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What Anime Has The Most Episodes

Which Anime Has The Maximum Number Of Episodes: 6 Longest

Comparison: Which Anime Series Has The Most Episodes?

Modern anime fans are used to a 12 or 24-episode format for anime series, where, if theyre lucky, their favorite show might get a second or a third season. This wasnt the case a few decades ago, where anime kept on airing episode after episode, as is evidenced by series like Naruto and Dragon Ball. Some of the anime that started airing a few decades back aired for years and years and the episode count exceeded a thousand.

What was once thought of as nothing more than just cartoons, ANIME is now ruling the world in the entertainment sphere. These Japanese animated shows showcase iconic storytelling and animation, captivating enough to blow your mind away. A new wave of popularity was seen for these series and the viewership expanded to the western countries. This newfound obsession left people of all age groups, spend nights and days streaming Anime. Of course, Its never too late to become a fan.

6) One Piece: Has Aired MoreThan 950 Episodes

Before he was executed, the legendary Pirate King Gold Roger revealed that he had hidden the treasure One Piece somewhere in the Grand Line. Now, many pirates are off looking for this legendary treasure to claim the title Pirate King. One pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, is a boy who had eaten the Devils Fruit and gained rubber powers. Now he and his crew are off to find One Piece, while battling enemies and making new friends along the way.

5) Crayon Shin-Chan: Has Aired More Than 1000 Episodes

Ping Pong The Animation

You know how I said Five Leaves art style was refreshing?

Well get prepared to crank that up by several notches. Just like in every sports anime, the sport itself is more like a tool to tell the story, rather than the main focus.

You dont have to have played ping pong in order to fall in love with the show, its message, or the characters. Its a very well-written show about passion, what it means to strive for the number one spot, as well as a coming of age story.

I strongly advise you not to turn the show away because of the unorthodox art style and animation. You get used to it rather quickly.

After all, the ratings dont lie, this show is an absolute gem.

Nintama Rantaro 2190 Episodes

Rantarou, Shinbei, and Kirimaru are ninja apprentices at the Ninja Gakuen. Still, money, food, or playing has more interest for them.

The show shows the daily adventures of our heroes in two episodes in a 30-minute show. Additional cast members include teachers Doi-Sensei and Yamada-Sensei and the nintama Kunoichis, and the evil Douptake Ninjas.

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Attack Of The Prehistoric Pokmon

Finding a Pokémon egg and the introduction of prehistoric Pokémon? It’s no wonder why “Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon” is considered to be one of the best Pokémon episodes. At Grampa Canyon, there is a majestic view of the valley, but all is not ordinary here. Paleontologists are on the scene trying to uncover ancient Pokémon fossils.

Ash and friends soon find out that not all ancient Pokémon at Grandpa Canyon are extinct. “Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon” contains Pokémon like Kabuto, Aerodactyl, and Charmeleon.

Which Anime Has The Most Number Of Filler Episodes And The Longest Filler Arc

What Anime Show Has The Most Episodes

Many animes have filler episodes and arcs. So this question has two parts:

  • Which anime has the most number of filler episodes?
  • What is the length of the longest filler arc?
    • 6You should specify what you mean by “filler”. Some people use it to mean “anime content that was not present in the manga”, while other people use it to mean “episodes that don’t advance the plot”. senshinFeb 20 ’15 at 18:13
    • When a show has no plot arcs spanning multiple episodes and is not based on a source material, wouldn’t that make it 100% filler?Feb 21 ’15 at 19:24
    • @Philipp That would be alternate continuity and is not actually considered a filler. Dimitri mxFeb 21 ’15 at 20:13
    • 3Well, if we’re going to say that filler means “anything that does not relate to the main plot”, that’s awfully subjective. Who’s to decide what relates to the main plot and what doesn’t?

    Percentage wise bleach has the most fillers, since it has a total of:

    • 366 episodes

    naruto and naruto-shippuuden combined have

    • 640 episodes
    • 238 filler

    which means 37.2% of the anime are fillers.

    • 97 filler episodes

    which means only 14.2% of the anime are fillers.

    But if you were to look at the sheer number of filler episodes, naruto has more fillers with 214 filler episodes.

    And I believe the longest filler arc would be in rurouni-kenshin where the last 35 episodes were fillers.

    Source: Own experience, Google, Filler Guide


    • GE 999
    • the Super Robot Saga shows
    • Ninja Hitori kun

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    Not Worth It: Detective Conan

    Making its anime debut in 1996 and still ongoing, Detective Conan is approaching its 1000th episode, which is quite an impressive feat for an episodic series. It should be said that Detective Conan is generally well-written and watchable, but this is an anime that almost completely ignores its overarching narrative in favor of weekly mysteries.

    While the anime has hundreds of entertaining storylines, a lot of Detective Conan‘s content is disposable. As such, it is the type of series that is good for the occasional watch when someone is looking for something short and to the point. As a long-running anime, Detective Conan is hard to recommend.

