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The Saga Of Tanya The Evil Being X Is A Petulant Child

Aqua – My stats were obviously maxed

When a certain Japanese salaryman was almost run over by a train, Being X offered to save him. The price, of course, was for him to swear fealty to Being X. The salaryman called out Being Xs egomania, so Being X reincarnated him in The Saga Of Tanya The Evils war-torn setting as punishment. Instead of suffering, though, Tanya thrived.

As a result, Being Xs need for faith and prayer from Tanya is almost always thwarted. Rather than smite Tanya to get it over and done with, Being X manipulates people and events to make Tanyas life a little bit harder. None of these work, and Being X constantly wastes their time trying to get one person to apologize instead of doing literally anything else.

What Are Aquas Powers

Aquas a Goddess, so her power is unlimited as long as she has an ample amount of followers. As mentioned before, the Axis Order worships her beyond all pedigree thus giving her tons of Mana and spell power. She uses a staff, which will fly towards her just like Thors hammer from the Marvel movies. She has a divine relic which is essentially just a translucent pink hagoromo which vanishes and appears depending on her will. She can fill this hagoromo with air, and use it as a floating cloud for her companions. Her job as the Archpriest of the party makes the primary magical support of the team. Her job is to use her powers to assist her companions by curing status infliction and also in healing and reviving her fallen team mates.

Kingdom Hearts 3d: Dream Drop Distance

She appears in the opening movie of the game along with Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Riku and Sora, possibly to face Master Xehanort in final battle.

She appeared in ending side of game in destroyed part of World That Never Was along with Terra. However she was just a figment created by Sora’s heart. Sora first sees Kairi and Riku who turn into Aqua and Terra. Sora then turns into Ventus. Aqua and Terra turn around and Ventus is trying to chase them, but he is somehow slowed down, not having able to reach his friends.

After this Sora remembers his meeting with Aqua when he was just a little child.

In the secret ending of the game, Aqua is standing on the Dark Meridian.

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Adaptation As An Anime

As part of the preparations for the first season of the anime adaptation, the production crew led by director made a trip to Venice for location research. As a result of filming the movements of gondoliers sculling, they had to redraw the animation of Undines rowing in the first episodes to make it realistic. Sat said that seeing a gondolier use his paddle to toss a bottle out of the water inspired the scene in episode 11 of Aria the Animation where Alicia does the same with a ball, which was not in the manga. As part of the production company’s commitment to adapting the manga faithfully and gesture of consideration toward the voice actors, they provided the collected volumes of Aqua and Aria to date, rather than requiring them to purchase their own or giving stacks of photocopies.

According to Jun’ichi Sat, it was a struggle to fit the available material into the 13 episodes of the first season, which focused closely on Akari. The title of the second season, Aria the Natural, came about because he had 26 episodes to work with, letting him treat the story in a more “natural” manner, allowing the series to develop other characters more.

The series is licensed in Korea by Animax Asia, in Taiwan by Muse Communications, in France by Kaze, and in Italy by Yamato Video. The series was also broadcast in Italy on the Rai 4.


Konosuba: 14 Aqua Cosplays You Need To See

Aqua Render #1 by DrunkSponge on DeviantArt

Aqua is the bratty goddess on Konosuba, and these cosplayers all capture her look so perfectly you’d think she came to life!

Konosuba is a massively popular title right now, and that is no coincidence. The isekai genre of anime is a popular one, and even newcomers to anime may find it appealing . In particular, the comedy isekai Konosuba is a cheerful parody of the whole idea, where every character is a total wacko, and the enemies are defeated in strange ways.

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The core adventurers are the newcomer Kazuma , the bratty goddess Aqua, the stubborn witch Megumin, and the masochistic crusader Darkness . Together, they have all kinds of misadventures, and colorful characters like these are ripe for fan art and cosplay of all kinds. Today, it’s time to meet ten cosplayers who brought Aqua to life in stunning detail.

Even if there’s no solid news on a third season of Konosuba, this parody isekai series is still going strong in the fandom, and the movie, Legend of Crimson, helped cement this franchise’s lofty position in the comedy anime crowd. Aqua’s goofy antics really keep the fans coming back, and to honor this hapless goddess, let us check out some more outstanding cosplays that fans will love.

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Sword Art Online Akihiko Kayaba Became A Digital God But Forgot Why

In the real world, Akihiko Kayaba is a talented but otherwise unremarkable programmer who designed the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online. In the game, though, hes god. This isnt just because of his super-powered alter ego Heathcliff but because he controls the digital realitys rules so much so that he effortlessly trapped 10,000 gamers in Aincrad.

What makes Akihiko useless isnt his lack of godly powers, but how shortsighted he is. Akihiko always dreamt of Aincrad, but when he finally made it a reality, he didnt know what to do with it. Akihiko even forgot why he trapped the gamers in the first place, and was more relieved than anything when Kirito defeated him.

