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Komi Can T Communicate Anime

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Release Date

Komi Can’t Communicate OP (Clean) | Cinderella – CIDERGIRL | Netflix Anime

In Japan, episode 1 of season 2 of Komi-san wa, titled “Winter Arrives” is set for release on Thursday, April 7th, 2022. The new episode will air on TV Tokyo. As for the international fans, the new season of Komi Can’t Communicate will start airing on Netflix on .

Just like season one, Komi can’t Communicate season two is also made by OLM studio. On December 23rd, 2021, the 12th episode of season one of the series got released. On the same day, it was announced that the series would get a second season soon. The manga of Komi Can’t Communicate is currently running on its 24th volume, and the new chapters are getting released. So it’s safe to assume that the anime can easily run for more seasons.

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Can Komi Make 100 Friends Bonus Story

The “It’s Just a Festival” chapters from the manga were adapted into the anime, but there was a lot more to that story than what was shown. Translated as “Festival” and “Festival, Part 2” in the English version by Viz Media, the summer festival had an epilogue where Komi and Tadano joined Najimi and friends at a food place for drinks. In the bonus chapter called “Can Komi Make 100 friends” in Vol. 3, Komi started keeping track of all the friends she made at school by writing their names down on a memo pad. She indicated that she has made 11 friends with 89 more left to go. Apart from the friends she made earlier, she also listed Yamai’s group of friends — Onigashima, Kishi, Chiarai, Sonoda, and Shinobino as her friends.

When Komi Befriended Mikuni & Ayami

Despite her trepidation, Shoko Komi had a wonderful time on the Kyoto school trip, and not just because of the tourist attractions and food. Along the way, some new friendships took root, including Komi bonding with the two other girls in her group: the stern, glasses-wearing Mikuni Kato and the goofy, lively Ayami Sasaki. At first, the three of them sat together in awkward silence on the train, but as the Kyoto trip got into high gear, the girls relaxed and started having fun together, acting as though they’d known each other for years.

In fact, this was Komi’s first real opportunity to engage in some girl talk, and even if Komi got embarrassed when asked about her crush, it was evident that part of her enjoyed all this. It was also an excellent example of Komi showing that she’s capable of making friends all on her own, without needing Tadano or Najimi to introduce her to people, marking significant progress in her character arc.

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Komi Cant Communicate Season 3 Renewal Status For Wholesome Anime

The Komi Cant Communicate finale has just premiered for English fans and whilst season 3 remains TBA, fans can be confident of more to come.

Wholesome anime, the 2022 Spring broadcasting slate was undoubtedly dominated by them. However, there arent many series that can match the wholesomeness of Komi Cant Communicate, the hit adaptation of Tomohito Odas manga series by Studio OLM.

The series is currently being simulcast on Netflix, with the streaming giant opting to add the season 2 episodes onto the first batch from 2021, rather than a separate instalment. Season 2 is therefore considered to be episodes 12-24 on Netflix for international viewers outside Japan, with the finale having just been released today worldwide, July 13th.

Whilst season 3 has yet to be officially confirmed to be in production, fans can be extremely confident that Komi Cant Communicate will return for more wholesome, friend-making and blush-inducing adventures in the future heres why.

/9 Insight Into Komi’s Thoughts

komi cant communicate tv anime series officially announced for

In the Komi Can’t Communicate Anime, viewers are given a very basic overview of what goes on in Komi’s head, whereby the information is usually provided by the narrator or Tadano’s predictions. However, Chapter 35 of the manga provides much greater insights into her socially anxious mind, allowing readers to empathize with Komi on another level.

Komi sits alone in her room, and does what so many fans have done before plays the dangerous game of ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.’ Komi ruminates over past interactions with her friends, berating herself for her awkward responses, and now that she has had time to think about what she should have done. Poor Komi!

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Release Date And Where To Watch

Komi Cant Communicate season 2 episode 1 will air on April 6, 2022 in Japan on TV Tokyo . Season 2 is also confirmed to be available for streaming on Netflix globally, with episodes dropping on a weekly basis from April 27, 2022. The title of the first episode has been revealed to be Winter Arrives.

The Colorful Cast Of Characters

Komi Cant Communicate has a strong cast of characters that help Komi in her quest to find one hundred friends. Like Shouko Komi, the characters seem genuine and conceivable. They have faults and desires that lead to their personalities, creating memorable plot threads. Since the anime is a slice of life, the characters should be able to carry the show on their own, which it does.

Shouko Komi

Komi has severe social anxiety rendering her silent when speaking to her classmates or anyone else always being timid throughout the twelve-episode anime. However, despite being socially anxious, Komi still wants to have friends to share those experiences with someone. Essentially, that is what the entire plot is about. Komi-sans plot hits close to home as a socially anxious high school student wanting to be sociable and interact with her many peers. One of the elements that make Komi relatable is that many can, unfortunately, identify with social anxiety and being socially anxious. Social anxiety is a disorder that many people face today:

Nearly 1 in 3 of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder.


