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    Who Is Houtarou In Hyouka Classic Literature Club

    Hyouka: The Life Of Oreki Houtarou – (Anime)

    Oreki Htar) is the protagonist of Classic Literature Club series and Hyouka. He is a student of Kamiyama High School belonging to class 1-B at first, and later to class 2-A. He is a member of the schools Classic Lit Club. Houtarou is an apathetic person who prioritizes energy conservation above all else.

    Konata Izumi’s Otaku Habits Keep Her Busy More Than School

    One of Lucky Star‘s main characters is very clever and athletic: Konata Izumi. Despite this, she spends most of her time lazing around with her otaku habits instead of partaking in her studies. Also, instead of joining a sports club, due to her athletic abilities, she’d detest joining because she’ll miss watching her afternoon anime.

    Konata is very intelligent as she can pull an all-nighter and cram the night before a test with no consequences. For her, there’s no point in even studying. What she prefers to do most is teasing her friends and prioritizing her otaku lifestyle.

    Yui Hirasawa Is Pretty Lazy But Strangely Smartdepending On The Subject

    Yui Hirasawa, from the anime K-On!, is indeed lazy, and even though she gives the impression that she’s inadequate in more areas than none at all, she’s surprisingly gifted, especially in fine arts. She is on the verge of failing all her other subjects and occasionally has to retake exams though.

    One occasion is when Yui is so busy practicing with her guitar that she forgets to study for a test, fails it, and has to do a retake. Since the retake was her priority, and with the help of her friends, Yui ends up getting a perfect score. When Yui focuses on one particular subject, she advances in it quickly, exhibiting that she is gifted to some extent. However, whenever she learns something new, any previous information is now forgotten, so the results may vary.

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    Karma Is A Lazy Delinquent But Brilliant

    Assassination Classroom‘s Karma Akabane hardly ever puts effort into anything, yet it barely affects his overall performance in anything he does. He exceeds expectations in both academics and assassination.

    Karma’s placement is in Class 3-E, the lowest classroom ranking, due to his delinquent tendencies and not his grades. He outwardly shows his assassination skills, and it was during the final exams when Karma showcased his intellect in academics as well. Karma approached midterms arrogantly and lazily, so his rank went from 4th to 13th. But when finals came, Karma redeemed himself by taking first place from the top student, thus proving that he’s brilliant, at least when he chooses to be.

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    Oreki Houtarou
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    Reviving The Classics Club

    Houtarou meets Eru for the first time

    On the first day of the new school term, Eru meets Houtarou Oreki at the Kamiyama High School‘s Geography Prep Room, which serves as a club room for the Classics Club. After a short dialogue, Eru and Houtarou stumble upon a mystery case waiting to be solved. After Houtarou solves the mystery of Eru being locked down in the club room, Eru becomes attached to him. However, this attachment endangers Houtarou’s “energy-saving” lifestyle, because Eru’s requests to solve more mysteries, which sparkle her curiosity. Other cases would quell her curiosity. The Classics Club, now composed of Houtarou, his friend Satoshi Fukube, and Eru herself, begins work on a new issue of the yearly anthology of the Classics Club, called Hyka. After much difficulty, they traced back an archive of Hyouka past issues in the Biology Prep Room. In the process, a discovery triggered a memory of Eru. She discusses this later with Houtarou the following weekend.