Konosuba: Aqua & 9 Other Useless Gods In Anime

Anime is full of powerful gods, but there are some shows where gods are weak or simply uninterested in being a god at all.

Impossibly powerful gods are fairly commonplace in anime, and they make for great final foes. However, not every anime god is a powerful demon to defeat or an ultimate good who gives the heroes a last minute save.

Take Aqua from KonoSuba, for instance. She may be a powerful water god, but shes next to useless in every other situation that doesnt involve combat. Funnily enough, Aqua is far from the most useless anime god around.

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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Aqua with the three Wayfinder charms.

Aqua, alongside Terra, is one of Eraqus’s pupils. Like Terra, Aqua also has a dream of becoming a Keyblade master.

One day, a suspicious man named Master Xehanort arrived and gave Eraqus a new pupil, Ventus. Terra and Aqua start to question him but this ends up troubling him and he passes out. Eraqus explains that this is because Ventus has lost his memories so Aqua takes on to caring for him. While countless days pass, one day Ventus wakes up in front of Aqua. The next day, Aqua takes the Mark of Mastery exam with Terra and becomes a Keyblade Master with Terra failing due to not being able to keep control of his Darkness. After Terra and Ventus leave the Land of Departure, Aqua leaves last due to a conversation with Master Eraqus telling her to bring Ventus back, he also asks her to keep a close eye on Terra and to also bring him back immediately due to his Darkness.

After meeting Merlin, Aqua goes to the town square and meets Vanitas, who taunts her by asking about Ventus and if has gotten stronger. When Aqua asks what he means, Vanitas attacks, and the pair fight a vicious battle. Aqua emerges victorious, but Vanitas simply leaves, making a comment about her being his backup plan. Aqua then resolves to defeat Vanitas to protect Ventus and Terra. Ventus then appears, asking to go with Aqua. But Aqua tells him to go home and departs.

Aqua holding a frozen Ventus.

How Old Is Aqua From Konosuba

KonoSuba – Aqua vs Frogs

Read Time: 2 minutes, 13 seconds

Aqua is one of the three main side characters in the Konosuba series.

Before her life in the land of Fantasy World, she was known primarily as the Goddess of water whose job was to guide humans into the afterlife.

Within the Fantasy World, she is worshipped by the Axis Order which lives in the Kingdom of Belzerg in a little place called Alcanretia.

Aqua is worshipped fanatically by her Axis Order followers, which gives her an innately high amount of Mana and makes her one of the most terrifying Goddesses in the Konosuba universe.

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Future Diary Yukiteru Amano Won Godhood But Did Nothing With It

The death game of Future Diary occurs because Deus Ex Machina, the Lord of Time and Space, is dying. Desperate to appoint a successor before his time is up and in need of some entertainment, Deus chooses thirteen Diary Holders and has them fight each other. Yuki wins and becomes god, but he couldnt care less.

Yukis last gambit was to whittle the competition to himself and Yuno, and let her kill him. Yuno, however, loved Yuki so much that she took her own life instead. Yuki fell into a deep depression and mourned Yuno for the next 10,000 years, abandoning his realm in the process. While his sadness was understandable, Yuki basically left his Earth to rot and did nothing with his godhood.

Her Relationship With The Undead

As a Goddess, Aqua hates the very existence of the undead and the demons. Therefore, when encountering one of them in the world of KonoSuba, she turns into a frightening monster who purifies them at any cost. This side of her makes her seem like the most powerful member of Kazuma’s party.

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Despite Wiz being an ally of the party, Aqua gives her a cold shoulder as well, although she does tolerate her presence, implying that she’s capable of getting along with the undead as well. Funnily enough, Aqua purifying the undead has also invited over trouble, such as when the party went to deal with Vanir.

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What Is Aquas Backstory

Before being reincarnated in Fantasy World as Kazumas cheat item. Aquas job was to convince the Japanese people to reincarnate themselves into Fantasy World. However, she was lazy and arrogant so she spent her time in Heaven reading manga and let Eris do all the work.

After she is brought down to Fantasy World from Heaven because of Kazumas usage of cheat items the two of them begin to work at multiple jobs!

Aquas naivety and laziness often got them fired from wherever they got any work however she was a great artist which made her excel in construction work. She designed some beautiful architecture.

Kingdom Hearts 02 Birth By Sleep

Anime Aqua Goddess

Aqua appeared to be walking on a clear path from the woods after defeating the heartless. Her attention was caught by Castle of Dreams and began walking her way towards it while she questions herself as to why is Cinderella’s castle is in the Realm of Darkness. She then was encountered by shadows and she immediately fights them off. She continued to question herself shortly afterwards. Upon reaching to the rocky path, she was stopped by it crumbling down and collapsing. She makes her way towards to the City of the Castle but only to be encountered by more shadows. She made her way to the City of the Castle, she began reflect her thoughts and feelings about the events from Birth By Sleep. She was then deeply saddened about it but she stopped herself and pushed herself to move forward.

