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How To Get Anime Eyes

Enlarging Eyes With Makeup

How to Get Anime Eyes (According to wikiHow)
  • 1Apply concealer and foundation. Use these products to conceal dark circles under your eyes, and to give you an even skin tone base to work with. Select a foundation lighter than your skin tone.
  • 2Add eye primer. Cover the area around your eyes with eye primer to keep your makeup in place and make the appearance more durable. Tap it on all the way up to your eyebrows, but not on top of them.
  • 3Use eyeshadow. Brush on eyeshadow around your eyes. While you may use any color, softer, lighter shades are recommended to accentuate the cute appearance of most female anime eyes. If you decide to use pale eyeshadow, blend in a tinge of brown over it to make it stand apart from the white eyeliner you’ll be applying later.
  • 4Accentuate with eye shimmer powder . For a glittery effect, add eye shimmer powder around the inner corners of your eyes. This step can be skipped if you dislike the flashy effect, or if you do not have this product.
  • 5Create a pale outline of the inner eye.Use white or pale eyeliner to draw a V shape through the tear duct area of your eyes, at the inner corner. Extend this outline slightly onto the waterline of each eye, but not more than 1/3 of the way across your eyelid. Paler outlines create the illusion of a larger object, and focusing on the inner corner makes your eyes appear closer together.
  • The waterline of an eyelid is the hairless area that touches the other eyelid when you close your eyes.
  • You may use an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner.
  • Draw The Pupils And The Reflections

    Draw the pupil in the middle of the iris.

    The positions of the reflections will depend on the the position of the viewer.

    There can be more than one reflection depending on how many light sources there are. In this case we have two. One for the main light source and one from a secondary light source.

    For example if you are drawing a character that is standing outside on a sunny day the main reflection in the eyes could be caused by the sun while the secondary could come from the sun reflecting off of another object.

    Achieving Other Anime Features

  • 1Change your eye color with contacts. Large “circle lenses” can achieve a more dramatic effect than makeup, especially if colored with an unnatural color. Always get your eyes measured by an optometrist first, and purchase the contacts from a reliable source. Poorly made or poorly fitting contacts can cause serious eye damage.
  • For an especially dramatic effect, try “sclera lenses,” which cover almost the entire visible eye.
  • Always put on contacts before applying mascara.
  • 2Use a light lipstick or lip gloss. Dark or bold lipstick will make your lips appear fuller and larger, which will detract attention from your eyes. On many face types, over-accentuated lips and eyes together can be overwhelming or chaotic. Consider a light pink lipstick or clear gloss instead.
  • You can, however, make an exaggerated heart-shaped bow on top of your lips, if you are imitating an anime character with this feature.
  • 3Add a pink blush. The innocent look of most female anime characters can be reinforced with a light pink blush on the cheekbones. For a uniquely anime look, cross the blush over the bridge of the nose from cheekbone to cheekbone.
  • 4Alter the look with colored eyeliner. Brightly colored purple, blue, green, or other eyeliners can achieve an even less realistic look. You may wish to use this instead of black eyeliner if you are imitating cyberpunk anime, or other unusual styles.
  • Wiping a gluestick over your natural eyebrows will flatten them out to make this more convincing.
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    S Of An Realistic Eye

    In the image above, I have pointed out the different parts of the eyes. For a more detailed explanation on each part, visit my post on how to draw an realistic eye here.

    It may seem like a lot of parts to take in, however, it can be very simplified when it comes to drawing in the anime style. I will go through it in the next section.

    Thicker Lines On The Upper Eyelid Stylizing Eyelashes

    How to get anime eyes : notdisneyvacation

    Adoption rate: in most example in anime. This element highlights what a lot of anime drawings are like: an effective simplification of complex real life forms to their most basic visual representation.

    Since we usually have more volume in eyelashes on the upper eyelid than the lower, in anime drawings, the upper eyelid lines representing the eyelashes are drawn thicker, with more visual weight.

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    Female Anime Eye Specifics

    Anime eyes are almost always drawn bigger and wider than real eyes. This is especially so for female characters who often have larger and wider eyes than their male counterparts.

    One thing that really sets female anime eyes apart from male are more prominent eyelashes . This is not always the case but it does tend to be so.

    For different styles of anime eyes you can check:

    Be sure to make light lines for the line drawing part of the tutorial as you will need to do some erasing through the different steps. You can go over your drawing with a more solid line once you are done.

    Anime Makeup Step By Step

    Stage 1. Using the familiar scheme, create the perfect face tone.

    Stage 2. Carefully draw the arrows above the eyelash growth line, draw a line with eyeliner that extends beyond the outer corner of the eye.

    Stage 3. Using a white eyeliner or white pencil, draw a wide arrow on the lower eyelid. This will make the eye look much larger. Below the white eyeliner, draw a neat line with a black eyeliner, draw small eyelashes with a black pencil that imitate real ones.

    Stage 4. On the upper eyelid we glue 3 layers of false eyelashes, and each next layer is glued slightly higher than the previous one, creating volume and increasing the size of the eye. Apply red shadows, emphasizing the outer corner of the eye.

