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How Old Is Inuyasha Anime

Gran Torino From My Hero Academia

*OLD*[Animation] Inuyasha – Insanity

The list wouldnt be incomplete without the mention of the elderly man Gran Torino in My Hero Academia.

He was a formidable fighter in his early days, and he was also the trainer of All Might.

Dont let his wrinkled appearance fool you, as the man still has an impressive punch.

You saw how well he trained Deku.

His quirk is a jet that allows him to fly as his former companion, Nana Shimura.

Gran Torino can release high-pressure air out of his shoes with his breath, which allows him to have incredible mobility.

Isaac Netero From Hunter X Hunter

Netero has the power to decide the hunters license they get because of his role as the Chairman of the Hunter Committee.

In his early days, he was the best Nen user.

Hes still quite strong enough to take on any enemy who crosses his path.

He prefers not to allow his strength to be known to the world.

He is well-known for his quickness and agility during battle and can confuse his adversaries before a strike comes out of the blue.

Kagome Never Changed Clothes

Kagome was a 15-year-old Junior High School student and we all knew this because she wore the uniform…constantly. In some ways, this was a costume, which identified the character, but it really didn’t make much sense. The uniform is hardly practical when it comes to traversing the dangers of Feudal Japan while hunting down shards and battling demons.

Why didn’t she simply change into something more practical? She had more than enough time and she had plenty of opportunities to throw on some pants and clothes that made sense, but she rarely changed out of her uniform. Perhaps she liked wearing it, but whatever her reasoning, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to traipse around Feudal Japan in a short skirt.

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Koga In The Final Chapter

Like most anime, Inuyasha closed out with a pretty good explanation of what happened to the main characters in the series. Unfortunately, one character was left out without much said as to what happened to him.

Koga was notably absent when the series picked up three years after in the events of the final chapter. Where was Koga and what happened to him that we didn’t get to see? It seems plausible that he returned to his pack, but for a character who spent so long chasing after Naraku, it seemed like there was something missing when it came to his story’s conclusion. There was a passing comment by Kagome that he might have married Ayame, but that’s all that was said about what happened to him.

Furinji Hayato From Kenichi


Furinji Hayato is a whopping 90, but he can compete with any martial artist of his age.

He is known as the Invincible Superman because of his amazing achievements over the years.

Many still speak about how he battled more than 500 fighters at one time.

He is an expert in diverse martial art techniques, including the most legendary techniques at his disposal.

He is also capable of healing himself and others with Ki.

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How Old Is Kagome’s Daughter

In order to restore them, the half-demon twins embark on an adventure while accompanied by their quarter-demon bounty hunter cousin Moroha, who is the feisty, hard-as-nails fourteen-year-old daughter of Kagome and Inuyasha, and who also has no knowledge of her parents except that her human mother is an uppermost-level …

When Did Inuyasha Come Back Final Act

The first Inuyasha adaptation was released on Yomiuri TV in Japan, spanning 167 episodes, and ended on September 13, 2004.

This adaptation did not include an end to the series as it had already caught up to the manga, which was not finished yet.

In an attempt to tie all loose ends, Inuyasha: The Final Act was released on October 3, 2009, with 26 episodes to its name. It adapted the finale from the manga and gave this classic anime a well-deserved ending.

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Kagome Should Have Been Expelled

When the series began, Kagome was beginning her career as a Junior High School student. When the series came to an end, she graduated from High School, but that doesn’t seem possible when you think of all the times she missed school.

In any reality, someone who missed so much school should have been expelled… long ago. Nobody seemed to question why she was out of school so often . All anyone at school cared about was her boyfriend whom her friends incessantly bugged her about, but nobody seemed to care about all the school work she missed. When you think about it, Kagome is lucky she was able to complete her education at all given how much of it she actually missed. It is just one of those things that defies reason.

Quest To Find The Sacred Jewel Fragments

Redrawing 16 Year Old Inuyasha Fan Art! Excited for Yashahime

Inuyasha and Kagome began their journey to collect the shards of the Sacred Jewel, their tolerance for one another growing after defeating their first major enemy, Yura of the Demon Hair. Afterward, Inuyasha’s half-brother, the full demon Sesshmaru, came asking the whereabouts of the Tga’s tomb, seeking the treasure that was endowed there. The two brothers’ encounter allowed Inuyasha to obtain the Tessaiga, a fang-sword that originally belonged to his father, which Sesshmaru had sought. After obtaining the sword and temporarily defeating his brother, Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship deepened, and they began to care for one another. As time passed, they started to gain allies in their quest for the shards, notably Shipp, Miroku, and Sango. A demon ogre sorceress named Urasue brought Kiky back to life and thereafter Inuyasha learned of the existence of the nefarious shape-shifting demon known as Naraku also looking for the shards from Miroku whose grandfather Miyatsu had been cursed to create the Kazaana and upon learning that Naraku must have set a trap for Kiky 50 years ago and tricked them both into betraying one another, vowed to destroy him and avenge Kiky.

