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What Anime Is Toga From

She Looks And Acts Like A Cat

Toga Himiko obsessing over Izuku | My Hero Academia

You’ve probably seen some of anime’s famed “cat girls” in some other series before, and sometimes, they are magical girls or minor villains. In the world of My Hero Academia, we get that not only in the Wild Wild Pussycats group but also with Himiko Toga.

With yellow eyes that feature slit pupils and those sharp teeth, Himiko looks a bit like a cat herself. And like a cat, she’s a loner, often operating on her own and pursuing her own interests. Even among the villains, Himiko isn’t much of a team player.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Prior to the Hero Billboard Chart JP, the League of Villains has seen better days. They’ve resorted to stealing from other criminals to stay under the radar and amass funds. One night, Tomura leads Himiko and the others into the house of the Creature Rejection Clan. Himiko and Compress start looking for valuables, upsetting the clansmen. The villains slaughter all of the CRC members and Himiko breaks one of her needles in the process. Compress suggests they call Giran to replace her weapons and his prosthetic, but Himiko asks where they’re getting money for that.

Himiko breaks one of her needles slaughtering the CRC.

The villains return to the hideout where Himiko and Twice rummage through the junk they collected from the church. Dabi returns and dissatisfied to find his colleagues doing nothing. Twice reminds Dabi that he cremates everyone he runs into and Himiko adds he’s a bad judge of character.

Tomura says that it has been a month since Kurogiri was captured and he still hasn’t been able to reach the Doctor. Himiko questions the importance of those statements and Tomura reveals Kurogiri went to retrieve a secret weapon while the Doctor plays a pivotal role in their operation. Himiko and Twice taunt Tomura for not denying he misses having Kurogiri around like a babysitter.

Himiko is warped to the secret lab.

Himiko jumps for joy when Tomura assures her that he won’t destroy what she likes.

“I want to become everyone I love.”

Himiko steps on one of the Curious landmines.

My Hero Academia: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Himiko Toga

From powers to origins, here are 10 things you might not have known about Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia.

What’s a Shonen anime without some great villains to fight? My Hero Academia is a superhero-themed action series that pits heroes such as All Might and Hawks vs supervillains like Tomura Shigaraki, Stain, All For One, and more. The League of Villains, and Overhaul’s gang, have all proven worthy adversaries.

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This anime gives us a whole cast of fascinating villains, some of whom actually have tragic and sympathetic backstories, such as Twice, or an oddly compelling worldview, such as Stain. One of the recent members of the League is Himiko Toga, a girl whose quirk allows her to drink someone’s blood, then morph into their likeness. She pounced on Ochaco and Tsuyu in the forest training arc, then posed as Camie in the hero license arc and nearly knocked Izuku out of action. What else should we know about her?

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How Old Is Toga From My Hero Academia

4.1/517 years old

Himiko Toga, an antagonist from My Hero Academia, has arrived in 1/8th scale! Standing over 8 inches tall, Himiko Toga is sculpted wielding a knife and can be displayed with or without her villain attire.

Also, what is toga from my hero academia quirk? Toga Himiko is out for blood in the anime, and it seems the heroine has a rather practical reason for doing so. You know, since her Quirk revolves around blood. By ingesting someone else’s blood, she can transform to look like that person,the anime revealed after fans saw the Quirk at work.

Hereof, is Himiko toga a Yandere?

Toga never struck me as a Yandere. She does have a twisted view and way when it comes to love but she doesn’t have the characteristics that are usually seen in a Yandere. Not overprotective as other Yanderes, she gladly lets Izuku have friends and doesn’t get jealous.

Do togas have crush on Uraraka?

‘My Hero Academia’ Update Reveals Toga’s New Crush. The vixen has become a fan-favorite character, and a new update has got fans falling even harder for Toga. After all, it turns out Toga has fallen for Ochaco Uraraka, and fans are happy to hear it.

Her Full Name’s Meaning

Cute Toga Anime Wallpapers

We mentioned earlier that Himiko’s full name is loaded with relevant meaning. So, here it is. Her first name is broken up into three kanji, one each for Hi-mi-ko. The first means “wear, put on” , the second means “somebody” and the last is a common suffix for feminine names.

Her last name, Toga, is made up of two kanji: “migrate” and “self.” So, when you put all that together, it’s clear the Himiko can migrate to another person’s very being and put it on like clothing!

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Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Once four months pass, Himiko is assigned as a commander for the “Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment: Carmine” team along with Skeptic, despite her apparent dislike of the latter for trying to murder her and Twice during the previous clash. When the Heroes launch their attack on the Paranormal Liberation Front during this time, Himiko and the other lieutenants are first unaware of the raid, that is upon noticing the Gunga Mountain Villa mansion splitting apart via CementossQuirk.

Himiko thanks Twice for saving her for the last time.

