which makes the animation distinct and yet all entertaining to see in action. Some anime puts an explosive of colors together on screen mixing bland grays with vibrant and neon colors like Mob Psycho 100. Other anime do an excellent job of combining crispy, clean drawings with heavy, intense CGI like Attack on Titan and Overlord. Animation of this medium creates beautiful, detailed art of whatever world it is trying to bring to life. In Why Japanese Anime is Superior to American Animation, the article explained the beauty and human touch put on Japanese animation films. Some animation is so detailed, that it is impossible not to appreciate the beauty from the attention to things moving in the background to time spent adding incredible emotion into the faces of characters in specific scenes. You cant watch things like Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Demon Slayer and Psycho-Pass and deny the beautiful of anime.

    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade WorksAttack on Titan

    Anime Teaches About Japan

    Why you should watch Anime ? à°¤à±à°²à±?à°à±?

    Watching anime will take you to a whole new world, an ancient culture full of stories, beliefs, traditions and culture. It may be totally strange for Westerners some customs and reactions of the characters, but the anime totally portrays how people are in Japan. In almost every anime you will be introduced to some tourist location, typical cuisine or some history or legend.

    Many end up liking Japan after watching anime. That’s because they can see a stark difference between young Japanese people and their education, respect and honesty. In addition to falling in love with the attitude and behavior of the Japanese and their school or adult life. Watching a Japanese work after so many American films and series, makes you end up having a totally different view of the world.

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    Anime Characters Are Crush

    The fantasy world has always intrigued people, and similar is the case with the anime characters. Many of my female friends and male friends find anime characters cute, and therefore people are falling for these fantasy characters.

    There are a lot of rom-com movies made using Anime, and people are crushing over those characters. It is usually based on a different storyline, which keeps the audience hooked.

    Why You Should Be Watching One Piece

    This year, One Piece celebrates its 20th anniversary, which is remarkable given that Eiichiro Odas manga was originally intended to run for only five years. Now, more than 870 chapters and over 800 anime episodes later, One Piece has become the best-selling manga of all time, and one of the best-selling comics, only behind titles like Superman and Batman. Its staggering length can be discouraging for people new to manga and anime, so here are a few reasons why you should give One Piece a shot.

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    Music Is Out Of The World

    Not just visuals and characters, but Anime is also pretty good in Music. Some people are huge fans of the Soundtracks in Animes. Who would have thought this is another reason why people watch anime?

    From action background music to romantic tracks, these people know how to keep you on the edge of the seat. Here is a list of the most popular Anime songs-

  • Sparkle from Radwimps
  • Opening track of Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Fist of the North Star
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • A Cruel Angels Thesis
  • Ah Yeah, Haikyu
  • They Always Have The Perfect Cure For A Bad Day

    why you should start watching anime

    I think just about everyone has had a terrible day at some point. One of those days when you dont feel like dealing with anyone or anything.

    Anime is perfect for those kinds of days. Regardless of what you feel like watching, theres bound to be an anime to fit the way you feel. Anime has many genres, some of which are more lighthearted, sci-fi, or serious than others. You can easily find something to inspire you with hope, or something to cater to your bad mood.

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    Read The Manga: The Art

    The actual art of the series is one of the main draws of the One Piece manga. The artist and creator behind the series, Eiichiro Oda has a very unique style that is one of the factors that brings fans to the One Piece series.

    His art brings a certain life to the series and it isn’t one-to-one replicated in the anime adaptation. While the anime art is great in its own right, the manga just feels even more full of life.

    Storytelling: Western Vs Eastern

    While Japanese anime is just a style of art , it does carry a set of obstacles unique from American media . Western culture leans toward monotheistic and atheistic worldviews. Because of that, we have a lot less blatantly spiritual content in our media. Even such shows as Supernatural, which may acknowledge other religions, is still based on Christian mythology. When they’re trying to look for “God,” it’s the same God that originally kicked Lucifer out of heaven. The core storyline of Supernatural is still based on Christian beliefs.

    Japanese culture are built upon polytheism and mysticism. While Japan is becoming increasingly atheistic today, Japan is the source of Shintoism. Shintoism is a Japan-centric belief that states the islands of Japan and the Japanese people are the children of the “kami” and gods living in and on the islands. Regardless of where Japan is today spiritually in general culture, Shintoist mythology is the backbone of a lot of anime. Shintoism provides the cultural or religious setting for fantasy stories and horror stories . Sometimes even contemporary dramas contain subtle nods to Shintoism. The use of tarot cards, incantations, etc. is not uncommon in anime.

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    Anime: Great Voice Acting Performances

    Whether you’re watching the show in Japanese or English dubbed, the voice work is brilliant all-round, with the English dubbed voice work for Edward Elric as a standout. Multiple voice actors from the 2003 adaptation came back to voice their characters for Brotherhood.

    Reading the manga allows you to imagine how everyone would sound like, but the show nailed their voice casting to the point where it’s hard to think of Edward and friends sounding like anything else.

    Natsumes Book Of Friends

    What Is Anime???Why You Should Watch It???

    This anime hold a very special place in my heart , it is very chill and soothing with the best ending them song.

    It takes you into the world of yokai that is spirits and much more. It is mysterious , light and has a cute cat. Can be quite funny too.

    Definitely worth checking out.

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    # Being Happy And Satisfied

    People who watch anime are generally pleased by it because they have a sense of satisfaction after finishing a series.

    Whenever you complete an anime show/movie, your brain releases dopamine as a reward and this makes you feel relaxed and elated. The dopamine release you seek is triggered when you do pleasurable activities and anime can provide you that.

    Overdoing anything can hurt but staying within your limitations and watching an episode or two in your spare time is healthy.

    Reasons Why People Should Watch Anime

    Now you may call us nerds, otaku, loners, creepy or whatever you wish to call, but the truth remains unchanged. We are the people who have given a whole new exciting dimension to our lives and broadened our mindset.

    Yes, anime does that to you. The ignorant lot is just jealous! It takes real patience and creativity to understand the depth each and every anime holds. Here are a few reasons why one should give watching anime a serious thought.

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    My Teen Romantic Comedy: Snafu

    This was a fun anime with good deeps of the dark side/antihero perspective, entertaining comedy with some dark deeps. HIGHLY recommend this to those of you who are constantly in self-doubt and beating themselves up, this one will be one of your favourites! It is honestly one of the more contradictory and unique anime.

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    # The Bond Of Friendship

    Why You Should Watch: Steins Gate [ANIME]

    More than anything, Anime emphasis on relations.

    Anime focuses on family, romance, and professional relations but it is friendship that we get to see often.

    The real value of friendship is taught time after time over many popular anime shows. People who watch anime know they shouldnt let their friends down. Especially, Those emotional moments hit us hard when its a teenager.

    Over the years, there are many anime shows with high school students involved in them. Some of them are Assassination Classroom, MHA, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note.

    My favorite one is from the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. A monster named greed says What I wanted was to have friends like this.

    After all, Life is about sharing and creating those little memories with your loved ones. This ultimately leads you to find genuine friends and stay true to them by providing a helping hand in times of despair.

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