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Anime Is More Realistic Than Movies

Amv – How Many People Can Do It Like Me ?

There are many fantasy animes, but most of them show the reality of life. Anime can convey feelings and emotions that short films would not. There are stories that will blow your mind or make you cry for weeks.

There is great complexity in anime that involve dramatic and psychological stories that trap you and make you sympathize with the captivating characters better than any series or movie.

While many western films add nothing to our lives, many anime develops our ability to understand different concepts and issues relevant to our society and humanity.

Awesome Anime That Even People Who Can’t Stand Anime Will Enjoy

Some people haven’t found the magic of Anime these shows will convince them it’s great.

Getting into anime can be rather confusing. First of all, there are heaps of it, with more coming out each season and there are four seasons in a single year second of all, there are so many different genres and subgenres, some of which are listed in Japanese and don’t even exist in any other medium and last but not least, if we’re being honest, some of it just looks plain weird that some casual viewers or newcomers might get turned away. But, all of these things can actually be advantageous. Yes, there’s a lot of anime out there and that number keeps growing, but that just increases your chances of finding something that’s tailor-made for you. Sure, all the genres and subgenres can make your head spin, especially when a single anime lists like six or seven of them, but once you research what all those words mean, they can help you decide what is and isn’t for you. Sometimes, there’s much more than meets the eye to the weird-looking anime, although that’s certainly not always the case. Some of it is just bizarre, and if that simply isn’t your cup of tea, there’s still plenty of anime out there.

Because Its Weird And Different

Lets be honest anime is UNIQUE. No other form of animation or entertainment is comparable in general.

Everything about it, from the designs, how its made, produced, the stories and strange characters gives it a distinctive feeling.

And a lot of fans who watch it relate because theyre different as well.

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Natsume’s Book Of Friends

First aired: 2008 | Episodes: 74Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Growing up hasn’t been easy for Natsume, because he’s an orphan, and also because he can see yokai, or spirits, that no one else can. This makes him a bit of an outcast, but when he inherits a book from his late grandmother, his life suddenly makes a lot more sense. She could see spirits, too, and “bound” many of them to her in the Book of Friends, which is why they now hound poor Natsume.

The simple premise of the show is that Natsume seeks out these spirits in order to restore their names to them and unbind them. It’s a show that manages to be melancholy and heartwarming from episode to episode and even moment to moment. It’s a slice-of-life series with a touch of the supernatural, but what makes it great is how it uses those supernatural encounters to tell human stories. Getting to watch Natsume grow across many seasons keeps the formula from feeling rote.

People Watch Anime For The Music

Why do so many people like anime? I honestly don

Anime will give you an escape from the real world. Instead of worrying about your problems, you can forget about them while you watch characters you love dealing with their problems.

When you need a little escapism, shows like Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell, and Samurai Champloo have soundtracks you will want to listen to again and again.

The right music can capture the heart of the scene. It can make a death scene even more depressing. It can make a battle scene ever more intense. It can make a love making scene even more romantic.

Even if you dont have the time to watch anything new, you can download the soundtracks to episodes you have already seen and listen to the soothing background music while you are driving in your car or studying for a test.

Overall, the best thing about anime is how many shows and movies you can find on the internet for free. So the next time youre bored, you might as well see what all the fuss is about. Then you can discover firsthand why people really love anime.

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Because It Stirs Your Imagination

Anime is ridiculous. Its so creative and imaginative that its hard not to be influenced by it in some way.

It gets you thinking about ideas you would never have thought of beforehand. And thats thanks to anime s imaginative plots stories, designs and everything else.

In a nutshell: there are plenty of reasons why people like anime

Most of them are tied to it being different to other forms of entertainment.

What Percent Of The World Do You Think Watches Anime

Joined: Oct 2014 Posts: 13815 I’ve heard that 60% of Japanese people watch anime which makes up 76 million people already. There are plenty of anime dubbed into Korean, Italian, and French that aren’t dubbed into English because those countries have more of a market for anime. There are also a lot of kids anime and Ghibli movies which are dubbed into several languages since they have a diverse appeal. I know that certain anime are even popular in developing countries so there aren’t any countries we can simply cross out as “not watching anime”. I would say the percentage of people currently living who have watched at least some anime is at least 10%. The percentage of people who watch anime regularly would be far lower.I would guess that at least 50% of people who have watched some anime have either not watched any anime on the internet or do not consider it to be their main way of watching it. Modified by zombie_pegasus, Feb 6, 2016 7:28 PM
Joined: Aug 2014 Posts: 378 Its a very open question as the answer would depend on if it means “regularly watch anime” , “watch anime non-regularly” or “People who has ever watched an anime at least once”. I’ll would put money on it being 0.75% of the population or less. But its hard to guess since I don’t really know the number of people who watch anime in Japan before having to include everyone else.
The World=MAL. We are all weebs.
35% I think I read that somewhere for total in 2007

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Anything By Hayao Miyazaki

Unless youve been living under a rock , you must know about Studio Ghibli. The great Hayao Miyazaki is credited for Ghiblis most successful movies and youve probably even seen at least one of his masterpieces as they are immensely popular even in the west.

