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    Bleach Is Slated To Drop A Big Anime Update Soon

    BLEACH : Opening 16 | Thousand Year Blood War – (FAN MADE MAD/AMV)

    Bleach is ready to hit up the world with one of the most anticipated returns in all of anime. If you did not know, the beloved supernatural shonen did confirm its return to TV over a year ago, but few details have gone live about the comeback since. But thanks to Shueisha, fans will get the update they’ve been dying for in a few weeks.

    The update comes straight from the official Twitter page for Bleach‘s anime. It was there fans were told the series is going to Jump Festa this year, and the convention will drop big details about the anime’s comeback.


    “New information about Bleach‘s Thousand-Year Blood War TV anime will be unveiled,” the tweet reads. Bleach goes on to confirm the update will land on Saturday, December 18th in Japan that evening. So if you live in the United States, the information drop will come earlier in the day.

    As you can imagine, fans of Bleach are hyped for the update, and you cannot blame them for being so excited. Bleach‘s creator Tite Kubo began teasing the story’s comeback some months ago, and it has been more than a year since the anime’s return was made official.

    How hyped are you for Bleach to make its return? Are you all caught up with the supernatural series or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

    Ichigo Only Truly Killed One Major Enemy

    Although Bleach may have a reputation for being a violent and bloody series, the truth is that characters rarely actually die in the story and often make a triumphant reappearance later on. As such, protagonist Ichigo has only actually killed one major enemy: the Fullbringer Ginjo.

    Some fans would argue that he also bumped off Espada member Ulquiorra, but since this occurred while Ichigo was in an uncontrollable rampage that he later didnt remember, Ginjo remains the only villain that was killed intentionally by Bleachs protagonist.

    Such a low kill count is quite common for Shonen series, even in those where violence is prevalent. The company prefers evil characters to be given the chance to redeem themselves later on, and so permanently dispatching baddies is a rare occurrence.

    Yhwach Makes A Final Assault

    After taking some time to heal their wounds and formulate new battle strategies, the Gotei 13 and the Wandenreich prepare to end things. Before they even know it, Yhwach and his warriors appear from the shadows and strike. This causes the war to enter its final stages as every Gotei 13 member is pushed to their limits and beyond. Adding to this difficultly, Yhwach has taken the battle to Squad Zero and inches ever closer to the Soul King. The Sternritter use abilities that have never been seen before and at time boggle the mind. Warriors fall on both sides as the very fabric of the Soul Society itself stands on shaky ground. Old characters return and strange alliances are made. Yhwach’s power grows exponentially and the final hour arrives.

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    Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Release Date

    In its 20th-anniversary event in March 2020, Shonen Jump confirmed the anime film adaption of Grand Finale, Bleach Season 17. Yes, you read it right, Bleach is officially coming back solely on fans demands.

    In case you havent heard, the Bleach anime is coming back! Read the Thousand-Year Blood Arc before its animated! It starts from Chapter 480! Members can read all of Bleach and much more in the Shonen Jump Digital Vault!

    Shonen Jump

    One of the most popular and legendary anime, Bleach was last aired in March 2012 and skipped animation of the essential arc Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. The story of Ichigo Kurosaki continued in the Manga, and the TYBW arc became a fan favorite.

    For years, the fans had demanded and requested makers via online trends and petitions to bring back anime and animate the last and most crucial TYBW arc. Finally, their wishes are coming true as Bleach anime is most likely returning on fans demand.

    According to recent reports on various anime social media handles, new leaks have suggested that Bleach is returning as anime. Not only that but creator Tite Kubos current work Burn The Witches is also getting serialized this month.

    To be more precise, it seems BLEACH will be starting its broadcast in October, 2022.

    Shonen Jump News Unofficial

    It says

    TV anime BLEACH Millennium Blood Battle 2022.10 ON AIR!

    The teaser PV has been released.

    Broadcast on TV TOKYO from October 2022!


    Is The Bleach 2021 Trailer Out

    Bleach (Anime)

    Currently, there is no official trailer for the new Bleach anime season. The ones available on YouTube are fan-made. However, while celebrating its 20th anniversary, they gave a slight hint of what fans should expect. In other words, theBleach Thousand-Year Blood War Arc trailer available online is not the official one.

    Similarly, the cast of the new season of Bleach has not been named. However, many Bleach characters may be retained.

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    A Live Action Movie Is Due In 2018

    Understandably, live-action adaptations of anime and manga series are treated with no small amount of skepticism. After the failure of movies such as Dragonball Evolution, Ghost In The Shell, Attack on Titan and, if early reviews are to be believed, Netflixs Death Note, Bleach is also due for a live-action makeover.

    Produced by Warner Bros. Japan, the Bleach movie is due for release in 2018 and will seemingly interpret the Soul Society arc from the anime and manga. Reassuringly, original author Tite Kubo has been involved in the production.