    Hyouka Demonstrates The Following Tropes:

    • Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Downplayed when Satoshi uses his position on the Executive Committee to put the Kotenbu’s name on the far left of the festival brochure to make it more noticeable. Oreki doesn’t notice it .
    • Accidental Pervert: It wasn’t that bad, but being caught by your friend after you’ve been peeking at photos of them in cute outfitswould be pretty embarrassing.
    • Alcohol Hic: Heard when Chitanda gets drunk on whiskey chocolates.
    • Alternate Character Reading:
    • Discussed regarding the word “” note which can be read as either gisei“scapegoat” or ikenie“offering” in the foreword to the second volume of Hyouka. This may be because Sekitani was forced to be this scapegoat, but came to take the position willingly. This trope is also the origin of the term “Kanya Fest”. It appears to be a simply shortening of “Kamiyama”, but “Kanya” is actually written “” to honor him.
    • Also appears during the festival itself, regarding the mysterious thief Juumonji. His name can be read as “ten letters”, the rule behind his series of thefts.
    • Oreki gets tripped up by this twice in the same episode it turns out he’s been misreading the names of the Student Council Presidentandthe doujin circle that made A Corpse by Evening. What makes the latter example even worse is that the reading is written in Latin letters right next to the kanji…
  • Always Someone Better: Brought to the forefront for several characters during the Kanya Fest arc.
  • Anchored Ship:
  • Artificial Riverbank:
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    Which Is The Best Quote From Houtarou Oreki

    Quotes 1 Im not against socialising, so long as its not tiring. 2 The more inexperienced you are, the more you want to show off. 3 I dont care if no one likes me. I wasnt created in this world to entertain everyone. 4 The best way to tame a mystery is with another mystery. 5 Im not lazy, Im just conserving energy.

    The Hoshigaya Cup Endeavour

    Houtarou Oreki Anime edits amv

    At the start of Houtarou’s second year in high school, he and Eru managed to invite a freshman named Tomoko Oohinata to join the Classic Lit Club. However, due to a confrontation involving Eru herself, Tomoko withdrew her provisional membership to the club. With the club demoralised by Tomoko’s abrupt withdrawal, Houtarou decided to find out the reason behind Tomoko’s decision and to clarify things before the deadline for club membership, which also fell on the day of the school’s marathon event, also known to some as the Hoshigaya Cup.

    During his run across the 20-kilometre course across town, Houtarou recalled several events spanning the 42 days of Tomoko’s activity as a provisional member. During the New Recruit Festival at the start of the school term, Tomoko’s interest in the club was piqued by a conversation between Houtarou and Eru regarding an unexpected sight in the table used by the Confectionery Research Society, which eventually led to exposing a food poisoning accident by the Cooking Club due to a mistake in ingredient preparation. On the day of his birthday, Houtarou was surprised by an unexpected party by the members of the club at his house, where Eru tried to cover up her knowledge of Houtarou’s address. Two weeks later, the club visited a newly opened café Tomoko’s cousin owns near Kaburaya Middle School. Lastly, on the afternoon before the Hoshigaya Cup, a series of conversations ultimately led to Tomoko quitting the club the day before.

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    The Case Of Jun Sekitani

    The three members of the Classics Club, with Houtarou’s childhood friend Mayaka Ibara tagging along, retrace the steps of history leading to a series of events that happened 45 years into the past involving Eru’s uncle and the reason for the term “Kanya Festival” being considered as taboo at school. The efforts of the Classics Club soon paid off, and Eru tearfully recalls the reason why she cried as a young girl when she listened to the story featured in the Hyouka of 45 years ago from her uncle. In turn, they also understood the meaning behind the name “Hyouka” and used their findings in publishing the newest issue of the Hyouka anthology.

    In order to reward the Classics Club for its achievements in the Jun Sekitani case, Eru brings the club to the nearby Zaizen village for a short vacation, and they stayed for free at Seizansou, a hot spring inn owned by Mayaka’s relatives. During their short stay, they discover a mystery involving a ghost sighting in a closed room at the inn. Houtarou later debunks the ghost story to the Classics Club but allowed the story to persist.

    Anime Characters Who Are Smart

    These characters are intelligent on the inside, but on the outside they slack off or choose not to showcase their smarts at all.

    Some significantly intelligent individuals don’t have to showcase their intelligence to prove how competent they are. A moment now and then is enough to show their skills, if need be. But some individuals don’t care to be outwardly smart at all, whether for a specific reason or just because it doesn’t matter to them, and this particular case is ironically conventional in many anime characters.