My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Grave of Fireflies, and, of course, Spirited Away, are just some Ghibli movies that anyone who wants to get into anime can, and should, watch. Miyazakis works often incorporate themes such as environmentalism, love, family, and more. The stories are heartwarming, and at times, heartrending, but they’re always full of warmth and charm. Everyone should be able to find at least one Miyazaki film that resonates with them.

Table : Statistical Data Of The Top Ten Countries Where Anime Is Most Popular

Why Do People Watch Anime?

The quantitative data Ive compiled to generate the statistics on each country only uses secondary data. However, my list is not generated by robots or machines. Rather, I chose to create my top 10 countries list based on the following:

  • Live Data of theWorlds Population per country
  • Publicly available quantitative information from Statistica.com, SocialBlade.com, ParrotAnalytics.com,and BusinessOfApps.com
  • Google Trends is also useful, but Ive only utilized it as a starting point or as a base for this research.
  • And finally, to add a personal touch to this discussion, Ive added my insights, general observations, and some of my experiences.

Google Trends is a good starting point, but I dont want to rely on it to generate the top 10 countries where anime gained massive popularity.

After all, several Google services like YouTube and Gmail are banned on certain countries: China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran , Crimea , Syria, and Sudan .

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Fanservice To The Extreme


Like a disgusting, smelly Santa, Fanservice just keeps giving everyone its gifts,whether they want it or not. Entire series are dedicated to being fantasy fuel. The harem genrehas gotten popular solely by telling the exact story over and over again. Average Guy meets Cute Girls. Girls love Guy. Guy gets in awkward situation with Girl, gets caught by other Girls. Hijinks. Its a story manufactured only for viewers to insert themselves into the fantasy, and dream about being adored by women.

Everywhere you look in anime these days, you see the bane of Moe. Moe is a term that refers to characters that are specifically designed to be overly cute. Massive eyes, thin limbs, and big, bouncy hair are just a few of the traits that Moe characters usually have. These girls are usually underage, and put into some type of inadvertently sexual situation for the benefit of the audiences private time. While this fanservice isnt explicitly sexual , the scenes come off as voyeuristic and depraved. These moe-blobs seep into everything, and stain anime as a whole.

Between all the pointless, unsubtle fanservice, and the saturation of an almost fetishized aesthetic, anime comes off as softcore porn to new viewers.

Ping Pong The Animation

An older, very different Masaaki Yuasa series adapts Taiyo Matsumoto’s unique sports manga Ping Pong. It may be hard to imagine how a series about table tennis can be so engaging, but Ping Pong the Animation pulls it off. A pair of high school boys, Smile and Peco, have been friends for years. Peco wants to be a ping pong champion, but Smile is less ambitious. Less ambitious does not, however, mean less skilled, and the boys’ table tennis coach quickly latches on to Smile in an attempt to mold him into the ping pong champion he never got the chance to become. This all sounds like fairly straightforward sports stuff, but Ping Pong is blessed by having been created by one of the most distinctive manga artists of the modern age, and then animated in Yuasa’s stretchy, strange, amazing style. More than anything, this is a treat for the eyes but it might inspire you to take your next casual game of ping pong a little more seriously.

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a delightful slice of life story with just a dash of sci-fi to spice it up. The premise of the film is simple: Makoto is an average high school girl whos having yet another mundane day when she suddenly discovers shes somehow developed the ability to leap through time.

If this were a superhero story, Makoto would use her powers to save the world, but instead, she uses time leaps to sing karaoke longer and fix mistakes in class and her love life. Well, until reality kicks in with a surprising twist. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a heartfelt story brimming with youthful energy and positivity, which makes it an excellent introduction to the medium.

Fictional Struggles They Relate To

Why Do People Like Anime and Manga So Much?

One story James mentioned was that people with autism have trouble getting up in the morning. So, he could really relate to Ash in the first episode of Pokemon, who gets up late and rushes to Professor Oak’s lab in a panic, worried that the three starter Pokemon are already taken. They are, and that’s how Ash ended up with Pikachu.

That’s just one example, but oftentimes a character need not be autistic canonically to have some of the same as some people with autism. Many anime characters face school problems, bullying, harassment, social uncertainty, communication problems, social mistakes, and other problems common for people with autism spectrum disorders. For some people with autism, anime can be a way to see how best to handle their “worst case scenario” situations. Knowing how one might handle a worst case scenario helps people face a potentially awkward social situation with more confidence.