    A Western movie adaptation has also been discussed by Warner Bros. with Peter Segal, Michael Ewing, and Masi Oka producing, but news on that front has been suspiciously quiet of late, suggesting that the project may be dead in the water.

    Rukia’s Journey Came Full Circle

    When Rukia first appears, she is an ordinary Soul Reaper who willingly transfers her powers to Ichigo so he can defeat a Hollow, but she ends up being branded as a criminal by her own people. As the series goes on fans see just how powerful Rukia really is and by the time the series ends, she even shows how formidable her Bankai is.

    In the final two chapters, Rukia is revealed to have risen through the ranks of the very same organization that wanted to execute her to become the new Captain of Squad 13. And once again, she and Ichigo get into an argument like they did in the very first chapter.

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    Isshin Comes Clean With Ichigo

    One thing that Ichigo does alot in Bleach is train after he suffers defeat. He decides once again to train after his rapid loss to Yhwach, this time though he has new teachers. The mysterious members of Squad Zero or the Royal Guard reside in the palace of the Soul King and protect him from all danger. This matter with the Quincy grabs their attention and they quickly mobilize to defend the Soul King and the Soul Society as a whole.

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    They take Ichigo under their wing and begin his intense training. After a realization, one member of Squad Zero cancels Ichigo’s training and sends him back to the Human World. Lost and dismayed, Ichigo is confronted by his father. Isshin tell Ichigo about his past as a member of the Gotei 13 and how he met his mother Masaki.

    Ichigos English Voice Actor Was A Power Ranger

    BLEACH TYBW ANIME TRAILER – First REACTION, Discussion & Breakdown | Bleach Anime RETURNS!

    If any Power Rangers fans thought that the English dubbed voice of Ichigo Kurosaki sounded somewhat familiar, thatll be because the character is voiced by none other than Johnny Yong Bosch.

    Bosch portrayed Black Ranger Adam Park in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and continued playing the role into the franchises first live-action movie. Fans may remember Adam as the character who utters the famous line Im a frog… after being assigned a new Zord.

    The actor has carved out a niche for himself in the voice acting world since his days on Power Rangers and has voiced the likes of Sasori in Naruto and Kaneda in Akira. Bosch has also occasionally popped up in some of the more recent incarnations of the Power Rangers franchise.

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    Dragon Ball Author Akira Toriyama Championed The Series

    The Bleach manga didnt get off to the most auspicious of starts. After Shonen cancelled his previous series, Tite Kubo quickly pitched the concept for Bleach but the publishing company rejected his initial concept. Luckily, this early idea wasnt completely done away with.

    The story goes that Kubos initial Bleach draft found its way into the hands of legendary Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama. Impressed with what he read, Toriyama wrote to Kubo personally to express his admiration for the series and to encourage the upcoming young author.

    Whatever Toriyama said certainly worked, as Bleach was accepted for publication at Shonen Jump shortly after. Whether the suits at the company got wind of Toriyamas letter and decided to trust his wisdom or whether the legendary authors encouragement simply spurred Kubo to not give up on his new creation, well likely never know.

    Bleach Final Arc Anime Adaptation Coming In October 2022 First Trailer Released

    Today Aniplex announced that the anime adaptation of the last arc of the Bleach manga will be released late next year.

    Today Aniplex announced that the anime adaptation of the last arc of the Bleach manga will be released late next year.

    Titled Sennen Kessen-hen , it will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo in October 2022. While we already knew that it would come, now we have a more precise idea of when.

    The announcement was made at Jump Festa in Japan and came with a trailer showing plenty of familiar faces, which you can see below.

    We also get official stills and key art, distributed via the official press release.

    The original Bleach manga by Tite Kubo debuted in 2001, then sparking an anime series, theatrical releases, and even a live-action movie.

    Of course, the massively popular franchise also appeared in plenty of additional kinds of media, including video games, light novels, and even stage plays.

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    Kubo Was Encouraged By A Tragic Fan Letter

    After the Bleach manga ended, Tite Kubo revealed a tragic story regarding the series creation process. Kubo claimed that, after a decade of serialization, he began to struggle with the intense schedule of producing a weekly manga and was also suffering from some serious health problems that impacted his productivity.

    Around this time, Kubo received a letter from a terminally ill boy that had become a huge Bleach fan while bedridden, with the manga becoming one of the childs few sources of joy. The note ended with the child making a plea to Kubo to keep on writing Bleach the way the author wanted to write it.

    From that point on, Kubo approached his manga writing with a renewed sense of energy that kept him motivated right through to the end of the series, and the mangaka has since made attempts to contact the youngsters family.

    Bleach’s Creator Has Some Choice Words To Share With His Haters


    It has been far too long since Bleach was on the radar, but anime fans have finally brought the series back into the limelight. This year, the anime will make a triumphant return as Ichigo Kurosaki will experience the manga’s final arc on screen. Of course, this means Tite Kubo is busy, so the creator has little time to mess with haters. And if they come for Bleach, well the artist has some choice words for them to chew on.