Komi Cant Communicate

Several reports from different parts of the world find an increased risk of anxiety, depression, feeling lonely, and a reduction in the quality of life among adolescents during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Komi Cant Communicate Overview

Komi Cant Communicate, or Komi-san wa Komyushou desu in original Japanese, is a comedy and slice of life anime based on an extremely popular manga written by Tomohito Oda. It was adapted into an anime by Studio OLM, a very well known anime studio known for bringing to life several popular projects like Pokemon and Odd Taxi, among other things.

The anime was directed by Ayumu Watanabe, a veteran director known for directing several critically and commercially successful anime such as Space Brothers and Doraemon. He is also being assisted in direction by Kazuki Kawagoe, another veteran director primarily known for directing Beyblade. You can check out our review for the final episode here! You can out our episodic reviews of the entire series as it aired on international Netflix right here!

Komi-san wa Komyushou desuReview does not contain spoilers

Talk To Your Kids About

Komi Can’t Communicate | Main Trailer | Netflix Anime
  • Families can talk about social anxiety and mental wellness in Komi Can’t Communicate. Why is Komi so anxious about speaking in front of others? What could adults do to help her?

  • Komi’s inability to speak draws wanted and unwanted attention from her schoolmates. What if she wasn’t a conventionally attractive girl? Would she be treated the same way?

  • How can digital tools help kids and teens deal with mental health issues like social anxiety? Here are some tips.

  • : April 7, 2022
  • Thoughtful anime has great messages for older tweens.

    age 11+

  • Good battles evil in Star Wars-esque ‘toon.

    age 8+

  • Weird, wonderful genre-busting adventure has some violence.

    age 15+

  • Teen emotions run high in AI robot fantasy/musical/anime.

    age 10+

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Anime To Watch If You Like Komi Cant Communicate

Komi Cant Communicate became a popular anime as soon as it landed on the screens of fans who were eagerly waiting for its adaptation. The anime is acclaimed for being a perfect blend of slice of life and comedy. The story centers on Komi, a 15-year-old teenager who has extreme social anxiety but wishes to make 100 friends.

On December 23rd Komi Cant Communicate released its final episode for Season 1. A second season for the anime has been announced by the production company, set to premiere on April 6, 2022.

Well, April seems to be a long wait, so in the meantime, fans of Komi Cant Communicate can switch to other anime that are also known for their fascinating characters as well as their heartwarming storylines.

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    Where Is The Love

    As invested as fans are in Komi’s tale, many found it hard to watch when it came around to episodes 10 and 11 of Season 2 because it suddenly seems as if no passion was involved in creating these particular installments. Multiple, cringe-worthy drawings invade the picturesque setting of Itan Private High School, but several characters are severely disproportioned and that essential attention to detail is mysteriously missing. To add insult to injury, the animation is also sub-par, with choppy movements and way too many three-frame loops to ignore

    Komi Can’t Communicate is known for successfully using that signature blank expression to portray a particular emotion depending on the events, but this crutch is relied on all too heavily in Season 2 episodes 10 and 11, and for all the wrong reasons. True, Komi is almost always in a state of anxiety, but she doesn’t permanently come across that way, which is essentially the whole point of the show. Komi is the most popular girl in school and the official Class Goddess, but her dazzling features are few and far between in these particular installments. Fans envisioned many more glam shots on Valentine’s Day, emphasizing her popularity and stunning good looks, but the minimal effort was applied instead.

    Tadanos Boobs Bonus Story

    screencaps on Instagram: i rly thought there was not gonna be an anime ...

    The maid café story arc was adapted into the anime, but there was also more to that story than what was shown over the course of two episodes. One scene from the anime that was actually longer in the manga was Komi checking out Tadano wearing a maid’s dress. In the anime, her iconic “cat ears” popped up to indicate she was sexually attracted to Tadano dressed as a girl. This happened in the manga as well, but with a bonus: Komi became interested in Tadano’s artificial breasts and was tempted to squeeze them. Not able to resist the temptation, she cops a few feels of Tadano’s “breasts,” which made him uncomfortable.

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    Komi Cant Communicate Season : Release Date Where To Watch What To Expect And More

    Komi Cant Communicate is returning in , bringing with it a whole new seasons worth of shenanigans, comedy, wholesome moments and a blossoming romance.

    The romantic comedy came as a breath of fresh air in 2021 and fans became as quickly enamored with Komi Shoko as the characters in the show. So it was to no ones surprise and everyones delight that the anime was quickly renewed for a second season in December 2021.