The Paranormal Liberation Front lieutenants decide to evacuate their subordinates and instead send their lower-ranked advisers to fight the oncoming storm. However, Himiko and Mr. Compress are forced to flee as well due to the building collapsing rapidly and the fact they were not prepared for this attack. The two end up getting ambushed by Eel Boy, who eventually captures both of them using an unknown restraining Quirk. Eel Boy then tells them that their villainous days are over and prepares to finish them off.

A devastated Himiko swears revenge for Twice’s death.

Himiko solemnly watches Gigantomachia tear down multiple cities.

Spinner tells Himiko Toga to return safely to the League.

Himiko lures Ochaco into a trap.

Himiko Toga ambushes Ochaco from the shadows.

Ochaco demands Himiko to give her keychain back.

Ochaco wonders why Himiko was suddenly tearing up during their fight.

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Himiko is sent on a mission to infiltrate the Provisional Hero License Exam by the League of Villains. Drugging Camie Utsushimi, she steals her blood to disguise herself as a Shiketsu High School student.

Himiko confronts Izuku alone about halfway through the exams first phase. Through her acrobatics and stealth, she catches him off guard and tags one of his targets. Izuku can be eliminated from the test if Himiko tags all three. Himiko calls Izuku out for being absentminded in the middle of a war zone. While they were combating other competitors appeared and Himiko disappeared. She then transformed into Ochako and pretends to be in danger so that Izuku helps her. He saved her and finally caught her red-handed when she was changing back into Camie.

Himiko eliminated 2 persons and became the 98th person to pass the first phase of the exam.

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Censored Nudity In The Anime

Many anime series end up having their more gory or sexual content censored or toned down so that it can be broadcast on public TV around the world. Series such as Bleach have a lot of gory scenes that were toned down, and very skimpy clothing might be redrawn to look more modest.

Himiko Toga got this treatment, too. In the picture, she is imitating Camie, sans clothing, and her skin tones suggest that she’s wearing a skintight suit. Himiko’s quirk allows her to imitate a target’s clothes, but her own clothes stay on, so her quirk is best effective when she activates it while nude. But it’s way too R-rated to actually show that!

My Hero Academia: What We Know About Toga’s New Power

Toga x Deku [Boku No Hero Academia AMV ]- Sweet Dreams AMV

The latest episode of My Hero Academia season 5 continues the “My Villain Academia story arc, which tracks how the League of Villains is attempting to boost up their skills and powers for the coming war with the heroes. Things have gotten even harder for Tomura Shigaraki and his band of killers as the League finds itself challenged by a rival evil organization: The Meta Liberation Army. In My Hero Academia episode 109, “Revival Party”, the League of Villains walks right into a trap set by the MLA – and in the heat of that life-or-death battle, Himiko Toga sees her dark quirk powers evolve!

The MLA ambushes the League of Villains at Deika City – an entire metropolis populated by the MLA’s operatives. Toga is singled out by an MLA Lieutenant named “Curious” who was the head of a news publishing company loyal to the MLA. Curious wants to know all about the origin story of how Toga became the insane vampire that she is Kizuki’s “Land Mine” quirk also meant that Toga’s body got battered as hard as her mind was the Curious’ barrage of questions.

However, instead of dying, Toga’s dark wish comes true: she becomes the person whose blood she drinks – quirk powers and all!

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Forest Training Camp Arc

Himiko is finally a part of the league of villains and is assigned to Vanguard Action Squad. Vanguard action squad was a group of ten elite villains. They attacked U.A. on their first mission. Their role in the Forest Training Camp Arc is to serve as antagonists. Himiko and six other villains sneak into the Wild, Wild Pussycats forest reserve, where U.A. High School students are training. Vanguard Action Squad members watch over the campsite from a height. When Himiko puts on her new clothes, she complains that they dont look cute. Rather than focusing on its aesthetics, Mustard emphasizes that it is important that it work. He ignores her and says that it isnt attractive enough

The vanguard action squad started their mission the next evening. When Himiko finds Ochako and Tsuyu she attacked them and cut Ochakos upper left arm. The blood was not enough for her to transform into Ochako. All three of them fought until other students arrived on the scene. Himiko fleed with the fear of getting killed by those students.

Personal Views About Himiko Toga

In my opinion, Himiko Toga is one of the main characters in anime even though she is associated with the League Of Villains. She is not intelligent but she is a great fighter. She never pays attention to anybody. Himiko is always smiling and blushing no matter what the situation is but she gets embarrassed by the idea of someone looking at her while she is changing back to her original form after using her quirk.

She has a twisted personality. She gets excited by the idea of getting the blood of someone she is obsessed with i.e. Izuku Midoriya.

She is inspired by Hero Killer Stain and only joined League Of Villains to follow her steps and change the world.

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She’s A Stalker Villain

A stalker is no laughing matter, but villains in works of fiction can be modeled after them to make them more chilling, and comedy series sometimes make sanitized yandere-typed characters. Himiko Toga has many traits of a stalker, such as obsessing over particular people and following them anywhere and everywhere.

