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What Is Bleach Anime About

Latest Updates On Bleach Season 17

What is Bleach

It has been confirmed that the anime will air at midnight and will not be censored. As a result, fans will enjoy the rawness of Bleachs most anticipated comebacks. The news came after a fan asked the anime creator a question about the series.

In the anime version Bleach, the costume design of some characters Soifon, Yoruichi and Harribel were different from the original what did you think about that?

He replied:

At the time, there was a rule in the Jump that Only the end of serialization work should be made into late-night anime’, but now it is said that it will broadcast at midnight and follows the original. Also, the figures of Harribel of Alpha Omega are based on the original.

People have been talking about the Bleach anime return for a long time, and it is now a reality. However, the official premiere date is yet to be confirmed, and fans are waiting eagerly for official dates to start watching the interesting anime.

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List Of Bleach Volumes

The is written and illustrated by . The plot starts with , a teenager who accidentally steals the powers of the and subsequently assumes her duties while she convalesces. Since that event, Ichigo has to fight , evil spirits of past humans that feed on unwary people.

The manga was first published in ‘s from August 7, 2001, to August 22, 2016. The 686 individual chapters were collected by Shueisha in a series of 74 volumes between January 5, 2002, and November 4, 2016. Most chapter names are written in English and have above them to indicate how they are read in Japanese, similar to the usage of with advanced characters. The total count of published Bleach chapters and the number on the highest-numbered chapter do not match. This is because, in addition to the positive numbered chapters, some chapters are published with a negative or fractional chapter number. These “negative” chapters are that involve events that precede the main plot of the series.

Viz Media released forms of the first 16 volumes in English on June 17, 2011. As of October 2, 2018, all 74 digital volumes have been published. On September 21, 2012, Shueisha released 45 digital volumes in Japanese e-book stores. As of November 4, 2016, all 74 digital volumes have been released.

Anime Is Better: Improved Design

The first several chapters were designed in a rather stark manner: each character was given pointed facial features, harsh outlines, and their expressions were not really pleasant

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When the anime took over, these characteristics were softened, making them slightly more accessible to a larger audience with a wider range of aesthetic sensibilities. Luckily, Kubo has wised up since then, as the Thousand Year Blood War arc contains some of the most detailed realism in Bleach.

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El Manganime De Tite Kubo Celebra Su Vigsimo Aniversario Con Un Regreso Puntual En Su Manga Un One Shot Nos Mostrar De Nuevo A Ichigo En La Shonen Jump

El manga de Bleach está de vuelta de forma excepcional. Tite Kubo, autor del inolvidable cómic de la Weekly Shonen Jump, ha revelado en el número 35 de la revista de Shueisha que publicará un capítulo especial de 73 páginas en el número combinado que se publicará en los comercios japoneses el próximo 10 de agosto.

Este nuevo episodio viene para celebrar el vigésimo aniversario del estreno del cómic de Bleach y narrará una aventura de Ichigo Kurosaki, aunque desconocemos de qué se trata en estos momentos, solo que mostrará cierta ceremonia. Es de esperar que se guarde en secreto todo lo que tienen planeado para ese episodio hasta el día de estreno del mismo. Los fans han recibido la noticia con asombro, puesto que el manga de Bleach terminó en agosto de 2016 con un total de quince años en circulación.

Bleach Season 17 Release Date Episode 367 Announcement

Bleach Scans

Waiting eagerly for the Bleach new season? Today we share Bleach Season 17 release date and when can we expect Episode 367 to air online and where you can watch it.

Do you miss the white and black-clad Shinigami and their amazing battles? Have you ever missed the genius villain Sosuke Aizen? Well, the newest season of Bleach is going to bring us a lot of enjoyment, we are looking forward to Bleach Episode 17.

Bleach is the magnum opus of Tite Kubo. He wrote the series and illustrated it. In fact, Bleach is one of the finest examples of manga with great positive and negative space management.

It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2001 to 2016.

Bleach is the 13th best-selling manga in the world. It has immense popularity in both Japan and overseas. It even won the 50th Shogakugan manga awards in the Shonen category.

After 9 long years, the anime of Bleach is returning. This is the resurrection of one of the Big 3 titles of anime and manga. The anime is returning to adapt the final arc of the Bleach manga.

During its run, Bleach enjoyed huge popularity and it has a great many viewers. Multiple TV networks aired it all over the world. It is joyous that Bleach is going to return once more.

Let us take a look at the highly anticipated and much-awaited Bleach new season. We will take a look at all the details available about it, you should also check our Baki Season 4 announcement article.

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Se Viene El Esperado Regreso

Para los fans de Bleach, 2021 representa un año muy especial porque significó la continuación de la historia a través de un capítulo especial que escribió y dibujó Tite Kubo para conmemorar otro aniversario de la serie.