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We All Love A Hero Of Justice Which Anime

Shirou Emiya is a perplexing example.

Hes the kind of flawed character who strives to be a hero of justice, even if hes sometimes contradictory in his actions.

But thats what we LOVE about anime heros. They do their best, even if theyre not perfect. And its different to what you see in western media.

Watching Anime Teaches Japanese Culture

It was in anime that most people learned about Japanese uniforms, school clubs, convenience stores, temples and castles, hot springs and many other wonderful things that exist in Japan.

It was in Japanese animations that we learned about honor, humility, dedication, strength, teamwork, punctuality, respect and other attitudes that reflect the ancient Japanese culture.

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Anime For People Who Don’t Like Anime

Anime is no longer the niche medium it once was in the United States. It is ubiquitous, with many popular streaming services carrying at least a handful of anime titles. Still, there remain those who are hesitant to give anime a try. Perhaps their impression of the medium is based solely on series like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, series which are generally intended for young teens and have tons of episodes. Or perhaps they dislike what they think of as “anime style,” unaware that there is plenty of variety between series. While most people are happy to hunker down and watch a Studio Ghibli film, they might be unaware of other, more grown-up options. For those who are willing to take a chance and try something new, here’s a little list of some recommendations for the wary. These series range from older classics to brand new shows, and they forgo a lot of the tropes that require more background in anime in order to enjoy.

Reasons For Not Watching Anime

Multi AMV – How many people can do it like me (Zero) – Varsity Fanclub

Although there are good reasons for you to watch anime, there are also reasons for not watching it. What makes some people dislike anime? We have already mentioned that it is simply because it is drawing or subtitled, but is it just that?

Many fail to watch or dislike anime because of the voices of the characters and the Japanese language being annoying. The standard of Japanese beauty is cuteness, so the characters’ voices sound thin, childish and even seem to be moaning.

Another thing that irritates even anime fans is the absurd amount of fan service present in anime, even outside the shounen genre. Things like tentacles, breasts and underwear close-ups make it look like you’re watching a +18 movie.

Some anime have stories without any connection, very crazy and out of reality. Other works look like copies of each other, there are trends like isekai anime and others that end up generating .

Others, even liking drawings, simply cannot like Japanese animation. Of course, all of these points are relative and not absolute. Even so, his presence in some works keeps potential people from enjoying Japanese animations. Do you agree with these facts?

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Why Are Some Addicted To Anime

In the same way that people are addicted to series and novels, others are addicted to anime. There is always one better than the other, and both work with a weekly episode scheme that holds the person for a long time in a particular work.

Some are so addicted that their lives revolve around them. In addition to spending the entire day watching, others spend their entire allowance on DVDs, manga, action figures and conventions. That kind of addicted person, we used to call him otaku.

Anime characters are made to trap and captivate the viewer. Some even create strong feelings for characters, something normal not only in the anime worlds but in any area of life like music and literature.

Action, powers, struggles, comedy, psychological drama, romance and events outside of reality have the habit of drawing attention. Not to mention the sensuality of characters that attracts many young people. It would be abnormal if it didn’t addict some people.

They Explore Meaningful Concepts Regularly

Despite the rather unrealistic nature of most anime, many shows teach viewers a lesson or explore at least one major thematic issue central to human existence. For example, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood explores the themes of kinship, death and corruption. Sword Art Online explores how we construct our perceptions of reality and what makes one reality the true one.

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Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is upfront about how ridiculous anime can be sometimes, but it still delivers a solid story and characters. I get that not everyone would like how cutesy it can get, especially compared to smash hits like Attack on Titan, but it’s definitely a good starting point for anyone who’s just curious about anime.” emilyadder

How Many People Like Halo And Anime

Why do so many people like anime? I honestly don




ODST – Onyx


ODST – Iron


ODST – Gold


Symbilyst wrote:Every day I watch anime, I don’t know, I like to watch it, and I listen to anime openings while playing Halo, I don’t know, I feel good there are times I would like to draw my Spartan in anime version

Just halo. I haven’t even seen all of Legends cuz its mostly cartoon.

Symbilyst wrote:Every day I watch anime, I don’t know, I like to watch it, and I listen to anime openings while playing Halo, I don’t know, I feel good there are times I would like to draw my Spartan in anime version

Doriyamo wrote:I do, but I haven’t really gotten the time to watch any anime. I’ve had this everlasting list of anime shows on KissAnime, but the site got taken down. I’ve since been unable to watch anything anymore cause I can’t find any site lol

Pfh7 wrote:I like anime but I haven’t been watching much of it in recent times, plus I’m too lazy to finish most series I pick up, one day I’ll finish HxH …maybe.

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