    Stage 5. Apply foundation on the lips and draw a contour that will make the lips visually smaller and plump.

    Stage 6. Decorative lenses are inserted into the eyes, the size of which is larger than the size of the natural iris. This makes the eyes appear much larger.

    Anime makeup: video

    Japanese geisha makeup: video

    Any conversation about anime makeup would not be complete without mentioning cosplay. This word appeared relatively recently. It was formed from an abbreviated combination of two English words – costume play, which can be translated as costume performance or costume play.

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    Top 10 Anime Hairstyles For Men

    Anime hairstyle has reached a new level in recent time. Once it was only about the Japanese people, but the blessing of the internet has successfully introduced the anime characters to the whole world. And guess what? These characters have become immensely popular to both men and boys. Some people are so obsessed with anime that they want to get a haircut resembling their favorite anime characters. Here are our top picks from the realm of anime hairstyles for men and boys.

    How Do You Draw An Angry Anime Girl

    How to Get BIG Anime Eyes Without Circle Lens or Falsies!

    How to Draw an Angry Anime Girl

  • Okay, lets start the same as the happy girl.
  • Start to draw in the side of the fringe, and the long hair in front of the ear.
  • draw out the rest of the fringe.
  • Draw in the rest of the hair.
  • Draw in the shoulders and eyes.
  • Finally, add in the nose, mouth and eyebrows!
  • Okay!!
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    Drawing An Anime Eye Front View Step By Step

    I will now show you a step by step process on how I draw a typical, quite simplified anime eye!

    Drawing the eye shap

    I first drew the overall eye shape for my eye. You can see at the 2 ends I drew a few curved tips to show as eye lashes. I have the top lashes connected to part of the waterline as it goes down, this is a stylistic choice, in some styles they are not connected. The bottom eye is simply drawn with a line. It can be ommitted depending on your style.

    Adding in the iris

    Here Ive drawn in an ovalish iris.

    Drawing in the pupil

    I drew a heart shape for the pupil, you can add any shape you like! Circle, star, rectangle etc. The beauty of drawing anime is that its very customisable! Very commonly, you will also see a line dividing the centre of the iris.

    Drawing in the eyelids

    If your character has double eyelids, simply add in 2 lines as below to indicate its presence.

    Finishing up

    Add in an eyebrow and some highlights in the eye and youve just drawn an anime eye! Isnt it soo much simpler than drawing a realistic eye?

    As mentioned before, the beauty of drawing in anime style is that everything can be customised to your preferences! In the next section, Ill talk about how you can do that.

    How Do Anime Boys Make Their Hair

    Start the drawing with an outline of the head and the hairline.

  • Step 1 Draw the Front of the Medium Long Hair. Anime medium long male hair front drawing.
  • Step 2 Draw the Sides of the Medium Long Hair.
  • Step 3 Draw the Top/Back of the Medium Long Hair.
  • Step 4 Finish the Line Drawing.
  • Step 5 Add Some Shading.
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    Example 9 Multi Line Thick/bushy Eyebrows

    These types of bushy eyebrows are drawn with multiple lines to give them their thickness. This trick lets you draw thick eyebrows that still look kind of light.

    Draw these types of eyebrows with each line basically tracing the shape of the other with some distance between them.

    Yet again draw the different positions of these eyebrows as described in example one.

    Final Illustration And Anime Eyes

    How to Get Anime Eyes Me Irl

    Here is a character illustration with anime eyes. Note how the colors and shapes work together.

    About the artist

    Raquel Arellano is a digital and traditional illustrator and concept artist from Barcelona. She has a background in teaching video games and currently works at a university as an art teacher in the subject. She works for indie role-playing game companies, creates commissions for individuals, and also writes tutorials for a number of companies. She shows her art processes on Twitch, and you can see more of her illustrations on Instagram, Twitter, or ArtStation.

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    Look & Learn How To Draw Anime Eyes

    Ever since discovering anime, I have been fascinated by this Japanese art genre. Their characters are adorable no matter if theyre good guys or not. One of the main characteristics is the unusually large eyes they have. I spent a while perfecting my technique for drawing them and Id like to share it here. With just a few simple steps, you can capture the charm of the anime eyes and start creating your own unique characters.

    For this mini-tutorial, Ive used Arteza colored pencils and a white gel pen. Colored pencils offer handling and vibrancy to cause your eyes to really stand out. The white gel pen is the ideal tool for adding bright highlights that bring the eyes to life!

    How To Draw Anime Eyes

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    Some credit William Shakespeare with the maxim, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” This means that you can learn a lot about a person by watching their eyes.

    The eyes are one source of nonverbal communication – we show our feelings to others when we cry, when our eyes are drawn up along with a smile, when they grow wide with fear, are squinted in anger, or when we roll our eyes in contempt.

    The Japanese animation style known as anime takes the art of the eye to a whole new level.

    The eyes of anime characters are large and expressive, often square in shape and somewhat pointed, rather than round.

    Each artist or series displays a distinct drawing style, which may include interesting styles of hair and dress and differing degrees of realism.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Modern anime arose during the 1950s, following the success of American animated cartoons, such as those produced by Walt Disney.