El 18 de diciembre 2021 se abrirá una exposición dedicada a Bleach la cual podría revelarnos el tan esperado anuncio del regreso del anime el cual por fin concluiría, ya que la serie original no gozó del final que tuvo el manga.

La información del regreso de Bleach viene de una publicación en línea que nos lleva a la revelación de un nuevo dominio web el cual fue registrado el pasado 8 de octubre en Japón y no desaparecerá sino hasta en 10 años.

Ahora bien, todo esto podría indicar una cosa, el regreso de un anime que muchos llevan esperando desde hace mucho y que no se ha dado por una variedad de razones.

Tendremos que esperar un poco más para saber exactamente a qué se refiere el portal de ya que podría significar muchas cosas y los fans quieren respuestas lo más pronto posible.

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Bleach Manga Compared To The Bleach 2021 Anime

The anime is based on the Bleach manga series by artist and writer Tite Kubo. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2001 through 2016, the Bleach manga ended Volume 74 with Bleach Chapter 686.

The official English translation of the Bleach manga was released by North American publisher VIZ Media. The English Bleach Volume 74 came out back in October 2018.

The anime followed the mangas story up until Episode 64 when multiple anime original story arcs were introduced in order to give Kubo more time to create new manga chapters. These filler episodes continued until Episode 110, but then the anime continued to rely on filler multiple times over the years.

Episodes 128 through 137 and Episodes 168 through 189 and Episodes 230 through 265 and Episode 311 through 342 were all filler. Needless to say, this amount of filler content is unusual for an anime series so reading the Bleach manga is like a different experience.

The Bleach Season 16 anime finished by adapting the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc, which was covered by manga chapters 424 through 479.

Bleach Season 17 anime will pick up with the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War arc , which includes chapters 480 through 686. Presumably, the anime will not overly rely on filler episodes this time around.

The good news is that English-only manga readers can read ahead right now. The bad news is that Bleachs new season run will likely be the ending of the anime series unless a Bleach manga sequel is announced.

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Ichigo’s Most Difficult Battle

Yhwach showcases a few amazing abilities and gains immense strength. This forces Ichigo and anyone else left with the energy to fight to engage him in a brutal, bloody battle. As expected this battle is not easy and the outcome looks quite bleak. Fortunately, a few old allies and a couple of old enemies assist in the fight knowing that the chances of victory is very slim. The war rages to a conclusion that leaves the Soul Society changed forever. The entire Bleach Universe looks far different than it did at the beginning of the arc. While this arc if long and can drag at times, it is no doubt one of the greatest in the entire series.

Bleach Uno De Los Grandes Titanes Del Shonen De La Dcada De Los Aos 2000

So About The Bleach Anime Production…

El anime, sin embargo, contó con 366 episodios y no concluyó todos los arcos argumentales e historias contadas en el manga. Por suerte para los aficionados, actualmente está en producción una nueva adaptación televisiva en forma de anime que cubrirá el Thousand Year Blood War , otra forma de referirnos a una nueva temporada del anime que finalizará lo que restaba por contar del cómic.

La última noticia reciente de gran calado relativa al universo Bleach llega de manos del propio Tite Kubo, que confirmó el pasado mes de septiembre de 2020 que estaba trabajando en una Temporada 2 a modo de secuela de su manga Burn the Witch, que tras un one shot se convertirá en serie. Tiene previsto publicarse en la Weekly Shonen Jump y está ambientada en el mismo universo que Bleach.

Bleach, que comenzó su andadura en 2001 en la Weekly Shonen Jump, permaneció durante toda esa década como el gran competidor de One Piece y Naruto en las páginas de la revista. Ese éxito llevó a la obra de Kubo a recibir todo tipo de adaptaciones al mundo del videojuego, las novelas e infinidad de productos de merchandising. El manga se puede comprar en España al completo de la mano de Panini Comics.

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Will Bleach Anime Return In 2021

Yes, the popular anime series will make a comeback in 2021. The great news was revealed in a recent issue of Jump Magazine in Japan. According to the statement, the story’s creator, Tite Kubo, announced that the anime would be coming back to screens, continuing where it left off.

The Bleach anime continuation will cover Thousand-Year Blood War that starts in Chapter 480 of the manga to the end of the series in Chapter 686.

What is Bleach anime release date?

When are the new Bleach episodes coming out? Unfortunately, the producers have not released an official date for its premiere that Shonen Jump had tweeted a year ago about.

In case you haven’t heard, the Bleach anime is coming back! Read the ‘Thousand-Year Blood Arc’ before it’s animated! It starts from Chapter 480! Members can read all of Bleach and much more in the Shonen Jump Digital Vault.