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    While some characters explicitly showcase their abilities at any moment, often the smartest among all the others decide they’d rather not. Whether it’s to save energy or because they’re a burnout, they have no desire to show others how intelligent they really are.

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    Glenn Radars Is A Lazy Teacher With Unconventional Methods

    With his overall demeanor, the nickname “The Fool” is quite suitable for Glenn Radars. His teaching methods are unconventional, and he’s extremely lazy and childish. Although assigned to teach magic, Glenn is indifferent towards magic and life in general, so many would assume he’d be inept when educating a group of students…except it’s all a façade.

    Once Glenn takes things seriously, his previous lazy and nonchalant mannerisms no longer exist at the moment, revealing that he is exceedingly powerful. He’s exceptionally talented and has mastery in militaristic combat.

    Changes In The Ending Of Season :

    Oreki Houtarouã?Hyoukaã

    When season 1 came about to end, we get to see some major changes in the anime. Our main hero Houtarou Oreki is changed completely and chooses to enjoy life. Satoshi Fukube is changed completely, and both Satoshi and Mayaka express their feelings to each other in the least episode. Eru chooses to go in Science major while Houtarou chooses to be in literature.

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    Kiyotaka Ayanokouji’s Looks Can Be Deceiving

    Somewhat similar to Houtarou, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji of Classroom of the Elite is a seemingly average guy who doesn’t stand out, and that’s how he wants it. He always looks bored and comes off as lazy because of this, but in actuality, he has a few secrets up his sleeve. He’s overly intelligent, and his capabilities are shocking, given the initial impression.

    At Advanced Nurturing High School, students are ranked and discriminated against based on their scores. When students of lower ranks realize the intensity of the discrimination, the once utopian view of the school disappears.

    Reviving The Classic Lit Club

    Some time after Houtarou joins Kamiyama High School, he receives a letter from Tomoe, who was in India at that time, asking him to become a member of the Classic Lit Club which was on the verge of being disbanded due to a lack of active members.

    Although Houtarou had no plans of joining any club, he decided to obey his sister’s wish, but only to escape the repercussions of refusing. Houtarou thought that he would be the only club member there. However, during his first visit to the Classic Lit Club , Houtarou unexpectedly met a girl called Eru Chitanda, who told him that she was already a member of the Classic Lit Club. During their conversation, Houtarou noticed his friend, Satoshi Fukube, trying to eavesdrop on him and called him out loudly. Satoshi explained that he was intrigued when he saw Houtarou speaking with a girl from the courtyard. During their conversation, Eru discovered that she was locked in the clubroom. That mystery ignited Eru’s curiosity, and she together with Satoshi pleaded Houtarou to investigate it. By using his good deductive skills, Houtarou quickly solved that mystery. Eru was quickly captivated by Houtarou’s skills in solving mysteries, and she forced him to join the Classic Lit Club. Satoshi joined the Classic Lit Club as well.

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    What Does Oreki Houtarou Want To Do With His Life

    Oreki Houtarou is the main protagonist in Hyouka. At first, he is very lazy, then after he meets Chitanda, he starts solving mysteries and becomes a little active. He takes a course in humanities in second year. But I am curious what is his real purpose in life?

    That’s a great question–for a great anime–however Oreki doesn’t really seem to want to do anything specifically with his life. On top of this the anime doesn’t mention this either.

    It’s assumed he doesn’t want to do anything specific due to his personality: energy conserving. More like he wishes to breeze through life doing everything as averagly as possible in order to conserve energy. If you go to the Oreki Houtarou wiki page and down to Oreki’s quotes you can get a good idea of what kind of person he is.

    Oreki’s Motto: “I don’t do anything I don’t have to. What I have to do, I do quickly.”

    Episode 22, 22:50-23:00: “About the business side you gave up on… How about I take care of that for you?”