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Heavens Design Team God Is A Lazy & Confusing Client

Just as he did in the Bible, God created the world in seven days. Heavens Design Team expands on this by revealing that after a weeks worth of work, God got tired and lazy. God passed the buck of creation to the Heavenly Creative Agencys Design Department, leaving them to turn his animal ideas into reality.

Basically, God is a creators worst client. God is either vague about what he wants, never shows up and communicates exclusively through his angel Shimoda , or is unresponsive entirely. Because of this, the Animal Design Departments attempts to satisfy Gods odd requests always ends in chaos and hilarity.

Serial Experiments Lain Masami Eiri Was Just Lains Stand

Because he created The Wired basically the internets next stage Masami Eiri saw fit to declare himself The God of The Wired. Eiri only revealed himself near Serial Experiments Lains end, where he unveiled his plan to unite all human minds through The Wired, effectively making him the god of the digital age.

Not only does he fail to establish his kingdom by merging the physical and virtual worlds, but Eiri gets his godhood brutally deconstructed by Lain. In their last fight, Lain points out that Eiri is a god in The Wired, but outside of it, hes only a placeholder for the real god . Eiri angrily lashes out, but Lain kills him by telekinetically flinging all the hardware in her room at him.

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Saint Young Men Jesus & Buddha Are On Vacation

Saint Young Men is unique because its gods hail from real world faiths and arent artistic interpretations of a higher power. Here, Jesus Christ and Buddha take a much-needed break by sharing an apartment in modern-day Japan. Together, they enjoy creature comforts while discussing religions place in modern society.

The only reason why they count as useless is because they dont do anything godly. That, and theyre hilariously clueless about the modern world. In fact, they explicitly avoid using their powers so that they can experience humanity the way it was intended. The few times Jesus and Buddha use their powers are to hide their identities or in silly accidents.

If You Truly Are One Of My Followers It Would Be Great If You Could Lend Me Some Money

Konosuba S2 ~ Aqua goes boom

From the anime series “KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO! 2” comes a rerelease of the figma of the Goddess of Water, Aqua!

  • The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes.
  • A flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
  • She comes with three face plates including a smiling expression, a contemptuous expression and a crying expression.
  • Optional parts include her staff which also comes with interchangeable parts to display the tip open or closed.
  • Effect parts to display her making use of her party trick, as well as her ultimate God Blow punching attack.
  • An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

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Bleach Sosuke Aizen Became God & Lost A Few Minutes Later

Why exactly Aizen orchestrated one of animes most iconic conspiracies only made sense after the fact. In brief, Aizen betrayed Soul Society and nearly wiped out the human world to usurp the Soul King. Near the Fake Karakura Town arcs end, Aizen achieved godhood, but was quickly sealed away by Uraharas Kido.

When he reappears in the final arc, Aizen is stuck in Soul Societys underground prison, serving a sentence of 20,000 years. Aizen took a break to fight Yhwach, but willingly returned to prison after the Wandenreichs defeat. While he surpassed his Shinigami limits and is only getting stronger with each passing day, Aizen is busy wasting his godhood strapped to a chair.

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Kars Evolved Into The Perfect Lifeform & Lost To A Volcano

Kars isnt just the leader of the formidable Pillar Men, but the creator of the Stone Masks and vampires as well. Using a Stone Mask and the fabled Red Stone of Aja, Kars goal in Battle Tendency was to transform into The Ultimate Lifeform, or a physical god. Kars succeeded, but his godly reign was embarrassingly short lived.

Despite being able to transform into anything, biologically adapt to any situation, and live forever, Kars was still outsmarted by Joseph Joestar. Kars fell for Josephs feint and got shot into space by a volcano. Kars adapted to spaces conditions, but with no means of moving, hes stuck there forever as a living statue. Eventually, he stopped thinking.

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Konosuba: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Aqua

Aqua is another proud member of the team on KonoSuba. Here are 10 facts you didn’t know about the heroine.

Aqua is one of the main characters in the KonoSuba story who travels along Kazuma Satou in an attempt to defeat the Demon King. Prior to her journey with Kazuma and his party, Aqua was a goddess of water whose job was to guide humans to the afterlife. As a goddess of water, Aqua is worshipped by religious fanatics of the Axis Order.

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Kazuma’s witty nature saw to it that Aqua traveled along with him on his journey. Being one of the main characters in the story, Aqua’s presence is crucial to Kazuma’s party. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Aqua from KonoSuba.