The announcement was a bit vague as they did not go into details about the popular anime. For example, they did not mention anything about a global release or if there will be a sub, dub, or simul dub or any streaming partners.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War anime was slated for the first half of 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic might have delayed production plans. However, things are now back on track, and production has resumed.

Manga Is Better: No Fillers

As great as the anime is, it fell prey to the speed discrepancy between writer and producer. To pass the time until new volumes are completed, a ridiculous quantity of filler episodes were generated none of them exhibiting any logical similarities with the canonical plotline.

On the other hand, Kubo may have taken his own sweet time to expand his complicated universe, but waiting for a new chapter was always something to look forward to every week.

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Yhwach Makes A Final Assault

After taking some time to heal their wounds and formulate new battle strategies, the Gotei 13 and the Wandenreich prepare to end things. Before they even know it, Yhwach and his warriors appear from the shadows and strike. This causes the war to enter its final stages as every Gotei 13 member is pushed to their limits and beyond. Adding to this difficultly, Yhwach has taken the battle to Squad Zero and inches ever closer to the Soul King. The Sternritter use abilities that have never been seen before and at time boggle the mind. Warriors fall on both sides as the very fabric of the Soul Society itself stands on shaky ground. Old characters return and strange alliances are made. Yhwach’s power grows exponentially and the final hour arrives.

Bleach New Season Release Date Announcement:


Bleach celebrated its 20th Anniversary last year. In March, there was news of the 20th Anniversary Project and the introduction of Tite Kubos new work.

In that live stream, Bleach Season 17 or Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen was announced. So the Bleach anime return release date has been confirmed.

There is even a video on youtube about this. It announces the two projects of Kubo, the new Burn the Witch manga and anime, and the Bleach season. The whole anime community rejoiced when they heard of this epic return.

We do not know whether the series will be seasonal or long-running. Since the source material is not that much, we expect a 26 episode run, possibly split into two cours. But we cant be sure about anything yet. It will all be revealed soon.

Bleach is a series that tells us the story of Kurosaki Ichigo, a guy who can see spirits. One day, he was attacked by a hollow, corrupt, and lost soul turned malicious.

Ichigo and his family are saved when Kuchiki Rukia arrives and turns him into a Shinigami like herself.

Ichigo starts a new life where he helps abandoned souls and battles the hollows to help them achieve salvation. He is introduced to Soul Society, the haven of the Shinigami, and ends up in countless adventures alongside them.

Season 16 ended with 24 episodes, and Season 17 starts with Episode 367.

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What Will Happen In Bleach: The Final Arc

The anime will be animating the last arc, and fans ought to expect to see The Thousand-Year Blood War plot. It starts with Volume 55 and ends with Volume 74. It will centre around the anarchy followed by the sudden disappearance of Ichigo Hollow.

The anime will also feature the return of the Quincy army, led by Ywach, who desires to absorb the Soul King and collapse the Human World, the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo together. Finally, the anime will probably end as the manga did, with Ichigos son, Kazui, meeting Rukias daughter, Ichika.

Will Bleach Anime Return In 2021 All The Latest Updates

One thing about captivating and suspense-rich television shows is that fans will always yearn for more, pushing the production team to their edges in delivering the best. Bleach stands as one of the most common stepping stones for fans getting into anime and manga. Even though the popular series is not anymore, fans have been looking forward to another release. Despite its popularity, the show was cancelled in 2012, ending with a Fullbring arc and wasn’t given a proper conclusion. However, years later, there is a possibility of the anime series’ coming back on screens. So, will Bleach anime return in 2021?

Imagine watching an interesting TV show only to be surprised by a screeching halt in production a few episodes in, leaving you hanging. Sounds heart-breaking, right? It happened to Bleach fans. The anime that was considered by many as one of the most famous Shonen anime of all time ended without an official statement, leaving fans distraught.

Fortunately, the series is returning if the numerous reports are to go by. And, this is eight long years after it ended, a deserved reprieve for fans who have been waiting for its comeback. So, what are the latest updates?

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Manga Is Better: More Exposition

This isn’t exactly an undesirable thing when looking from an action anime perspective episodes have a fixed runtime, and they aren’t meant to contain a lot of boring discourse.

Nevertheless, this works in the manga’s favor because the writer can elaborate on the inner workings of the story with the help of character monologues, side-notes, and such. In some ways, the lack of certain explanations hinders the anime, but for the most part, the script edits have been judicious and sensibly made.

Our Guide To Bleach Story Arcs


Bleach is a sprawling anime series that lasted for nearly a decade. Because of its long run, there were periods of time when the anime show runners needed to bide their time to allow Kubos manga to provide new canon material. As a result there were several long arcs throughout the series that were created only as filler for the anime show.

On occasion, a handful of filler episodes even appeared within canon story arcs.

The following is a rundown of all of the canonical and filler arcs from Bleachs long series run.

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