    Not Worth It: Dragon Ball Super

    Dragon Ball needs no introduction. The original anime and Dragon Ball Z are rightfully hailed as classics, but the subsequent series are far more divisive. Somehow, Dragon Ball Super is even more of a mixed bag than Dragon Ball GT, as the former fluctuates in quality so frequently that it is simultaneously awesome and awful.

    While the anime does improve as it goes along, even the best arcs are not without their significant flaws. The Universal Survival Saga starts strong but lacks enough substance to justify its 54 episode run, and the “Future” Trunks Saga fails to stick the landing. When Dragon Ball Super is bad, it is also laughably bad.

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    Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It Its You Guys Fault Im Unpopular

    Did this show cure my depression? Did this show give me depression?

    I dont have the slightest clue. If youve seen the movie Eighth Grade you have a feel for whats coming. It shows the pure awkwardness of being a teen and trying to fit in, to a horrifying degree sometimes.

    And it has a very edgy sense of humor. And by golly does the protagonist have a potty mouth.

    I view it as a 12 episode, plus one OVA, cringe compilation. But the best of its kind.

    Detective Conan: Case Closed

    Longest Anime Series – Top 50 Comparison

    Original run: January 8, 1996 presentEpisode runtime: 30 minutes

    Unlike most of the longest-running anime series on this list, Detective Conan isnt slice-of-life. Instead, it is a mystery thriller story that features a detective named Shinichi Kudo, who is poisoned and turned into a child. He then takes on the pseudonym Conan Edogawa and accompanies his childhood friend and her private detective father on their cases.

    Writer Gosho Aoyama takes inspiration from popular icons such as Arsene Lupin, Sherlock Holmes, and Akira Kurosawa. Detective Conan is popular overseas, especially in North America, where Funimation licensed the series for broadcast.

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    Top 56 Anime With The Most Fillers

    Most of us dont like fillers in the anime, even though, sometimes, those fillers can be really great. But that varies a lot from anime to anime. So we have decided to check out which anime has the most fillers and we will bring you some nice statistics along the way. We will also be including some nice charts to see how they compare.

    The anime with the most fillers in history is Detective Conan with 440 fillers out of 1014 episodes. Percentage-wise Trigun has the most fillers, it has 17 fillers out of 26 episodes, which is 65%. The longest filler arc belongs to Naruto, it spans from episode 136 to 219, which makes it a total of 83 fillers in a row.

    Lets continue with 56 anime that include the most fillers in history. I am sure a lot of your favorite anime will find their place on this list, and we will try to give you the best and most accurate presentation to date. We have to say that these numbers will change for the animes that are still ongoing, but we will try and update it a few times a year so that it is as accurate as possible.

    We have here some long-running anime, like Pokemon, Detective Conan and One Piece, but those three are nowhere near in the number of fillers they have, as you will see in the list below. We also have some anime that has a low number of episodes, but still are big in filler percentage so we did include them on our list.

    Morning Ninja Team Gatchaman 475 Episodes

    This Flash series takes the story of the Science Ninja Team battle against Galactor and reinvents it in the modern world.

    Its lighthearted humor makes the airings episodic, but there are still references to previous episodes from time to time. Some episodes are also focused on Galactor rather than the Science Ninja Team.

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    Boku No Hero Academia

    This show is just hype as all hell.

    Its so shounen that it just makes you want to get a cape and run around your room and punch a wall or something.

    The anime plus superhero mix-up was just a genius choice. The hype the show has gained also amassed just shy of 90 episodes for now, as well as two movies and a manga spin-off.

    Story-wise its not as gripping as some of the others on this list, except Bakugos transformation from tsundere into lovable tsundere. But the action scenes definitely make up for it.

    Why Is Anime So Poorly Written

    The 10 Longest

    Poor source material: since the majority of anime are adapted from manga and light novels, its little surprise that most of them are poorly written. Most manga writers also draw their work, so its fairly typical for the art to carry a manga more often than the story. It is a visual medium after all.

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    Detective Conan: Case Closed: Has Aired 1000+ Episodes

    7-year-old Shinichi Kudou first made his appearance on television on the 8th of January, 1996, where he was caught by criminals and given an experimental drug. When he opened his eyes again, he was shocked to learn that he had the body of a 7-year-old boy!

    Undeterred, he used his resources and intellect to build a new identity for himself and used his new life to solve varying criminal cases, including finding an antidote to this mysterious condition he was suffering from.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Number of episodes on Netflix: 176

    Netflix has tons of options for a Trekkie marathon, including the entire run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which kicked off in the late ’80s and introduced such iconic franchise characters as Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard and Jonathan Frakes’ Commander Riker. TNG not your fave? Netflix also hosts the full runs of Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , as well as shorter series in the same family, including the original Star Trek. And for more series everyone will love, here are 23 Great TV Shows to Watch as a Family.

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    List Of Anime Franchises By Episode Count

    This is a list of anime series by franchise series total episode count for series with a minimum of 200 total episodes in the franchise, including television series episodes and specials, OVAs, and films. The series in the list combine all episodes in a franchise series within the original work or original text regardless of series subtitle. For example, even though each individual Sailor Moon series has a different title, they are all combined into one total for this list.