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Charles Zi Britannia From Code Geass

Charles Zi Britannias role is one of the fearsome leaders of the Holy Britannian Empire.

Britannia believes only the strongest can survive and is ruled by this belief system.

He is always putting his empire under stress and turmoil, and he aims to root out the ineffective and establish an empire where only the strongest can thrive.

Inuyasha Gets Sequel Anime This Fall With Yashahime: Princess Half

Beloved anime InuYasha is set to receive a sequel series from the original creative team that centers around the characters children

Theres been a growing trend of some of the most popular anime from the 90s and early 2000s returning with legacy sequels and modern reboots. Its an exciting time for anime and this approach has brought back audiences who may have wandered away but are curious to get continuations to some of the favorite series from their youth. InuYasha, an anime that aired nearly 200 episodes since its debut during the height of the anime invasion of America, is the latest series to get such a treatment. InuYasha concluded back in 2010, but Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of the series has just announced, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, a sequel series that will center around the children of the characters from the original InuYasha.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is set decades after the conclusion of the original series and follows the daughters of Inuyasha and his half-brother, Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru now has two half-demon twins, Towa and Setsuna, who get separated from each other at a young age. When the two are reunited, a lot has changed and Setsuna has lost all memories of her sister, Towa. The two team up with Mohora, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, and these three half-demon female warriors travel between worlds to learn more about who they are and where they come from.

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Lordgenome From Gurren Lagann

Lordgenome is an abbreviation for Spiral King of Gurren Lagann and is one of the most powerful old men in anime.

He was the creator of all the Beastmen that were charged with the task of making humans extinct on the planet.

His most potent weapon is the use of his spiral power, which allows him to take on the opposition effortlessly.

He can manipulate many forms of energy with the power of his Spiral Power, which allows him to make things out of nothing.

Another variation on the spiral ability is the wrapping technique, which can be done using the Big Bang.

How Old Are The Characters On Inuyasha

Plain Old Inuyasha#Inuyasha #SacredJewel #ShikonJewel # ...

Riza Hawkeye said:Inuyasha – he’s a demon so he could be over hundred years old, but if he were to be given a age in human years it would likely be 16 or 17.

Spoontang said:Naraku was formed then, but that’s only if we’re not counting Onigumo. If we count him, he was probably around 20 or 30, so Naraku would be something like 70-80…

Naraku: 23 Kagura: 18

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Benefits Of Watching Anime For Kids

As a parent, some people ask me if its okay for their kids to watch anime. I say its more than ok and there are several genuine benefits of watching anime.

They Are Exposed To Another Culture

Many anime movies and television shows offer an insight into Japanese culture, history, and society. This can help your child develop an appreciation for the perspectives of people from different backgrounds and other ways of life.

It Can Spark Creativity

Many anime fans are inspired to start drawing, writing, or even combining them to write their own graphic novels. Many of the stories in anime have fantasy or magical elements. This can provide a new and exciting form of inspiration for creative pursuits.

They May Form New Friendships Or Strengthen Existing Ones

The anime fandom is a passionate one. Our youngest daughter has met many people she might otherwise not have and has formed strong friendships through her love of anime.

It Discusses Weighty Subjects

Anime doesnt shy away from addressing what might be considered difficult subjects such as death, mental illness, racism, and the complexities of relationships. Watching anime can help initiate discussions between adults and kids.

Theyll Practice Reading

Watching subtitled anime can help kids practice their reading skills without even realizing they are doing so . Some fans of anime are also then drawn to reading the manga books on which many of the shows and movies are based.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

  • Type: Movie.
  • Age range: 10 years and older.
  • Where to watch: Vudu and YouTube.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time tells the story of Makoto, who acquires the ability to travel back in time. Using her newfound ability to go back and change her grades, avoid being late, and craft the perfect karaoke performance, Makoto discovers that everything she changes has unforeseen effects.

This is an excellent tale about consequences and taking responsibility for our words and deeds.

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Inuyasha And Sesshomaru’s Claws

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s claw weapons are some of their most devastating and useful, but they don’t make a lot of sense. When you think about it, these guys are dog demons, which means their claws should be similar to those of a dog’s.

Dogs don’t use their claws as weapons their claws are used to help in digging and to maintain traction when running on various surfaces. They are also not retractable like a cat’s, which begs the question, why were they used as if they were a cat’s claws? Granted, they are demons and have abilities a dog wouldn’t normally possess, but it seemed strange that their natural claw weapons were much more cat-like than dog-like given they are dog demons.