    New Key VisualKomi Can’t Communicate Season 2Scheduled for April 6 in JapanMore:

    /9 The Significance Of The Notebook

    While Najimi is on board with helping Komi make 100 friends in both the anime and the manga, they only really start insisting that Komi writes down a list of all her friend in Season 2 of Komi Can’t Communicate. This list of friends, however, is an important aspect that runs throughout the manga from as early as Chapter 19, not long after Komi and Najimi first become friends.

    The anime makes up for this in a while by providing a visual “list” of new friends as Tadano and Najimi discuss Komi’s progress . It is, however, quite satisfying to physically watch the list grow as each new friend’s name is physically written down in the manga.

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    When Komi Accepted Tadano’s Invitation To Kyoto

    A little later in Season 2, Komi’s class got ready for an exciting field trip to the culturally rich city of Kyoto. Normally, Kyoto school trips are an anime cliché in series such as Assassination Classroom and the Mahou Sensei Negima! anime, but in Komi Can’t Communicate, this is a vital character development opportunity. Hitohito Tadano politely offered an invitation to Komi, asking her to join the rest of their class on the trip.

    Komi declined at first, recalling unpleasant middle school memories of being totally left out during school trips. However, this time, she found the courage and mental strength to say yes, pushing herself to try this once again and make some friends this time around. Komi saw the Kyoto trip as a personal challenge, and that boldness showed just how far she has now come. This isn’t the same shy girl who ran away from everything in the first few episodes.

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    Is It Worth Reading

    Komi Can’t Communicate ED (Clean) | Hikare Inochi – Kitri | Netflix Anime

    Rebecca Silverman

    Rating: 3.5

    I am always very leery of stories that use specific disorders as the basis for their humor, and I definitely have a few eggs in Komi’s specific basket as someone who has fought crippling social anxiety with bonus panic disorder for most of my life. So I’m really, really happy to say that Tadahito Oda’s Komi Can’t Communicate errs on the side of good-natured, and if I didn’t personally find it hysterically funny, that’s because I was too busy relating to Komi’s experiences. That it wasn’t me be traumatized by Komi’s experiences also speaks well of how Oda uses the base conceit of a girl who can’t make the words she wants to speak come out of her mouth is a major point in his favor as an author.

    Faye Hopper

    I have my reservations about Komi Can’t Communicate’s framing of very real, very painful mental health conditions, but for an-extremely-specific-premise-milked-for-comedy kind of gag manga, it seems to have a shocking amount of understanding and emotional insight. Though exaggerated, Komi’s social anxiety does resonate with my similar experience paralysis, a constant, irrational and yet incessantly pressing fear that robs you of the connections and life everyone else seems to take for granted. The jokes seem to be coming from a sincere place of empathy, rather than looking down and laughing at these people’s very pressing problems.

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    Komi Cant Communicate Season 3 Remains Tba For Now

    Whilst we are still waiting for official confirmation of Komi Cant Communicate season 3 going into production, fans can be extremely confident in the future of the hit anime series.

    In June, director Ayumu Watanabe said was asked in an interview with Looper, Are you prepared to continue directing the anime for as many more years as its going to run? To which the showrunner responded, Yes. I think any director would love to work on whatever theyre working on and see it until the end. I would love to, at least until they graduate.

    More good news is that there is plenty of source material left to be covered by the TV series. Per Anime Geek, season 2 episode 12 covers up until volume 10 chapter 130 of the original manga series.

    As of July 13th, 2022, the manga is still ongoing and has published 25 total Tankobon volumes domestically in Japan, with volume 26 releasing on July 15th, meaning that there is potentially enough source material for five total anime seasons.

    The show should also prove popular enough to be continued into a new season, as the anime has become one of the most popular and beloved series of the past year, following its domestic debut in October 2021.

    The series is currently scoring an impressive 7.8/10 on IMDB, 80% on Anilst and 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Komi Cant Communicate has also achieved the rare success of having a second season that has matched the success of the first broadcast too.

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    When Komi & Tadano Exchanged Chocolates

    Valentine’s Day is another rom-com staple bordering on being a tired cliché, but the wholesome, heartfelt story of Komi Can’t Communicate worked its magic and turned this two-part holiday into something special. When it was time for Komi and the other girls to deliver chocolates, Komi gathered her courage and asked her friend Nene Onemine to help her make homemade chocolate treats. Komi is a very thoughtful girl, after all, and she greatly prefers personal, meaningful gestures over buying expensive but impersonal gifts for everyone. She waited until the last moment to give Tadano his share of the chocolates, but the wait was worth it. All this helped show once again what a proactive and sentimental person Komi really is, and Tadano returned the favor on White Day.

    Amusingly, Makoto became Tadano’s unofficial secondary White Day date, with Tadano’s little sister Hitomi convinced that Tadano and Makoto were secretly a gay couple in the works. That wasn’t actually the case, but the two boys are certainly good friends, and they grew even closer during the romantic holiday. Komi has gotten good at making serious friends, and for that matter, so has Tadano. His plain face and boring personality aren’t much of a deterrent after all.


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