    The Tv Shows That Produced The Most Episodes

    Top 10 Most Controversial Anime Episodes Ever

    Quality in television is great. Its what wins you Emmys and gets you in the conversation for being the best thing on TV. However, you cant get in the running for the best television show of all-time if you dont have some quantity as well. Instead, you are relegated to the conversation about the best one-hit wonders or shows that were canceled too soon. Were here to celebrate quantity right now. In honor of The Simpsons reaching another milestone 700 episodes these are the longest-running scripted primetime TV shows by number of episodes. Yes, that may sound like a lot of caveats, but were talking about what many of us think of when it comes to television shows. Were eschewing talk shows, sports shows, and also daytime soap operas, which churn out episodes with gusto. Its still incredibly impressive.

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    What Is The Longest Running Anime Series

    In modern anime, there are a few big names that stick out in terms of popularity and running time. Some of these include Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and Pokémon.

    Outside of the more mainstream names, there have been thousands of other series created, with some dwarfing these large properties in both age and total viewership. In fact, there has even been a handful of series that have remained on the air for over 50 years. And that begs the question: what is the longest-running anime series?

    The Best Anime On Netflix To Watch Right Now

    Japanese animation has become a major influence on Western cartoons, contemporary cinema, and even fashion design. Despite its reputation as lowbrow and nerdy, anime remains one of the most boundary-pushing genres in contemporary visual arts. However, it can be hard to get into it if you choose the wrong series from the get-go. The good news is that Netflix has some of the best anime series of all time streaming on its service. The bad news is the streaming service also has a lot of really bad TV shows to sort through.

    Luckily, weve done the hard work of sorting through the platform and finding the hidden gems youll want to watch. From beloved classics to next-wave Netflix anime brilliance, weve gathered the best anime on Netflix.

    Weve also found the best anime on Hulu and the overall best Netflix series if youre interested, or take a look at our guide to watch cartoons online.

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    Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi 1494 Episodes

    One of Japans longest-running TV series, this anime series features anime adaptations of Japanese folk tales. Its Group Tacs second TV series .

    The series rule was that the creative staff changed each episode.

    In the future, later anime series would attempt the same though none of them would last as long or be as successful.

    What Do You Think Is The Longest Running Anime

    What Is The Anime That Has The Most Episodes : 35 Anime ...

    Anime series tend to come in two varieties: rather short and extremely long. Some of the most popular anime overseas come with intimidating episode counts. But even if you’ve watched over 400 episodes of Naruto Shippuden or over 700 episodes of One Piece, that’s nothing compared to the longest running anime listed in this article! Ready for some intense binge-watching material?All ranking information was taken on the date of publication.

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    Most Popular Anime By Year

    Numerous shows must be discussed when talking about the most popular anime. I’m only covering 10 in this article, but here are some additional recommendations. These are some popular series that are organized by year. These are solid recommendations if you are new to the medium.

    • 2000: FLCL

    Attack on Titan | Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

    Not Worth It: A Certain Magical Index

    If A Certain Magical Index ended after its second season, it would just about earn itself a recommendation. Unfortunately, the third season does such an awful job of adapting one of the light novel’s most crucial storylines that it retroactively diminishes the value of the entire series. After two seasons of build-up for a potential war between magic and science, season 3 rushes through the conflict at such a frantic pace that familiarity with the novels is required to properly follow along.

    A Certain Magical Index‘s anime is only worth watching to provide some context to A Certain Scientific Railgun, which is a far better series.

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    Worth It: World Trigger

    As a season 2 has been confirmed for World Trigger, this is the perfect time to start Toei Animation‘s anime. Based on a manga by Daisuke Ashihara, World Trigger envisions an alternate reality where a gate appears linking humanity to a world filled with monsters called “Neighbors.” The anime follows the National Defense Agency’s attempts to protect humanity while also trying to learn more about this strange world.

    World Trigger has an infamously slow and unsatisfying start, as the anime takes a while to properly establish its characters and universe. However, things pick up significantly after approximately 20 episodes, specifically once the Large-Scale Invasion Arc commences. From there, World Trigger just gets better and better.

    New Anime Series On Netflix

    10 Best Anime TV Series Of All Time

    November was a slower anime month, but that just means that Netflixs continued love of Mark Miller and his Dark Comics culminating in the debut of his first anime Super Crooks Thursday, November 25th, 2021 was right on time. You just cant go wrong with a heist crew set to take on a world-renown supervillain. And Decembers starting off with a bang because Shaman Kings finally slated to return December 9 with part two of season one that aired earlier this year. Set aside some time, Part two brings another 13 episodes following Yoh Asakura on his quest. Aggretsukos been on the best anime series list before and if upcoming season 4, dropping Dec 6, 2021offers more of the same rollercoaster ride that is Retsuko life and social circle, its like to reclaim its place in short order.

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