Hiko Seijuro From Rurouni Kenshin

[InuYasha AMV] Forever – Sesshomaru and Rin

Seijuro saved Kenshin from bandits and then took the boy as his own, educating his son to become a sword-fighter.

Hes a private man who is busy with pottery in a quiet part of the world.

He is quick and has an incredible amount of strength which he thwarts with the heavy cloak of Hiten Mitsurugi masters.

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The Fox Demon Exam Was Pointless

At one point in the series, we are introduced to the Fox Demon Exam, but the whole event seemed rather pointless and only served as a distraction or side-story that probably could have been left out of the series altogether.

The Exam is introduced when Inuyasha and his team hole up in an inn without knowing its the site of the Exam. Shipp ends up in a position where a good grade could be earned by getting revenge on Inuyasha, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a point to the whole thing. Was the Fox Demon Exam necessary for getting promoted in order to grow more tails? Other than that, there didn’t seem to be much of a point to it, rather than it being another side-story that the series could have done without.

Events In The Past Have No Effect On The Future Or Present

Time travel is one of those storytelling tropes that often raises more questions than it answers. Paradoxes form all the time based on events carried out in the past. Inuyasha is no different seeing as the majority of the series takes place in Feudal Japan. Kagome’s actions in the past should have a huge impact on her present, but every time she returns to her time, nothing has changed.

This doesn’t add up when you consider all the events she has taken part in. How has she not affected her timeline and made everything different? These questions are the danger of time travel in storytelling, but they are also part of the fun. Her actions in the past could have resulted in her present as she knows it, but there was never an explanation given, so who knows?

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Type: Television series and movies.
  • Rating: G.
  • Age range: 5 years and older.
  • Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Nickelodeon, and CBS.

The Avatar has been missing for 100 years. The world needs him to return and restore peace and balance to a world turned upside down by the Fire Nations invasion.

Aang is an 11-year-old boy and the last of his tribe, who is found frozen in the ocean. Is he the fabled Avatar?

An uplifting anime packed full of positive messages adults will enjoy Avatar The Last Airbender as much as the kids do.

Raoh From Fist Of The North Star

This Is Why Older Anime Is MUCH Better Than " New"  Anime

Raoh was educated to train in the Hokuto Shinken style.

The rivalry between his siblings causes Raoh to break off from his family, and he then creates an army that will overthrow his brothers.

He is more powerful than anyone could have imagined and is thus the most dangerous character in the First of the North Star.

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King Bradley From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

King Bradley is one of the major enemies from Fullmetal Alchemist who almost seemed invincible at one time.

King Bradley was a homunculus, who had the power to rule over the entire region of Amestris as King to ensure that everyone was under his control.

Apart from having the ability to slay superhumanly, he had improved physiology, incredible agility, and lightning reaction.

His most notable feature of his included the Ultimate Eye, which helped him to pinpoint his enemies movements and to launch counters based on those.

Yoshimura From Tokyo Ghoul

Many ghouls do not survive to the age of old.

This is the reason Yoshimura is considered to be a hero despite his advanced age.

As the majority of his species were being hunted down and destroyed, he employed cleverness and expertise to survive.

He forged a group of ghouls followers that were united under him.

Not to mention that hes downright cool.

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Why Didn’t Kagome Leave The Shards At Home

Kagome and Inuyasha are the only people who have the ability to travel through the Bone Eater’s Well from the present and past. This was something of a strategic advantage nobody seemed to think of throughout the series.

As the group recovered shards, they were kept in Feudal Japan… Why didn’t she simply take them to the present and keep them somewhere safe? Presumably, the shards would have been safe in the present without the treat of some demon stumbling upon them and taking them for themselves. This not only doesn’t make sense, but it also seems like a missed opportunity. Kagome and Inuyasha could have banked on the security of the 21st century and ensured the safety of the shards, but nobody seemed to have that idea, which doesn’t make much sense at all.

How Did Miroku Immediately Know How To Ride A Bicycle

Anime To Watch: Inuyasha!

This one may fall into the nitpicking category, but for anyone who struggled to learn to ride a bike, it was a bit odd to see someone like Miroku hop onto one and ride it about with little to no problems.

While most people learn to ride as children, even adults find it difficult to learn to ride a bike if they skipped their lessons in childhood. Knowing that, it doesn’t make sense that a person who was born and raised in Feudal Japan could pick up a bicycle and ride it about as if it were second nature to him. Granted, Miroku possessed many skills and abilities, but the fact that he could ride a bike without any trouble doesn’t make much sense when you think about it for more than a few seconds.

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