    Since then, the popularity of anime has spread around the world. Many popular cartoons are dubbed with other languages, such as English, and marketed around the world.

    A subculture has grown up around anime and manga – not only do fans watch the television shows, but they often delight in playing video or card games, reading books, dressing up as characters and engaging in live action role play, or learning to draw their favorite characters.

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    Different Style Male Anime & Manga Eyes Drawing Guide

    This is guide and a reference for drawing different styles of male anime and manga eyes. It provides several examples as well as tips for drawing them.

    Male anime eyes are often narrower than their female counterpart and are drawn with fewer to no eyelashes.

    Please note that this guide focuses more on showing actual examples of various male anime eyes. For a step by step tutorial on drawing male anime eyes you can see:

    Draw The Shape Of The Eyes

    How to get anime eyes (according to wikihow)

    One defining feature of anime eyes is that they are usually much bigger and wider than real eyes so that is how we will draw them.

    The eyes should be far enough apart that you can fit a third eye in between.

    For a normal expression draw the iris slightly covered by the top eyelid while just touching the bottom eyelid. Draw the eyebrows slightly above the eyes in a smooth curve.

    When drawing different expressions the eyebrow shape and positions and the positions of the pupils can be different.

    For drawing different kinds of eyebrows see:

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    Drawing Different Anime Eye Expressions

    The factors that determine the expression of the eyes are:

    • The position and shape of the eyebrows
    • The position of the pupils
    • The position of the eyelids

    One major difference between drawing realistic eye expressions is that in anime and manga the size of the pupil can be changed to create a more dramatic expression .

    Below is a breakdown of each expression.

    Example 8 Very Thick/bushy Eyebrows

    These types of eyebrows are fairly rare. Usually its male characters that tend to have them though female characters may sometimes get them as a joke.

    Draw these types of eyebrows with a fairly blocky shape.

    Once again you can draw the different positions of thee eyebrows based on the first example.

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    Create The Eyelash Line By Drawing A Thick Curve

    How to draw anime eyes. See more ideas about drawings, anime eyes, sketches. For anime eyes, youll begin by drawing the guideline for the top eyelid and youll build your anime eye drawing from there. However, the process is very much the same.

    To draw easy anime eyes, first draw a downward curving line for the top of the eye. Capture the emotions in your drawings with this simple and easy to follow how to draw anime eyes tutorial. Therefore, use our guide to learn how to draw anime eyes for beginners before you start drawing the whole character.

    How to draw anime eyes? They really show the characters feelings. First, draw a downward curving line just a simple one like the one in the picture.

    Allow some space beneath each eye, then draw a curved line. How to draw anime eyes. So, follow the below steps accurately on how to draw anime for beginners.

    Then add in the upper and lower eyelids. Draw the perfect shape of the eyes. How to draw anime eyes male and female.

    Remember that female anime eyes are bigger usually and rounder more than anime male eyes. Draw the pupil in the middle of the iris. Then, draw a short horizontal line centered under the first line to make the bottom of the eye.

    For the lower lash line, draw a short, upward curving line. These will form the tops of the anime girl eyes. How to draw female and male manga/anime eyes!

    In this case we have two. How to draw realistic anime eyes. This is just my way of coloring eyes you can find your own way.

    History And Traditions Of Japanese Makeup

    How to Get Anime Eyes: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

    At all times, white skin has been a sign of high origin. Beauties of all times have sought to achieve perfect whiteness and have resorted to various tricks. The most effective and dangerous method there was skin whitening with white lead: the skin became alabaster, but the poison penetrated deep into the skin, causing dangerous diseases.

    The eyes were drawn with sharpened pieces of charcoal. Bright lips were created by applying a paste of passionflower powder. Modern Japanese women also prefer natural cosmetics, though not as primitive as their predecessors.

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    By Step Instructions For Drawinganime Girl Eyes

    1.Begin by drawing two curved lines. These will form the tops of the anime girl eyes.

    2. Draw another curved line beneath each of those drawn in the first step. It should meet the first line in a point on the inside of each eye, open on the other end. Then, extend short, curved lines outward from the end of each line. Connect the lines using a short, straight line, enclosing the upper eye.

    3. Allow some space beneath each eye, then draw a curved line. On one end of each line, to the outside of the eye, draw a pair of short lines.

    4. Draw a thick, curved line above each eye. These lines represent the eyebrows.


    How to Draw an Anime Girl Side View

    8.Add detail to the iris of the eye. Draw a curved line connecting the pupil to the iris on each side. The resulting shape should resemble two mountains, with the pupil like a rising sun between them.

    9. Draw a small oval beside each pupil to highlight the eye, and shade the upper portion of the eye.

    10. Color your anime girl eyes. Common human eye colors include brown, amber, green, hazel, grey, blue, and even violet. Of course, your anime character can sport any eye color you may dream up. Don’t forget to be creative!

    Want to learn more anime drawing tips? Check out our manga hair guide, as well as characters such as Goku, Naruto, Charizard, and Pikachu.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.


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