    For those who need a little background info here, Kubo had dealt with his share of haters in life. Bleach was one of Shonen Jump‘s most popular series during its publication, so it was bound to garner critics. However, some of them made things personal when they insulted characters like Orihime, and Kubo fought back on Twitter.

    In some now-deleted tweets, Kubo addressed those netizens who dedicated time to harassing him about Bleach. It was there he told those haters to make manga themselves if they were so confident in their skills and leave Bleach to those who enjoy it.

    “If you are talented enough to draw something more interesting than Bleach, you should become a mangaka immediately,” he . “If it’s better, it could be more successful than Bleach. If you say you can’t draw, then work hard and become an editor who advises mangaka. If you have any sort of talent, you will be welcome.”

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    Komamura Becomes A Dog

    Throughout the series, Sajin Komamura was the captain of Squad 9, but following a ten-year time skip it is his lieutenant who know holds the title, and there is a reason for this. During the Quincy invasion, Komamura uses his family’s secret technique to become human but to do this, he first needs to rip his own heart out of his chest.

    After using this technique, he transforms into a dog, and he is forced to stay in that form for the rest of his life, but he is still strong enough to train his former right-hand man and successor.

    Trailer: ‘bleach’ Anime To Return After Decade

    Viz Media unveiled an official trailer for the return of the iconic anime series Bleach at the Jump Festa in Japan.The comeback: The popular anime, which ended back in 2014 with the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc, will be returning in October 2022 with its anime adaptation of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, reported Polygon.

    • Bleach, which follows the adventures of Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki who defends humans from evil spirits, has left its fans without a proper conclusion for many years.

    • The manga series of the same name by creator Tite Kubo ended in 2016, but following the announcement at Jump Festa, fans can now anticipate a continuation of Ichigo Kugisakis battle, Zanpakuto sword in hand, in the series final arc.

    • Studio Pierrot, which produced the iconic anime Naruto and the original run of Bleach, released its Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War trailer on Dec. 18.

    Featured Images via vizmedia

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    Bleach’s Anime Revival Releases First Trailer

    It has been quite some time since it was announced that Bleachwould be making a comeback to the small screen with an adaptation of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, but this year’s Jump Festa has let fans know when they can expect the anime’s return via a slick new trailer. With Studio Pierrot returning to animating duties for the upcoming series, Ichigo and the other members of Soul Society have never looked better as they prep to match steel and wits with the villains of the Quincy family.

    As you can see above, the first trailer showcases some pivotal moments from the manga if you’re familiar. But of course, the biggest thing is seeing Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, and the rest. It has been years since the anime checked on the group as the original anime ended in 2012. Now, on the cusp of 2022, the show is preparing to make a comeback that netizens have been begging for.

    Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is finally here!


    For now, fans can fawn over this new trailer, and Viz Media does have the entirety of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc available to read stateside if you cannot wait for Bleach‘s TV comeback. As for when that will be, well you can pencil it in now. Bleach has confirmed it will return to screen in October 2022, and that means this coming fall will be stacked for anime fans everywhere!

    Got Instead: Gin And Rangiku

    The Return Of The Bleach Anime In 2022…

    Behind Gin Ichimaru’s cordial disposition when speaking with others was a coldness that didn’t fool anyone around him. He obviously had his own agenda, and besides Rangiku, he didn’t care who he hurt to achieve it. His closeness with the flippant and often times flirtatious Rangiku never seemed to gel well. Their history growing up together was the strength that held their love together. While Gin was sincere about his feelings towards Rangiku, there were obviously better matches for her.

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    Powerful And Crazy Characters To Return

    Produced by Pierrotwith enthralling music scored by Shiro Sagisu, Bleach anime was the biggest hit series in the 2000s.

    The adventure of Ichigo Kurosakis quest as a Soul Reaper entertained many readers alike.

    But moving on to its animated version, Bleach never failed its audience, thanks to the colorful and lively cast of perky characters!

    Then theres Rukia, a strong-willed and valorous Soul Reaper who lends Ichigo his powerful abilities.

    And not to forget Kenpachi Zaraki, the battle-crazy character that is also Bleach animes antagonist.

    Wild and aggressive, Zarakis physical appearance is a seamless match to the kind of warrior he boasts off from within.

    Whether it is his sleeveless ragged jacket or liberty-spiked hair, Zarakis anti-hero character has been one of the main reasons for Bleach animes high-toned success and lavish outreach across the globe.

    Cute and alluring, Toshiro Hitsugaya is my favorite character from Bleach!

    And thats not all to his fame: Hitsugaya was also voted as the most popular character in the Bleach anime series in early 2008, apart from his other accolades like majority rankings in Weekly Shonen Jumps popularity polls.

    Bleach anime is an explosion of colorful moments and lively scenes.

    Speaking of its energetic episodes, fans might never forget Ichigo Kurosakis confrontation with the Grand Fisher.

    I still remember how Ichigo teamed up with his classmate, Uryu Ishida, against the mighty Menos Grande.