    However if we look at 22:50 to 23:00 we can see Oreki sort of “fantasizing” about helping Chitanda with her duties of running the Chitanda family in the future. However Oreki gives up and doesn’t actually tell Chitanda he’ll help her. In this sense Oreki ends up actually wanting to help Chitanda and ends up moving a bit away from his motto. However he decides not to help Chitanda after realizing how Satoshi felt when he turned down Ibara, e.g. undeserving.

    Gabriel Prefers Being Lazy And Becomes A Fallen Angel

    Oreki Houtarou [Sad Anime Edit] ð

    Gabriel White Tenma is an angel who was once at the top of her class but is now a “Fallen Angel” with an addiction to video games. She was a prodigy angel from Heaven sent to the human world to continue her studies, proclaiming that she will be an angel that’ll bring happiness to humanity. Unfortunately for others, since she’s unbothered, that proclamation didn’t hold weight for long.

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    In Gabriel DropOut, Gabriel gets addicted to video games, similar to Lucifer, and she becomes a NEET. She also goes from being very angelic, diligent, and polite to being sarcastic, apathetic, and lazy. Despite her new lifestyle, Gabriel proves on rare occasions that all her knowledge is still intact. She just no longer has the drive to excel, and has no motivation to be an angel anymore either.

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    Shikamaru Is One Of The Smartest Ninjas But Extremely Lazy

    Shikamaru Nara isn’t a general, but he is a genius strategist, to the extent that he strategizes in a way that will expend the least amount of energy–and to the point that his fighting expends minimal energy, too. Interestingly enough, Shikamaru works just as hard as anyone else, just never more than he has to, proving how deep his intellect is.

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    Throughout Naruto, Shikamaru tries his best to not put too much effort into anything. He’s always had the intention of living freely without the efforts or hassles of obligations and duties. Yet despite his laziness, he has a stable advantage over enemies because of his skills.

    Ikta Solork The Invincible Lazy General

    In Alderman of the Sky, Ikta Solork doesn’t have any other cares in the world besides having a pretty woman on his arm and a place to laze around as he pleases. Unfortunately for him, a war breaks out, and his peaceful days are left delayed. Ikta and his childhood friend join the army as military officers, and they and a few others become Imperial Knights, the highest honors for soldiers, after certain events.

    Despite being of high rank, Ikta hates war and is inept in combat. However, he makes up for it by being a military genius in strategies–hence his nickname, the Lazy Invincible General.

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    Kamiyama High School Festival

    Eru asks Fuyumi for a favor

    Preparations for the Kamiyama High School Festival, also known as Kanya-sai among the student body, go underway, and Eru receives an invitation from her senior Fuyumi Irisu to review an amateur film made by Class 2-F. Unlike the other members of the Classic Club who clearly see the problems of the film, Eru is shown to be hooked into the film, and even more so when a new mystery case involving the missing end for the film shows up. She then joins the club in consulting three of the film’s crew members and was able to formulate her own ideas of the ending. However, during the long consultation session, Eru ends up getting drunk from eating too much brandy chocolate and was unable to contribute her thoughts the next day, when Houtarou decides on an ending for the movie. Eru returns to school on the day of the showing of Class 2-F’s film and later voices her surprise at the ending chosen for the film. Unsurprisingly, she confronted Houtarou about his decisions in her absence.

    Houtarou Oreki Isn’t Lazy He’s Just Conserving Energy

    Oreki Houtarou, Wallpaper

    Houtarou Oreki is a high school student who strongly believes in energy conservation. He only does things when absolutely necessary, which portrays him as lazy and possibly inept. However, Houtarou is brilliant in deduction, chiefly when solving mysteries in Hyouka.

    The seemingly lazy and average Houtarou is exceedingly intelligent and signs up for more than he bargained for after joining the Classics Club. Secrets and mysteries begin to unfold for Houtarou and the other club members as they uncover the 45-year-old mystery of the club room.

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