When we first meet her, Stain is the object of Himiko’s affection, but she soon develops the exact same feelings toward Izuku Midoriya and hunts him down during the hero license exam. She also has unhealthy attitudes about friendship and love to complete the theme.

Her Name’s Hidden Kanji

Anime Toga Wallpapers

A Japanese name is largely phonetic, and a name can be spelled with any kanji that combine to form those sounds. A Japanese person might even give their name, then describe which Kanji are used to write it. This is a stark contrast with strictly phonetic writing systems, such as the Roman or Cyrillic alphabets.

Himiko’s name alludes to her quirk , but giving that away would ruin the fun! So, her name appears on-screen with the katakana writing system, to hide what Himiko’s quirk is capable of. She seems to be the only character to receive this treatment so far.

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‘my Hero Academia’ Update Reveals Toga’s New Crush

My Hero Academia is not the kind of series to make its villains lovable, but fans are the ultimate judge of that. To date, the fandom has come to embrace most of the League of Villains, but few have been accepted like Toga. The vixen has become a fan-favorite character, and a new update has got fans falling even harder for Toga.

After all, it turns out Toga has fallen for Ochaco Uraraka, and fans are happy to hear it.

Recently, My Hero Academia put out a new chapter, and it was there fans once again met up with Toga. The villain was seen chatting with her comrades while Shigaraki kept fighting Gigantomachia. It was then Toga got asked why she stuck with the League of Villains since it has moved on from Stain, her first love.

Soooo yeah, Toga loves Ochako for real and Horikoshi said “pansexual& bisexual rights” with this one.


However, it turns out the mass murderer is not her only love.

“I love Stainy. I love Izuku and Ochaco, too! And I wanna become everyone that I love,” the girl said.

The comment comes not too long after fans raised up discussion about Toga’s sexuality. In the past, fans questioned whether the girl identified as pansexual, and those debates fired up after character details about her were released by creator Kohei Horikoshi. According to reports, her concept design art featured a line describing Toga as someone who “falls in love with people and wants to become them” and that “it doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or girl.”


My Hero Academia Reveals Ages Of Toga Twice And More

When it comes to My Hero Academia, die-hard fans are desperate to know all they can about its leads. Not even Izuku Midoriya could match the fanboy levels of some supporters, but plenty of those fans are not backing him. In fact, lots of fans are Team Villain where the series is concerned, and they just got a special gift as such.

After all, some new info was just shared about the League of Villains which fans have been waiting on for awhile now.

Recently, My Hero Academia put out a new manga volume, and it included a little snippet about the League of Villains. It was there fans learned new facts about several of its members, so you can rejoice! At long last, fans have an official age for Toga!

According to summaries, Toga is 17 years old, and her hobbies are said to involve blood and pomegranates. Twice was also brought up, and he seems to be one of the group’s older members. He is 31, and his hobbies are anything involving tobacco. Finally, Spinner was the last member brought up, and the 21-year-old is said to enjoy video games.

So, are you surprised by these new villainous details…? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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My Hero Academia Confirms Spoiler Is Alive

My Hero Academia‘s latest arc has been one of the most intense in the series yet as the focus has shifted to the League of Villains as they do battle with the new villainous faction: the Meta Liberation Army. Each chapter of this arc has been focused on the individual members of the League of Villains, and the focus has been shifted to Twice. But this was after Toga dealt with a massive attack that left the villain clinging on to life.

It seemed like she had lost her life in the last chapter, but thankfully for Toga fans it seems that Toga has indeed managed to stay alive. But it might not be for much longer.

Chapter 229 of the manga joins Twice as he’s being assaulted by Skeptic’s clones. After they separate Twice from Toga, the clones nearly snap Toga’s neck. It’s confirmed here that she’s managed to keep breathing, but this is definitely throwing Twice for a loop. Skeptic is doing this to specifically set off Twice’s mental illness, and he starts to go mad seeing “himself” attempt to kill Toga.

Toga is special to Twice, and seeing her on the brink of death because of him makes Twice push himself harder than ever before. Having found a group of people that allow him to be himself is something Twice has been searching for a long time, and he will “go beyond” what he has done before and is set to unleash an army of his clones in the next chapter.

She’s A Villainous Ochaco

Himiko Toga Returns | My Hero Academia

Isn’t it wonderful to have a role model you can emulate? Many real-life figures can act as your role model, from a star athlete to a charitable person or a business leader. Meanwhile, in My Hero Academia, most characters see All Might as the ultimate role model.

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Having a role model means imitating them, and Izuku does this with All Might, and Ochaco does that with Izuku, too! She can’t help but follow his footsteps, and when Himiko met her, she realized the similarity at once. Ochaco was disturbed, but she couldn’t deny it.

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